2007-06-03: Parent-Teacher Meetings Of The Third Kind


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Guest Starring:

Simon and Monty; Kennis

Summary: Nathan and Emery meet at their kids' school. It. Yes.

Date It Happened: 3rd of June, 2007

Parent-Teacher Meetings Of The Third Kind

A Private Elementary School

So either Heidi told him the wrong time, or Nathan wasn't listening. Currently, this is what he's trying to work out, because he's apparently arrived at Monty and Simon's school early. Not the only one to do this, but all the same. This doesn't really bother the kids too much - it gives them time to show dad all the cool stuff like the new monkeybars and the art classes pictures taped to the windows - "I drew Optimus Prime! Look!" - and so on and so forth. This is, Nathan supposes, what he gets for insisting he do the whole Parent Teacher Meeting thing.

Currently, Monty is behaving himself and standing by Nathan's side, one arm wrapped in a cast and in a sling. Simon is playing chasey with some friend of his, and Nathan keeps an eye on that while also waiting for this whole thing to start. He gives polite smiles to those parents who double-glance his way, and sighs, checking the time.

There is a little girl, watching Monty like a hawk - okay, she's stalking him with a magnifying glass, always running away at the right time. This is Kennis, dressed to the nines in a pair of white doc martins, baby docs that is and a white peasant skirt with matching blouse, lots of bangle bracelets and her dark curls drawn out of her face with a white ribbon. She also wears her headless teddy bear backpack.

Emery is watching, from a safe distance as well. He may or may not be swigging from a flask, which only has root beer in it sadly. Sip - sip. He also pauses to stare over towards Nathan, squinting and then frowning.

"Dad. Dad. /Dad/." Nathan looks down at Monty, who's taken up tugging on his sleeve to get his attention. Wide eyes blink up at him, before the boy turns to point with his uninjured arm, a very conspicuous motion depsite the urgent whisper. "The weird girl I told you about, look!"

Indeed, there's… well it's a girl, Nathan can't really say 'weird' of other people's kids, now can he? "Don't point like that," he says, a mild chastise, and the arm obediently drops to his side. "And it's not nice to call people weird, Monty." So far, he doesn't notice Emery, caught up in being a responsible parent.

Kennis continues stalking, holding up her magnifying glass to peer at Monty and Nathan before she lowers the glass slowly and GASPS. "DA! DA!" She starts yelling and running up to the poor man and his son. Pausing to blow a kiss to Monty before /she/ tries to tug on Nathan's arm. "Are you Center of the Petroljelly?" She asks in that little lilting voice with her bastardized European accent.

Emery looks away for one moment before looking back to try to find Kennis and his eyes widen. "…oh jesus." He tucks the flask away and quickly makes his way over, jogging some to close the distance.

…aaahhh! Nathan blinks down at the little girl. Okay, maybe 'weird' was an apt term. But then again, /most/ children are pretty bizarre to him. "The— no. But close," he says, trying to gently remove his sleeve from the girl's grip. All the while maintaining a 'kids are so awesome!' democratic smile for those that happen to look over at him.

Monty, meanwhile, makes sort of a :| face and edges away, before spying Emery and squinting curiously at him. Then, he promptly stands in front of him. "Are you Kennnis's dad? She says 'da', did you know? You're not meant to make up words."

Elsewhere, Simon is trying to shove leaves down his friend's shirt. As you do.

Kennis places a hand on her hip and tilts a look up to Nathan. "You have to be me second Da one day." She waves a hand vaguely, ignoring the O_O expression on her father's face. "I needs to know what you plan to do about the tissues." Naturally, she means issues. She holds up a one moment figure, squirming to remove her backpack and take out a crayon and her heart shaped note pad.

Emery finally arrives and then is halted from rescuing his reputation by a midget. "Wha?" He stares down at Monty and narrows his eyes. "Eh…yeah, I'm Kennis's Da." A pause. "That's not a made up word ye impertinent tyke, it's just a wee bit of an abbreviation, commonly used where we're from." He bends down, hands on his knees to be level with Monty, still speaking in that lilting Irish accent. "Cultural Exposure, me lad, Cul-tu-ral Ex-po-sure. Lookit up, mkay? Where's /yer/ Da anyway?"

Impert. Imper. Monty just blinks owlishly at Emery when the man ducks down, in that expression of 'I have no idea what you just said', before smiling sweetly. "My dad's there." Another point, now towards Nathan, though he keeps his eyes trained on Emery. "Where are you from? Do all the people talk like that?" He scratches his wrist just below the cast. "Does it have raptors? My brother likes raptors."

"I'm— what?" Oh god, who owns it. Nathan looks around— to see his son talking to whom he hopes is the girl's father. "Well," Nathan says, now looking down at Kennis. He doesn't follow Emery's example, remaining upright and hopefully imposing in his suit and tie and so forth. "How about we have this conversation when you're old enough to vote?"

Kennis just stares up at Nathan and narrows her eyes. "How 'bout we have it /now/. What's a matter mister Jelly man? Could you have objectionary plans, hmmmm?" She opens her big mouth. "THE JELLY MAN ISN'T GOING TO LOWER TAXES AND ALL THE TE-" She's cut off though, by a hand has Emery holds up a one moment figure to Monty. "I'm from Ireland boyo, one mo'…" Then he slaps a hand over Kennis's mouth, scooping her up under one arm and then freezing as he stares at Nathan, and for a moment? He's 16 years old again, eyes widening. Then he's in his thirties again when Kennis is gnawing on his palm.

Kids are getting more and more smart mouthed, Nathan has decided. He almost glares down at the girl, but /that wouldn't be very family man of him now would it/. Still, he sighs with relief when a parent figure finally takes control of the situation, strained smile easing a fraction as Nathan holds his hand out for Monty, to make sure his youngest doesn't wander away. "Kids, huh?" Nathan says, when there's a slightly awkward pause. Why is he staring like that. The politician occupies himself briefly, looking down at Monty. "Say, where'd your brother go?"

Glance around, then, "He's knighting people."

"He's— he's doing what?"

"That's what he calls it. I think he just wants to hit people with sticks when they go down the slide."

"…Monty, go get your brother, please?"


And back to the fellow parent. "She wasn't being any trouble," Nathan adds, as Monty runs off to do his father's bidding.

Emery nods mutely (only not completely, he's swearing softly in another language as he squirms and tries to keep his daughter from eating his hand). "Hehe…heh…" He quickly sets Kennis down, smooths down her dress and leans down to hiss. "…sweetie, iffen ye go play nice wit' the other bra-kids, I'll buy you somethin' pretty." She looks suspicious before replying. "I want a diamond." Then she runs off, bouncing. "I GET TO BE THE PRINCESS!" She's running after Monty as Emery turns to Nathan and shrugs. "Err, yes she was sir." His accent slips up a few classes, more polished and Jeeves…ish. "I mean, you're um." He offers a hand. "I'm Emery Rowe, and I do so apologize for my daughter's behavior. She's too smart. In more than one way. Mostly vocal and ass-err…mostly vocal and through other academic - WOW, are those your boys? What strapping lads they are!"

The hand is taken in a very well-executed politician handshake, somehow warm and impersonal at the same time, before Nathan returns his hands to his jacket pockets, glancing towards where Kennis is chasing Monty. While he may have been unconcerned with whatever it was Simon was getting up to, Nathan can't help but be a little more cautious and protective, considering the younger boy has a broken arm and all. "No apologies necessary," he says, glancing towards the Irishman. A hint of a smile. "I'm just glad she's not older, somehow I don't think I'd get let off that easy. I'm all for lowered taxes, by the way. I'm Nathan Petrelli." Nathan's gaze returns back to his sons, and he nods. "Those're mine, yes. Simon and Monty. And your daughter?"

Emery is praying hopefully that Kennis isn't proposing. Which…she is. Emery hasn't been to church in a long time. Anyhow, he's staring at the hand that was shook in awe for a few moments before clearing his throat. Oh GOD the smile. He lowers his eyes and shrugs. "She'd probably be running against you." He offers wryly. "And glad to hear the ting with the taxes - " Oh god it IS REALLY THE JELLY MAN. He blinks. "Hunh? Oh. Kennis Destiny. I thought she was a boy when I first got her, then I took off her diaper and didn't get piss in me eye so I slapped a Destiny in there too."

Blink. Double-take. "Oh," Nathan says. "That's…" Special. Good. Weird. Insert your own word, because Nathan lets that sentence go upon floundering for a polite response. "Well I know my wife was hoping for a girl the first time around," he says. "By the time Monty came about, I think she'd gotten used to the idea she was gonna be the only lady in the house." This is parent small talk, right? He's done it before, he can do it again!

At that moment, Simon chooses to run over - despite his shenanigans, he's managed to keep his clothing dirt-free. "Dad, Monty's got a girlfriend!" he says, in a tone that demands 'fix this!' because getting a girlfriend must be /awful/.

"Well." There is a long pause as Emery stares at the children and then looks to Nathan and then back to the children. "One of them could grow up to plaster Antonio Banderas posters on the wall and then graduate and bring home a nice church goin' lad named Tucker and announce he's getting married and adopting a baby from China." He shrugs. "And while he's at it release a line of women's knickers, and then she'll sorta get her wish. There's always hope."

"We'll 'ave to have the wedding at night, and ye have to be a vampire, cuz they are pretty. And then we'll release the bats and Mr Noodles can play the music an'…well, I want 3 babies and 15 snakes." Kennis is, by the way, telling Monty how things are going to be. "Ye can go to work though, and become the president."

Emery rubs a hand over his face. "Jesus I need a drink…" When some words drift back towards him.

Nathan was pretending like Emery wasn't weird before. Now, however, he simply turns and stares at the man rather flatly. A long pause of his own, then Nathan looks back towards the kids. "…right. Silver lining."

Monty, by now, is staring at Kennis too, before quickly darting back over towards his father and brother, looking spooked. "Dad I told you!" he cries. "She's weird!"

"Monty's got a giiirlfriend," Simon taunts, and laughs, dodging a kick from his younger brother, whom is prevented from trying again as Nathan steps forward to take his hand. "Does she know you're called Sir Buttface?" Monty's only retort is to poke his tongue out at his brother, and Nathan sighs. God a drink would be good /right/ now.

"Guys, if you can't play nice, you're not— " God, what does Heidi threaten them with? "I'm gonna cancel Christmas, alright? I'll tell the President, he'll do it." That shuts them up.

Kennis gasps! "Ye didn't kiss me!" Her face starts to turn red as her eyes flash. But it's just a trick of the light when the wind blows her hair some. She stomps after Monty. She just glares at Simon, throwing her notebook down to fly at the little boy, but she's caught up again by her father. Foiled! "Aha…Kennis, what did I tell ye about forcin' little boys to marry you? You have like…well many lots of years, seeing as ye cannot get married until you're 50 anyhow." Then another apologetic look to Nathan. "I'm sorry um…" - Kennis takes over. "Do you know the president? Can ye make him make Monty marry me?"

"No," Nathan says to Kennis, very simply. Smile! Monty BEAMS at Kennis and resolutely takes his dad's hand. Nyah nyah. Simon has— moved on from this whole 'Monty has a giiirlfriend' thing and has taken Nathan's other hand, tugging him towards the school buildings as other parents start to move towards the door. "It was nice meeting you, Mr. Rowe," Nathan says, taking a step in that direction.

Emery just -sighs- and covers Kennis's mouth with a hand before smiling weakly at Nathan, nodding lamely. "…Likewise." That's just about when Kennis sniffles…and sniffles again, burrowing her face against Emery's very nice shirt, and sobbing. "…when ye hit puberty? I'm sendin' you on a missionary trip in like…Iceland." Bah, stupid tears. "Shhh, it's okay. Ye dun wanna marry a politician, no matter how shaggable they are, it'll never end good."

Long Pause as they walk towards the building. "…Da? What's shaggable mean?" - Hand goes back over the mouth.

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