2008-01-06: Passing The Torch


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Summary: In which Hiro passes the hero torch around, and Rochelle's having told everyone else to cheek-wobble comes back to haunt her.

Date It Happened: January 6th, 2008

Passing The Torch

Rochelle's House, Massapequa, Long Island

With her more practical jobs becoming more and more limited, Rochelle has significantly more time at home; because of this, she's come to the realization that her home is too bare, too inactive, and Very, Very Boring. No wonder nobody visits. Over the last few times she's been here, however, Rochell has been either doing something to the inside of the house, or out finding ways to make it less of a bore. The woman has practically just gotten home from her practice with the league, and under the coat she has yet to take and hang up she even still has on her rehersal costume; it's only marginally less shiny-gold and brown, but still spandex and that big leather belt. To practice without it is a sin- because you never know what it'll feel like for real.

The inside of her kitchen is tile-less, because it looks as if the floor has been torn out and in the process of being replaced. There are some plastic covers over some things in the living room, and it has both new carpeting and the walls are dry in their re-painted state. She just hasn't finished throwing out the few pieces of tarp on her shelves and endtables.

Oedipus has commandeered the sofa, which is uncovered and looks like it has been cleaned only recently as well.

No visitors, eh? Fate will see about that. Fate in the form of Hiro and Ando!

They appear in the living room, Hiro having looked up the address using the wonders of Google Maps and set course for the place with a closing of his eyes and a wobbling of his cheeks. Usually he aims for the hallway or just outside so he can knock on the door and not seem rude but, alas, he's slightly off this time.

"<Uh oh,>" Hiro says, looking around, "<I think I teleported us inside.>"

It seems that it is the night for visitors. Hey, Rochelle is family after all. That gives Leah the right to show up on her porch anytime. Or at least it does in Leah's mind. She seems to know something about the state of Rochelle's house though because she's actually wearing jeans, if a pair of well fitting skinny ones, and a long sleeved purple top with purple tennis shoes. No hooker heels yet tonight. She pauses on the front steps to rap on Rochelle's door.

No matter how many times it happens, Ando will probably never get used to the Insta-Teleportation. Ever. While he doesn't wobble or fall over this time, he does have to blink a few times to adjust to the fact that he's now in a strange living room that seems to be attached to a house that is in the process of remodeling. Dressed in a jacket, jeans, and white button-down shirt, he's definitely casual. "<At least we didn't wind up inside a wall,>" he adds some optimism to the situation. And then eyes the dog. Big. Big dog.

Rochelle is visible from the living room- she is in the kitchen, with her back turned. She's in the process of squirming out of her coat, and throwing it over a kitchen chair. One hand is picking up her sorting of mail from the counter when the two blip into the living room.

Eddie, content in his place, is all but ready to fall asleep when suddenly, there are strangers in his living room. At around the same time that the Great Dane jumps to his feet on the sofa, Rochelle has turned around- and the dog starts barking and his owner practically jumps right out of her skin upon seeing them and hearing Eddie's monstrous barking. And of course, that mail in her hand goes flying into the air with a startled jerk. The sound of Leah's knock is almost lost in the sudden racket, but she heard that too!

"Jesus Christ!"

"<AHHHH!>" Hiro shouts when the dog starts barking …

… and then he turns around in time to see Rochelle yelling and throwing the mail in the air, "<AHHHH!>"

… and then there is a knock at the door, "<AHH - huh?>"

Hiro looks around, holding his hands above his head and speaking quickly to Rochelle in Japanese, forgetting that people here, y'know, speak English.

"<Rochelle! Rochelle! Its me, Hiro!>"

"<AAAAAAAAH!>" That one's Ando.

"<AAAAAAAAAH!>" That one is also Ando.

"<AAAAAAAAH!>" You guessed it: Ando. Ando, who is backpedaling so fast away from Eddie that he might trip on something. He's got one arm held out to ward off the Great Dane and his barking self and is speaking such fast Japanese that he might sound like a gibbering monkey: "<Nicedoggynicedoggy, staybenicestaynicedoggy!>"

Leah raps harder on the door. "What the hell?" She says as she hears all the yelling inside. "Who would crazy enough to break into the Hulkette's house? Or maybe the dog got hungry?" She ventures. Yes, she's talking to herself. Or maybe one of the characters in her head. But hey, at least she's not yelling AAHHH.

Everyone's yelling! AHH! Rochelle only stops when she realizes that she knows these two. They're lucky she does, too, or the already well-armed woman would be finding that shotgun she keeps under her sink. Her face at that point is the epitome of 'D:'.

The dog that Ando is so adamant about keeping away is still barking as if the house were falling down, and everyone is yelling and HE HAS TO BARK. WOOF, WOOF, WOOF, AWOO. If Ando isn't careful, he does have the potential to trip either the coffee table or into one of the recliners- but nothing that will cripple him!

"Hiro!" A pause. "Ando?" Rochelle pauses again. "EDDIE. SHUT THE HELL UP." He sort of listens, winding down and following Ando with a 'Broo, broo' manner of growl. Who are you! You are running! Only the guilty flee! Etc etc.

"Rochelle!" Hiro says in return upon hearing his name, turning to face her and doing his best to not look like he's been creeping around the house. It was all an innocent miscalculation in teleportation! Nothing sinister!

Leah tries the door and comes running in. "That sounds like someone yelling in Japanese!" Yes, it's quite the smart comment. Her gaze fixes on her cousin and she adds. "Rochelle! Are you alright! Do we need to take the theifs on?" Because tiny little Leah would be a fierce combatant. Sure.

WHUMPthud! Ando suddenly finds himself sitting down, because he just backed into a recliner and couldn't keep his feet. With nowhere else to run, he squishes himself as far into the chair as he can and waits for the giant dog to attack. Rochelle's bellowing earns her a quick glance, then a gawk. Oh dear god, Hiro has teleported them into Giant Land. This is the part where Luigi gets eaten by a massive monster.

But Leah's entrance kinda puts a cog in that theory, since she's actually tinier than Ando. The poor Japanese man just sits and stares at everything happening around him.

"Hiro." Rochelle's voice is a sigh. Then, Leah comes flying inside. "Leah?" Still with the names. Rochelle screws up her face in a hard blink for a second. "It's fine, Leah, they just-" Teleported in? Snuck into my house? She's not entirely sure, but is gesturing at the two anyway. "-they spooked me, is all."

Eddie has cornered Ando! The man in the chair gets a big, slobbery muzzle sniffing at his face. Hi! "Oh, look. You brought Ando too." Yes, Rochelle, you even said his name. Forgive her, it has been a trying thirty seconds.

Hiro nods his head, looking between Leah and Rochelle. Ando being molested by a giant dog goes unheeded for the time being.

"Yes! I thought you would like to meet him and I thought he should meet you too."

He blinks a couple times at Leah and the mention of being taken on before he just sort of does that thing where he happily waves his hand, beams and says, "Hello!"

Leah gives Hiro a smile. "Oh! You must be the Japanese guy Rochelle said like waffles. Waffles rock." Leah states before she gives Rochelle a grin. "Chelley! I came to visit!" Yep, that ditzy tone is in full force as she giggles at Ando. "Eddie, stop trying to make out with the guy. I doubt he's into dogs."

No, Ando is very not into dogs. Especially ones that are large enough to eat him in two bites. He stares wide-eyed at the dog as they go practically nose-to-nose, but then there is the sound of a mating call— er, girlish giggling. And Ando is not being very Manly. He suddenly wriggles his way out of the chair (around the dog, mind; no way is he going to touch the behemoth) and stands up straight, giving his jacket a tug. There's a big winning grin on his face. "We are not thief, we are friends," he informs Leah. Then he extends a hand toward Rochelle, then her cousin. "Is very nice to meet you." He even bows a little.

"I might not be able to say hi if he gets his face licked off." Rochelle furrows her eyebrows and smiles a bit as she crouches and picks up the letters that had flown every which way in the kitchen. Thankfully, she does not need to pry the dog off of Ando when she moves into the living room. Eddie is still trying to sniff Ando, and settles for his pantleg and maybe a lick of the stranger's hand. He tastes like soap.

As Ando holds out his hand to her first, Rochelle meets it with her own- and if he's not ready it might feel as if she is going to handshake his hand clean off. "Good to finally meet ya, Ando." She'll leave Leah to introduce herself."

"Waffles do rock!" Hiro agrees with Leah, nodding his head and still smiling broadly. He also offers a bow to her before he turns to look at Rochelle, only now really noticing what it is she's wearing.

"Super costume?"

Leah beams over at Hiro. "I like them best with fruit on top. Like apples. Or strawberries. Or cherries." This is a serious matter after all! And then here's Ando's hand to shake. "It's nice to meet you, Ando!" There's a flutter of lashes from the petite one. "I'm glad to see you survived the guard dog. I'm Leah! Rochelle's cousin. Only I'm not really sure that we could possibly be related, because, like, well, look!" Yes, physically Leah is Rochelle's complete opposite.

Ando grins — there's an air of uncomfortableness. Because Rochelle is Big. And she almost took his hand off. Leah is much nicer and tiny and cute. He reaches out to pat Eddie on the head — very, very tentatively. "He is big puppy," he states nonchalantly (except it sounds a little chalant). And then Hiro's remark on Rochelle's costume gets her another glance. "<She is a superhero too?>" he asks of his friend.

Super costume? Wha- oh. Rochelle only realizes what he is talking about after looking down. "Oho, no, no." She laughs and puts a hand to the top of her bangs, brushing them back. "Not a super costume. I just got back from work." One could count on a hand or two what jobs require costumes like this. Rochelle gives Leah a look when she keeps going- and makes a face almost equal to another sigh. Yes. Cousins. And polar opposites.

Eddie likes Ando. A pat on the head is sufficient- because the dane saunters around Ando and makes his way to Hiro's pantleg next. Snuffsniffle.

"Strawberries!" Hiro nods his head to Leah, looking towards Ando and speaking in hurried Japanese with him. Exposition is so much easier in their native tongue.

"<Yes! She's a superhero too. She has the power to turn off other powers!>"

Looking back to Rochelle, his brow furrows. It isn't a super costume, so what is it?

"Movie star?"

Leah smiles back to Ando. "A very big puppy. But isn't he just so cute?" Ah yes, the ditzy giggle is back. Really, it's a shame she wasn't born blonde. Hiro gets another giggle for his guess about Rochelle's costume. She'll just leave her cousin to explain that one, though.

So Rochelle makes people unspecial like him! Ando glances at her with some renewed interest. "<Then how did we get into the house?>" he asks. Movie star wasn't Ando's first guess, but he keeps it to himself, because it's impolite to imply that a lady is a prostitute in her own home. Instead, he turns a grin back on Leah. "Yes. Cute." That's the word he was looking for. And, oh, yeah, the dog's kinda okay too, he guesses.

Rochelle would probably not do as well as a Movie Star. Scripts escape her. "Wrestling. I'm a wrestler. Like-" Time to stretch her pop culture muscles. "Lioness Asuka, Chigusa Nagayo, Dump Matsumoto?" Japanese women are hardcore wrestlers! She even tries some Japanese and manages to not completely butcher it. "Joshi puroresu?"

"Wrestling!" Hiro almost shouts excitedly, nodding his head as he understands. He turns towards Ando, "<Wrestling!>"

The question causes him to pause a moment, "<I think it only works when I'm near her. So we could teleport in, but now we can't teleport out. We should try and teach her how to control her powers like I can control mine! Maybe she can turn off the powers of villains!>"

Yes! Excited Japanese exposition!

Leah blinkblinks over at Hiro as he goes off in Japanese. "What? Man, I totally wish I'd taken Japanese in school now. Or maybe not. Do they even teach Japanese in school? I mean, I don't remember it." All of that is aimed rather randomly at Rochelle before she grins back to Ando and bats her eyelashes. "Ando, have you been in the United States long?"

"<Ohhh.>" Ando nods. Yes, yes that sounds very interesting. And the fact that Rochelle is a wrestler seems to perk him up even further. But she's still big and kinda intimidating. Back to Leah: "Uh, a few months."

Why would Rochelle know? She gives a puzzled shrug to Leah, first. Then Hiro and Ando keep talking in Japanese; though Rochelle is curious about what they're saying, she has to part herself. "You guys, can uh. Y'all- you can have a seat or something, if you want." She finally offers that much, raising her hand in a passive gesture to the living room. "I really gotta change, or this is gonna be too weird. If you guys want a drink or something, Leah knows where shit is." Rochelle is even taking a step or two backwards towards the stairs already. Funny, how the biggest one in the room can do great in the costume during practice, matches, events and promotions, but she seems to quail at personal visitors seeing her in a pair of spandex shorts and halter top.

Hiro blinks impassively at the retreating Rochelle, not quite understanding why somebody wouldn't want to wear the closest thing to a super costume whenever they can. He looks towards Ando and babbles in Japanese a little.

"<Do you think we should get costumes, too?>"

But then back to Leah, as it is impolite to /always/ speak Japanese in the presence of those who don't, "You could learn? Ando could teach you."

He is incredibly obvious in his nudging of Ando with an elbow and the giving of a look that practically screams 'Eh? Eh?'.

Leah smiles to Rochelle. "Wear something appropriate to having visitors in your house." She instructs before she pretends to miss that nudging and just gives Ando a flirty smile. "I bet I'd be a good learner, at least if I had the right teacher. Your English is good already." She says before asking. "Would either of you like anything? I know where Chelley's fridge is."

That question earns Hiro a Look. It's the sort of Look Ando adopts when his friend has let his geekynerdy side get the better of him (which is almost all the time). "<We already tried costumes, remember?>" Suits are costumes. They totally are. And those were damn fine suits, too. The nudging earns Hiro another Look, this one almost dismay. oh god why are you doing this

Back to Leah, he beams: "I know English very well. I could teach you." And a sidelong look at Hiro. It says, 'This could get me laid!'

The only thing that is standing in Ando's way is the person attached to the sudden shuffling in the upstairs. That's KIN you're going to be dealing with. Rochelle eventually does come back downstairs, dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt- which on the front has a map of stars, and in the middle of those stars- is a vacuum. The appliance. She has a subtle sense of humor, when it comes to clothing.

While Rochelle is away, Eddie says it is time to play! In between his bumping of legs, he has found a yellow tennis ball. Ball? Ball?.

Hiro gives Ando a look in return that says something along the lines of 'This could get you a kiss on the cheek! I am the King of Romance!' and he nods his head in a satisfied fashion. When Eddie offers the ball around, Hiro takes it and throws it up in the air for the dog to catch. He looks back towards Leah and shakes his head, "No thank you. I ate just before we came here."

Leah gives Ando a smile back with another bat of those eyelashes. "I'll have to take you up on that offer sometime. I could at least learn the basics." She says before she blinks and pulls the phone that must have been on vibrate out of her pocket. She puts the hot pink thing up to her ear to answer and then give them a smile. "I need to step out and take this. It was nice to meet you."

"Oh! Nice to meet you too, Leah!" Ando bows to her again, then turns to beam at Hiro. "<I think she likes me.>" Like that's some kind of achievement. He's obviously such a ladies man.
Ball! The dane backs up on stilt-legs to skip after the ball, which he does miss(it bonks right off the top of his head and across the floor).

Rochelle is back just in time to see the exchange and Leah's still batting eyelashes. Once she is gone with a few goodbyes- Rochelle does seem to loom over Ando's shoulder for a moment. Yeah. Hi. "I'll give you her phone number if you won't abuse it." Which, in itself is a big, blinking 'CAUTION'. With the tape on it, too.

"< … >"

Hiro just stares at Ando for a moment, and then Rosherru is looming and he looks up at her with a sort of innocent smile that says 'Please excuse my friend. He thinks with Little Ando.'

Suddenly there is a Big Looming Shadow, and Ando swallows and turns to stare up at the towering Rochelle. That's more than enough to make Little Ando wither. He smiles in what he hopes is a disarming sort of way. "Yes. That would … be very nice." It's almost enough to make him want to take a vow of chastity. Almost.

Rochelle narrows one eye down at Ando in a squint. Watching you. "Right. But if I hear one peep about you being anything but nice-" Rochelle passes Hiro a far less critical look as she passes him to find a pen off of her coffee table. She tears the corner off of some stray paper there as well, scribbling Leah's cellphone number onto it. "-I will make sure that ya don't have the coherency nor ability to do it again." And that, friends, is why she is a wrestler. Big, intimidating, and with enough talk to get her point across. But in the end, she does hold out the corner of paper for Ando.

"Ando will be nice," Hiro says, nodding his head and looking towards Ando. A quick, whispered burst of Japanese follows.

"<You had better be nice! Be a perfect gentleman!>"

He then looks back up towards Rochelle and smiles yet again. Rosherru might be a hero, but she's got every right to be defensive of her family. Especially around strange men. Well, strange Ando.

"I wanted to tell you some tips that I have for learning to use your power better."

"<I'm always a perfect gentleman,>" Ando states with a frown. He takes the number, though, with a very reassuring nod. Oh yes, he will be the epitome of nice and wonderful, yeshewill. Then he goes silent. Working of powers isn't his forte. All he knows is what he's learned in comic books.

Rochelle has her attention on poor Ando for another few seconds as he takes the number and Hiro backs him up. "Good." Her entire demeanor shifts when Hiro plucks up a far different route of conversation. Now the woman has on her pleasant smile and a less observant gaze. "Really? If you used'em first, you sure they'll work for me too?"

"I … think so? I do not see why not."

Hiro shrugs his shoulders. He's never really instructed anyone before but he figures that if those worked for him, they might work for Rochelle.

"The first step is confidence! You have to be confident in yourself! Know that what you are going to do is going to work before it does. And /really/ concentrate."

"<Hiro, you sound like Xavier.>" Ando just thought he'd, uh, throw that in there. He's smirking to himself at the amusing little idea, too.

Rochelle tries not to think about what they have said, are saying, and will say in Japanese. If she's not supposed to hear it, maybe that is best.

"It's hard to be confident about something when I can't really see my own results…" One reason that she feels confident about most things she does is the fact they are often tangible.

"Well, concentrate and try to make it so you are not turning off powers?" Hiro suggests, standing up and taking a few steps away, "And I will try to use mine."

Rochelle watches Hiro as he stands up and steps away, a hesitant look on her face. She stands up too, keeping that look on her face even as she glances around as if something was going to suddenly happen. Nothing does, so Rochelle stands there confused for about ten more seconds. Right. Try to let Hiro use his. "Well… pick somewhere to go, first, so I know if it works. Like outside?" And once she says that, she takes one of the deepest breaths she can manage- and her jaw clenches, and her eyes set themselves on Hiro. No cheekwobble faces. Yet.

Hiro tries to concentrate but, alas, his power does not work. Negated as it is. His cheeks wobble and everything.

"You should concentrate /more/. Like this."

He squeezes his eyes shut again, cheek wobbling.

While he waits for the next attempt, he looks at Ando, "<I do not! I have hair, don't I?>"

"<But you sound like him.>" clarifies Ando with a firm nod. Cheekwobbling. Pah.

Somehow, Rochelle knew that telling Everyone Else to cheekwobble would come back to bite her one day.

So, with a valiant effort equal to Hiro's first days going at this- Rochelle sets her jaw again, shuts her eyes- and frankly, she looks more 'ARGH' than 'CONCENTRATE'.

Alas, Hiro still can't do anything but he doesn't appear disheartened or bothered by the fact.

"It is okay if you can't do it yet. You have to practice and work on it. I know you can do it."

Suddenly there's the sound of a ringing phone, and Ando scrambles to withdraw his from his pocket. Glancing at the display, he motions toward the door with one word — "Work." — and then he's on his way out. "Keep trying, you are doing very good," he encourages before he answers the phone and steps out.

Rochelle opens her eyes and lets out a loud snort of breath. This isn't working. She says nothing again, glancing to Ando and back to Hiro before trying again, cheekwobble and all- this time, setting her feet as if she were about to brace for some sort of impact. She'll show you, stupid freak power.

Again, Hiro can't do it. He frowns and looks around the room, spotting a vase for candles nearby and picking it up. He quickly moves back over to a spot within Rochelle's negation field, holding the vase above his head.

"Maybe you need incentive? Concentrate on lessening the field so I can stop time and keep the vase from breaking."

He glances over to watch Ando go, but he doesn't break his concentration on teaching Rochelle. The only thing he's going to break is the vase - unless Rochelle can stop it vicariously, of course.

He drops it.

If she were less inclined to be peaceful with Hiro, he'd have gotten a big threat by now. Crap. Rochelle blinks in surprise, and wastes no time in trying again. If that thing breaks on her new carpet, she'll be so pissed.

Hiro concentrates, wobbling his cheeks and squeezing his eyes shut as the vase tumbles to the floor and … time stops!

Ecstatic, Hiro bounces up and down in front of the time-frozen Rosherru and gives her a thumbs up. He then plucks the vase delicately out of the air, moving to put it back carefully where he got it from before returning to position.

Then time starts again: "YOU DID IT!"

There is not a lot to do while frozen.

But when time starts gain, there is no vase- and Hiro is cheering. Rochelle can't help but jump, startled. If there were any other doubts in her mind, they poof. Sure, Peter has teleported around in here, and that sort of thing, but this is them, and what she was doing.

"AHH." What. What. What is going on. This is so wrong, and so cool at the same time, and she's at a loss for words.

"You did it!"

Hiro throws his arms up over his head in standard Yatta Pose (tm), beaming from ear to ear.

"See? It is possible!"

Rochelle stares at Hiro for a few more seconds. "…Is it still off?" She has a doubt that she did as well as expected- but yes, it is still off.

Hiro concentrates and he pauses time long enough to notice,

"You managed to turn your own power off for a bit! So you can do it."

He bustles over, all towered over and beaming, "Isn't this exciting?"

The next noise out of her isn't a startled noise, it's an "Ah/hah/!" of jubilation, and when Hiro moves closer she does too, but not so much to just beam back at him. Let your guard down, and she'll just walk all over you!

As a result, when he gets close enough, Rochelle moves to wrap her arms around him and lift him up into a grinning hug. "I did it!" Buahaha. Victolee.

Hiro is startled by the hug but he doesn't try to wriggle free, instead he just gets gathered up and grinned at. He beams back happily, cheering Rosherru on, "You did it!"

His feet do flail a sizable distance from the ground, however.

In the background, the Great Dane(he has been in the corner lying down) stands up and lets out a short bark. Rochelle drops Hiro again shortly, and she's grinning ear-to-ear and taking a few paces across the carpet. "This means I can surprise people with it. They'll not see it comin', huh?" Then, another thought.

"What do you think about just making it smaller? Or bigger. Turn other people off." Hahaha. She laughs again. Rochelle really has not looked this excited since Hiro has met her- and truthfully, it has been a while since she has, period. Another thought, and her eyes even open up in mild wonder as she paces back over to him. "…Does that mean you can teleport me?"

Hiro nods his head, "Yes. Once you can turn it on and off as you like, I can. Where would you like to go?"

That's a big question all of a sudden. Rochelle shifts from foot to foot, tucking in a corner of her lip to bite it. "Where won't you lose me?"

Hiro furrows his brow, contemplating that question, "I have not lost anyone yet. We can go wherever you like."

She could tell him any old place, but something tells Rochelle that to get herself convinced, she'll need somewhere she knows there is only one of. "What about the Statue of Liberty?"

"Okay," Hiro says with a nod, extending a hand to Rochelle, "Hold on … and concentrate on making your field smaller!"

Hiro squeezes his eyes shut and begins to cheek wobble. Statue of Liberty. Statue of Liberty.

Rochelle is quick to take his hand in her own. She had best not lose him, either. But good for Hiro, Shelly does not squeeze or otherwise crush said hand.

The Statue of Liberty

The teleportation sensation is an instantaneous thing. All of a sudden they're not in the living room of Rochelle's house, instead standing in the balcony around the torch of the Statue of Liberty. Folks aren't allowed up here anymore, but what are security officials going to do when Hiro can teleport all over the place? Nothing!

All of a sudden it is also cold. Going from the warm house to the clammy, cold winter air at the Top of the Torch makes Rochelle's breath come in sharp and pretty much a gasp of temperature shock. Somewhere in Long Island, Oedipus is freaking the shit out.

Hiro's cohort can only hold onto his hand with a firmer grip(there may be a little bit of squeezing), and stare out over the bay. "Oh my God."

"Exciting, isn't it?"

Hiro looks out over the bay as well. Personally, he's teleported here a few times and even with some other folks as well in an effort to show them what his powers could do. The squeezing of his hand can be ignored for now since the cold air has made it numb. He points out with his other hand in what he assumes is the direction of Long Island (he has to be familiar with geography, after all).


"I'm looking!" Rochelle only pauses looking to look down at Hiro and point abstractly out into the bay, grinning. "Holy crap, Hiro." She does look back out again, and peers tentatively dooooowwwn the statue. "You're f***in' awesome."

"Thank you," says Hiro, apparently the cursing doesn't seem to bother him all that much, "Did you want to go back now? It is very cold."

"Yes." Rochelle chuckles loudly, as if it might be lost on the wind. "It is pretty damn cold up here, yeah. Take us home."

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