2011-02-15: Paper Prophecies



Date: February 15th, 2011


One seer of the future checks in with another — also, the head of the Company.

"Paper Prophecies"

Petrelli Mansion

New York City

Company business is running out of the Petrelli home today; granted, it looks less like a home and more like a house that happens to have furniture in it. "How have you been, Kitty?" The small-talk is idle from the mouth of Angela Petrelli, polite but clearly filling the time it takes to walk from the front door of the residence to the office rather than born out of deep-set concern. Black heels click studiously upon the spotless tile of the floor, joined by the rustle of a black skirt and suit jacket, just as spotless. "It's certainly been a little while. Right this way— " Halls — a door — a swing inward; she leads the way into a handsome, sunlit office-space.

"Busy." Comes the light reply from Kitty, she studies the place. It's the same as she last saw it. It always feels so empty here. The young woman dressed in a long cotton skirt that falls to her feet and a pair of dark brown cowboy boots. Her dark sweater is covered by a dark leather jacket. Swinging her messenger bag on her shoulder, she follows into the office.

"You've been busy." A statement, rather then a question. When isn't Angela busy?

Never. "The devil finds work for idle hands," Angela replies, so breezy as to be merry over the matter. She whisks around the heavy, dark wooden desk with an expediency that would suggest she is, in fact, busy right this moment, so make it speedy, Kitty. Around the other side of the desk, she sets her hands upon the edge, regarding the young woman at a slight lean — truly looking at her for the first time today, dark eyes briefly studying — before she sits down. "Forgive me if I don't offer you tea, as empty as this house is and, as scattered as the Company may seem, there is always work to be done." Her stately chair is tucked in. "But have a seat. I assume this isn't a social call anyway."

Without a word, Kitty sinks into the seat and reaches into her bag. Withdrawing two things, pieces of paper with sketches on them. The first on is slid across the table towards the older woman. "What do.. we know?" A tilt of her head as she studies Angela.

The sketch is a light one of Roman Carter, his blonde hair and immaculately dressed self. He reminds her much of her brother Harley. Her dark brown eyes grow wide for a moment before she tightens her grip on the other sketch.

The sketch is taken in with a glance; nothing more. That's as long as it takes for Angela to recognize the face and seem to dismiss it. "Roman Carter? He's with us. To borrow a phrase of his, he's doing good work. To be frank, the Company could use more agents with his gusto." She spends a moment setting a small stack of files to the side of her clean desk before folding her hands with renewed interest on Kitty. No, not interest. Impatience — and yet there's a watchfulness behind her dark, sharply focused eyes. "But I'm sure you know that, Kitty. Come on," a motherly wave of her hand, "what are you really here for."

Taking the sketch back, Kitty looks down wounded. She knew that of course.. but maybe if she acted like she was only here about Roman then she wouldn't have to talk about the more important matter. "It's all shattering." She says in a near whisper before tossing the other sketch on the desk, the world being broken into two and destruction reigning can be seen on the piece of paper.

The young woman, hides behind the veil of her hair, but she does after a moment look up at the sketch and frowns. "Breaking at the cracks."

Now this— this gets Angela's attention more visibly. What flashes as surprise is quickly overtaken by scrutiny as, in an instant, she's concentrating on the split earth laid out in front of her. Abruptly, she looks away; the reason becomes evident when she opens a small desk drawer, retrieves a pair of reading glasses, and quickly settles the rectangular frames regally upon the bridge of her nose. Kitty's sketch is then held up as Angela studies its finer details anew, as if grading its authenticity.

It passes the test. The likeness to what Angela saw in her own vision is unmistakable. The earth is rending in two.

Angela calmly whips her glasses off her face and puts the paper down. An arm of her glasses gently gestures at the seer while she asks straightforwardly: "How did you come about this?"

"A touch," Kitty says softly as she looks over her shoulder at people that aren't there. "From him." she shoves the sketch of Roman Carter into her messenger bag and holds it on her lap. Legs crossing at the ankles, she regards Angela with a curious stare. "How did you?" To Kitty, it speaks volumes that the two seers had the same vision. That they have both seen the same thing, but the question is.. can they do anything about it? Or is it just a gentle reminder that their time to end is coming.. that everyone's time is.

Angela's face is a mask. "I never said that I did." The thin line of the woman's mouth, marred by strains of age, is unmoving after her words; she sends a long stare straight across the desk at Kitty. She gets to her feet, taking the sketch with her, and at a much slower pace than moments prior, moves to the front corner, diagonal Kitty.

"It's hard to reconcile, isn't it. Seeing something so terrible and feeling like it's your burden alone to carry." Angela turns slightly, setting the paper against the desk's corner to fold it. One crease… "You and I both know the future can be changed, and there's just no saying what this could mean." Two creases… "If it crops up again, tell me immediately. Until then, just don't get lost in what you see." Three creases… "And Kitty?" Angela tucks Kitty's sketch, neatly folded, out of sight under the lapel of her tailored jacket. It belongs to her now. "I'd like you to catch up with Roman."

"Easy to get lost in what you see.. when it haunts it all." Kitty replies but then she's standing and closing her eyes a bit as she looks at Angela fold the sketch up. It's no matter, she can draw another. Or just think about the vision.. it's ingrained in her brain after all.

The woman nods her head at the older one and readjusts her messenger bag. "Already planning." She states as her brown eyes search Angela's and she walks forward to lay a hand on Angela's arm. "Breathe." She says gently and a hard look is given to woman before she turns on her heel and looks over her shoulder.

"See you soon, Angela."

The sound of humming and snapping fingers can be heard in Kitty's wake as she moves to show herself out.

The Company Director is motionless in Kitty's absence until she can hear the footfalls getting farther away in the empty spaces. She moves toward the exit, then; step by step, the folded paper is removed. A dire not present throughout the younger seer's visit weighs her features down, her eyes two dark points of intensity as she stands in the doorway, looking darkly out. Slowly, the sketch is smoothed with her hand and opened as Kitty's snaps and hums dissipate into nothing, leaving Angela alone with a world torn apart.

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