2010-07-05: Patient Impatience



Guest Starring:

Nurse Jones and Doctor Good Body NPC'd by Lizzie

Date: July 5, 2010


Janet is not a good patient…

"Patient Impatience"

Janet's Hospital Room

The lights in the now-private hospital room that Janet is staying in flicker as the patient in question rolls over in her bed with a frown playing on her lips as she stares at her chart again. "I need more electrolytes!" she calls to no one in particular. Not that it matters, no one is listening. She'd long since changed out of her open backed hospital gown and into a pair of scrubs. Ones covered in animated ducks; something the doctor had actually missed wearing.

With a heavy sigh, she lowers the chart and glances at the floor. It's so tempting. With a flicker of a smile she turns on her bet and manages to pull herself up to a sitting position. Carefully she rests a foot on the floor. No weight on it, but there it is. Then, holding the side of her bed she lowers the other one. Still no weight on either. WIth a deep breath, she puts weight on them only to fall down on her rear, "Great Mother Mary Jehosophat and all that is holy and just!! AHHH!" She clutches her back and twitches.

Morgan just happens to be stepping into the hospital room to visit Janet, a bouquet of flowers and another bouquet of balloons saying Get Well soon in her arms — they didn't have any with 'Sorry I Got You Shot' sentiments on them, or she'd have bought those too. She's still uncertain that she's welcome — the only times she's peeked in on Janet the past couple of days, the other woman had been sleeping. She is much more peaceful, when asleep, Morgan noticed.

Seeing Janet tumble to the ground, Morgan hurries to drop the vase on a surface and lets go of the balloon so they bob up to the ceiling, hurrying to Janet's side.

"Janet! What are you doing!" She reaches for the call button on the bed to push the button — ten times in fast succession should do it, right?

"I… I'd help you up but I don't want to hurt you… more…" Morgan stammers.

First people through the door are two nurses, followed by a doctor and then a nurse tech. As they lift Janet gently back into the bed, the doctor grabs her chart from anywhere within her reach and slips it in to the hanger by the door.

"Doctor McCarty, if you're going to continue to try to treat yourself, we'll have no choice but to secure you to your bed." The handsome young attending says, the frown on his face indicates that he's less than pleased with her behavior while in hospital care. "What would you do if one of your patients was deliberately trying to hurt themselves?"

It has been ages since Sophie has done anything besides classes and hiding in her dorm. Recent events delighted her even as they worried others and, deciding to try out her new w..well, maybe lack of wings is a better image, she takes on a volunteer job at the hospital. Nothing that takes too much training, she gets to wear a cute candystriper outfit and wheel a cart of books around. Not bad for a library sciences major. Right up her alley. Her head peeks in, a sunnier smile than most who know her have seen in ages appearing on her face, her hands still firmly on the cart (new habits die hard too, when there's good cause for them). "Book cart. Would you like something to read?"

"Good grief! I just wanted to walk! I just wanted to walk~" Janet whimpers from her place on the floor. "I will walk, though! I- I have to!" Her voice turns to pure determination, "With a sunny-side-up attitude anyone can do anything!" She all-out frowns, however, when the chart is completely removed from her reach and she's moved back to the bed.

She crosses her arms over her chest rather defiantly before sighing a little and then forcing a smile. "Morgan— uh… Wind, this is my doctor, I like to call him Doctor Good Body— you should call him that too. Doctor Good Body, this is Morgan." Beat. "She got me shot."

Janet shrugs a little before issuing him a smile, "I'm not trying to hurt myself, I'm using my positive energy to influence my surroundings. I mean, haven't you ever read The Secret? It's like super important… and how am I supposed to know if I can walk if I don't try and look at my chart… I mean really…"

She cranes her neck at the books, "Well I don't need to read anything, but Doctor Good Body really needs to borrow The Secret if it's on your cart, it might help him understand his patients better…" Doctors truly make the worst patients…

The tall blonde's face contorts into a mix of remorse and confusion. She glances at the handsome doctor and murmurs quietly, "Gale, actually," to correct Janet's introduction. When Janet says Morgan got her shot, her cheeks flush and she takes a step backward. "I was just dropping off those," she nods to the flowers, which, with her luck, Janet is allergic to, "and those," she nods to the balloons hovering near the ceiling, "and…" she glances at the doctor again, "you're busy, so I'll just… get out of here."

With that, she turns to hurry from the room, but runs into the book cart instead, knocking quite a few of the selections off onto the linoleum floor, and bruising her knee in the process.

Sophie was just reaching for a copy of that book, popular one in a hospital, chiming in, "I have it right he…" as her cart is barrelled into. "Oh, I'm so sorry.." automatically reaching to help the blonde woman up, and then just automatically jerking back her hand before she actually makes any contact, "I.. I hope you are alright."

The doctor simply rolls his eyes at Janet, "You just had back surgery for getting shot in the spine. You haven't even healed from the incision yet and you're trying to walk? I don't care how much positive thinking you're doing, you'd have to be the son of God to be able to do it." Turning to the nurse, he murmurs a few instructions and makes a small motion of one hand over his wrist and then repeating that same motion on the other.

Nurse Jones? She sort of smiles a little and gives Janet a passing glance before shaking her head and moving toward her patient. "The doctor has instructed me to strap you to your bed if you try to move again. I certainly hope you're not planning on it because I haven't had to do that since Old Man Keller started walking around with his hospital gown on backward and parading around the halls for a girlfriend."

Morgan's trip up? Well the doctor merely sidesteps her on his way out, leaving Janet's nurse to deal with it. He's a busy busy man and Janet's already put him behind on his rounds. "Oh dear, did you hurt yourself?" The portly nurse asks as she gently takes the tall blonde by the arm and help ease her into a chair.

Erin said to be nice, right? Erin said to be kind, right? Janet sighs and then forces an upbeat smile, "Morgan it's— " and then the other woman crashes into the book cart, causing the female doctor to wince. "— it's okay. I mean… I lived, right? Annnnd I'm still smiling. I mean look at this smile, it could win contests! If I ever choose to reproduce just think about the knock out daughter I'd have— passing along these genes would just be good will to the world. People need more of these perfect smiles to boost their days—"

Lips press into a pout, "Doctor Good Body one of these days when I can walk I will— do something very very irrational! Like very irrational! ANd no one will stop me!!!" As he steps out of earshot she frowns further and whispers to no one in particular, "Meanie head. I just want to walk…"

Bruises are something Morgan is learning to live with in this body — if she went a full day without falling or tripping, she wouldn't know what to do with herself. "I'm fine," she tells the nurse as Jones pushes her into a chair. Rubbing her knee, she winces and looks back to Sophie first. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to knock over your books…" That's the easy apology.

Her green eyes then slide to Janet, and her brow knits with more worry. "I didn't think he would shoot you, Janet. I knew it was a risk, but I thought if anything, he would shoot me. That was a risk I was willing to take, but I didn't have enough time to think through all the possibilities. I'm so sorry." Tears well up in her eyes and she looks down, aware that two strangers are listening to her apology. Awkward.

All this talk of shootings, probably private. But they haven't told her to leave yet. So Sophie waves away the apology, "The books can take it more than your knee." as she kneels to pick up the dropped books and return them to the cart.

The nurse flits around the room, arranging things and fluffing Janet's pillow before placing the call button in her hand. "Alright, I'll be just down the hall if you need anything. Otherwise I'll be back in an hour or so to take your vitals and give your meds." Hopefully the doctor prescribed something strong to knock the tiny woman out for the rest of the night.

She departs the room, passing a smile to Sophie and glancing quickly over the cart. "You know, she'll be bored to tears in a few hours without her chart to keep her busy. If you have any crossword books or word finds, she'll probably love that."

"Honestly Morgan, it wasn't your fault," Janet sighs a little now. It's an acknowledgement she hadn't yet made to anyone. "It just happened. I mean, it's not like you pulled the trigger or could've known what he'd do… and in all honesty, who knows what would've happened if you hadn't." She shrugs as she beckons the other woman forward. "Aww c'mon now, it's probably just karma anyways! I haven't exactly lived the most sainted life." She winks before issuing the other woman a lopsided smile. "And some of us can endure a wheelchair for awhile, it's just to get better, that's all!"

As the nurse departs the room Janet points to the chart, "Morgan— get that for me, pleeeeeease?!" She nods rather empathically at this. Yes, she wants the chart.

Standing once more, Morgan nears Janet's bedside. "You don't deserve this. No one does. I guess… I guess you know, things are weird since last week, people can't do some things?" she says quietly, in a hushed voice. "But I'm sure if they come back, someone can help you. Peter maybe can help you. I mean, he helped me…"

But then she's being asked to do something obviously the hospital staff doesn't want. Her eyes flick from Janet to the chart and back, and she chews her lower lip nervously. Janet can't get out of bed, now, so what harm can it do? "Just don't do anything I would do, all right?" she finally says decisively and limps to retrieve the chart.

Sophie is an innocent bystander, really. She rises, books in hand, and deposits them on the cart. Eyes widening, she realizes that disobedience, at the minimum, is afoot, but none of her affair. She's just going to be over here, looking for puzzle books…

"Thank you!!!" Janet sits up in her bed a little beaming now. Yay! Her chart! "I want to make sure that they're doing what they ought. I'm a doctor, you know— sometimes busy people like Doc Good Body don't take the kind of care other people would." Other people, like her. She shifts a little in the bed and reaches behind her to use some pillows to prop herself up.

"And in a way I kind of almost deserve this. Kind of almost. I mean, I never shot anyone or hurt anyone and stuff, but I did kind of by accident hurt people once and this is like karmic payback for it. You know? Like all of these people were hurt because of someone I— never mind. Just forgive yourself, okay? Honest, Morgan, I'm not actually mad about it. Not really." She issues Morgan a bright smile, "Besides, I lived and the world won't be deprived of this," she points at her lips, "award winning smile!" She winks.

"Just don't… you know, self medicate," Morgan says, looking skeptically at the overly cheerful Janet. "What kind of drugs do they have you on, by the way? I mean… no one is that perky. Not even on TV. Except that Vanna White lady." She gestures at the hallway. "None of the other doctors are as perky as you. Is that normal?" She has no idea what normal is, yet.

Remembering the girl with the books, Morgan glances over. "Make sure they're hard crossword puzzles — she's smart, so make it a challenge for her. Word searches are probably too easy, really. Sudoku? That might work, too," she offers helpfully.

Sophie finally finds what she is looking for, raising a book with some triumph. "I have a puzzle book." she smiles brightly, "Sodoku, word find, crypto-quizzes." walking over to hand it to the patient, "I really should get to the other rooms. Take care!"

"I wouldn't! I don't self-medicate! Well I don't self medicate often." Janet winces just a little before giggling at Morgan's comment about whether perkiness is normal. "Well it's normal for me! I like to think positively! And it's important— like a person reaps what they sow. I sow joy and I fully plan to reap it!" She's beaming now as she uses her finger to waggle at every word, emphasizing it more.

"And yes, I like Sudoku or something that doesn't totally question my intelligence…"

She tilts her head at Morgan once Sophie is gone, "So how are your new legs treating you?"

Once the candystriper is gone, Morgan sits again, rubbing the knee she just banged. "They're long!" she laments with a laugh. "I'm sure, though I don't remember it, I probably always wished to be taller, but you know, it's not all it's cracked up to be. I hit my head on cupboards and I trip over my own giant feet, and you know, the shoe stores don't carry a lot of size 10s, and I have less options of cute footwear!" But really that's the least of her problems. "I'm all right. You're okay that I'm… you know. Here?" Here in this world, or here in the room, it's unclear.

And Janet takes it as the room. "It's boring in here alone," she shrugs a little. "My boyfriend visited me yesterday which helped. He brought me popsicles too! I like popsicles! And Superman Ice Cream. Of course, you might know that— you know things that Erin knows, right?" She quirks and eyebrow and then wrinkles her nose. "I don't understand one thing though… like did you know everything Erin knew? And like… how did you start? Like what's your oldest memory? I can't really understand that's all.." She shrugs.

"I don't know everything Erin knows, so your sistery secrets are safe from me, don't worry," Morgan says, glancing down. "And I don't want to talk about all my memories, really. They're not real, so dwelling on them doesn't really do me any good, I think. But to answer your question, I remember a childhood and everything else that's apparently in my backstory. Just nothing very vividly."

The awkward question makes her stand. "Superman ice cream — are you allowed to eat that? I can go get you some."

"Yes. Please get me some of that superman ice cream! PLEASE! THat would be amazing! I can even eat real food now— I'm off just popsicles~ Please please please!" Janet virtually begs as she nods emphatically. "And you don't have to tell me anything, but if you bring me ice cream I will be like your bestie forever and ever and ever." Beat. "And ever."

Bestie forever? Morgan will settle for Janet not hating her for possessing her sister. Not like it was her fault. She smiles. Maybe she can have friends in this world — Julian, Kain — no matter how briefly, and how Janet.

"I think I can manage that. I'll be back in a bit, then. You try and rest a little bit, okay?" She reaches to smooth the blankets before turning to limp her way out of the room. At least she manages not to trip on anything this time.

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