2007-03-03: PBS With Suresh


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Summary: While Molly and Mohinder are at the museum, Drake works up the nerve to approach the geneticist.

Date It Happened: March 3rd, 2007

Log Title PBS With Suresh

Museum of Natural History

It has been a very busy day for Mohinder. Patients to see in the morning, appointments in the afternoon. In a bit, he has an assignment with Anders. For now? He's blocked off time to pick up Molly from school and is squeezing in some quality time with the girl. Namely a small dinner and a trip to the Museum of Natural History.

For Molly it hasn't been so much busy as kind of nerve-wracking. Knowing Sylar is out there, she doesn't really like to be away from Matt or Mohinder. So when she's at school or when they're working, she counts down the minutes until she sees them again. However, now that she's with Mohinder again, she easily slips back into the bouncy girl she was before. "Can we see the dinosaurs, Mohinder? Pretty please?"

Mohinder chuckles and drops a hand to rest on Molly's shoulder. "Of course. If that's the only thing you want to see, then that's what we'll do." Spoiled? Nah, he doesn't spoil the girl. He's a little nervous out in public like this with Sylar on the loose, but he also doesn't want to upset Molly or any sort of routine. Although, he wonders if he should. It has been tempting to scoop her up and take the girl to Kirby Plaza for security reasons.

Luckily, Molly hasn't been told of said almost-plans to take her to Kirby Plaza. While the Company treated her alright when she was under their care, she wants to stay with her two dads. "That's not the /only/ thing I want to see," she scoffs slightly at the idea. "But it's the thing I want to see most! Huge dinosaur bones! You know, Mrs. Kittering said that the dinosaurs were all wiped out because a meteor hit earth and blew everything up. Is that true?" Because Mohinder is really the final word on science. Of course.

Mohinder doesn't intend to tell Molly about what he's thinking. It will only upset her and, a healthy routine is best for her. "Oh really? Well, we can see that first.. and it's a large museum. We may not be able to get to it all today, I have an appointment to keep in a few hours. I tell you what, if we don't get to see everything you want to see, we'll spend a whole day here another time?" That sounds like a fair compromise to him. Plus it's educational! "Oh did she now? That is one of the theories, but nobody knows exactly for sure just why the dinosaurs died out. It may not have even been one factor. It could have been the meteor hitting the earth, or it could have been a drastic change in the atmosphere and what couldn't adapt died out. The earth is on its third atmosphere." He tries to not sound like he's lecturing as he leads Molly on into the museum.

"Nooo!" Molly protests, tugging on Mohinder's hand. "We can't see it /first/. It's what we see last! The best thing!" Skipping forward as they head into the museum and toward the actual exhibits, she seems quiet content. Even this is something of a learning experience. "A whole day? I'd like that. There's a lot of things in here I'd like to see. I heard that all the Egyptian stuff in here is /cursed/. Can we go see if it is?" Though how one would check that is up for debate. "The third atmosphere? What happened to the other two?"

Mohinder laughs, letting Molly tug him by the hand. "If you say so." The man stays close on Molly's heels. Never letting her get more than a foot away from him. He lets Molly absorb herself into the museum, while he keeps a sentinal watch. "It's difficult to say as to if there is such a thing as curses. There have been unfortunate events surrounding some of the tombs of Pharaohs however.." For now, he's letting the girl do the leading. "It's a very debatable and controversial subject among scientists. I'm a firm believer in that the world is always changing, always evolving. The first atmosphere consisted of helium and hydrogen, but it dissipated rather early because Earth got too hot. When the planet cooled, volcanic eruptions spewed matter into the atmosphere, bringing about more change with the introduction of carbon dioxide… Are you sure you want to know this now?"

Letting go of Mohinder - it distracts from the pressing hands and faces against glass to get that extra close look, Molly studies each display unhurriedly. This is her first time in the Natural History museum and she wants to remember it all. "That's what the scientists say about people like me, now, don't they?" she observes, a little absently. She's kind of involved in trying to figure out what certain objects are for without reading their cards. "Mmm…maybe not about the atmosphere stuff. But I like talking about the curses."

Mohinder smiles and crouches down to whisper to Molly. "Let's not talk about people like you in public.. for now. Alright? But yes, you're always evolving." He then stands back up, staying behind the girl, like some Indian guard dog. "Very well then, let's talk about the curses. It's said that the curses were placed to ward off grave robbing. That didn't work out so well."

Molly gives Mohinder a nod to show she understands. She keeps forgetting that not everyone knows about people who can do what she can. She's been around so many people that have that it's kind of a default. "Well, so then that means they aren't true? And why would anyone want to rob a grave? That's…gross."

"It is gross, yes," Mohinder says, putting it back into the girl's terms. "It was part of their beliefs. Burying people with their possessions, beloved items and some wealth to take with them to the next world. The richer or more notable the person, the more that was buried with them. The wealth to be had was quite enticing to people who didn't have a problem with disturbing the dead. I'm not sure that I believe in the curses, but some strange things have happened in connection with the pyramids."

Molly nods. She's listening to Mohinder as she goes from one case to another. While she's not looking directly at the geneticist, she is paying attention to them. "So people were stealing a dead person's things? That's mean." She glances over her shoulder at the mention of the weird things happening to the pyramids. "Really? Like what?" This, she's interested in.

Mohinder remains close on Molly's heels, and attempts to not be overly protective, just appearing to stay close so they can converse. "I agree, it was mean of them. Some people have no respect for the belongings of another person. Curses, let's see, the most famous is of course the curse of Tutankhamun. They didn't have media on demand when it was discovered, so a lot of sensationalism had to be created. A novelist at the time wrote that there would be consequences for anyone who entered the tomb. It's coincidental, that on that day the tomb was opened by Howard Carter, his pet canary was eaten by a cobra. The ancient Egyptians believed that cobras were the protectors of the Pharaoh."

Molly wrinkles her nose at Mohinder. "We don't have media on demand at home, either." That's a gentle ribbing for them not really having cable - something she thought she would never be able to live without before moving to New York. She doesn't mind Mohinder staying close to her as she glides from exhibit to exhibit. It's comforting. "But don't cobras normally eat canaries? That doesn't seem so much like a curse to me."

"But you have internet access, and a computer when you want to use it. That's the same thing." Almost. Mohinder can't help but smile at the teasing about the lack of cable. "I think the internet is bad enough without having cable to further rot your brain." He easily moves along with Molly through the exhibits. "Yes, but it was part of the sensationalist reporting at the time. Looking back, you can find examples of where people in general are quite gullible over events. That wasn't the only thing to make people wonder about the curse. Carter's exploration into the tomb was financed by a Lord Carnarvon. He had died a few weeks following the published warnings about the tomb. Facts were made up as the story was reported, and no one paid any mind that Lord Carnarvon had been ill for the previous two decades."

Making his way through the museum is Drake, practically watching the two from around every corner. So far, he's been careful to try and stay elusive, at times blurring himself from one hall to the next, becoming nothing more than a tingling ripple through the air. The young man has been going back, and forth in his head the entire time: Should I approach? Should I just bail? What if Elena is wrong? As he sidesteps around a group of children, he continues to try and eyeball them, wondering faintly who the little girl is. She doesn't look like she'd be his daughter.

Molly wrinkles her nose at Mohinder. "Cable doesn't rot my brain! And neither does the internet. I can /learn/ things on the internet." Of course, she doesn't really use it for that. But she /could/ if she wanted to. That's what matters. "So, really, there isn't any curses at all?" Molly frowns at this. She kind of wanted there to be one. It'd be more fun. And more interesting. Molly doesn't notice Drake following them. Her attention is much too focused on the exhibits and trying to puzzle them out. Moving from the Egyptian room, she drags Mohinder on to other, less curse ridden ones.

Mohinder laughs aloud at Molly, "Oh but it could, however neither Matt nor I will let that happen." The girl is bright and smart beyond her years, and not much will take that from her. "No, there doesn't seem to be any such curse. Just a series of coincidences and hyped reports." The geneticist might be aware of being followed, if it weren't for Drake's ability to quickly move about. He lets himself be led on by the girl without protest. So long as she's right there and nothing is harming her, he hasn't a thing to say against it.

With a careful look over his shoulder, Drake steps once more out into view, ducking his head a bit as he saunters after the pair, sticking close to the side of the wall opposite of them. This one is a long hallway, and without many hiding places, he doesn't have a lot of options for cover, side from ducking past roaming on lookers. At least he doesn't seem threatening, wearing just a pair of loose corduroy pants, and his high school soccer shirt proudly displaying the Knights logo across the chest. Almost ten feet behind them, he continues to walk, hands shoved in his pockets, with his baby blue eyes peeking out of the mop of tangled blonde hair, trying to get another good look at them.

Molly gives Mohinder a bit of a pout, even though she knows he's not going to give in on this subject. "Aww. But there's this new comedy series coming on that all the kids are talking about at school. I want to see it." This is a last ditch effort. Then, she moves on to curses and the like. "Hm. Well, that's a lot less interesting. I guess it's good, though. We don't have to worry about some dead people trying to hurt us from the past." That is, unless you count Sylar. As they move past the exhibits, a big sign catches Molly's attention. It's a special exhibition about Charles Darwin and evolution. She starts tugging him in that direction.

"I don't think it's a good idea to get cable. We've got a very busy time of it as it is without worrying about what's on television." Mohinder's word is final. No cable. Molly might have better luck placating with Matt on the subject. He looks up at the sign as Molly leads him off to the next exhibit. "Don't you get enough of this subject at home?" he teases, but follows anyway.

As they head into the evolution exhibit, Drake angles himself a bit to head in after, taking a half minute to allow them to gain a bit more distance again. His eyes trail along the plaque of Darwin for a quick second, before letting out a heavy sigh, which perhaps carries a bit too far, and too loudly. With a quiet clear of his throat, he dares to summon up a bit of courage. ".. Um.. ex.. excuse me.. sir?" He asks, lifting his eyes upwards to Mohinder.

Molly sighs, but doesn't bring it up cable again. She knows Mohinder won't budge. Now it's time to work on Matt. He might cave. "Fiiine," she replies huffily, though it's really just a show. "Maybe! But just from your point of view. This is /regular/ evolution." The sigh and someone addressing Mohinder brings Molly to a stop. She doesn't know this boy, but maybe Mohinder does.

Mohinder reaches out to put a protective and restraining hand on Molly's shoulder as he hears Drake clearing his throat. The scientist turns to look over his shoulder at the young man. Anything else he was going to say to Molly about the exhibit or just in general is dropped. "Yes, can I help you?" he asks politely yet warily of Drake. It's not that the boy looks threatening, yet appearances are deceiving.

".. Um.. maybe. I … I dunno.. are you.. Doctor Suresh?" Drake asks carefully as he rubs the bridge of his nose, before sliding his arms around himself into a bit of a tight hug. "I.. I've been reading that book, um… and.. I.. I need to know.. some things.. if .. if you got a few minutes." He says, glancing over his shoulder again quickly, before sweeping them back to the doctor, and his ward.

From her protected position behind Mohinder, Molly peeks out at Drake. This is another one of those times when she'll take her cues from the doctor. Sudden strangers inquiring about Activating Evolution and Mohinder make her clam up pretty quickly.

Mohinder's guard remains up as he's approached. If Molly weren't with him, he wouldn't be so on edge. "I am," he confirms as he nods, finding it thrilling yet overwhelming that the book is gaining in popularity. He looks down to Molly briefly before turning attention back onto Drake. "Alright, I do have a few moments. Let's move on out of the way to someplace a little.. quieter." He directs towards a little alcove that's off to the side.

With a bit of a relieved breath, Drake nods his head and follows after them, sliding his hands out of his pockets to let them dangle at his sides. "Thank you." He says to the doctor, offering Molly a slight smile in her direction, wiggling a few fingers in an awkward 'hello' type manner. Settling himself down onto a bench, he rocks a bit back, and forth. "I tried to find your father, I suppose.. but.. I figured he wasn't living at the address that was supplied. So.. I kinda been.. um.. following you the past few days, to see if you were.. I dunno.. harmless. I um.. I dunno how to explain this.. but.. I got like.. this thing.. and.. it's weird."

Molly looks between Mohinder and Drake. This seems like one of those 'serious' conversations that Mohinder needs to have with other people. "I'm gonna go ahead and look at the Darwin exhibit," she supplies to Mohinder. "I won't go too far!" She adds that quickly, just to allay his fears.

Mohinder's brows knit and he does not seem pleased to be told that Drake had been following him. "My father was murdered last year," he explains simply. That would explain why Chandra wasn't found at the given address. "Don't leave my sight, okay?" he instructs to the girl, obviously not wanting her to get farther than arm's reach. He doesn't consider her too dangerous to live like some. He's genuinely fond of the child and doesn't want to see her dead.. or her powers in someone like Sylar. Reluctantly, he takes his gaze off Molly and addresses Drake in a quiet voice so that it won't carry. "This might not be the best of places to discuss the matter.. although the irony is not lost on me."

"No, it's not a good place, there really isn't any good places to talk 'bout it." Drake says softly as he wrings his hands together, eyes following after Molly for a moment as she strays. "I'm sorry to hear about your father. Mine died in a car accident a long time ago. It totally sucks." He stubs his foot against the tiled floor, before swallowing in a tight manner. ".. you someone I can trust, or are you someone I need to run from also? Cuz', I'm.. I'm being stalked.. I think.. and I don't know who to go to, where to reach out to."

"I will!" Molly calls back as she goes of to read the large plaques about Darwin and see the exhibit. As she does so, though, she makes sure that she stays within sight of Mohinder and the strange boy who has, apparently, been following them.

"I'm sorry to hear that, about your father." Mohinder's tone reflects a genuine empathic remorse for Drake's loss. He glances past Drake to keep track of Molly, dividing his attention between the girl's whereabouts and to the conversation. "I hope that I am a person you can trust. I try to never give anyone cause to run from me." He does frown at the stalking issue. "What makes you think someone's after you?"

Tilting his neck slightly, Drake shows off a pair of black marks against his skin, an earlier sign of being tagged, and bagged. "Um.. these people showed up at my work the other day. One of 'em I recognize. A girl.. blonde girl.. it's.. it's not the first time." He swallows tightly in his throat. "I heard they work for this.. place.. that kidnaps um… special people, and they do stuff to 'em, erase your memories. It's.. why I can't.. remember.. how it happened." He sighs heavily, rubbing his head. "It sounds so stupid, and crazy. I just need to know. The book. Is it true?"

Mohinder looks at the marks when shown them. He tries to keep his expression neutral. He knows why the Company tags individuals. This isn't to say that he agrees with it in every case. After all, he attempted to put down Sylar, mainly because he murdered his father. "I.. see.. Yes. There is a group of people that do that." Perhaps he should just avoid talking about the Company if he can, considering he's now affiliated with them. "No, it doesn't sound stupid as it's all true. The book my father wrote, his research that I'm continuing. There are countless people out there with unique abilities."

Drake nods his head once more. "So, what should I do now?" He asks curiously as he wrings his hands. "I don't want to get taken away, and I don't want my mom in danger. I just wanna be a normal kid, go to school and.. play soccer." He says in a soft, subdued voice, kicking his foot against the ground. "I'm not really up for being cut open and experimented on."

"That's completely understandable and normal for you to feel that way." Mohinder's brows raise and he looks incredulous at the cut open and experimentation concern. Not that it should surprise him. It's a logical leap of conclusions really.. and he wouldn't put it past the Company to do such a thing on certain individuals. "Look, I have a laboratory, you can feel safe coming to me there. We can talk about your ability, and study it. I presume by now you've already discovered what it is you can do?"

"Yeah, I um.. sorta know what I can do. It's weird.. I um…. I.. um… I live in No Time." Drake says in a rough shrug of his shoulders, frustration evident in his eyes. "I'm Neo.. from the Matrix.. I guess it's the best way to explain things." He says, before sliding his eyes over towards Molly again, watching her at the exhibits.

Mohinder didn't see the Matrix, so the reference is lost. His expression is sort of blank at the title and character. "In No Time you say.." Suresh produces a business card from his jacket pocket and hands it out for Drake to have. It's got the loft address, his name and a phone number on it. "We can talk more in depth there, and I can run some tests on your abilities. Non-invasive tests I should add. About the most invasive I have reason to get is drawing a blood sample."

Drake wrinkles his nose a bit, then looks down at the card. ".. Ok.. I'll.. see what I can do then." He says, then rises up to his feet, offering an awkward smile. ".. Thank you, sir. Sorry to bother you.. um.. I'll get in touch I suppose. I hope." He says in a quiet tone. With another look towards Molly, he starts off down the hall, tucking the card into his pocket.

"Please do get in touch with me if you feel comfortable doing so. You won't be cut up or such under my watch." Mohinder says, trying to reassure Drake. The teasing attempt most likely falls flat on its face. "It wasn't a bother at all." As Drake starts off, Mohinder heads in Molly's direction. "Ready to quiz me?" he jokes at the girl.

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