Petrelli Resistance
Petrelli Resistance
Portrayed by Milo Ventimigila, Eve Myles, David Anders, Keira Knightley, Jesse Schram, Ryan Phillipe, Kelly MacDonald
Age 1
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location Varies
Occupation Terrorist Activities, Strike Team, The Hard Jobs
Known Relatives The Boondock Saints (sort of, very loose), The Alliance
Significant Other None
Known Abilities The Combined Might of 812 powers
First Appearance She and Him

Petrelli's Resistance Organization is one of the harder of the main resistances. Smaller in number, his group is basically a strike team that tends to take the harder jobs.

Since Sylar decided to come out and play, the group is more or less disbanded. Oh hey, guess why they kept losing teammates?





  • The Underground Railroad : Ran by Claudine and Orion. Peter sends most of those he rescues to them.
  • Kensei : Thanks to Kate, the Petrelli Resistance has a friend in the form of Takezo Kensei/Adam Monroe. How much he does is unknown, but he has supplied them with a safe haven in Upstate New York when they need it.


  • Megan Deatley: The most recent of the deceased for the Petrelli Resistance, which has been known to lose many of it's frontline fighters. She was killed by Sylar (So Many Things).
  • Kate Petrelli : Peter's wife and second-in-command. She was killed by Sylar (Tick-Tock)


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