2009-11-18: Penance



Date: November 18th, 2009


Ivory flies back to New York to play fanboy. Big mistake.


Mount Sinai Hospital

God, she hates in here. Luckily, she's leaving today, which is why she's pacing around in her private room, alternating between sitting on the window sill and grumpily lying on the bed. Her arm's in a cast now, albeit an easily removable one, just so it's easy to check on the condition of the secondary injury she received.

Afterlife crew's contacted her. They've decided to write her injury into the story… Currently, they're filming Morgan's mysterious disappearance, and they're working out the details of the writing from that point. Honestly, Erin's afraid to know what they come up with, considering what they put Taine through all the time. Poor Doc Pryce.

It's still morning, and they're not letting her go until Afternoon rolls around and she has a ride out of this place. She'll be on "vacation" from work for a couple weeks, which, DEAR GOD, means leaving the set in the hands of amatures. They're going to ruin everything.

And there are already rumours online about how Erin McCarty is too good for soap operas now, and she's left the show to pursue a higher calling. Movies. WHAT?!

All this is making her very grouchy.

Flying the Red Eye to New York is usually not a fun trip. But when you have the government jets at your beck and call, things can be a little bit easier. Which is why Senator Ivory Wynn doesn't look like he's just been through hell and back. Stylishly designed suit and fresh Colgate breath are the name of the game as he's escorted through the corridors of this crazy ass hospital. Granted, these things usually freak him out. He's not someone that people would expect to be in this hospital and after a series of small waves and a couple of quickly answered questions… he has arrived at the room of someone that he never thought he'd arrive at the room of. Pause. Deep breath. Pause again. Deeper breath. And then… here comes the knocking on the door. He cannot just waltz into someone's hospital room! That would be rude!

She has resigned herself to the fact that doctors are going to come and take her blood, poke her with IVs, check her temperature - sometimes at three in the goddamn MORNING - and generally make her life a living hell. Granted, compound fractures can be really bad, and hers actually wasn't so great.

That's why she's here.

The fact is, she's sick of visitors. She has personal security to keep curious fans out, but that doesn't mean that doctors can't just come in here whenever they want. Senators also likely get a free pass, but really, who sits around and contemplates, "I sure wonder if a senator is gonna visit today!"

Which is why she stomps over to the door, throws it open, and turns an icy blue stare on the man standing there. He doesn't look like a doctor, which brings some pleasantness back into her features. "…Hi," she says. "Can I help you?"

Flustered. That is probably the best way to describe the look on Ivory Wynn's face right about now. Especially with the fact that he's, well, the Senator and supposedly some kind of big wig back in D.C. but right now… he feels like a little kid. Whatever security measures that are, likely get the chance to snicker at the look on Ivory's face as he just stands there. Jaw is dropped just a bit and his hands don't seem like they can move. This flustered state of being doesn't really happen too often and the fact of the matter is that he's unable to really find a plausible way to function further than just kind of staring. Blinkage. "Ah… I…" Come on, Ivory. You can do this. "You. I." Try a little bit harder. You're a politician for crying in loud. "Best. Show. Ever." Oh God. Fanboy'd.

The look on Erin's face kind of lightens into a half-smile. As much as she denies it, she totally loves this reaction. And she's got good security, so she has to imagine there's a reason this one was allowed to her room. She isn't a star on the same level as, say, Brad Pitt, but word spreads through a hospital. Maybe this is one of the doctors who wasn't treating her, but wanted to meet her. She can live with that.

She steps away from the door. The broken arm in a sling comes into view at that point, and the anger in her expression fades entirely. She has shadows under her eyes, there's a bit of a slouch to her posture. In short, Erin is exhausted. Since it's her right arm that's broken, she holds out her left to shake Ivory's hand. "Erin McCarty. Thanks for watching." She pauses. "You can come in for a bit. I mean, it's a hospital room, but there's places to sit if you're gonna pass out or something."

Yes. She thinks she's funny.

Breathing exercises. He remembers watching a Bill Cosby skit about them. Tis why he's managing to keep breathing right about now. "Best. Show. Ever." Ivory could swear he said that already, but it doesn't really matter. Right now, he's trying to figure out how in the hell he got invited into the room with one of the stars of the best show ever to ever been showed in the history of shown television. "I. Wynn." Stepping inside to shake the woman's hand, he realizes that he's probably not saying the right thing or even speaking in a logical progression of words. "I mean. I'm Wynn. Ivory Wynn." He leaves off the Senator part, since he's much too flustered to even remember his own titles. "I just… wow. You're like, really you."

She's starting to think that maybe - no, scratch that… probably - this guy isn't a doctor. Especially when he shakes her hand and proclaims that he wins. See, that's just weird, and it also makes her nervous, because for some reason, she imagines his victory must be related to the fact that there are Bad Guys after her, and he's one of them, and he's just managed to get into her room and nab her.

She's going to hate it when she's right.

Her fears are dispelled, though, a moment later. "Oh. Oh, that's— That's your name." Is that relief? Yes it is! She laughs, shoulders relaxing just a little. "Nice name."

So… This is the point where there's a small awkward silence. "I… Hope this doesn't sound rude or anything…? But who are you?"

It takes a moment for Ivory to pull his hand back. This is not happening right now. No, it is happening right now. He's usually dreaming when this is happening, but in his dreams she sure as hell ain't wearing no cast on her arm. Honestly, she ain't wearing much of anything else either. But still. Anyway, the focus is put back on Erin the moment a question is tossed in his direction. "Oh! I'm sorry. Wow. I'm… yeah. I'm not usually starstruck. I swear. I mean, I just had dinner with Jay-Z last week. But you're different. You're…/Her/." Pause. "Quite possibly the greatest character of alls times!" Ivory's hands get a little excited as he swings them up into the air a bit. "But, yes. Me. I'm Ivory. I'm like the biggest Afterlife fan. So when my people told me you were here… I had to come meet you." There was something else. Something major. But he can't put his finger on it right now. Cuz he's in the room with ERIN MCCARTY WHAT.

Eventually, at some point, she's going to start getting angry. Protip, though: Don't lash out at your fans. Because word spreads like fire on the internet, and if she were to call him a smitten, unoriginal, annoying fanboy who should move out of his mommy's basement and stop watching soap operas all day, well…

She'd catch hell for it.

Then again, she could always blame it on the broken arm. It's so convenient at times. So she takes one calming breath of her own. "Morgan's a fun character to play. She's come a long way since she was introduced back on One Life." Afterlife is the cleverly-named spinoff show that's awesome and cool. "Actually, she wasn't even supposed to have a major roll, but people wrote in, saying they liked her, so… here I am!"

Fans like behind-the-scenes information.

There's one clue she can draw from his excitement, at least. He has 'people.' 'People' implies that he's important. That doesn't matter so much as the fact that he's not some random guy off the street. "You have 'people?'" she asks. Maybe she should recognise him! After all, he knows Jay-Z. Is he an actor? SHOULD SHE BE EMBARRASSED FOR NOT KNOWING?

"Yes. Well. Kind of. I'm…" Ivory sighs, as things start to come back to him. He should really be more upset about this. And he is. It starts to show now that they've gotten to the serious part of the conversation. "You were attacked. Hunted down. Ended up in here because of something I did. Something I did before I realized what I was doing. Which is why I'm here, sort of." Ivory sighs, immediately taking a step back to make sure he's not within range of being choked to death or something. "It has come to my attention that you are special… beyond human means. And I've come to, first, apologize. But I realize that there are no words that could make…" His hand comes up to motion towards her broken arm. "… better."

There's one thing she's worried about since she was attacked, and that was being found. Erin was certain that anyone else who would come after her would be stopped by her security detail. She always imagined this shadowy organization that would come wearing all black, storming the halls to get to her — and here's Ivory Wynn, who she's just invited right into her room.

Any pleasantness fades from her face. For just a split second, there's terror in its place.

Apologies are good, though… At least it stops her from jumping out the window to escape, but she still does take half a step back. The hurt, the pain, the fear she's been through - she should be angry. Instead, she feels defeated - all the safety measures she tried to put into place didn't end up mattering.

There will be anger. For now?

"Why?" she asks. Her voice wavers in a way that suggests she's not acting at the moment. There's nothing more real than that question. Why did he send people after her?

"It wasn't a personal thing. I would never…" Ivory waves a hand dismissively, not even about to go into some political mumbo jumbo. Especially since it wouldn't make sense to an actress in the first place. He turns to step closer to the door again, just to try and help calm the fears of this woman that probably thinks he's here to take her out or something. "There are others. Lots of them. Like you but… with different abilities." Ivory may also be trying to make sure nobody's listening in. "We've got orders from the President himself to find, neutralize and rehabilitate people like you. I didn't know this until the order was already given to, well, you experienced it. You know." Ivory's eyes are back to looking at the floor at this moment. "I'm not here to take you in. I'm not here to do anything but let you know that I'm working my ass off to fix everything I messed up. And then I'm gonna' make them see what they're doing is wrong and probably end up dead. But… that's a whole different bag of marbles."

Erin isn't very political, that much is true. She's not really a fan of the stuff that goes on in government, though the filming industry has a pile of politics of its own. That's beside the point, though. "I know there are others. Friends. Hell— " She stops herself before she says 'family.' The last thing she needs is someone going after Caleb. Take note, she's just had a rare selfless moment.

Her good hand runs through her hair. "Rehabilitate? Neutralize? I never…" Her voice lowers, breaking again. "I never hurt anyone until— " She doesn't want to incriminate herself, but she's started now. Might as well finish. "Until your people came after me. I…" Her jaw tenses, her voice diminishes to a whisper. "I think someone died. And it was an accident. Christ, more people die from being shot than me or people like me would ever— Do you think I'm a moron, Mister Wynn? Do you think I can't police myself? 'cuz if that's the case, you must think half the world couldn't find their own ass to wipe themselves. I'm not— I wasn't a killer. Because of you, I have to live with that. And the worst part is, I tried to save her. Then one of your people shot me, and I couldn't anymore." There's an uneasy chuckle. "She could have lived, if not for you. I could have saved her. How many other people died because of you?"

Well. This is a very strange turn of events. As if Ivory didn't feel bad enough, now he's feeling even worse. So much so that the only thing he can possibly even think to do is adjust his tie. Because, well, that's the closest thing he has to a noose right now. Suicide is looking like a very good option. Sighing doesn't even cut it at this point. His breath is too caught in his throat to even come forth and make the soft sound. "You don't think I know what's happening? You don't think I haven't slept in days because of what's going on? I can't go back and change anything. What's done is done. I will answer for my part in this, believe you me." His own personal demons won't allow him to not answer for them. Poor Senator. "But until that time comes, all I can do is try to stop things like what happened to you… from ever happening again. I'm working with others like you to find them a safe place while I try to work this from the inside." Realizing he's probably saying too much, he just kind of waves his hand. "Anyway, I only came by to tell you, to your face, that I'm sorry about what happened to you. And that you don't have to worry about this kind of thing happening again. Not on my watch."

He seems sincere. There's also something about him that makes her not want to kill him, which is directly warring with the larger part of herself that really does want to kill him. Erin hold grudges. She hates, she reviles, she has, in the past, aimed for revenge, and she has not and will not ever be above such things.

"Fortunately for you, you're probably the only person who can make things better." It's a threat, in its own small way. After all, she's just admitted that she killed someone, and she's sure that if he's answering to the president, he must have at least a couple brain cells to bang together.

Maybe he really didn't know. "Well, when that time comes, I hope I'm there," she says, lip curling for just a moment before she half-turns to look at the window. "While I've been here, you want to know what I've done? Cured a guy who was dying of the flu. Took care of four colds. Disinfected an entire floor from any contact viruses. I'm a god-damned hero. You should be thanking me. If you want to answer for what you've done, take my hand."

She holds it out to him, eyes boring into his. "If you're really serious about making things better, making sure this doesn't happen again, answering for what you've done…" She trails off, then adds, "If not, turn around and walk out that door."

Great. So this is how he's going to die? Here in some hospital with no guards, no hot babes (that don't want to kill him), no anything. But the great Ivory Wynn is not about to just let it happen. He can at least let it be known that he's trying to do the right thing here. Which he's said. Not that he expects anyone to ever believe anything he says again. He's going to need to find proof that it's not him. That's what he's going to need to do. He's starting to see that now. "I never asked for this. Any of this. All I wanted to do was help people." The words are said as if he's writing out his own tombstone or something. And without too much hesitation, he's turning back towards wherever Erin is and extending his hand to take hers. Yeah, he's scared. That much is obvious in his eyes. But when it's time to go, it's time to go. Who knows what's going to happen. The Eclipse Knows, probably.

She's… actually surprised that he took her hand. That much is pretty obvious by her expression, the slight arching of her eyebrow that indicates that she might actually be pleased. He means what he says, or at least, that's what this would imply. "I know. I didn't ask for any of this, either. I didn't want it. I still don't. But, hey, it's me now, so I might as well get used to it, huh?"

That half-smile is back. Really, he's done what she asked, and there's no reason to do anything to him. If he hadn't taken her hand, she would have made him very, very sick on his way out. Not known for her charity, however, Erin can't help giving him just a little parting gift, initiated by the blue shimmer that appears in her eyes. She doesn't speed up the process, she'll just let the virus run its course.

"In a couple days, you're going to start feeling sick," she says. It's just a cold. She'll let him believe it's worse. "It's not contagious. You can't give it to anyone else, so don't worry about that. I'd see a doctor, just FYI." She winks, letting go of his hand.

Let him experience a little fear, too, huh? It'll be good for him.

Ivory has no idea what just happened to him. But he's pretty sure it's going to be the death of him. Which is all he needs to know. "Well. I suppose that's that, then." And here comes the looking at his hand that's not really going to do anything but just make him even more paranoid. His eye twitches, because he's trying to contain any freaking out emotions that are running through his mind right now. But that's not going to happen for long. And now he's turning for the door, so that he can get the hell out of here and take care of some things in his final days. "For the record, though, I don't trust doctors. I get what I deserve." No smile. No nothing. Just time to leave.

Erin shrugs. "Your funeral," she says as Ivory heads out. When he's gone, she chuckles to herself, and goes to take a seat back on the bed. Aah, that was a wonderful way to release her anger. Time for a nap.

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