2007-07-24: Petrelli Family Values


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Summary: Nathan goes to Peter's for advice he may or may not listen to, and ends up saying the right thing.

Date It Happened: 24th of July, 2007

Petrelli Family Values

Downtown, NYC - 1407 - Peter Petrelli's Apartment

Night's fallen over New York. Nathan assumes Peter is at home. To assume otherwise would be to assume Peter either has developed a life, or is out doing something dangerous. For Nathan's sanity, he'd rather assume he's at home. Dressed down to a simple button-down and suitable slacks, Nathan knocks on the door, gives Peter about two seconds to answer, before taking out his keys and proceeds to invade. "Peter?" he calls out, as he steps into the apartment.

Two seconds is hardly enough time to answer when Peter happens to be on the phone. A few moments before the knock, he's just started the message. "Hi, it's Thursday here— have you gotten any of my messages? Um— I still…" Knock knock. What? The message pauses noticably, and he looks towards the door, opening his mouth as if to respond, and them remembering he's on the phone. Unfortunately, the sound of a key fumbling makes him sound rather rushed, as if he doesn't want to get caught doing this. "Hope you get back to New York soon." Click. When his brother enters the apartment, he's moving out of the living area towards the kitchen, where the door is, holding a cellphone. He looks relieved to see it's his brother. Not that many people have a key to his apartment. "Nathan."

"Peter." Door still partially open behind him, Nathan steps further into the apartment, hands in his pockets. "You're not busy, are you?" Which is a question one would generally ask upon calling ahead, but now that he's here… He glances at the phone in Peter's hand but doesn't think much of it, other than assuming he's interrupted something.

…Just like his brother to leave the door open. Peter moves past him, a small area to do so, which causes them to brush arms and shoulders a little when he does, and closes and locks the door again. This isn't the safest part of Manhattan Island. "No, I'm not busy." He puts the cellphone back into his pocket, and leaves it at that. "Is something wrong?" Should his brother venture further into the apartment, he may be aware of something distinctly out of place. Specifically his balcony doors have been— replaced. There's even carpenter tape still on them, and they haven't been painted yet.

Nathan starts moving in once Peter's gone and closed the door, and there is certainly something different about the place - it takes the tape to draw Nathan's attention to exactly what that is. "Not exactly. Nothing new," he says, with a shake of his head, though he's still frowning at the balcony doors. They're new. "Did you have a break in?"

From the guilty grimace, that would be a no, but it quickly shifts into a stubborn set jaw. "I'm taking care of it— but there was an incident," Peter mentions, moving further into the living area to settle into a seat, motioning for his brother to sit to, if he wishes. "I got into an argument and shattered the glass by accident. I'm fixing it. Don't have to worry about the bill showing up." Though he's honestly surprised the landlord hadn't called his brother on it earlier.

Peter gets an arch look, but otherwise, Nathan is just not asking. Whether because he's letting Peter choose whether to tell him about it, or maybe he doesn't want to know. Or somewhere in between. "Then I won't look for one," he says, moving to find a place to sit down and doing so, slightly grateful as well, as if he's had a long day. "I talked to Ramon Gomez today," he says.

"Really? I— saw him the other day too," Peter has to say, though he can't help but look a little worried for a moment. What did the father of the young woman he's just tried to call talk to his brother about exactly? The best way to find out? Ask. …Why is it so hard to remember that his brother is just barely younger than that man? "What did you two talk about?"

"What do you think we talked about?" Nathan asks, rhetorically, not pausing long enough for Peter to guess out loud. "About this… situation that Carter left behind. He wanted me to know that my family isn't completely free from danger. He expressed interest in… I guess you could call it an alliance."

Oh. "That of course," Peter says, shaking his head a little. Carter would be the main topic of interest, though that wasn't what THEY talked about. There's a strong hint, due to the fact the younger Petrelli isn't that great a liar, that there's something else they could have talked about. "I'd said it wasn't entirely over yet," he says with a grimace, not sure how else to explain it. It's not a good thing to think about. This time it isn't his sister-in-law that's in danger, but his nephews. They're just kids. They haven't even started their lives yet. "An alliance definitely sounds like a good idea. You know I'll do anything I can to protect them." His family means everything to him. And he has a lot more invested in this than just his nephews, too.

"I didn't think it was over yet either," Nathan says, with a nod of agreement, grim expression settling into place, bringing a hand up to scratch the back of his neck in a restless, fidgeting gesture. "As much as I'd like it to be. Mr. Gomez is going to be looking into the where's and who's behind this clinic, he asked if I'd help shield him against any legal or official repercussions." And because he did in fact catch that first reaction, he adds, "He also mentioned you and Elena having some kind of fight."

"Well, I don't know how much I can help with legal and offical stuff— or even tracking down the clinics…" Peter rubs his forehead, trying to think of what he could do, and coming up rather blank. He could run around invisible and spy on things, but otherwise… he's sure that Ramon has the skills an abilities necessary to find that out without him. He's about to say something else, when the mention of the fight is made. From the way his mouth hangs open, it's like being caught. That resolve has failed. He looks towards the replaced door. "We had an argument, yeah. I'm working on it. She's in Spain now, though, so it's not easy."

Young love, and all that. It's probably far more a frantic an issue for Peter than it is for Nathan, but one and a half decades of marriage will give you a certain perspective of these things, and he offers his younger brother a mild smile. "Somehow, I'm sure you'll both settle your differences." It could be patronising, or it could come off as sincere. Depends on Peter's reading. "At least when she gets back." Speaking of travel, Nathan winces a little, and says, "I was thinking of talking Heidi into a vacation to Maryland, with the boys. Stay with family over there." What goes unspoken is the idea of keeping them safe and out of the city proper.

"Maybe," Peter murmurs softly, not exactly liking things that well. He left out the whole fact that she happens to be in Spain with a guy who he's pretty sure is in love with her— and that part of him is convinced is better for her anyway. Even if he's insecure in his own worth, that doesn't necessarily mean he likes the idea. But— his brother's thinking of sending Heidi and the boys away. This causes him to sit up. He doesn't like the idea, that much is pretty obvious, "If whoever Carter was working with has connections to kidnap Elena and try to ship her outside the country, then I don't think this will protect them."

It's clear from the way Nathan listens to Peter that he's come here specifically to hear his take on the matter. Of course, he's proven in the past that he goes by whatever he feels is correct, regardless of the opinions offered, but all the same. He doesn't seem prepared to argue, exactly, even as he continues. "If they— whoever the hell 'they' are— have no idea as to where Heidi and the boys, you don't think that'll be a strike against 'em?"

"What're you going to do, put them into hiding? Not tell anyone else where they actually are? That's not fair to them. And what about the boys? Their education? There's only a month— less than that— until it's time for schooling," Peter's definitely just as stubborn in his not liking of the idea, but he's keeping his temper controlled. One might guess that's because— a set of glass doors that were recently shattered. "Yeah, if you think they can go into hiding and not have anyone actually know where they are besides us— then maybe. But… I don't think Heidi will agree to this. Maybe now that the boys are in danger but…" He rubs his face. Do not like. But the boys being in danger might change things drastically.

"No, she won't agree to it," Nathan says, now getting up to stand. Not necessarily to leave, but he feels the need to at least pace. He casts a wry smile towards Peter. "I was kind of hoping you'd help talk her into it." A shrug, as it's become clear that that idea's been blown out of the water. "I just want my family safe. It's not ideal, Pete, I know that - none of this will ever be ideal and I've long since accepted that they're not gonna have a normal life. They tried to take Ramon's kids, and Simon and Monty aren't even— " The mask is starting to crack again, anger leaking through - and it certainly isn't aimed at Peter. After a moment, Nathan continues, quieter. "I can't take their feelings, not even their education into account if it means keeping them safe."

"I can keep them safe here," Peter says stubbornly, lowering his hands to try and emphasize this. He'll be no help in talking her into it, though he does think there's one way to do it. The boys safety. If she thinks they can't protect them here… "I'm working on it. A way to keep track of the boys if anything happens to them. I'm just waiting for Katy to contact me again." Katy? He seems to realize what he just called the other woman, and shakes his head. "Mara— she said… that she'd help me with something. Once this happens I'll be able to… protect them better." Or that's the idea. But something about this seems to have him worried. Will she even contact him again after what happened with Cass, Lachlan and Mohinder?

And somehow, that's enough to derail Nathan from the anger and angst over not knowing how to protect his kids. He blinks at Peter. "'Katy'?" he repeats, the nickname somehow… disturbing. In a way he can't put his finger on. And because he can't, he shakes his head as if to clear it, dismissive. "To tell you the truth, I don't want them out of my sight either," he says, resuming his slow pacing around the room, occasionally touching an object here and there - there a lot of 'em, in this apartment, after all. "If anything happens to them— I dunno how long it'd take to fly to Maryland, but not quick enough. Maybe— if there's a flat somewhere in town, nice enough for them to be happy. I don't trust the estate."

"Kaydence— I called her Kaydee as kind of a joke and it stuck," Peter explains defensively, because even if it was dismissed, he might feel a little weird about it himself. With the older brother pacing, and touching his things! he stands up and moves over to the laptop at the desk, reminded of something. But it's not on the topic, so he just raises the top of the computer and turns it on. "There's also somewhere other than Manhattan," he winces. "Even if it's just an hour away by car…" Not too far. Practically just in the Bronx. "We could still fly there if we had to… And the boys could still attend school." And be close enough that they can visit.

Not much touching! Just a little, feeling that rare need to do something like maybe punch a guy - alpha male symptoms going wasted because those no guy to punch. Nathan breathes out a restless sigh. "Then we'll see what Heidi wants to do," he says, with a shrug. Not how he would have handled the situation a year ago. Maybe the arguments aren't worth it anymore. He falls into a short silence, then adds, "The police never found anything on the guy who cut my brakes." That's when he notices the laptop. "What're you doing?"

"Could've just been one of the men who didn't buy your speech— a few did leave early," Peter says with a grimace, recalling the accident. He'll just take this as a sign that they didn't test the blood on the car and try to figure out who his brother hit. "Mentioning— Mara made me think of something I meant to show you," he adds, about the laptop, as he lets it load up. The cable he somehow got access to is still available, and all he needs to do is load the browser and click on the bookmark. What loads up is some kind of business supply. "Was trying to think of something to use against— Gray. Know that she can probably get this stuff on her own now, but— they're handheld heat detectors. Used for checking machines in factories, but they do the same for people too. If he's walking around invisible, this could be used to see him." He's already got a defense against that— but it's not one he shares with too many people.

Nathan paces back over to obvserve what it is Peter has to show him, slouching a little to read some of the detail. A lot of it has techno jargon, but the basic jist can be gleaned, along with Peter's explanation. "You could probably make one," he says, wryly. "Could be more subtle to order a few in. Does Kay have one yet?" Yeah, that was deliberate, because Nathan is the pinnacle of maturity. Battle of the nicknames. Peter is cast an ironic smile, and it's back to seriousness when Nathan says, "It can't not be helpful. Let me know if they're especially expensive."

"…I'll take that to mean my remote worked," Peter says, unable to keep from smiling, even as— well— Kay, huh? Well, his brother has far more right to give her affectionate nicknames. His was teasing in an attempt to make her smile. Didn't work too well. There's a hint of an eyebrow raise at how deliberate that had been, but— "No, she doesn't have one yet. I haven't even shown them to her. But I don't think I can build this. Don't even know what I was doing with the remote." The guy he got the power from? Sure, he could probably build a whole row full of them in an hour, but… not him. "They're about five thousand dollars a piece. A hundred to rent them for a month." To them that might be doable— but even Peter knows one is outside his current budget.

Yeah, it had been clunky. The raised eyebrow gets a slight shrug, but the topic of nicknames is left there. Probably a good thing. "Yeah, it works. Had a driver the other day who could've sworn he had the best luck in New York," he says, leaning his hip against the desk, arms folding over his chest. "At the risk of ruining the city's traffic system, I'm being subtle." He then touches the top of the laptop screen. "Send me an email with this information and I'll get one ordered."

"Might be a good idea to get more than one. One for Mara, definitely, but the rest…" Peter doesn't want anything to happen to her, and he doesn't trust the people she's decided to throw her lot in to do it. They couldn't even hold or capture him the first time, not to mention there's hints Carter had been intentionally released from the Company too. "I'll drop you an email, though." No idea how his brother will explain getting them. "Have you seen her lately? Mara?"

There's always an excuse. Maybe the kids want one for show-and-tell and the company might role their eyes at the rich and the famous and their ways… a little harder to get more without raised eyebrows, but at the end of the day, what possible deduction could be made? This, is what Nathan's running over in his mind, then seems to get an idea, nodding once. "I'll take care of it." The next question, though, that's a tricky one, and Nathan restlessly takes his weight off the desk, hands back into his pockets. "Yeah, saw her once." Short answer, there.

Short answer or not, there's a hint of worry in the younger brother's face. Peter has a reason for bringing it up, "I'm worried she might be mad at me." There's a grimace. "She caught me on a bad day and… it's a long story. Better I not explain it to you. Maybe this'll make it up to her," he adds, gesturing towards the laptop monitor before he lets it close. He can email it later. Then again… There's more he can do. Though that would be one of those 'doing something risky' that his brother doesn't want to think about.

Squint. "I'm… better at knowing what you're talking about, Pete, if you go ahead and explain it," Nathan says, a little drawly and sarcastic, but there's genuine confusion and curiousity there. "Was this— did you talk to her before she moved out of Manhattan? Or after?"

"After— just after, it was— a few days after we set up my TV and DVD player," Peter explains, then gestures towards the balcony. "Same day as that." Which will explain why he'd been a little raw when she visited that day. He'd still been working on recovering from his unintentional power fit. At least he hadn't hurt anyone— nothing except a door.

A glance to the balcony doors, then a nod. "Well, I'm sure Mara's got enough to worry about," Nathan says, "to stay mad at you for long. Probably Elena's in the same boat." A wry smile that doesn't exactly exude warmth, but it's an attempt. "Everyone needs you too much to alienate you for long, I guess."

Peter'd been in the middle of an off-hand gesture when his brother hits him with something that makes him freeze and blink. The blinking lasts longer than necessary, and the hand drops. At this point, he can't help but move the small distance closer to the slightly taller and significantly older of the two Petrellis. It may or may not be true. But he needs someone too. He reaches over and touches his brother's arm. "Thanks. Just wish I knew— what they needed about me." Because he's not sure what it is sometimes.

Trust Nathan to say the right thing when he's not even thinking about it. His hand comes up to briefly cover Peter's. "Who knows. Probably changes every day." Women, and all that. That hand drops away and Nathan starts to head to door, to walk through it and inevitably leave it open. "You'll hear back from me in a couple of days. I'll let you know about the infrar— " Damnit. Um. "Things. In return, you can show up at the next fundraiser slash interview slash whatever the hell." Oh right, he's campaigning! With a lot less fire and zeal than he had been when he ran for congress, but campaigning all the same. "Family values, they're still in fashion."

"Thermal imagering device," Peter says with a hint of a smile, but he does nod. "I'll be there." And he probably intends to be there. Though his brother may not like what he says if he gets cornered by reporters about his suicide attempt and mental health problems. It's inevitable, though… Following over to the door so he can close it and lock it again, he doesn't give much more of a farewell, but the way he raises his chin might be enough. It's intended to be. It's not manly to tell his brother to take care of himself.

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