Peter's Relationships

++ Peter Petrelli's Relationships ++




Nathan Petrelli

Older Brother. The most important person in Peter's life. He's known his brother his whole life, and has always been close to him, and dependent on him. Nathan has saved him in the past, kept him from killing millions of people. They're still close, and getting closer since they've found they had more in common than the thirteen years of age difference would have normally allowed. And Peter's one of the few people who likes his taste in ties, and in fact facilitates his tastes by buying him tacky ties for his birthday and Christmas every year (and occasionally at random). After coming back from the future he has a determination to keep his brother from going down a dark path of having a multiple personality. Which he half blames himself for, actually.


Nathan Petrelli (Dark Future)

Not to be confused with Logan, ever. This is his brother in the Dark Future. Peter loved him very much, even if he doesn't love Logan much at all. Logan destroyed the world with his brother's face and name. In many ways part of his main motivation for fixing the future will be to keep his brother from walking down the path that he did. His brother is too important to him to stand by and let something like this happen. They've really only gotten to bond again once so far, and possibly once at all, due to the fact that Nathan got reclaimed by his government. Still, that one real meeting is a driving force in stopping his brother's darker persona. His brother's murder by Sylar is also one of his driving motivations in stopping Sylar before any of this happens, despite the fact that he knows Sylar killed him in the future.


Angela Petrelli

The mom. The matron of the family. She used to be as, if not more, important to him as his brother. Things have happened which has caused them to grow apart in the last year. Some of the things that have happened include a dream that he's not sure is real, but they haven't really had a chance to bond since then, so it's real enough for him. He also knows that she might have a connection to the Company, whom he's rather… unhappy with on various levels. As he's been avoiding the potential conflict, there's no real way of knowing how he would respond to his mother at the moment. But he's kind of a mama's boy by definition.


Arthur Petrelli

The father. The patriarch of the family. His father was never pleased with the youngest son, and his life. When Peter chose to become a nurse instead of a lawyer, his father did not support him, and in fact wouldn't even say his job title outloud in public. It could be said Peter was a disappointment to him. This only continued in later life. For a while he thought his father was dead, but then it turned out he was not. His father used and betrayed them, stole some of Peter's abilities, and almost killed him. His father was taken down by Gabriel Gray, and hopefully this time he'll stay dead.


Heidi Petrelli

His brother's wife and his sister-in-law. She teases him, then she's nice to him, and she treats him like the younger brother that she never had. He'll never, ever admit it, but when he was twelve he had a crush on her. Younger siblings often have crushes on their older siblings lovers. It's a fact of life, that's all. And she is very pretty. He cares about her a great deal.


Claire Bennet

His niece, the one he only found out about a year ago. He met her before he knew they were related. In many ways she's a key to his heroic fantasy. Saving her would save the world. He feels a great deal of affection for her, especially since she considered him her hero. In many ways he will always strive to live up to that first impression, because he often doesn't feel the same way about himself.

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