2009-11-25: Passing Palpate and Python Peaks



Date: November 25, 2009


Emily has Hallis questioning her orientation… and receives a new pair of boots.

"Passing Palpate and Python Peaks"

NYC - Saks Fifth Avenue

Sak's Fifth Avenue, one of New York City's finest locations for the who's who of who to go department store shopping. While it's not an exclusive boutique it offers one stop shopping for those in need during dire times. For a certain blonde socialite, this is one of those times. It's lunch hour on her first day, perfect time to hit the stores to try out her brand new expense account.

As she peruses the racks, Hallis picks out a little something here and there, intending to try on one or two of them. Since being forced to eat by her medical professionals, she's gained a whopping 3lbs and some of her tighter fits just aren't fitting properly. Since diet is out of the question, the obvious choice for new work apparel is a new wardrobe. Primarily, she is left to her own devices, with a sales clerk stopping by every once in a while to unload her weary arms and take the chosen pieces to the fitting room for her.

One stop shopping is always a good thing for the modern government fugitive, girls on the lam without their credit, or suspected mass-murderers. Of course, Emily is all the above, so Saks Fifth at midday is a nice break from wandering the city, avoiding law enforcement types, watching her back, and taking what she needs to 'survive.' For Emily, though, survival is a more subjective thing. Sure, she can live without designer clothes, but why should she?

By the time she wanders into the boutique, Hallis has already recruited at least one clerk following her, wooed by the sight of a Black Card. Emily's quick to recruit a clerk of her own, however, waving one over with a gloved hand as soon as she enters. Shaking her blonde hair out, straightening out the unbuttoned gray overcoat and the one-piece ribbed turtleneck dress underneath, Emily looms over the little clerk that approaches her, timidly. "I'm going to need you to bring some things to the dressing room to me," she states, matter-of-factly, before storming down an aisle with the creaking of over-the-knee leather boots.

Emily's chic ensemble is noticed by Hallis, especially boots as the tall blonde Amazon sweeps past her. The quest for niceness takes over and the petite woman pastes on a wide smile and moves toward one of the racks that the other woman is now making a pit stop at. "Hi, I don't know if you remember me, but I met you in the park?"

"I really like that outfit you have on," she comments graciously, "I could never look good in plaid, but that's because I'm just so short. I either look like a cartoon character or a Catholic schoolgirl." Extending a hand in greeting, the young socialite is without her keeper this evening and so is fairly liberal with handshakes.

The part-Amazon spins around on her heels, scowling at first to the girl almost a foot shorter than her (if you include the boots). But soon after, the scowl grows into a smile. "Hallis!" she cries out. "Tabloid queen of the East Coast!" Enjoying the compliments lavished upon her, Emily closes her eyes a little bit, and grins, holding her head high, and looking quite…pleased. It's not until Hallis offers to shake her hand that she snaps back to attention. The even grin twists into a more one-sided smirk as she pulls off the glove on her right hand. Happily she shakes Hallis and…leaves her feeling significantly happier than before she shook her hand.

Hallis trembles a little at the touch and takes in a gasp of awe. "Oh my god… You.. wow…" She's definitely speechless, and nearly reaching into her purse for a cigarette. The hand just released finds its way to the smaller blonde's mouth where she begins to nibble thoughtfully on her fingernail. Congratulations, Emily, you have successfully managed to obscure Hallis' sexual preference. A few rapid blinks later, Hallis is shaking her head slightly and once again looking up at the woman, very confused.

"Uhm.. I.. I don't normally do this but… I mean I have a boyfriend but…" She seems a little nervous, very nervous. What would her parents think, what would George say, what would the tabloids read? "Do you want to go out for a coffee or something sometime?"

Emily's gloved left hand rubs the ungloved right hand, as a look of triumph crosses her face. Silent, she and the two clerks watch Hallis's reaction to her short, light touch; it seems to be all she needs…and then some. "Why, I would love to," she says, with a solemn nod. She's acutely aware of what Hallis is feeling, and knows it's not the most casual coffee trip she's seeking…

"Tell you what. You look like a woman who knows your fashion. Why don't you help me pick out a fine new outfit or five for coffee trips? Money is no issue," she informs Hallis. "Perhaps we could start with…the shoes?"

Coffee, that's innocent enough, conversation to explore what it is that the woman is able to do to her with a simple touch. Hallis is torn, more than torn in fact. Coffee couldn't be considered cheating, she has coffee all the time with her friends. Slowly the pained look of discombobulation wanes away to leave nothing but a serene smile. Then there's that magic word… shoes

"I must be dreaming," Hallis murmurs lowly, hopefully too quiet for the other woman to hear. Because the tall woman is definitely an angel come to life, perhaps her own personal angel. Frank Sinatra begged for Luck to be a lady, and as Hallis looks up at the other woman admiringly, she would guess ol' blue eyes got his wish. "They have great shoes here, not as good as the ones in boutiques, you can't get the one of a kinds here… but I was looking at a pair of python skin boots earlier. I bet you'd look great in those! Especially if you paired them up with a little black dress."

"Show me." It's…well, it's simple, but it sounds great. This is all a bit of an experiment for her, in all honesty. It's clear Hallis is still a little fuzzy-headed, and she's quite curious to see how this all goes over. "Though I have to say…I usually go for pumps and what not over boots. More leg to show that way, you know?" And lordy lordy lordy is there a lot of leg. "Little black dresses…the staple of any closet," she comments…running down the mental checklist to hit just about all the points Hallis made in her statements.

Wandering over to the shoe section, Hallis gives the woman a grin as she presents a pair of perfectly fabulous python skin boots. "Tadaa!" The big grin on the face of the woman exudes feelings of delight that rival the ones of Emily's touch. "Aren't they just the greatest? They're perfect for you! I was going to buy them for me, but… They would look much better on you!" The petite blonde is gushing, a little too much. Waving over one of the sales clerks, Hallis points to the boots and then to Emily. "She wants to try these on. Can you get them in her size?"

That makes Emily chuckle. "The downside of being positively amazonian is that you have to have ginormous feet to go along with. I'll try them in a 9," she nods to the clerk, who's off and running to find them in the back soon after. "They are lovely, I've give you that," she beams at Hallis, turning and sliding out of her coat, letting it fall over the back of the benches in the shoe section. She's next to hit the bench, sitting down, crossing one leg over the other to unzip the tall boots she already has on, then switching and repeating.

"I could only wish to be that tall." Hallis says quietly, dropping down to sit beside Emily. "The only good thing about being my size is that I can curl up into almost anything. But then trying to reach a cupboard is nearly impossible." She gives the tall woman an easy going smile. When the sales clerk comes out with the pair of boots in Emily's size, Hallis remains quiet as they're placed on the woman's feet. And then? A small gasp. "Oh, they're just perfect! I knew it! Look! They highlight your calf just beautifully." The young woman claps and nods to the sales girl, "Put those on my bill… she needs to have them!" Then she gives Emily a very pointed look, "I won't take no for an answer."

At Hallis' mention of not being tall enough to reach a cupboard, Emily has to stifle a giggle by slapping a hand over her mouth. "Maybe you could have one of the clerks add a stepladder onto the bill as well. I bet they sell them here with designer labels and jeweled accents." From the way Emily just sits and lets the clerk get down and do the dirty work, it's pretty clear that she's no stranger to shopping at expensive, upper-crust stores. 'Shopping' is, once-again, a subjective sort of term. More like, she finds what she likes, which makes it more browsing than shopping, since no payments are involved.

Once she's up on her feet, towering another inch taller now, turning, bending one leg then the other to admire her calves and legs, Emily replies to Hallis' last statement. "I wasn't going to argue the point," she states, before looking up at Hallis and winking.

Shaking her head, Hallis grimaces just a little at the thought of a step ladder. "I'll just higher someone taller than me to be my assistant." Looking thoughtful for a brief moment, Hallis grins widely and shrugs, "Oh wait… I did!" Then she laughs lightly, the tinkling sound nothing short of pleasant. Perhaps it was the years spent with vocal coaches before the release of her CD.. the one that never made gold. A sudden thought snaps Hallis back to reality and she checks the watch on her wrist. "Oh no! I have to get back to work! We'll have to have coffee some other time, alright?" Making the telephone symbol with her pinky finger and thumb, Hallis mouths 'call me' and practically runs out of the store.

It is then the sales clerk drifts up to Emily with the box for the boots and smile, "This will be on Miss Van Cortlandt's tab then? We'll be waiting for you at the register."

"Very good," she nods to the clerk. As Hallis runs off to the door, through the aisles, Emily makes sure to lean forward off the bench and give her a wave. It's a finger wave, moving each of those four slender fingers independently…the sort of froo-froo wave that once socialite would give another. While normally Emily wouldn't hesitate to run up a massive bill on Hallis' dollar…something keeps her from doing that this time: it's just the boots that will show up on her expense account. Maybe it's the inevitability of Hallis having to defend or explain the purchase of size 9 python-skin boots when she's so tiny, without any other purchases, or maybe it's something else. Either way, Emily doesn't overstay her welcome…taking the boots, and leaving soon after.

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