2007-03-22: Peter Goes A-Shoppin'


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**Summary: Stef works the morning shift at Au Naturale. Peter walks in… and Stef doesn't know him. **

Date It Happened: March 22, 2007

Peter Goes A-Shoppin'

Au Naturale Natural Foods Market - Greenwich Village

It's a calm Thursday morning. The sun is up, and bright. Wind has died down a bit, and the temperature is threatening to be a bit mild. Stefanie had volunteered to help her folks by opening the store this morning. There's no crowd, as a matter of fact the place is empty at the moment. Stefanie is in an odd mood, and instead of having the folksy music playing over the comm system, she'd found one of her Mom's cds. Some British rock band with a knack for melody. She hums with the music as she stocks shelves. She sings along, her voice deep and subtle, yet strong enough to carry across the building.

Oh I get hysterical, hysteria. Oh can you feel it? Do you believe it? It's such a magical mysteria. When you get a feelin' better start believin'. 'Cos it's a miracle. Oh say you will. Ooh babe. Hysteria when you're near.

When a store happens to be empty might be the best time for someone like Peter Petrelli to go shopping. Less crowds, less chance of being seen by anyone who might recognize him as the formerly missing brother of a Congressman Elect, who never went into office. Stepping in from the cool air of late spring, the sight of a teenage girl, his nieces age, singing as she stocks the shelves makes him smile faintly. Pulling off his gloves, which get shoved into coat pockets, he moves into the store and glances around. Not a regular customer, doesn't even look as if he's shopped here before by the way he's looking up at signs that tell what's in what aisle. As the girl is singing, he doesn't speak up to interupt her, even with a good morning greeting, though she gets a nod if she notices him and looks his way.

Stefanie looks up as she thinks she sees something out of the corner of her eye. She jumps slightly, with an audible 'meep'. "Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't hear the door." She smiles brightly. "Welcome to Au Naturale. Is there something you're looking for in particular?" She pushes the box aside and steps away from the shelf, ready to help.

As she jumps and meeps, Peter looks momentarily sheepish, "Sorry. Didn't mean to startle you." If he'd wanted to startle someone, he very easily could, he's sure. With his gloves removed, he takes on a new form of obvious fidgetting by tugging on the cuff of his coat, as if it's not quite long enough. "Actually— I'm not too sure. I recently found out someone I cook for doesn't eat meat, and— was planning to look into other products." From questioning look on his face, and the sound of his voice, he's not even sure where to start.

Stefanie nods. "Alright…. is it because of allergies, or is it because of a conscious effort. "If it's because of allergies we have items that are meat replacements. Soy, vegetable. Things like that. If it's because they're not wanting to hurt animals, well, you can use the same products, but there's other alternatives as well." She heads over to the bookshelf and grabs something. Walking back she smiles and hands the book over. "It's a vegetarian cookbook. It should help you out with some ideas if you're not used to vegetarian cooking. You can take it home and check it out with your lady and see if there's anything in there that you'll like. We're guaranteed to have any item in stock, and if we *don't8 we can get it within the day or two."

"I'm really not sure if it's allegies or conscious effort. Might be how she was raised, too," Peter explains as he takes the book having something else to fiddle with besides his sleeves. Opening the cover, he glances down and flips a few pages, "I usually just cooked for myself," It was easier to figure out what he didn't like and what he did. "If you have any fresh produce, I could pick a few things up I know how to cook for the next few days, at least," he adds on, as he closes the book. "Was it that obvious it's for a lady friend?"

Stefanie shrugs. "Hunk like you, wants to impress a lady. Tries cooking for her." She giggles. "It should work, too.. Just don't try to hard." She says as she walks towards the produce, guiding him. "Most of the produce here is brought in from local farms and gardens. i try to contribute what I can.." She motions to a section of produce that she'd grown, a bit more full and better colored then the others. "it's tough with winter and all. Anything in particular you need?"

There's an embarassed laugh, really more of an exhale, and Peter glances away, reaching up as if to push hair away from his forehead— except he has no bangs anymore. Instead, he ends up rubbing his forehead for a moment, before moving to follow towards the produce section. As he follows her gesture to look from the other markets and farms towards her produce— he looks surprised. "You must have quite the green thumb. I've never even been able to keep the potted plants in my apartment alive. I used to water the plants for a patient of mine who had a rooftop greenhouse. Felt like I'd killed half of them." A rather personal topic for a young girl he's just met, but… while he says that, he picks off a bag and starts looking for what he wants. Namely, what he recognizes.

Stefanie giggles and shrugs, "I guess." She turns away from the man, eyes going wide. "You have no idea.." She mutters under her breath. She looks around for typical produce. "We've got lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers…" She points to them, trying not to touch them at the moment. "Scallions, peppers, onions."

"No idea?" Peter repeats the question, as he grabs a few produce bags and starts to pack away some of the easily recognized ones she points out, favoring her produce if she has that type. If nothing else, he knows a little about vegetables. And enough to choose hers when the option falls, as they're obviously superior. Not too much of any one thing, though. He's not shopping for an entire family.

Stefanie hmmms? As she turns around.. "Oh, nothing." She says sheepishly. "Here, lemme help." Change the subject.. Let's not show off you're freakitude to a customer. She reaches over and grabs some celery. Once she touches it, the stalks grow about an inch in length and the leaves grow thick and lush.. "Whoa Nelly!" She says real quick as she shoves them in the bag..

Here stands Peter, minding his own business, grabbing a couple of onions and dropping them into the bag. He grabs a few more of those than the rest, because onions are needed in a lot of different things— And then she exclaims and shoves celery into a bag. He knows something happened, but only because of her reaction to it, "What happened?"

Stefanie blushes, eyes wide. "Oh, nothing." She says. "Will there be anything else?" She looks around, checking the clock. Thankfully her shift is almost over.

Mmm. At least he accepts her 'oh, nothing.' as it is and doesn't press. Taking up his bags, Peter decides this is more than enough— hey, the celery bag is a little bigger than it should be, isn't it? Nawh. "This should be enough. Thank you for the cook book idea, Stefanie," he says, glancing down at her name tag to put a name to her face. All he has to do is walk to the counter and pay.

Stefanie smiles and nods. "Not a problem, sir." She makes her way to the counter and steps behind, ringing him up. "Will there be anything else?" She asks out of courtesy.

Oddly enough, what he pulls out to pay is /cash/. And from the look of his wallet, he's got a good amount of it. Choosing the smallest necessary bills to make the payment, Peter smiles, "Not right now. Once I figure out what she'll like from this cookbook, I'll be back to buy more, I'm sure." Once she's made his change, he puts it back in his wallet before adding, "I look forward to coming back here."

Stefanie nods with a smile. "Please do. Thanks for coming by." She smiles and waves, and not once knew him or mentioned his name.

Peter waves in return, before he steps back out into the cold with a new burden of grocery bags. Unrecognized and unpegged, either as savior of the world, the bomb, or that Congressman's brother. That's quite a change from some of his other outings, to be sure.

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