2007-03-07: Peace Of Mind


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Date It Happened: March 07, 2007

Summary: Claudine meets up with Rianna to discuss the possibility of an internship after her time with the Company. Things start to become rather wierd as Rianna starts to mention certain things about her that she shouldnt know about. It's then that Claudine realizes she's dealing with a telepath and just wants her own peace of mind.

Peace of Mind

Noodle Heaven

It's an average day at Noodle Heaven. Arianna arrived about five minutes before, and sat down. Claudine would likely come in upon her sitting at a table with a large man in a suit sitting nearby while Rianna looked over the menu somewhat confusedly.

"There are no pasta dishes here??"

A soft chuckle escapes from her lips as she idly runs her fingers through her hair. "It's a sandwich shop..wierd, I know.." she says matter of factly as she heads over to the counter and orders the mahi-mahi with remoulade sandwich. It is a Friday during Lent afterall, and she's a good Catholic girl..at least for the most part.

Upon finishing her order, Claudine heads on over and eases on down, smiling warmly. "It's been a while.."

Rianna follows Claudine to the counter and orders an egg salad sandwich with a cup of iced tea, handing over a credit card and waiting for a moment before both her and Claudine's meals are paid for. She grabs a couple of napkins and returns to the small table where she takes a seat and regards the younger woman. "It has been a while, Claudine.", she says, unfolding a napkin and putting it in her lap. "How have things been for you?"

"Things.." and she pauses for a few moments as there are lots of little hazy moments here and there from the past week and so she chooses her words carefully. "They've been interesting to say the least.." Claudine says matter of factly as she takes her seat and smiles warmly to the older woman. "Just catching up in classes whatnot..I sort of got behind.."

Rianna looks over Claudine briefly for a moment of silence before she picks up her sandwich and takes a bite out of it. "Having trouble with classes?", she asks lightly before taking a sip of her tea. "I'm here to help you, so if there are things going on that you'd like to talk about, maybe I can help you out.", she says, leaning back in the chair.

"No..um, it's all right. This guy..T.C. he's helping me out.." Claudine says, smiling warmly as her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red at his name and she just giggles impishly at the thought.

Rianna smiles brightly at the mention of T.C.'s name. "You know Mr. Davis! That's excellent! He's receiving Foundation assistance, as well.", she says, before taking another bite. "This really is a good sandwich. Surprising from a shop called Noodle Heaven, but anyways. Mr. Davis is quite an intelligent young man. I'm glad he's taken the time from his studies to interact socially. We were worried about that for him."

"Yeah..he's great!" Claudine admits ruefully, squirming a little in her seat as her cheeks remain bright red. "He's the one helping me out..we're kinda in some of the same classes and we hang out every now and then.." she says with a warm smile.

Rianna smiles at Claudine. "You could do worse for a new friend, Claudine. T.C. is extremely intelligent, and a good person to keep around. Have you made any other friends during your time here so far?", she asks.

"Not many in all honesty..kind of busy and all.." Claudine says matter of factly as her mind wanders a little on that thought, «Especially since I dont want to crush them by accident or have them freak out at my powers..» and then her mind goes backto T.C. about how they first found out about each other's powers and their non-dates since then..

"Well, you haven't been here for that long, so that's okay.", she says. "Just remember, the most educational experiences that you'll have in college and the ones that will prepare you for living life in the world beyond Columbia are the experiences you encounter outside of the classroom.", she continues. "I remember that I would have NEVER drank alcohol before I met my husband, Rick. We weren't married at the time, but he instilled in me the wisdom of trying everything once. I never would have developed a taste for good wine if it weren't for him. Not that you should immediately go out and drink!", she says, catching herself at the end. "But I think you get the point of my reference."

"I..I know..I just want to focus on my classes at least until this year is over.." Claudine says once more as her mind starts to wander once more on other things like experimenting more with her powers to see just how much control she has in the end. "And my sculpting as well.." she says in the end. So that's what she's calling it these days. 'sculpting'

"Well, we should talk about money. Like I said, I'd like to offer you an internship, if you're still interested.", she says. "It'd be a bit of work, but I'm more than able to work with your schedule so you're not overextended. It's good money, and you would be around friends. People who could understand you. A place where you can be free.", she says, taking another sip of her tea.

"Um..what would I be doing exactly as part of this internship?" Claudine asks, her brows raised a little as her thoughts go back to her time in the time of custody, wondering if it's going to be anything like that. Yeah..she's sort of paranoid now..

"Some simple office work., mostly.", Rianna says, finishing off her sandwich and taking a moment to wipe her mouth. "We're also going to be doing a bit of underground development in the new building that I'm going to have constructed to replace my burned down Foundation Building. That'd be a bit up your alley, don't you think?", she asks, pretty much putting it out there.

Claudine nods a little at the first part, definitely okay with office work when she suddenly blinks blankly for a few moments while canting her head a little to Rianna. "Underground construction? Sorry, I dont know anything about that sort of thing..I'm not a civil engineering major afterall." she says with a soft chuckle. «She cant know..there's no way she can know..»

"I was referring more to the need to move a fair bit of soil quickly.", Rianna says, turning towards the cashier. "Any chance we can get a refill on these drinks?", she calls out before turning back to Claudine with a smile.

"I dont know how to use a bulldozer, and isnt this just a pencil pusher internship?" Claudine asks softly, trying to remain calm as she tries to avoid eye contact now. «She cant know..there's no way in hell she can know..»

Rianna's hired man stands up and takes Rianna's drink cup before turning towards Claudine. "Would you care for a refill, my dear?", she asks, handing their cups to the man and then he walks off towards the counter. "It is a pencil-pusher internship, Claudine. You wouldn't have to do that if you didn't want to. I just thought you might like to do it around others who can understand and accept you for who you are."

Claudine clearly hesitates for a few moments as she goes all shifty-eyed for a few moments. Something isnt right..this woman's hinting about knowing about her powers, but how? Mohinder said the company would leave her alone and she shakes her head. "Um..no thanks.." she says, looking rather uncomfortable.

Rianna's smile is understand and tries to put forth a sense of comforting. (Claudine, there's no need to be ashamed of who you are.), she projects. (Do you think it is a coincidence that Mr. Davis is one of my recipients, as well?)

"I want you to be free. When we're through with our lunch today, your life is going to continue in the same direction as before. I will never interfere, but I am here to help you.", she says aloud.

«You've been reading my mind..» Claudine thinks back, seeing if the woman has any reaction to that, as well, she is hearing Rianna's voice in her head. In fact it doesnt take a mindreader to realize that she sees this as a betrayal of trust. «That's how you know what I can do..that's why you asked how my week has been. The Company said they'd leave me alone and they'd only come to me if I needed anything.» she says, just staring icily towards the woman.

Rianna continues sitting casually in her seat. "I am not with them, Claudine. And yes, you are right.", she admits freely, still being vague since she's speaking out loud. "We all have our own gifts to give. I can understand that you're upset, shocked. I would be, too. I can only promise you that my only wish is for your well-being."

(Primatech wants to control you. I wouldn't have to read your mind to know that you likely spent longer than you wanted to being forced to undergo tests.), she projects once more. "I know in your heart that you want to practice your sculpting freely without having to worry about someone intruding in your life. When I first began sculpting, that's ALL I wanted to do. But they will only let you learn so far. Don't you wonder how they knew where to offer you your funding? They are watching. Always watching. I would offer you peace of mind."

Her emotions are all a mess. She's hurt, she feels betrayed, and she's angry. Very angry. "And you wouldnt want the same thing?" Claudine says with a bit of disbelief as she chews on her bottom lip as she continues to just stare straight towards Rianna.

«Yes, I want to help people with my powers, but I dont use my powers just because I can. It's called self-control, Ms. Johanssen..learn some..» She's definitely angry about having her memories sorted through as ifit was a book, and the fact that she doesnt remember everything from what happened the past week probably adds fuel to the fire. «You want me to have peace of mind..get the hell out of my head..» she projects in the end as she eases on up.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Johanssen.." she says with saccharine sweetness that hides how she truly feels, but of course, she knows Rianna knows how she feels. "I'm going to have to turn your offer down, as generous as it is.." and with that she eases on up,leaving her food unfinished.

"I understand.", Rianna says, staying sat down. "I do wish you nothing but the best in your experience at Columbia. If there is anything you ever need, the Foundation is here for you. We won't hold you against your will, nor will we cause you to forget exactly how to came upon us. Give T.C. my best.", she finishes, turning back to the table and taking a sip from her drink.

With that, Claudine starts to head towards the door before looking back to Rianna once more, glaring angrily for a few moments. At that moment, Rianna would feel the ground just around her shake, before suddenly stopping as Claudine heads out..

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