2007-07-13: Pauly Shore Is So Dead


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Summary: Jaden heads through Seville Medical to do his nursely… er, weekly inspection. Pauly Shore comes with. Craziness happens.

Date It Happened: July 13, 2007

Pauly Shore Is So Dead

Seville Medical

At the Seville Hospital, owned by EvoSoft, Ramon has just seen Lee into a cab after taking him to see his Dad. But the man is tired, and in agonizing pain, and so he steps back in the hospital just to…lay down on a lobby couch. Taking still more painkiller is a nice temptation, but that would be stupid, so he doesn't. The one eyed man just takes a moment while the world does its dizzy spin thing. It takes /time/ to get used to not having one of your eyes.

"You know Boss, most people wouldn't even be out of bed in your state," Eric Walker's voice is nice, calm, and half worried-half amused as the young man steps into the hospital and the first thing he notes is Ramon lying there on the couch. Walking over, he doesn't quite know what to do as he crouches down next to him, a slight frown of concern touching his face. 'You alright?' Would be a very stupid question, so he doesn't ask it, at least not yet.

"BRAWK!" "Shut up! Geez! Never. Birdsitting. Again."

Jaden cain comes into the hospital, with a green pirate-style parrot in a cage in one hand. He's not exactly enjoying this moment, but he's carrying him in anyway. "Sup, E." he says, making his way through the lobby and off towards the registration counter. "Yo! Anybody seen Elena with her fine self?!" Jaden's voice carries throughout the lobby, before he turns back to look at Eric. "BRAWK! Elena's ass is phat! BRAWK!" Jaden eyes the parrot. "I cooked a pigeon once." he threatens and the parrot shuts up. "Yo, E! Where 'Lena, man?"

What the hell, Jaden. What the hell.

Ramon sits up and eyes Jaden for a moment. He says, "I think she's resting." He looks back at Eric and sighs. "Had to get that kid Lee in here to see his Dad. That was real pleasant, let me tell you. But I have a headache now. How are you doing, Eric?" And then: "Mr. Cain, may I get an appointment with you at some point?" Maybe he should sit up all the way. Instead he flops back down, looking nauseated. Hell of a way to ask for a job. Hell of a way.

"…Jaden…where did you get…that parrot thing?" Eric asks in some shock as he looks towards his longtime …friend? Rival? Whatever they are Jaden never fails to surprise he doesn't. A shake of his head before he blinks once towards the parrot. "…I…don't even know what to say to that." He murmurs before raising his voice. "I came to see Elena myself…" Then he turns back towards Ramon. "…if she's resting though I can wait." Pause. "You need to see Jaden?"

"Resting? There's no time for resting! We've got a jawsome trip to Mexico to plan for!" Jaden says, with unintentional racial profiling in tact. He's just, y'know, trying to do the right thing. Sliding his way across the floor and over to where Eric and Ramon are, he shoves the caged bird at Eric. "First rule of bird sitting, you don't talk about bird sitting." His attention is taken by the one-eyed wonder. "Dude, what happened to your eye? You look like Xander Harris. From Puerto Rico." It's not meant as an insult, but it's Jaden. Go fig. And now his eyes are looking at Eric. "Eric. Let me handle this." Jaden turns to Ramon again. "You need to see me?"

"I got it fighting bad guys for the cause of truth and justice with the powers of my mind," Ramon grates out. He figures with this guy, it'll go farther. Of course he sounds like he's delivering some sort of very dry statement when he says it. "I want to ask you for a job, Mr. Cain. I am an outstanding IT guy. I do computers. I do anything computer you might want. My daughter is very happy working for you. I would be honored if you'd consider me as well. I can send over a resume."

"Spain," Eric corrects him automatically. "Its Spain, different continent," Then a smirk though as he shakes his head. He knew that was gonna happen. Its Jaden. How can he not. Eric though takes the birdcage as he accidentally rattles the parrot for a moment. "…I…what? This is your damn bird." He grouses…and then he is quieted by Jaden of all people. A pause then before he blinks. A job? For Ramon. "…he's good Jaden, I can vouch for him."

"Dude. You can read minds?" Jaden's all interested in Ramon now and completely oblivious to anything sounding like Eric or a Parrot. "Man, that's so sweet. You're totally hired. As like uh… Elena's Dad. That's a good title." He ends up shrugging his shoulders, not really needing resume or vouchness to give this dude a job. "Call my office in the morning. Have my secretary set you up with my non-sucky hiring packet. We'll get this party started." Jaden claps his hands together. "Also. Anything you find in my head about your daughter and a stripper pole?" He points at Eric. "His fault."

Ramon blinks a few times like he's not sure what to make of all that. "Well…outstanding. Thank you." He is just going to stare flatly at Eric about the stripper pole, and he makes this long, low, grunting sound that sounds a little like a tired bear. Then he says, "Do you want to do any salary negotiations or anything like that?" He is not sure what to make of his new boss.

"Yes he can read minds," Eric replies before he blinks once. Yeah. Thats about how he thought the interview would go. A slight shake of his head before he sighs. "I'll make sure he gets a good position. I'll talk to the secretary." If it makes Ramon feel any better then he can do the negotiations and everything with her. A slight smirk comes to his face. "Welcome to the company then," He says with a shake of his head, at least thats before Ramon growls.


"Boss! I've never thought of Elena like that in my life! Thats all him! Alllll him!"

…of course…now that the image is in his mind….NOOOO! MUST NOT THINK!

"Did you know this guy right here…" Jaden tosses an arm around Eric. "He keeps trying to get your daughter… alone? Totally not cool, if you ask me. I try my hardest to keep her on task and what not at work. Then he comes waltzing in with his Zack Morris dimples and distracts her. Unfortunately, I can't fire him." He gets to being quite personable with the one eyed bandit. "Uh. As far as money goes… I can pay you the same as Elena. No problem." He leans in. "You need pre-hiring advance for something? I can do that…"

Eric stares in horror at Jaden now. Images in his head of little Chibi-Ramon's beating Chibi-Eric's with 10 Ton hammers.

Ramon just squints through his good eye and makes another noncomittal sound. "I'm too tired," he says at last, "to expect hot blooded men not to find my daughter hot. I just am. Aren't we all lucky that I'm hyped up on pain pills, stupid today, and don't go digging through the brains of my allies without permission, because that means I don't have to try to beat anyone down when I'm having trouble walking. That would make me look stupid…" He eyes Jaden. He looks back at Eric. "Anyway, your help would be appreciated." He eyes again. Advance…"Actually," he says, thinking it through, "I would like a mortgage loan that you can take back out of my check. My credit is nasty because I'm a Latino single dad who's been making peanuts in New York. I'd like that instead of an advance. Is that something you can swing, Mr. Cain?"

Glancing at Jaden, he just stares at the other young man with a half glare. "…I…damn right you can't fire me, I don't work for you I work for my dad…" He grumbles slightly before he shakes his head slightly. He glances back towards Ramon though as he speaks and breathes out a sigh of relief that he didn't know he was holding. He lives today. Oh yes. He does. Swallowing slightly before he elbows Jaden hard in the ribs, he smirks slightly. "I bet that'll be just fine with Jaden." He says, giving his friend the 'IT BETTER BE OK' glare towards him. All the while trying not to let his worry about Elena bleed through into any thoughts.

"Dude. Mortgage?" Jaden snatches his jPhone off his hip and dials up a quick number. "Hey, Ari? Yeah, I know you're trying to get me in SAG. Listen, I need a favor." He looks at Ramon and gives him a thumbs up. "You still got that real estate guy? I need him to run a mortgage thing for me. I'm about to pay for a house. Yeah, dude's name is Ramon… like the noodles… Gomez… like the Addams." Jaden laughs at some quip from his agent and then looks back over at Ramon, still on the phone though. "Alright. I need those numbers ASAP. This guy's a dear friend of mine and he needs my help with this big time. You da' man." And then the jPhone's hung up. "Done. Any other requests?"

Ramon looks about ready to fall off the couch. "I love you, man," he says. Yes. He said that. He's on drugs. He trundles up, big scary guy that he is, to try to give Jaden a one armed hug. One arm, because the bandage on his right hand is seeping, and that doesn't seem real polite.

Eric just blinks a moment and then reaches at and pats Jaden on his shoulder. "Your a good guy Jaden," Is all he says with a slight shake of his head. He can't believe that Jaden just did that. Oh. Wait. Its Jaden. Yes he can believe it. He grins then towards Ramon. "Congratulations Ramon, you are now a homeowner." He says with a smirk. "I'll make sure the mortgage paperwork gets to you tomorrow." He adds after a moment, knowing that Jaden won't bother with at least that aspect of it all. The he notes the seeping hand. Blink. Pause. "…and if you need help home tonight I'm parked outside…if your not wanting to stay in the hospital."

"What." Jaden's being hugged by some dude that he hardly knows. "Uh… you're not getting my Bud Light?" Jaden's freaking out and so he manages to weasel his way out of this hug and reaches over to take the bird cage up. "Here you go. Housewarming gift. His name's Pauly." He looks proud of that, even as he shoves it at Ramon's chest. "And that's Pauly. As in Shore. Not Polly as in gay for a male bird."

Ramon takes the parrot like he's not sure what to do with it. "Pauly Shore," he repeats. He gives Eric a helpless look. It's clear he has no clue who Pauly Shore is. "Okay. I'll take good care of him. Don't worry Pauly. I'll teach you Spanish. Make you swauve with all the ladies." He looks gratefully at Eric. "Yes. Please. I want to go back to the hospital where Manuel and Elena are. I'm going to call them on the way, let them know the good news. Thank you for your help. If I say something stupid it is only because I just dry swallowed pain meds. You're a good man, Eric."

Trust me, Ramon. You don't /want/ to know who Pauly Shore is. Its just better that way. Eric just shakes his head. Spanish. Pirate. Thats really all he can think right now to be honest. A shake of his head though before he smirks slightly towards Ramon. "Yes, I'm sure you will…" And the parrot will compliment Elena furiously. Everything will be awesome, as long as Eric doesn't get blamed for it. At the sudden compliment from Ramon, almost a second fatherish figure, the young man ducks his head and nearly blushes. "Thanks Boss…er…Ramon," He replies before he clears his throat. "Alright then, lets get you back tot he hospital. I want to make sure Elena is alright anyway." And he wants to stay far away from Manny. Thats for his own health that is. "See you around then, Jaden? At your office maybe?" He grins. "We got some real estate things to think of."

"Dude. I don't even know where my office is." Jaden gives them both the wink and the gun. "I gotta' go do my inspection thingy of this place. Y'know, make sure everything's on the up and up. I'll see you guys later." He backs his way towards anywhere there's a quick exit. "May the Force be with you." And that's the last thing Jaden says before he disappears down a hallway.


"Shut up and have a cracker," Ramon growls to Pauly in Spanish. He takes off his jacket and drapes it over the cage. "I have a bird and he's not even PG. Christ." But he grins. He has a house and a better job too. Maybe things are looking up. Maybe they can regroup a little before the shit hits the fan s'more.

"…shut up, you damn bird," Eric grumbles towards Pauly. He shakes his head slightly before waving towards Jaden. Yes. He'll find the hot nurses that work here and interview them all, he will. However, the young man turns to help Ramon towards his Shelby. "Come on then Boss…well…I shouldn't call you boss now, eh? Maybe partner or something is better." Then a grin as he helps the older man out of the door.

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