2007-05-17: Peter > Ambulance


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Summary: A phone conversation between Peter and Nathan, directly after Suddenly: SCOTSMAN. Peter is the best first aid kit.

Date It Happened: 17th of May, 2007

Peter > Ambulance

Somewhere in Hyde Park, and Somewhere in Brooklyn

It's nearing noon when Peter's phone gets a call, but still early enough to qualify as morning. It will be his brother's ID flashing on the screen when he checks it. Nathan is walking down the street, away from Cass's apartment, phone to his ear and trying to make absolutely no eye contact with those he walks by.

Around noon, Peter's actually near the mansion, having spoken to George and passed on Heidi's purse and phone, he's on his way to wave down a cab for the ride back to the apartment. He's still quite pale, somewhat feverish, but not so much he doesn't hear his phone ring, and see the ID. There's a sigh that he won't hear, before a click and a rather tired voice, "Nathan."

"Peter." Greetings established. Nathan starts to speak, before he recalls exactly when he spoke to Peter last. Damn. "Sorry for taking off like that." He sounds exactly like he's been drinking, voice rougher than usual. And, he's opened with an apology. This can't be good. "I should have let you know." Preemptive olive branch!

"That— or you shouldn't have gone," Peter says rather distantly. It doesn't sound like he's pleased by any stretch of the imagination. Shouldn't have gone, but did go. "I almost went looking for you." Even a note would have been nice.

This is one of Nathan's least favourite things. When he feels like his little brother is telling him off. "Well if I had been in my right mind, I would have left you a note," Nathan states, flatly, in absolutely no mood to take this, despite his initial apology. He tries to steer the conversation away from this. "Have you heard from Heidi? The kids okay?"

"They weren't charbroiled, if that's what you mean," Peter says, sounds like he's moving too. "She came home last night— She convinced your driver, George, to take them to a hotel. Didn't try to get which one out of him, but I gave him her purse and phone to give back to her." Which of course means she can now skip town with the kids.

Ice water. Dunked over head. Not literally, just figuratively. Certainly feels that way for all of five seconds as this news is handed to him. She took the kids and left. Nathan's quick pacing down the street slows down, going silent on his end of the line. He speaks up again before Peter can prompt for an answer. "Alright," he says, simply, perhaps too calmly for a man in his situation. "Listen, I…" Argh. He stops, moves off to the side so he's not in the way. Needing to stop walking for a few moments, stomach muscles protesting. "I need a favour."

There's a sigh, and then Peter nods. Not that his brother can see that considering they're on the phone, but it's a habit he can stop from doing. It does seem like he's slowed down at least, no longer moving very fast. "All right. What do you need?" There's not even too much hesitation.

And we sigh in some relief, although likely not audibly. Nathan stands under the shade of the building he's beside, turning away from the rest of the sidewalk and road (and all that sunlight stabbing needles through his eyes) as he speaks, tone lower for privacy's sake. "Managed to collect a couple of bruises that I need to have disappear," he says. Please let that be enough. Just say yes.

There's definitely a pause. Peter knows he's not up to this kind of activity, but— This is his brother. And how often has he showed up when he needed him? A lot of the time. Especially when he needed him the most. "Where are you?" He doesn't even ask what happened. Probably doesn't want to know.

Good question. "Brooklyn," Nathan says, glancing for a street corner before reciting the address. The same street as Cass's apartment, should Peter be aware of it. "I can get a car somewhere else. Home, ideally, where're you?"

Yes, Peter is aware of that street. But— coincidence, right? Surely… As far as he knows his boss and his brother have never offically met. "Yeah, sure, I'm pretty close to the mansion. I'll head back there," he says, beginning to move again. "See you soon." And after a return farewell, he hangs up and gets to the mansion. The fairly empty mansion.

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