Percival Massimiliano Rizzo
Portrayed By Mattia De Martino
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 9, 1998
Age 12
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases Perce
Place of Birth New York City, NY
Current Location Sullivan Bros. Carnival
Occupation Custodial Crew
Known Relatives Adelina Rizzo (mother), Father unknown
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Electrokinesis
First Appearance New Friends

A twelve year old boy who works as part of the custodial crew for the traveling Sullivan Bros. Carnival. Probably the son or nephew of one of the acts or something. He's not one that catches the eye of any circus goer, but that isn't his job. His job is to clean up after slobby people who can't seem to get their hot dog wrappers in the trash can, or run errands for performers. At first look (or second, third, or fourth) he's your every day average New York kid. But how deceiving looks can be.


What’s to know? He’s a kid, and the past lives of kids should be filled with mundane things such as birthday parties, first days of school, childhood friendships, and rambunctious outdoor adventures. It should be. And for Percy, it could’ve been if only he had been so lucky to have anything close to a mundane life.

Born without a father and to an Italian mother with no direction for her own life, his beginnings were tough and dismal. The bond between baby and mother were fractured, at best, as the only nurturing he received was out of necessity. Feeding. Burping. Changing. Repeat. Perhaps this was because of his mother’s own preoccupation with her own needs of feeling wanted. Her task of finding a suitor for herself was hindered with the arrival of her son, and the men that drifted in and out of the boy’s life in subsequent years became faceless and unimportant. Percy found independence at a young age, having learned the unreliability of the adults in his life. He became dependent upon himself, although secretly he craved the attention of his mother, as all children do. And the fact that this craved attention came on rare occasions only complicated his life further, for he never could fully sever his heart from his mother knowing that somewhere within her, she truly did care for him. Maybe.

Though this was hard for a nine year old to remember once she remarried to the stepfather from hell. Not that he was any worse than any of her other boyfriends, but unlike them, he was permanent. Their home became his, and their property, his mother included, automatically was owned by him. Percy found being away from home far more desirable than being in his presence and watching his mother deteriorate into the wholly meek and submissive thing she’d become. And so he stayed away. Lingering at school as long as he could. Hanging out at parks. Roaming the neighborhood. But as his home-life degenerated further, spiraling down into the hellhole of abuse, so did his attitude. Grades slipped, fights at school were often, and the friction between him and his stepfather finally reached a breaking point when after being struck in the head, an eleven year old Percy, broken with anguish and rage, electrocuted the man. .. Oops.

Confinement followed. Months of being locked away in his boarded room like a prisoner. A freak. A madman. Padlocked and hidden from the whole that seemed to have forgotten about him, Percy had no one to console him. No one to help him understand the weird and frightening ability that had sparked in him. He only had himself to learn from, through trial and error for six months.

Age twelve. Fate took pity on the boy. It was fate that aided him in blasting away a boarded and padlocked window and giving him escape. Fate had him glimpsing at a colorful flier for a circus headed by the Sullivan Brothers. And it was pure luck that found him there and kept him there, engulfed in a world filled with magic and color and sound and life. A world in which perhaps his abilities will be honed and controlled enough that in time he’ll be someone worth knowing. Someone one won’t be able to forget.


  • (coming soon)


  • Nostophobia: fear of returning home

Powers and Stunts

Percy's ability enables him to both generate electricity within his body to expend as well as absorb electricity from outer sources. He's able to manipulate electrical currents, energy, and static electricity. He can also withstand mild to strong electrical shocks without harm, though powerful electrical currents (lightning bolts, etc) will cause unconsciousness as he is not yet developed enough to withstand such high doses of power. Water activities are avoided whenever possible, as he has far from mastered his level of control over his ability, and water and electricity don't mix! Random sparks when excited or nervous are common, which can be hazardous to those around him. Expelling electricity, in whatever manner, tires him, and if he expends too much too quickly, he will lose consciousness.

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