2007-10-09: Passing Information


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Summary: Sharon fills Peter in on the attack last night. Peter fills Sharon in on the virus. Sharon agrees to get in touch with Cass about testing.

Date It Happened: October 9th, 2007

Passing Information

Phone Conversation

Ring Ring! Ring Ring! It's early morning, and Sharon has decided to give Peter a call after she got his voicemail. She was relaxing after her fight with Mandy, having taken some bruises to the leg where a very heavy shelf decided to crash down on her. Fortunately, they're no worse than bruises, and they're not really going to keep her from being up and about. She can pass them off as sparring injuries if she has to.

The ringing of his cellphone wakes him up. Peter rolls off the bed, then quickly steps outside so as not to wake up anyone else sharing quarantine with him. And answering the phone inside the room would prove hillarious anyway. He's dressed in loose pants, something comfortable to sleep in, and nothing else, but he grabs a blanket on the way out— the chills have already begun again, and the headache. It rings almost enough times to click over to voice mail before he does answer it. "Hello?" he asks, having not had time to look at the caller ID yet. Even with just that one word he sounds tired, hoarse. But he might've just woke up. Then again, she had seen him when he was starting to get sick.

"Peter? It's Sharon," the woman says. "You alright? Sound like you've been through a lot worse of a ringer than I have". Sharon, by contrast, sounds perfectly fine. Probably moreso than someone who just dealt with the acid-spewing lady should.

"Oh, Sharon," Peter responds, sounding a bit relieved as he sinks down on the floor and wraps himself in a blanket. "I've gotten a little worse. I'm going to be spending a few nights in a clinic. It shouldn't be too long. You're all right, though? I got your text and I was… I wish I could've gone, at least to check it out."

"Yeah. The woman started tearing the place apart. Niki was there -the strongwoman from the vision- as was Kitty. She was desperately after some medicine, but was pretty set on killing some people in the process, so we did what we could to keep her contained. Kitty got grazed by her fingers on the right side of her face though. She was, I think, going to get medical attention for that". There's a measure of frustration in her voice. "Worst I got were some bruises from when she burned a shelf down onto us. She escaped though".

Peter leans his head back against the wall, holding the phone up might be tiring, but he'll do it. What she's saying is important. "I'm glad you're all okay," he sounds relieved. "It makes sense she'd be looking for medicine— she'd been shot a few days ago. Probably couldn't go to a hospital now that they've released pictures of her in the papers." His breath is unsteady for a moment. "Hopefully this— what's happening with me— hopefully it'll clear up soon. But if you can you might want to keep an eye out for symptoms— if anything makes you tired or sick."

"Haven't felt anything yet," Sharon says. "But I've got a pretty good immune system to begin with, even without accounting for not sleeping. She also had allies. She called their names when she was fleeing. Jeremiah and Lukas were who she called for. They did a number in the front of the store. I didn't get a glimpse of them though," she tells the man. There's a frown on Sharon's face as she hears how tired the man seems. "Do you know if anyone told Niki about the vision? Because she already knew about it". And she wants to make sure it's someone on their side. "They figure out anything about what might be causing it, this virus of your's?"

"Jeremiah and Lukas… I didn't know their names before," Peter says, pausing for an instant. For a moment, it sounds like he actually had to pull the phone away from his face, because his voice softens, then gets louder again. "I told her. I've known her for a while— we're friends. That's why seeing what happened to her… I was trying to keep it from happening. I'm just glad you're all okay." For the moment. "Hopefully they'll catch them soon." The three of them. And he still has no idea what this Lukas does. "It's— we don't know for sure yet. We some ideas, but no real answers yet."

"I understand," Sharon tells Peter. "Well, I'll continue to keep an eye out. We're all mostly okay for now". She doesn't mention the poor man who got his face burned away. There is no reason to tell Peter about that, not with the condition he is in. That's their failing to stop Mandy, and she won't project that onto him. "This virus. Do I need to get tested, do you think?" she asks Peter. "And does it only seem to affect those of us with abilities? I don't know how much you've found out on that".

"I don't know that much yet," Peter admits with a grimace. "I mean we— it's suspected that's what it does. And if you do decide to get tested, you should go see Cass about it. I know she's not a doctor, but she's pretty good at lab work and she's the one looking into what I have right now."

"Alright. I'll give Cass a call here later and use a bit of time off from work". Goodness knows she has enough sick days to burn. "I'll let you go get some rest though. Sounds to me like you need it," Sharon tells the man.

"I hope you don't have anything to worry about— it might just be a select group of people," Peter responds, obviously not wanting to be responsible for making someone sick. "But I'll talk to you later. Feel free to call me and let me know if anything else happens— even if I'm not sure I can help right now." There's a grimace in his voice, before he finally starts to move to hang up.

"We'll take care of things here. You just get better, Peter, and worry about that first," Sharon says. "I'll talk to you later". And with that, Sharon will disconnect the phone call.

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