2007-12-30: Parental Protectors


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Summary: After finding out of Claire's life-changing attack, HRG takes more drastic steps to keep his daughter safe. A search for a particular woman brings him to Mexico, where a person in hiding finds something worth protecting.

Date It Happened: December 30, 2007

Parental Protectors

Some Dirty Bar in Mexico

It's been a long shift at an unnamed bar in Mexico city. Meredith ruffles her hair a bit as she fulfills the next person's drink order and she slides it down the bar. Pretty slow night. Nobody is really at the bar this evening. Dressed in a pair of plain blue jeans and a grey tank top, her golden colored hair falls over her shoulders the woman leans the bar and looks up at the television set in the corner of the bar. Nothing interesting on tonight either.

A couple drunken college students stumble toward the door, the girls just about clinging to one another for support. As they close on on the exit, a lone figure walks in with black leather shoes… Nicely polished with rather worn soles. Moving to the side to let them pass, faintly disgusted eyes watch them from behind horned rimmed glasses.

Hoping his little girl would never stoop to such immaturity, Noah strides toward his goal. Despite the grime of the place, Noah still feels the need to straightening out his jacket. He glances at a bar stool for a few moments, as if wondering what disease he might get from merely sitting on it. Whatever possibilities are given, they are not enough to deter him and the Company Man takes a seat. For the time being, he's silent as the grave.

As Meredith looks up and away from the TV at the new arrivals to the bar and she stiffens as she spots Noah. Her daughter's adoptive father, the Company agent who she has worked with on a few occasions. The blonde sighs and scratches her head as she walks slowly and calmly over to Noah. "To what do I owe this visit, Noah?" Noah doesn't come for social visits, she hasn't seen him in a /long/ time, but she would recognize him anywhere with those glasses of his.

Meredith knows Noah well enough, it would seem. "Your assistance is required," HRG states in his calm business tone… The kind he can keep even with a gun shoved in his face. "Considering the unique situation, I figured it best to ask you before I went to anyone else."

"And what is this unique situation?" Meredith places her hands on her hips and tilts her head at the Company man.

"I cannot really go into the details now, but I need you to watch over someone for me." Noah pulls out a wallet to pull out a picture. He looks at it with a remorseful expression before handing it to Meredith to see. "Someone I believe you're already familiar with."

It's of his daughter and himself. Noah is on a comfy chair, hugging his fourteen year old girl in front a Christmas tree as he holds up his gift… A mug that says 'World's Greatest Dad' on it. "Are you interested or do I need to look elsewhere?"

Meredith takes the picture out of Noah's hand and examines it. She mouths the name 'Claire' and then slides the photo back to him. "When do we leave?" She asked and she remains cool and collected but inside she is jumping for joy. My baby! My baby!

"Within the hour," Noah swiftly replies as he takes he picture and puts it away. Without looking back toward Meredith as he slides his wallet back into his back pocket, as he continues. "Time is not our side. I'll brief you on the details on the flight back to New York." Usually Noah would prefer to drive… But sadly haste has made him take more traceable forms of transport.

"New York huh?" Meredith looks around the bar and then she takes the rag that was in her back pocket and she comes from behind the bar and comes to stand not to far from Noah. "Let's go." She says softly to the man and looks at the door behind them. No more hiding, no more running. Time to stand up.

"I'll be waiting outside while you finish your business here. We'll go by your place, pick up anything you require and be on our way." With that simple statement made, Noah makes his way toward the door.

Meredith takes one look around the bar, she won't be missed. She never is. "I'm ready now." And with that the woman follows Noah out and away. On to the next adventure.

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