2010-04-10: Pass The Glitter Herpes



Guest Starring:

Christopher Sommers (NPC'd by KeLyssa)

Date: April 10, 2010


Hallis and the In Crowd rescue Janet from McSmarmy.

"Pass the Glitter Herpes"

Fly By Night Cocktail Bar — NYC

It's Saturday night and Janet is out with some of her favourite gal pals — all of whom are all too preoccupied by dancing at the moment. In her high neck, lavender coloured cocktail-length dress, Janet sits at the bar sipping at a Cosmopolitan feeling rather cosmopolitan herself. She smiles brightly as she shifts back and forth, swaying a little to the music. Her lips curl upwards into a broad grin, even when the tall guy sits next to her.

"Got a name sweetheart?" he asks as he issues her his most debonaire smile.

She manages not to roll her eyes, even though she knows what his general game likely is. "I'm with someone," she insists pointing towards the dance floor randomly.

"That doesn't mean I can't have your name…"

The table next to Janet is filled with laughing women. Women who are laughing at the fashion choices of the less fortunate. They are regular tabloid and society page fixtures, the ones who are usually clustered in a VIP room but not tonight. Tonight, they are celebrating the last Saturday of the week by slumming it with the little people.

Among the faces are Olivia Thorpe, Chelsea Allen, and the movie starlet Soleil who just happens to be in town promoting a new action flick. From the dance floor, Hallis Van Cortlandt traipses on the arm of some man she barely knows. The glittering rock is a cemented fixture on her hand and is the recipient of quite a few snide remarks by Olivia.

"Where's your Stepford Husband, Hallis?" says the caramel haired beauty as the young television personality deposits herself in the booth.

"George? Oh, he's doing something… I don't know, he doesn't really like places like this." Hallis quips back, giving a pointed look at Olivia's fiance who is leering at a couple of big chested blondes on the dance floor.

Soleil and Chelsea remain silent during the exchange, trading glances to each other as they take sips of their cosmos.

"You know you want to give me your name — if you don't, I'll make one up for you," the gentleman says simply with a solid nod of his head.

The doctor actually rolls her eyes now. "Call me Doc." It's impersonal, really, even if it is a nickname of hers — short for her middle name, Murdoch, which honestly isn't feminine in the least. Instinctively she tugs on her earring before sipping at her Cosmopolitan again.

"See Doc, it wasn't that hard," the man replies with an insolent smirk. "I'm Derrick," he introduces himself with a million dollar smile that only makes Janet cringe. Extending a hand to the doctor, he momentarily draws her attention away to the table of glamazons who, for the moment only get a glimmer of attention. She doesn't want to be impolite so she extends a hand and accepts the shake, although she's notably distracted by the crowd of women not far away.

It's at that moment that Soleil's eye is caught by the smarm that's trying to attach himself to the lavender wearing female. She leans over and whispers to Chelsea who nearly bathes Olivia in a mouthful of pink liquor as she tries to keep from laughing. Chelsea in turn whispers to Olivia who turns to stare at the man. Hallis is left out of the loop, for the moment, and just turns to look in the direction the rest of them are. Then her jaw drops and her eyes widen as she lets out a loud laugh.

Hallis and Soleil get up from the table and make their way to Janet's. Soleil sits on one side of Derrick, while Hallis takes Janet's hand and nods in the direction of their table as she pulls the woman along. "I haven't seen you in forever!!" The young blonde gushes as she ushers the poor woman from her seat and drink and over to the celebutante table.

Poor Derrick, he's left to the mercy of Soleil who just gives him a big smile and whispers into his ear. Then, redfaced, he gets up from his seat and tucks in the tail of his shirt back into the zipper of his pants and does them up. The entire time Olivia and Chelsea are practically dying of hysterics.

Janet willingly and, quite honestly, gratefully accepts Hallis' hand, following her to the table, relief written all over her expressions. She sits at the celebutante table and, once the smarm is gone, sputters gratefully, "Ohmygoodness, THANK YOU!" She cringes as she glances at the hand that he dared touch. "I'm going to have to shower like… four times when I get home." She shudders again before looking from one celebutante to the next.

"You're Hallis Van Cortlandt, right?" her eyes light up considerably as the question is more out of politeness rather than declaring the girl's identity. "I'm a huge fan — I'm glad they wrote you into Afterlife — gave me a reason to start watching the show again — ohmygoodness, thank you for rescuing me, I can't believe some guys, I mean honestly, just because I'm sitting at the bar alone doesn't mean I want to be picked up, you know?" She smiles sheepishly as she realizes she's talking far too much and extends a hand to her again, "I'm Janet McCarty."

Hallis just laughs and nods, "This is Olivia and Chelsea.." then she looks at the rest of the table and waves a hand around, "And the rest of the people.." Apparently they're not important enough to remember. They're sitting with the 'In' crowd so they're happy enough to just be acknowledged.

Soleil is making her way back to the table with a smirk on her face. She glides back into her seat as she shares another laugh with Chelsea and Olivia. "That's Soleil, she's the actual hero of the night!" Hallis gushes, "Soleil, Chelsea, Olivia, this is Janet McCarty. She's my fan!"

Chelsea perks up at the name, "McCarty? Are you related to Erin McCarty? The actual star of the show? Is it true that she was kidnapped by some psycho fan?" They're questions meant to rile up the new star, good naturedly (maybe) since there's a big smile on her face almost the entire time.

"Soleil," Janet says with another grateful smile and a nod, "Thank you so much! You are a lifesaver — and a wonderful actress, might I add!" A fleeting glance is given towards her dancing friends before her attention is redirected to the In crowd. "It's a pleasure to meet you all — my heroines of the night!" She grins broadly, producing two deep dimples on her cheeks.

Janet visibly stiffens at the sound of Erin's name. Her cheeks redden some as she knows full well Erin hasn't been kidnapped, but she nods at question, "Erin is my older sister, actually." She frowns just a bit at the second question, "We don't where she is, just that there's an open police-investigation into her disappearance. Whether it was a fan or not — " she shrugs before adding, " — I personally blame her costar. Not that I've actually met him. Although I guess a fan could be plausible. There are a lot of crazies in the world…" It's a redirect on purpose before she takes a sip of her drink.

"Which costar?" Hallis poses, innocently enough, the gossip is king at this table and everyone leans forward trying to figure out which one. The newest addition to the show plucks her drink from the table and takes a drink. "Oh my god it's not Chris, is it? You don't think it is, do you? I mean…" Then all of the girls share a look and an 'OooOooooo' before widening their eyes and urging the young woman to keep talking.

Soleil, for her part, is wholly uninterested in the talk of television. She's on the big screen, stars of her own ilk are the only ones that really interest her. She tries to steer the conversation back to herself while everyone else seems a little more interested in the soap gossip. "Did you see my new movie?" she asks Janet, "I'm really just here to do a few promotions on it."

"Oh that guy they always put her on screen with…" Janet snaps her fingers as she tries to remember his name. "What was that guy's name…" she frowns before shaking her head. "You know… the handsome one that isn't that Chris fellow…" Her eyebrows furrow as the name completely escapes her. "Honestly though, I really have no idea. Family isn't privy to the inner workings of police investigations." She sips at her drink again and shoots Hallis a knowing smile. "Chris is that vampire guy with the amazing pecs, right? Ohmygoodness, he is beautiful. They just need to leave him in the background and they'd get viewers." She sips at her cosmo again.

"And yes! I did see your latest movie! It was brilliant! I think your credits will do you well, but I imagine it must be busy these days for you," she shoots Soleil her bright smile once again.

"Taine Whittaker?" Hallis gasps, her eyes as wide as dinner platters. "Seriously? No way! I don't believe it! Really? You think he did it?" It's enough that the young starlet is edging a little closer to her friends, Chelsea is rubbing her shoulder in support.

"Don't worry Hallie, I doubt he'd get rid of you too… I mean, you're not important enough to the show to get rid of … yet. I mean you're a were-goldfish, why would a vampire even bother with a were-goldfish?" To that, Hallis shoots a dirty look at Chelsea.

"I'm important enough to one vampire that they put me on screen with him all the time!" That's enough to get her friend's goat because the vampire with the pecs is certainly quite the catch.

Soleil gives Janet a wide smile before she's suddenly mobbed by some other fans. It's obvious that the table of celebrities/celebutantes really enjoys all of the attention. Even Olivia and Chelsea are being asked for their autographs. One of the fans even goes up to Janet to ask for hers!

"I don't know," Janet lies. She does know; it's not Taine, in fact, it's not anyone. "I'm not even sure he's the one I'm thinking of, but any of her coworkers could have it out for Erin. Starpower does that, I've been told." Her eyes narrow as they sparkle with something else — a secret; one that she's keeping shockingly well tonight by deferring attention onto the soap itself. Besides, gossip will always be untrue. "Or, like you said, it could totally be some psycho fan." Waggling a finger at Hallis she encourages, "Be wary of your fanmail. Make someone you don't like that much open it!"

"Honestly, I would've stopped watching if they hadn't introduced the whole were-goldfish thing. Without Erin on, I'd pretty much lost my reason to keep up with Afterlife." And if she's fully honest with herself she watched because of Erin, sometimes, anyways.

Janet signs the autograph although the entire affair is all too puzzling for words. What else is there to do? So she scribbles a signature in her illegible doctoral cursive although she blushes despite herself. Celebrity was never something she wanted; in fact, she outright ran away from it where possible. "Wow, you certainly are all recognized…"

Chelsea is the one that always picks up on the sparkle of secrecy and she leans over to grab Janet by the arm to puss her to a seat beside her. "You know something, you have to spill it! I promise that we won't tell, it'll be our little secret!" She's giving Janet her most dazzling smile as though it'll shift the woman's position at all.

Hallis on the other hand picked up on the gush about her own character. "I know, right? It totally lost ratings before I came on. You should have seen the other people auditioning for the part, they were completely heinous." Olivia just smirks and looks toward Chelsea who nods in agreement. "I mean really, could you imagine Mitsy as Ora? She doesn't even look the part. She's not even a blonde!"

Soleil is still quite busy with her fans, some more of them drift over to Hallis, but not as many. It's nothing the entire table doesn't deal with on a regular basis, so they just smile, nod and shoo the fans away after they've gotten their autographs. It's a good thing that the movie starlet brings her own security because about fifteen minutes into it, she's starting to get shoved around.

Oh no!! Not the dreaded tell-all. "I don't know anything… and it's an open police investigation, you know? Can't really talk about it." Other than the fact that the police haven't yet talked to her and they haven't told her not to talk to anyone. Janet straightens in her seat and sips at her drink again.

"It's true," Janet nods at Hallis. "It just wasn't worth watching anymore. I bet anything you and pecs have some awesome drama followed up by a hot steamy love affair — where we see his pecs all of the time — and some swimming in the ocean, where once again he's shirtless, and then some tanning on the beach — where he's still shirtless — " Janet has now officially drifted off into this imaginary world where Chris is rubbing oil on her back on the beach. Awesome.

"Tanning?! No way, not unless he wants to burst into flames! These aren't Twilight sparklepires they're real vampires. God, no I hope they don't have that in the show… SO lame." Hallis says dramatically, with a roll of her eyes.

The word Twilight catches the attention of Soleil and she waves off her fans before joining the table again. Her bodyguards form something like a turtle shell around the group to give them privacy. "Did you know that they asked me to be in the latest movie? I just had to turn it down, I mean… Even though they're hot movies, I don't think it'll do anything for my credibility. Could you imagine Angelina Jolie being in one of them? I don't think so." Apparently, the movie star models her career after the brunette bombshell.

"Well Twilight certainly stretched the limits of vampires as we conventionally think of them. But, if I remember right, Dracula could go in the light, but only when he was like engorged on blood… and he certainly didn't sparkle in the sunlight," Janet quips with a faint smile and a small shrug. "Now, as far as sparklepires go…" she cringes. "I can't imagine anyone wanting that. I mean, come on, no one wants to kiss that! You may as well just say, 'Pass the glitter herpes!' Am I right?! And once glitter is on you, it's on you for life — "

"I completely agree with your decision, Soleil. Anyone that wants to be taken seriously would not associate with Twilight. Ugh." She shudders. "I'm a doctor and while I'm currently not working in an emergency room, I've read tonnes of reports of kids biting each other because of it. It's unreal, really…"

The table is being crowded by fans, none but a few of the cuter ones getting past the wall of bodyguards. After a quick autograph by any of the girls at the table, they are quickly moved on. Olivia and Chelsea seem just a little nonplussed at the fact that they're not getting as much attention as Soleil and Hallis, from the fans or from their new conversation piece, Janet. Even Mr. Shirt-Tail-As-My-Weenie is trying to garner the attention of the women.

"Oh gawd Glitter Herpes!! Janet, I need to take that to the writers, will you let me? I mean.. it's your line and everything but Ora has to say that at least once!" Hallis is laughing so hard that it's quite possible that a tear might ruin her carefully applied makeup. It's not ladylike, it's not refined, but she's just a little too tipsy to care.

Even Soleil is laughing and trying not to spit her drink up as Janet entertains the table. "Someone needs to use that line, if you don't get it in your show, I'm seriously going to have it put into my next supernatural film." That's right, film, not television. The movie star is not letting Hallis forget that she's still the 'little fish'.

Janet giggles, "I don't mind at all. Although, I think I may have borrowed it from a comedian. This is like… my fourth drink… and I'm normally a lightweight." She wrinkles her nose before shrugging. "But feel free if not." She sips at her drink again, effectively finishing the cosmopolitan. It's a shame, really. Booze makes the night wonderful, especially when out partying with friends, and now celebrities.

She nods as Soleil, "Well thank you. It would be an honour to be involved with either" she glances to Hallis "of your projects. And it's the least I can do after how you saved me from that smarmy leech — " who is now standing over Janet. Her cheeks turn a pale crimson before she shakes her head, "Buddy, if you seriously thought you were doing well tonight, you were highly misguided…"

Where there are celebrities…there comes more celebrities! After all, it's only proper that a celebrity hangs out with others of their ilk. And if they're not celebrities? Well, then they should at least be pretty…pretty hot, that is. Or so it has been the case with Chris Sommers. Showing up at Fly By Night Cocktail, fashionably late, of course, he's wearing jeans and a t-shirt, despite the weather, that shows of his pecs. All the fan girls who have shown up at the club squeal with delight at the sight of the sexy vampire with pecs. He flashes them a smile and gives them a few winks as he passes through the crowds toward the table in which his co-celebreties sit. Arriving, finally, at the table, he looks about, grinning especially wide at Hallis. "Well helloooooo ladies."

Hallis' attention was on Janet, until her costar appears. The undeniable chemistry they have on the small screen is actually transferred to real life as she greets him with a smoldering gaze and a small smile. "Chris, I'd like to introduce you to my friends, Olivia, Chelsea, Soleil, and this is my newest friend Janet." Then, once again, she waves around to the rest of the clingons at the table who are absolutely drooling at the sight of him. "And this is the rest of the entourage…" Did we mention that they just weren't important enough to remember?

Soleil graces Chris with her best movie smile, even though he is only television, he has great pecs. The movie star isn't one to deny the wondrous beauty that is herself from someone with such a delectible body. "Pleasure, you should have a seat with us…" she practically purrs to the man, giving Hallis a little shove from her place. "Make room for the vampire that doesn't sparkle, folks. Unless it's his smile."

"Oh gawd, Soleil's on the prowl…" murmurs Olivia to Chelsea. But really, Chelsea is too busy staring at his chest to do much but nod dumbly.

"Hi! I'm Chelsea, Hallis' best friend in the entire world! Pleased to meet you!" The pale blonde is practically climbing over the table to try to garner his attention, something that receives an eyeroll from Hallis.

"Ohmygoodness-it's-you-you-are-like-the-most-beautiful-man-on-television!" Janet declares in one long string on syllables. "I-bet-straight-men-would-turn-gay-for-you," yes Dr. McCarty, this is the kind of comment every man wants to hear, especially players. She straightens in her seat. "I'm a huge fan," she finally manages as she gives him a three-fingered wave. Seriously, the guy is hot. Women who are more brash than the good doctor might throw their panties at him… in fact…

…someone does. Who, is entirely unclear. It's from the random cloud of fans and lands square on the table — red lacy underwear. "That's just.. wrong — " Janet manages with wide eyes, once again, thanking God that she wasn't the child star — or the current starlet — of the McCarty family.

Chris chuckles and looks at each of the women in turn. "Well, ladies. It's awesome to be in such beautiful company!" He gives Soleil a wink. "Now now, sparkling vampires aren't horrible…they just don't know what it is to be a…real vampire." He chuckles. He grins at Janet, shaking his head. "I don't know about men who would go gay for me. Don't really care. They ain't my type." He offers her a wink as well. When the underwear falls on the table, he smirks and picks them up, holding them up in the air. "Thank you to whoever threw this! I like you lots!" He clears his throat, taking a seat. "What's everyone having?"

Olivia is just rolling her eyes at the underwear display, both from the fan and from the man with the pecs. "Well at least he didn't smell them or anything… Like that John Meyer guy. Disgusting." She's entirely too refined for the rest of them.

"Oh please Liv," Soleil quips as she gives Chris a little wink back. "You're just jealous that he's not in yours." She taps one of her bodyguards on the arm and signals for a waitress. "Another round of cosmos for the table? Bring 'Pecs' here something manly, I'm sure he doesn't want something so pink and girly."

Poor Derrick, he's completely overshadowed by the soap star, so he just retreats back into the crowd. Too bad so sad.

"Are you kidding? Chris… there's everything wrong with Twipires. First of all, they're not anything as hot as our vampires. Not even close." Did Hallis just call him hot? Perhaps. Instead of dwelling on it, like Chelsea is with her gaping maw, his newest cast member just continues. "And like Janet said… Glitter herpes are the only thing you can get from a sparklepire."

The wink from Chris turns Janet's cheeks a pale shade of crimson and elicits a very girlie giggle akin to Wilma Flintstone's from the doctor. She straightens even more in her seat. "I agree with Hallis," Janet nods with a confident smile — even though she's pretty much outright staring at Chris. "The sparklepires are essentially the worst form of jailbait for everyone involved also. I mean, what woman wants to be with an angst-filled two-hundred year old vampire who acts more immature than a five year old? And besides that, let's talk about how icky it is said-vampire is with a seventeen year old girl." She shakes her head, "I'm tellin' you, it's jailbait all around destined for nothing more than glitter herpes spreading as the worst kind of STD."

Her cheeks flush again. "I'm sorry, I'm ranting. I won't anymore I promise." The declaration is made with another confident grin. "Although… just as a sidebar, that seventeen year old girl has to choose between necrophilia or beastiality from two guys who are clearly ill-equipped to handle any woman's needs."

Chris smiles widely at Soleil. "What kind of 'manly' drink do you think suits me best? You know…I'd see you as more of a…bellini girl. Am I right or am I right? I bet I'm right." Smiling at Olivia he says, "C'mon, li'l lady. Wouldn't you wanna throw me your panties?" He winks at her and looks back to Hallis and Janet. "Glitter Herpes? Sparklepire?" He laughs, though he does have a little confused look on his face. Finally he brightens. "But we do have the best vampires on our show, there's no denying that!"

"I don't know, I don't do manly drinks," Soleil purrs as she walks two fingers up those dreamy pecs. Every girl within eyeshot is envious as the movie star makes the moves on the soap star. "Tell you what, handsome, why don't you and I head somewhere after this is all done? We can get to know each other a little better."

Hallis' glass shatters in her hand as she listens to the pick up job that Soleil is attempting. The dainty celeb lets out a cry of shock and holds her bleeding palm out. "Ah! My autograph signing hand!"

"Oh Hallie!!" Chelsea cries out and swings from her place at the table to wrap her arm around the tiny blonde's shoulder. "We have to get you to the hospital! They might have to amputate!"

The joke from her friend has the little doll pale in the face. "Seriously? No… No they can't! They can just shoot me! I can't live if I'm deformed!!"

The injury causes Janet to stand to her feet and hover over Hallis. "I'm a doctor, can I take a peek?" She reaches for the younger woman's hand. "I could stitch it up for you back at my apartment, or we could get you to the hospital to be careful, I just wouldn't worry too much.." She chuckles a little at Chelsea's theatrics, "And don't worry, there's no need to amputate, but stitches are likely in order."

Chris smiles drapping an arm around Soleil. "You know…I think this is the beginning of a very…beautiful friendship." He says softly to her, devoting his attention fully to her at the moment. When Hallis' glass shatters and there's a whole bunch of theatrics, he stands up immediately. "Hallis!" He looks at her, almost worried. "Are you going to be okay?" He looks at Janet for confirmation.

With a tsk, Soleil tries to draw Chris' attention back to herself. "Don't worry about her, she's got a doctor. Janet's a doctor, she just said. They'll leave and we'll be all by our lonesom." The brunette's greasy tactics go even further though, because she leans over and murmurs into Chris' ear. "I can make you a big star…"

Hallis' makeup is smearing a little as she tries to keep herself contained. The star watchers are out in full force tonight because, as always, as soon as things turn sour for the tiny blonde, the camera flashes start.

It's Olivia's turn to step up and she practically punches Ray back into consciousness and points to Hallis. "Help her! We've got to get her out before they're selling her were-golfish blood on Ebay."

Chelsea is already out of her seat and throwing a glare towards Soleil for ignoring the plight of her dearest friend. "Come on, we'll go to Janet's apartment, it'll be better than a private hospital!"

"She's going to be fine," the doctor confirms to Chris. Janet is already applying pressure on the wound using napkins that are available, "Just apply even pressure. We'll stitch you up and then you'll be right as rain." She issues Hallis a large grin as she begins to lead the way out of the bar, ready to get her doc on.

"You're welcome to come along as well… if you don't find yourself otherwise preoccupied," Janet says to Chris with a cluck of your tongue. "I mean, if you're concerned." At this she shrugs and steps towards the door, leading the crew back to her apartment.

Chris gets slowly pulled back in by Soleil, dividing his attention between her and Janet. "Yeah…yeah. Good. Gotta keep our were-goldfish good and strong is she's gonna keep swimming the sewers." He says absently, looking at Soleil. "Yeah…yeah. She'll be fine. So um…yeah. My penthouse overlooking Central Park, or your place?"

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