The Company: A Personal Touch


Suffering several set-backs, The Company has faded into the background, and would seem to be scattered to every corner of its former long-reaching grasp. But with a mass of dangerous Level 5 criminals set to cause havoc, something will have to be done to organize this branch into a functioning force behind ability powered governing. Director of Public Affairs, Roman Carter believes he's just the man for the job — by getting other people to do that same job.
Have you ever been contacted by The Company? Been in their captivity? Used your power in such a way that might cause attention to yourself? Would you like to be in their files? Or come across a Level 5 villain?

Any of these — and more! — could get you in on this plot.

The Players

Tier One


Unlocked: Alyssa
Played by: Pistachio


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Check out Level 5 criminals on the loose!

Tier Two


Unlocked: Angela
Played by: Sero


Unlocked: Roman
Played by: Pistachio

February 2011
Date Title Summary Characters
02-11-11 What A Wonderful World And I think to myself… Angela and Roman
02-12-11 The Good Shepherds At Roman's behest, Kitty returns to duty. Roman and Kitty
02-14-11 Prestidigitonium Havoc at a flea-market calls for The Company Cavalry. Unlocked Player. Adam, Carl, Ophelia, and Lillian. The Haitian and Alyssa
02-17-11 The Faithful Soldiers Roman collects another for the cause. Roman and Carl
02-21-11 Outsourcing Carl picks up his new credentials. Carl and Stanford
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