2007-03-11: Phoning Phuck


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Summary: Vince does his best to prevent sleep in NYC.

Date It Happened: March 11, 2007

Phoning Phuck

Over the phone

'Tossing the dice a lot tonight, aren't you?' Vince thinks to himself as he makes his way across the street from the place he just broke into. Stepping into convenient allyway, he pulls out his fancy cellphone, flips it open and begins to scroll through numbers. Jane, Jane… no not Jame from Miami… There we go. He hits dial and puts the phone to his ear, continuing away from the scene of his crime with casual haste.

It rings. Once, twice, three times, still no answer. She's slow to reach the phone, torn between staying in bed and going to get it, just so the thing will stop. Ring number four, still not there. Jane's fingers clutch at it, shaking, before it goes off again and lift the receiver to her ear. "H… hello?" she greets in a voice which suggests someone's not doing very well.

Making an assumption, Vince's voice comes out in a rush over the occasional sounds of traffic and wind. "Sorry to wake you, but we need to talk. Put your incoming on mute, count to ten, and then unmute it. I'm going to make sure we're not being listened too. Understood?"

"Jim?" she asks, "is that you? It's bad, getting bad." Her voice sounds off, like she's sick. It takes a bit of time for his instructions to register, but Jane does eventually put the thing on mute. Ten is counted to, but on the other end it likely seems as if she counted to twenty, or more, before she takes it off mute. "Jim?"

During that period, Vince expeditiously drops his briefcase onto the sidewalk, opens it up, and pulls out his miniature air horn. Holding out his cell phone as far from himself as he can, he points the can at the receiver and sounds the horn for three full seconds. If anyone was listening, they're likely bleeding from the ears now. He has already thrown the horn into his briefcase and reclosed it by the time Jane calls him the wrong name again. "No, this isn't Jim. I met you in the park the other day, and then we talked at a restaurant. Do you remember?"

"Who, who are you?" she asks, slowly, "I… I don't know your voice. You're really not Jim, my sponsor." Jane is heard to whimper a few times, mutedly, after speaking. It's otherwise silent where she is, entirely silent.

Confusion joins the urgency in Vince's voice. "You - Are you alright, Jane? You sound unwell." He licks lips chapped from the wind. "If you can't speak freely because someone is with you, say you have to go and I'll be right over after I four-one-one your address."

"Who are you?" Jane asks again, her voice quiet. "Hands shaking, head aches. I'm sick. How… how did you get my number?" The next sound is something like that of a person who just flopped over into a bed and didn't move, followed by a few groans.

There is a long pause, followed by a very soft sigh and a desperately whispered, "Oh, man." After a sniff, Vince says, "I'm very sorry, I must have the wrong Jane. I hope you feel better soon." He waits for a response before he hangs up.

"Yeah," she responds a few seconds later, "me too." The phone drops from her hand as a wave of shakes hit and interrupt her grip on it, the thing just lies there for a while before she manages to pick it up and end the call. Jane collapses on the bed, draws her knees up into her chest, and hugs herself there against the thing she's suffering.

Closing his phone, Vince looks up at the sky, down at the ground and around him, feeling momentarily hopeless. Then, a few seconds go by and he begins to slam his feet against the ground, shouting out a plethora of swear words in Italian. This continues for a good ten seconds before he collapses to a seat, and releases a mighty sigh. Once again, Vince is alone.

A short while later, Vince dials Ling impatiently. His leg jitters from tapping his foot on the sidewalk while he awaits her answer.

Ling picks up the phone, sounding a bit sleepy, "Hello?"

Vince sounds a wee bit on the frantic side, and is obviously outdoors somewhere. Traffic can be heard in the background. "Ling! Remember that girl I told you about? THEY ERASED HER FUCKING MEMORY!" Yes, he yelled into the phone. He sounds like he's losing his mind.

Ling's voice is still a steely calm, "Vince..calm down. I have Detective Dayam here right now and he's found the egg, so I'll come over soon.." and then there's music. It seems you've been put on hold.

Vince looks at the phone with double disbelief. The cops did what I couldn't? She put me on /hold/? He blinks several times and hangs up. Picking up his pace, he brainstorms for a method to seek answers now that it seems his leads are dead.

Vince's phone rings a few times before he answers it. "Hi." His tone is as terse as his greeting.

Ling sighs, "Sorry about that. It seems that the police were able to do what you werent. And they knew everything that I had said when the shadow jumper was in my house. That means he tried to narc me out Vince." Ling quickly adds, "And so I think the shadow jumper was the one who gave the police the egg.."

Vince almost sounds like he's getting straggled as he speaks through his teeth, "Wily little bastardo figlio di puttana…." It just gets uglier from there. Taking a deep breath, he asks, "So what is it that he overheard, exactly?"

Ling hesitates for a few moments, "Soma, the new drug we're putting out. And my research into Primatech Research Company.."

Vince's thoughts are forcefully shoved against the back of his head just so he can remain on topic. "Anything that you need to worry about? I wonder if the /fuck/," for just that word, Vince's volume doubles, he pauses to regain his composure. "I wonder if he /is/ a cop."

Ling sighs and there's a bit of heavy breathing. And then slight snoring. Shit, she fell asleep, but then promptly wakes up. "Vince..I..I'm sorry. I heard you!" she says definitely sounding apologetic. "I'll see if he was a cop..I dont think there's anyone wanting to kidnap me or whatever..I'm good.." and she sounds really groggy.

Vince chuckles despite himself and everything that's happening. "Get some sleep, hun. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

Ling takes a deep breath as it seems she's starting to fall asleep again. "G'night Vince..be careful and dont get your memory erased."

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