2007-06-18: Peek-a-boo, I Hear You


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Summary: Benji gets propositioned! GASP! Not that way. Jordan plays dirty :/

Date It Happened: June 18th, 2007

Log Title Peek-a-boo, I Hear You

Central Park

A pale woman with dark hair sits alone on a park bench staring into a small compact mirror, without looking over she says, "Benjamin Winters?" She snaps the compact shut and stands up, the clicking sound of her pumps against the pavement echo through the area as she approaches with her hand out to greet you.

Normally, Benjamin isn't one to pass through Central Park at night. He's usually at home, in his comfortable chair, having dessert and enjoying some guilty pleasure television. Because his life is just /that/ exciting. Tonight however, it's a little different. There was a company function going on at a restaurant located within Central Park. Drunk accountants, loads of fun! He also got a hold of his IRS friend to drop a favor request by him. Glimpses of the ex-wife too, even more fun. So as he passes the bench and the odd woman calling his name who is now approaching him… The poor guy jumps a little and blinks, stopping in his tracks. Oh God. What now? "… Uh.. yes.. ?" he asks in a tentative voice.

The woman's scarlet lips twist into a smile as she walks a little closer, stopping just a foot from the older man. Her expression and tone of voicer would lead someone to believe that she was an Avon lady or something in that nature. Her white teeth start to show as she asks, "How are you doing this evening?" The cool night air blows through her jet-black hair and she pushes it back with her left hand while she keeps the right one outstretched for a hands shake.

Benjamin still eyes the woman warily. Nighttime. Central Park. She knows his name, looked to be waiting for him. Cripes. What's going on? All of this is of course reflected on his face as he eyes Jordan's hand before shaking it. It would be impolite to ignore it and all. "I.. I'm alright.. I'm sorry, but who are you? Not to be rude or anything." But hello, this is /New York/.

As Jordan pulls her hand back she looks him in the eyes and says with a professional tone, "I represent a company that has a profound interest in you." She doesn't seem to worry about formalities like lying or gaining anybody's trust, but her body language remains casual with her hand resting on her hip. If it weren't for the fact that she was wearing a suit jacket and matching skirt, most would assume she was just some gothed-out junkie loitering in the park. "You have been a bad boy Mr. Winters. Did you really think we weren't going to find out about her?" the tone in her voice gets a little lighter, almost as if she were taunting him.

Benjamin stares blankly at Jordan for about five seconds then, "Knights of Columbus! This again?!" He brings up the heel of his hand to smack against his forehead. "Look.. I dunno what's going on now, but Angie can vouch for me, I'm okay. I have control, I'm not causing any accidents anymore! I already saw Dr. Eames and Dr. Aldric, they let me go fair and square.. I'm just living my life and… what? Find out about who?" Cue deer in the headlights expression, even as his palm remains stuck against his forehead.

Jordan's lips part as a light roll of laughter pours out before her face goes dead pan again, "You are a dangerous man Mr. Winters," she says, pulling a small notebook out of her pocket. She flips through several of the pages and nods her head when she finds the one with the right information, "Avery 'Rose' Madison, it seems that you neglected to mention her and her, erm, talents." She closes the notebook and slides it back into her jacket pocket, her eyes narrow as she focuses on Benjamin like a cat with a mouse. She reaches out and pulls his palm from his head, holding his hand in hers, "I don't usually make deals, but she seems like a nice kid, so I'm going to make one with you." Her slender fingers rub over his hand in a calming fashion as a sweeter tone enters her voice, "The Company could use a man with your talents and even though you think you are in control what would happen if you lost it? Could you actually live with yourself if your daughter were to slip into a coma?"

"… not anymore.. I haven't /had/ any accidents." Okay, this is getting less and less cool by the second. Benjamin starts to get a panicked look on his face with the more words that come out of Jordan's mouth. "Look.. I didn't mention her at the time cause I didn't know. I had /just/ found out she was my daughter like.. a day before I got taken and.. she's the only child I have, she's /all/ I have… and.. are you /blackmailing/ me?" He gives the woman an incredulous stare. As with before, the bravado of folks within the Company just astounds him. He jerks his hand back, and takes a step /away/ from Jordan. "I'm not going to lose control, and I'd never do anything to hurt her. What was your name again? I swear.. I.. I'll find out who your boss is and talk to them. Or something.. This isn't right." Truth be told, he would go straight to Angie, but, who knows where she is, and the only other Company folk he knows are his doctors. Joy!

Jordan shakes her head, "Not blackmail per say," she says, "there are a lot of dangerous people out there and a lot of them try to elude us, mostly because they don't understand that we are here to help them." She reaches down and adjust her jacket a little and there is a brief view of the handle of her pistol that can be seen. "Listen, if /my/ bosses found out the only thing I risk is a promotion for bagging another one. Think about it sweetie, if you run off and tell them that you have a daughter that happens to be special what do you think they are going to do? Throw you two a reunion party?" Despite how threatening her words actually are, she says it with the most sincere tone, "Listen all I'm asking is that you consider leaving your exciting life as an accountant and help us out in the field." She motions over to the bench, "Maybe you should sit down and we can have ourselves a little chat."

Benjamin continues to just stare at Jordan, as if she had suddenly sprouted a second head. "I.. already know about all of that.." He suppresses a shudder, "I already had a run-in with that Sylar guy.." And he never ever wants to do that again. His eyes catch a glimpse of Jordan's pistol and he maintains his distance. "Thank you, but I'm gonna have to decline. No offense, I mean, I appreciate the help I got a few months ago. Really, I do, but I just don't want to work for them. I like helping people, who doesn't? I just have a few disagreements with how things are done. What little I saw. I like helping, but no.. and if I quit Anderson and Associates now, I lose my retirement package, and my 401K takes a serious hit and I'm going to need that money." Is this a recruitment to get him to work in lieu of paying back what was possibly huge hospital bills??

Jordan sucks on her teeth, this is a woman who is really bad with rejection, "I really don't want this to get ugly Mr. Winters," she says as she starts to unbutton her jacket top. The act itself is very seductive, enough to make any grown man a little weak in the knees. But with her pistol comes into view it changes it changes weak in the knees to wet in the pants, "Think about it this way, you would be like a success story of all of those people who are afraid of what they can do to other people. You could help us protect them from themselves and people like Sylar, don't you want that?" She doesn't make any attempt to grab for her gun, but she does let him know that she has it and she doesn't look like the kind of girl that would be afraid to use it.

".. You can't be serious.. This can't be legal. No way." Benjamin just stares, and yeah, okay, so he's male.. So his eyes get a little distracted. But at sight of the gun, he's back on track. "I /want/ to help, but not like this. Not forced at gunpoint. That's not right. You just don't force people to work for you." His eyes drift down to the gun, then up to Jordan's face. "I don't mean to be difficult or anything. I'm sure it's a very fulfilling job, helping people, making a difference, but not this way."

Jordan nods her head, "I am serious and it is just as legal as putting people in comas, sir." She smiles broadly, "Listen I'm not a bad person, as a matter of fact we could be best friends as long as you cooperate." She pulls a small dart out of her inside jacket pocket, "My gun is loaded with tranquilizer darts, so they won't kill you," she says then adds, "and I'm the best shot in the Company, so you won't be running very far." She places her hand on his shoulder in a friendly fashion, "I don't /want/ to force you into something you don't want to do, but I'm afraid I can't give you any other option. Your gift is very powerful, if you gave it some practice, just try to imagine how many lives you would save if you put a man like Sylar in a coma." She pulls her note book back out and flips to the second page of it, "Charlene 'Charlie' Andrews," she reads, "She was just a waitress working in Texas, couldn't have been more than 20 years old. Because people like you weren't willing to get their hands a little dirty, Sylar opened up her head like a can of peas." Her turquoise colored look directly into his as they start to water up, "One woman tried to stop him, a young lady by the name of Eden. She failed, but in the process scrambled her brain matter so that he couldn't adopt her power of persuasion."

".. putting people in.. what?? I've never done that!" Benjamin's voice raises a little in protest. He frowns, brow furrowing deeply as he looks at Jordan as she continues to threaten. "Best friends as long as I cooperate.. that's not friendship." His mouth opens then closes, a little like a fish gaping. "Not willing.. okay, that's just not fair. I /did/ stop him that day. I thought he was just a regular New York crazy out in the park. And now you're just playing dirty.. I already got told about some people he's killed, like Dr. Suresh.. and I already told Peter Petrelli I was going to help him and I mean it. I'm sorry to sound rude now, but I really don't like your tactics."

Jordan nods her head slowly, "Well you do sound rude and very ungrateful. Let me explain my job a little better, I work primarily as an eavesdropper. My power allows me to listen into any conversation anywhere in the world," she says as she brushes her fingers through his hair. Even when threatening to put somebody down, she still finds time to flirt, "If the Company finds out that you and /I/ have buried Rose, the both of us will find ourselves locked up on Level 5. Bringing in Sylar will keep them occupied and give you time to come up with a better solution for her," she says, "And might I add, she has the voice of an angel." Honestly, Jordan seems to enjoy it when men give her that 'what the fuck' look, as a matter of fact she lives for it. She turns her head as if she heard someone else speaking to her and pulls out a card safely tucked inside her notepad and hands it to him, the only thing written on it is her name, "When you change your mind, and you will, just call for me. I am always listening and I'm sorry that we started off on a bad note, but I really am looking out for you and your daughter's best interest." She slowly buttons her jacket back up, making sure that her weapon is concealed as she reaches out her hand again, "Trust me, you'll learn to like me eventually."

Benjamin knows he didn't sound rude and ungrateful, even if he apologized for being rude, but he's that sort of a guy. "Look… I'm sorry too.." Again, the threat against Rose seems to work with him. Great. What a nice weakness to have, and he has many. "I… I'm an accountant. And.. I'm pretty sure they know about her.. cause.. well nevermind. I'll be glad to help however I can, I.." The card is taken when offered, and he stares down at it, "My daughter's best interests are to just carry on with her life. I appreciate that you want to help look out for her, Miss. It's just.. I thought I was gonna be left alone after I was let out of that hospital." Then again, he was pretty much deluding himself with that, and he doesn't think of himself as an important person.. or as having an ability to be used or manipulated.

Jordan laughs, not so much at him but at the fact he thought a group like the Company would just let an individual such as himself live a normal life. "Benjamin, you don't mind if I call you that, do you?" she asks without bothering to wait for an answer, "Do you enjoy your life as a certified public doormat? Do you really want to prove a bitch like your ex-wife right and never succeed in anything other than having the T.V. guide memorized?" If it wasn't obvious before, it sure is now, Jordan lacks serious interpersonal relationship skills. Even when she is trying to be helpful the things that come out of her mouth sound cruel, true but cruel none the less. "I am trying to offer you a way out, a piece of mind for your family. I don't want to force happiness on you, but I have heard some of the things you have said to yourself when you thought you were alone. You know and I know you only want what is best for your daughter. My parent's felt the same way and because of that the gave me up for adoption," the tone in her voice becomes more sullen, "and because of that I had a less than horrific childhood, if it weren't for the Company I would still be in a hospital being treated for a misdiagnosed case of schizophrenia." The sad look on her face fades away as she pulls herself back out of some terrible memory, "Help us stop those that would seek her out for her gift, there are people a lot more dangerous than Sylar, people that won't kill her just use her until she is buried to deep."

Lacking interpersonal skills? Well, Jordan's not alone. Benjamin's not really good at talking to people and communicating either. Emotion flashes in his eyes, something perhaps like anger as his ex-wife is mentioned. There is a sting from Jordan's words, some of them have hit it pretty close to the mark. ".. I'm sorry you had a terrible childhood.." The words are genuine, despite how he's feeling and the negative emotion being warred with. ".. I'll think about it." Because he has been having delusions of having a life, even as he's learning to live a little. His gaze finally tears away from the card as he pockets it, then turns, walking away.

Jordan shouts out after Benjamin, "I'm going to let you go tonight, but I will need a better answer soon," she says before blowing Benjamin a kiss, "Oh by the way your ex-wife's boyfriend is cheating on her with a male prostitute, just FYI." She smiles as she watches him walk away laughing to herself. Under her breath she mutters, "he'll make the right choice," and turns around walking in the opposite direction.

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