2008-03-08: Patient Soldier Nakamura


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Summary: Hiro offers comfort to Kory, and insight to an oblivious Lee.

Date It Happened: March 8, 2008

Patient Soldier Nakamura

The Secret Lair

Lee was closing the store, Kory upstairs on the couch doing the 'power-nap' thing that her medication and, the growing realization has been, her condition, requires. So the whole place should be closed down by now. But there's still light coming from downstairs. It seems a late-night visitor engaged Lee in a discussion of how terrible comics are or are not, and although the 'closed' sign is now up on the door, the shutters rolled down, and the floor swept and mopped, Hiro and Lee remain. Lee has an example, from one of the comics Hiro has just proposed: "It's just…tone-deaf," Lee complains, stabbing his finger into the palm of his hand. "You have a character that you work really hard - despite his complete stupidity and constant destruction of everyone in his life - at making sympathetic, and then just when you've got him sympathetic, and he's actually developed enough competence to accomplish something, you throw it all away. It's like a punishment for having read the first part of the story. Horrible writing, worse plot pacing…"

"But it is cool," Hiro argues, not of quite the same literary bent as Lee and proving it with every word, "It makes sense, see? He is struggling to fulfill his destiny despite everything that happens to him." Tsk tsk, Wrong Man is wrong again.

Kory stumbles down the stairs, rubbing her eyes. Her hair is a tousled mess, flattened on one side from having fallen asleep on the sofa. "You let me fall asleep," she says accusingly to Lee. She has a cup in her hand, and is sipping away at a cup of herbal tea that has long since gone cold due to the aforementioned nap. "Hiro, hello." She looks a little displeased that she's sleeping almost as much as anyone else. Normally she'd be wide awake.

Lee says, "If that's destiny, then what good is it? Get rid of destiny, just throw it out and…oh, hey Kory. You zonked right out, I figured I could clean up and close up. Hiro came in right as I was closing." He doesn't reveal any knowledge of each others' abilities to each other, not knowing how much they may know. "How are you feeling?"

"You can't get rid of destiny," Hiro argues, looking positively shocked at the mere suggestion, "It .. it is destiny!" As Kory arrives, he waves a hand in greeting. He drifts towards a rack of comics to allow them an excuse for conversation should one be needed.

"Like crud," Kory tells Lee, poutily. "I hate this. I mean, my whole life I wanted to sleep like normal people. And with that tea Leslie gave me, I was…and then I found out it was a drug, and now I'm on more drugs to get my system cleaned out, and …" She cuts off with a frustrated noise and tosses back her tea. "And Peter's not answering my calls, so …" she trails off, because while Lee knows what she's capable of, Hiro perhaps does not. She didn't tell him, but while she was missing, someone else might have.

Lee figured the 'sleep like normal people' was a sign that Hiro already knew, of course, being wrong about everything. "Well, plenty of time to dreamwalk, right?" he says encouragingly. "And what does Peter have to do with anything?" What indeed.

"Dreamwalk?" Hiro says quietly, although he makes a point of looking at the comic in his hands and trying not to appear as though he even heard what they were talking about. People like their secrets.

"Peter's been having some issues, is all," Kory says, raising a brow as Lee mentions her ability in front of him. Fortunately that can be mistaken as 'someone told Hiro' …or perhaps it showed up in a copy of 9th Wonders, like Lee's did. "And when he drops off the grid, that usually means he's in trouble. I should try to contact him." She sets her tea mug down and hops onto the now-empty gaming table, arranging herself into lotus.

Lee winces slightly. "Oops. Uh, forget I mentioned that. I thought he already knew, from what…uh…you just said…" he says, lamely. "You have to take care of your issues first, of course, but I'm sure he'd appreciate the help. That guy is weird. Perfectly good nursing degree and what is he doing? Jockeying a cash register at the bigfoot store."

"Don't sweat it," Kory says, turning to look at Hiro. She's not mad. In fact, she's smiling over the misunderstanding and subsequent miscommunication. "Hiro can be trusted, I'm quite sure." Because his powers are well documented in 9th Wonders. As is his devout belief in being an honorable man and a true hero. "…as for Peter, I think he just does that to break up the monotony." Of, y'know, saving the world. And because random disappearances like his would probably get him fired.

"Peter Petrelli is missing?" Hiro asks, turning around suddenly and no longer pretending he isn't dropping the eaves, "For how long?"

Lee blinks, "Whoa, settle down, invisible man. I'm sure they can get someone to ring up the latest issue of 'UFO Conspiracy Monthly' over there if you really need a copy." He does give away Hiro to Kory, turnabout is fair play. And that stupid comic outted him to them, so now everyone knows everything. Even if some of it is wrong.

Kory startles as Hiro turns to enter the conversation with a dramatic inquiry or two. Kory then turns and gives Lee an annoyed look. Yep. That Peter. Peter Petrelli. She nods, though, to confirm they're talking about the same Peter out of the hundreds of thousands of men with that first name in New YOrk. "Um. I don't know," she admits. "He saw me in the hospital last week. Came to visit, even. But it's been a few days since we've touched base. So I don't know for sure he's missing per se…which is why I kind of want to get ahold of him and find out if he's all right. He promised me he'd keep in touch." She regards Hiro solemnly, in case he has any more questions, but with her backbrain, she settles into a rhythmic breathing cadence, in preparation for seeking the dreamscape and Peter.

"Invisible?" Hiro gives Lee a 'what the fudge?' look before turning his attention back to Kory, still looking concerned, "I should try and find him to make sure."

Lee says, "Dude, it's a bit late to hide it, you turned invisible in a crowded coffeeshop the first time we met. You were showing off, remember?" He laughs at the memory. "I must have looked like an idiot, looking around for where you went. Hey, she's meditating, let's give her some space."

Kory fell silent and closed her eyes, trying to reach Peter. The background noise doesn't really bother her; she's done this on crowded subway trains, after all. So she just sits there, expression peaceful. At least, at first. Over the next few moments her brow furrows in consternation. Something isn't right.

"Invisible?" Hiro queries again, shaking his head and stepping away from Kory to quiet down and give her some space like Lee asked, "No, no. I don't turn invisible."

Lee says, "Hiro, I saw you turn invisible right in front of me. You just disappeared, like you weren't even there." Like Hiro wouldn't know if he could turn invisible.

Kory's face has darkened into a twisted scowl of intense concentration, and perspiration is beading on her forehead. The calm, inverted-OK gesture of her hands has been traded for fists. Her breathing is a bit less even and steady now, showing effort.

"I don't turn invisible," Hiro insists, squeezing his eyes shut and looking like he might be getting mad for a moment - but no, that is just super-concentration. In an instant he's standing there with an armful of comics, despite not having visibly moved, "I manipulate space and time." He says the latter part in a fashion that sounds very practiced although he's still not quite adept at pronouncing the long word yet.

Lee says, "What? No, no, I…whoa! That's pretty amazing, the rest of us just use our feet and walk around to pick up the things we want to buy." He snarks a tiny bit, but at least he won't be as wrong now. "I…Kory? Are you…okay?" He's spotted her effort and grimace.

"No. N-No, Lee. I …I don't think I am," she says, shakily, opening her eyes. "I'm …this…I…" She takes a deep breath, and drags her hands through her hair. "I can't do it. I couldn't get to the dreamscape. I …I think it's gone. My gift." Unlike Lee, she does consider her ability a boon, and a pleasant one.

"Gone?" It is strange that Hiro has been discussing disappearing powers lately only to be confronted with the situation in Kory, frowning visibly and walking towards her, "What happened?"

Lee stays calm, approaches and puts his hand on her shoulder. He says, sadly: "Don't get your hopes up." He explains: "I've known several people that hit dry spells like that. It eventually wears off. Like getting a cold. Heck, some say they can't even reliably activate their 'abilities' on a normal basis. It's like every other dumb thing evolution screwed up in the human body. I mean, inside-out retinas? It's just asking for trouble. Assuming evolution is responsible, of course." Lee has apparently studied some biology since this whole mess started.

"Maybe it's just a reaction to the trauma and my recovery," Kory agrees hopefully, smiling at Hiro. "I had a little trouble with a stalker," she explains to the earnest young man. "Remember I wanted a new apartment? It's because he abducted me from there. I …don't sleep there much anymore…and now, my main method of contacting Peter is hosed, too." She seems frsutrated, rather than mad. "Leslie didn't know I had such a gift, so I'm sure he wasn't doing anything to turn it off intentionally."

"My power doesn't work properly when I am not confident," Hiro explains, hoping it might help Kory to feel better, "Maybe your power does not work if you are tired?" Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Hiro is confident!

Lee says, "The medication might interfere with it…there's a hundred things it could be. For now just enjoy it! Regular sleep, regular dreams. Not having to deal with other people's shameful visions of their hot step-cousin or being naked shooting three-point shots against the Knicks." Lee is obviously unclear on how it works. One might even say 'wrong'.

"That's the thing of it," Kory explains to Hiro, hopping off the table. "I didn't used to get tired. I only needed two or three hours of sleep before all this happened. They went hand in hand." She goes back across the shop to pick up her now-empty tea mug.

"I enjoyed having this ability, unlike you!" Kory snaps at Lee. "And if Peter is in trouble, I have no way of getting in touch with him now, and telling anyone who can help him." She whirls in a cloud of hair to storm back upstairs, because she doesn't want Lee seeing her cry. Old habits die hard.

Lee says, "If it's such a big deal just call the po…damn." He shrugs eloquently to Hiro in a 'what can you do' manner, oblivious to the obvious 'don't be such an ass' answer. "…so you know this particular Petrelli guy? I only ran across him once or twice."

Hiro blinks as Kory storms away, looking guilty - that wasn't anything to do with him, was it? He doesn't know. He sighs a little and turns about to look at Lee, nodding his head, "Yes." Peter killed Hiro's father. Almost killed him. Hmm, no, Lee probably doesn't need to know about that. He does seek to satisfy his own curiosity, though, "What is your power?"

Lee says, "I don't really know exactly. Something to do with changing the direction of things. Not really useful in my job, or private life, so I pretty much ignore it." in the tone that some people use to discuss their more mortifying blunders. "If you could…find this Peter guy, see if he's around, it would probably help set Kory at ease. She's got enough on her mind without this too, you know? I don't really know the guy or where he'd be, so I wouldn't know where to look."

Changing the direction of things. Telekinesis? Hmm, but why wouldn't telekinesis be useful? Hiro lets that pass for now, however, concerned over what exactly could have happened to Peter, "I will find him." His shoulders visibly sink as he says that. He's got so many things he needs to do. Fix Peter and Gabriel. Find the Formula. Now find Peter Petrelli.

Lee says, "Great, great. If I can help, let me know." He espies Hiro's expression and says, "It's not that I'm not grateful for it keeping me from being blown up…" He remembers the grenade drawing. "…it's just that pretty much the whole thing feels like the universe stabbing me in the back and laughing." That would tend to provoke ass-ishness.

"Don't you think you have it for a reason?" Hiro asks suddenly, brow furrowing as he reaches up to adjust his glasses and keep them from slipping down his nose, "Many powers do not seem like much at first but later you discover there is more you can do if you focus. Train."

Lee says, "No, I don't." He tramples on the dictates of fate! Surely that'll work out. He says, quite levelly: "The whole thing is bullshit. I have a lot of training that I have to do. Namely because I started the year a pretty crappy teacher and only with hard work have I been able to drag myself up to just being lousy. If the choice is between helping kids who are counting on me and screwing around bouncing balls off walls and doing somersaults on ceilings, I'm going to choose the kids every time."

"Hm," is all Hiro has by way of a response for that. Noble as it might sound, the idea of shunning or ignoring abilities never sits well with him.

Lee seems to at least have heard Hiro's argument sufficiently to say: "My parents were obsessed with superpowers." He gestures towards their picture back behind the counter. "I spent a long time trying to get away from it. Then all of a sudden it's everywhere I look. You can see how that might piss a guy off, yeah?"

"Powers are important," Hiro says, and if he sees Lee's point he refuses to acknowledge it, "You have a power for a reason. You can ignore it but it will not go away. You have a power and suddenly you're surrounded by many different people who do as well. I do not think that is a coincidence."

Lee says, "If it were a coincidence I would be less annoyed and angry at the whole pile of nonsense," bitingly, but seems in good faith when he says: "All right, good seeing you again? I have someplace I need to get to."

Hiro looks to be a little huffy at himself with Wrong Man suddenly leaving, wrong again it seems. He shakes his head, folds his arms across his chest and furrows his brow, "Yes. Look after Comic Girl." A frown later and he's fading swiftly out of view as is his way.

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