2011-02-28: Peaches and Pool Sharks



Date: February 28, 2011


Savannah's skill at nine ball is matched only by her accuracy as a judge of character.

"Peaches and Pool Sharks"

Midtown East

New York is always full of hustle and bustle. There are people knocking into each other and ignoring crime to get to their next destination. The day is much like a hampster in a wheel, fast pace and getting no where quickly. However, the nights in New York are where others fall in love. The sounds of the city are still alive around them, but there is less of the 'rat race'.

Savannah is just exiting the Prestige Apartments and seems a bit out of sorts. Her smile is not upon her features like normal and her walk is more sulking with lowered shoulders. Savannah all but smells of bad decisions and regret as she starts to join others that stroll in the night time air.

For Stefano, the day started early and ran long - doctored paperwork here, shakedown there, some legitimate delivery work in between - the money doesn't earn itself, after all. At this hour and in this neighborhood, he'd normally be in the bar playing some pool, but instead he's hanging around outside, keeping an eye on traffic. Two attempts on his life in the past month? He wouldn't put it past them to make it three.

Speaking of which, there's a familiar set of curves heading down the curb. Or maybe not; she was in a lot better mood last time, even after the shooting started. "Hey, what's eatin' ya?" he calls out, hefting a half-empty beer bottle in the air to get her attention.

That voice. Savannah does an odd thing when she hears Stefano call to her. She immediately covers her head and hits the ground while looking around the street. Okay, maybe not too odd considering the person. Very slowly, Savannah's hazel eyes come to rest on the still standing form of Stefano. "Oh.. hey.." Her Southern drawl coating each and every word. "Ah just did somethin' stupid and got caught at it. Wha' brings y'all around these pahts?" Her eyes then scan the road again and she doesn't appear willing to get up just yet.

"Oh, I'm getting ready to do something stupid and get away with it," Stefano replies, leaning back against the wall with a look of distinct amusement as he waits for Savannah to get back up again. It's easy to laugh at the situation after shit has already gone down. "Do I wanna know? Can't be too bad if you'r still walking around, right?"

Savannah slowly comes to her feet, but she's eyeing every car with suspicion as she saunters over to him. "Well… Ah got caught goin' through a guy's wallet. Ah mean, he did offah me his credit cahd and stuff. Ah just wanted to see if'n he was who he said." She stops beside the lounging man. "What ahe ya plannin' to get away with?"

The story draws a dubious look. More than one, in fact— a couple other boozehounds taking a smoke break are openly staring at the two of them, at least until Stefano throws a get-lost look back at them and they wander back inside. "Hell, talk about being worried about the wrong thing, it'd serve him right if you cleaned him out. Me, I don't know… There's some frat boys been coming around lately for nine ball, that's pretty much just money being left on the table. You'd think they'd be able to hold their liquor."

Savannah tips her head. It is an adorable look of confusion, much like a puppy staring at it's owner trying to command it. "What is this nine ball that one comes around foh?" Savannah smiles brightly at the others nearby as she steps obviously closer to Stefano. Apparently the woman isn't aware who is truly the big bad wolf of the story. "Well Ah'd nevah clean a man out. Ah even offahed to make him dinnah earliah, but well he asked me to leave, so Ah did. He said it wasn't a pleasuah to meet me eithah." There is a bat of those long lashes, "Ya feel pleasuah in meetin' me right?"

Now if that isn't an invitation, he doesn't know what is. "Well, I do now," he says, slipping an arm around her shoulders and motioning toward the entrance once again. "C'mon in, lemme show ya around."

Inside, the noise is turned up to eleven, the music in the background competing with the hubbub of voices as people drink and play pool and… well, the couples making out are mostly out toward the parking lot in back, and no one's gotten into a fistfight yet tonight. The frat boys will probably manage to start one when they arrive.

"Emilio," Stefano pipes up, motioning to one of the others, "lemme introduce ya to a friend o' mine. This here's Savannah, she wants to learn a little nine ball. I figure between the two of us, we can teach her, right?" Emilio is already sticking close to a five-feet-nothing blonde in a dark blue miniskirt. It's a good thing he brought Emilio tonight, Nicky would be hanging out with the blonde and try hitting on Savannah anyway. It's in his blood or something.

Savannah looks at the arm around her shoulder, but she just curls right into his side. There are scary people out there and this good guy is sure to protect her. Savannah gives a soft laugh to his answer. "Ya weren't befoah? Well Ah might be insulted now, ya just goin' to have to buy me dinnah again." Then they are in the den of sin and lost wages.

The brunette moves even closer and slides an arm around Stefano's waist. It is more a protective gesture, as in he's protecting her. "Do ya really need two men to teach me to do it right?" The question is asked innocently before she smiles to the pretty blonde in a friendly manner.

Impossibly, Emilio's shit-eating grin manages to grow even wider than it already was. "Well, not really, but it's more fun that way! Besides, one of us actually has some style to it." Down, boy. Meanwhile, the blonde looks ready to get catty on short notice, but as long as Savannah isn't outright flirting with her guy, she'll rein it back.

Stefano leans down and starts racking up the balls, remaining nice and close to Savannah all the while. Leaving Emilio to set up for a break, he gestures toward the rack of cue sticks mounted on a nearby wall. "Wanna gimme a hand with one o' these?"

Savannah isn't intentionally flirting with anyone. In fact, she smiles even more at the blonde. Emilio gets another confused smile. "Oh! Well ain't ya precious to admit that? Most men wouldn't. Ah'm sure that Mistah Giordano can teach y'all some style to the game."

Savannah smiles in a completely innocent way as she looks over the sticks thoughtfully. "These ah mighty big. Now do Ah try to hit the balls with them oh do Ah use them to put it in the hole?" Her eyes move back to Stefano as she plucks one of the cues down helpfully. Nevermind it is probably the worst and most unbalanced of them.

For a second, the two men just stare at each other— then bust out laughing, though they calm down pretty quickly afterward.

A couple of 'lessons' later, the beer continues to flow freely, each of them with a win under their belt to brag about. It was easy enough for them to set it up that way: when one of them was ready to throw things, just let one of the women take a shot. Hell, it took all the coaching they could manage just to keep them from ripping up the felt covering.

Before they get around to a tie-breaker, Emilio makes an excuse about needing to make a phone call, at which Blondie looks ready to hit him— until he drags her along toward the back, and then she catches on quickly enough. Stefano lingers behind, pulling up one of the chairs they vacated. "So what do you think, huh? Looked to me like you showed some real talent back there."

There are ranges in the life of pool. There are the good players and then there are the bad players. Those bad players are classified as: Sometimes good, mediocre, bad, horrible, why are you playing this game, easy target, please God never bet and then a new catergory… Savannah.

The brunette at least looks good in those jeans as she wiggles and leans over the table to try and play it correctly. She even pouts kinda sexy when she misses (which is all the time). When Emilio and the blonde clear out, Savannah tries to hug the blonde good-bye and waves to Emilio. Those hazel eyes focus on Stefano with a glassy look that two beers should not bring to a person's eyes.

"Weeeeelll…" The word is drawn out with some consideration on Savannah's part. "Ah think Ah'm goin' to need more practice, ah y'all goin' to be helpin' me with it?" Savannah giggles a bit and then puts her hands back on the pool table. A slight jump and she's sitting on the edge, lucky felt! However, that does not mean she won't be yelled at. "Ah had fun though. What about y'all, what did ya think of my talents?"

Whoa, is she about to lose her balance there? Nope, she's good. Still, just in case, Stefano leans sideways against the table and puts both his arms around her waist— if she starts tilting too far in any one direction, he'll know right away. "I think you're right… but hey, you're excited about it, that's what's important, right? Gotta want it more." Not that that'll be anywhere near enough, but then he's not setting her up to actually win any time soon.

Normally, Savannah would be slapping his hands and telling him he's being a little too familiar. Afterall, that's her waist. However, Miss Lightweight, doesn't seem to mind. Her lips curve up to a generous smile as she laughs. "Ah noticed ya weren't jumpin' through hoops to teach me more." There is a laugh as she very lightly swings her legs. "So tell me about yaself, Mistah. Ah mean a man like ya gotta have a gal or six, got kids and what do ya do foah a livin'? Ya know what Ah do. Oh! Ya live around here an all?"

"Well, you gotta learn to walk before you can run." And that's all he has to say about that. "Me, kids?" Stefano shakes his head. "No way— I just run a trucking business, I'd be flat broke if I had any kids to worry about. And my place is on the other side of town, this place is just closer to the warehouse." It has the benefit of being true, mostly. He skims over the gal-or-six question, hoping she'll lose track of it before she comes around to it again.

Oh but that was the answer she really wanted to know. Savannah grins to that. "Ya should invite me ovah sometime, Ah'd be glad to cook foh ya." She drops her hands on his shoulders a bit for more steadiness. It's not like she'd see through a lie if it was given to her. "Ya don't want kids then, like evah?" Her hazel eyes look towards his and hold there. Then she gives one of those sweet, shy smiles that every Southern girl knows how to give. "Ya didn't say if'n ya had a gal or not. Ah don't mean to be all foahwahd, Ah just like to know if'n Ah should be bein' less friendly out of respect foh ya gal."

A shrug. "Maybe in five, ten years. By then, who knows?" By then, Stefano might be the acting boss for the whole family. Or lying in a ditch. Of course, if he did have any kids, they'd be with Belinda - doing otherwise would be way more trouble than it was worth - but he keeps that thought to himself. "Hey, if I had a gal, then she'd be here with me, now wouldn't she?" There, Savannah, there's some easy bait for you.

Savannah laughs to that one. "Maybe." The word is given with humor tinged on it. "Oh maybe not." She winks to him and nods her head. "Ah ain't sure about that kid stuff. Ah mean, Ah like em and all, but.." Savannah makes a wrinkle of her nose.

"Yeah, it's more fun practicing," he suggests, before looking over toward the door: half a dozen guys in polo shirts open at the front, revealing matching T-shirts underneath. There's that college crowd that Stefano was expecting. He could stick around and try to bait them into a wager, but… "Hey, I think the Pikes here need some room, you wanna get outta here? Maybe I can get started on that dinner I owe ya."

Savannah smiles to that suggestion and then moves to hop off the table. Of course, his arms are around her waist to stablize her. That means if Stefano does not move his arms, she'll be in his standing in front of him. "Sure.. lead on. Ya want to go foh dinnah oh ya want me to go to ya place and make it?"

Oh, that would work out well. Sure. "No, like you said, I ose you. I'll think of something later to pay me back for the lesson." Stefano already has a general idea, but whether it goes anywhere depends on how long those beers stay in her system. "There's a place up the block makes a good ravioli, c'mon and I'll show you…"

Savannah smiles vibrantly at him and leans up on her toes a bit. If he does not move, she'll press her lips to his cheek. "Ya ahe a good guy, Stefano." Savannah beams at him with all that naive innocence before she snakes an arm around his waist to go eat dinner with him.

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