2008-05-16: Pick Up At The Park


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Summary: A normal game of softball in the park is interrupted by a man from the future who needs to take a boy into hiding.

Date It Happened: May 16, 2008

Pick Up In The Park

A Park in Queens

There's a small park not too far from Monica's house, and that's where Cam can be found tonight. A pickup game of softball is being played, kids ranging in age from around ten to fourteen gathered and playing. Teams are indistinguishable for people watching as, of course, the kids all know who's on what team. One boy in a wheelchair seems to be keeping score. Cam is currently at bat, looking out to the pitcher, who's preparing to throw.

A shift in the shadows gains substance in the form of a man in a black coat. Dark hair slicked back from a face with a scar slashing across it, Peter looks similar to the younger man that the boy met, but at the same time looks very different. The basic shape and face are all the same, but the scar and the look in his eyes is different. Tension sets on his jaw. From the way he steps forward, it'd be impossible to tell exactly what direction he came from, almost as if he appeared out of nowhere. But surely they just missed him while concentrating on their game. Or that's how most people would view it. There's silence from him while eyes settle on the boy he came for, waiting to see how the pitch goes.

The ball comes in low. It wouldn't have been worth swinging at if Cam waited to see where it would end up, but he jumps the gun and swings anyway, causing a strike. The catcher tosses the ball back to the pitcher. The second throw, Cam catches, the ball bouncing out about halfway between the bases, and Cam goes running. The ball is picked up and tossed to the first baseman and Cam makes a rather dramatic (though useless) dive for the base, but the ball gets there first. Cam picks himself up a bit dejectedly and walks back to wait his next at bat or for the innings to switch, a bit of a mess from the dive. He hasn't noticed Peter yet.

A game of softball has a quiet sense of normalcy in a world that's hardly normal for one man. With his hands stuck into pockets of his coat, Peter waits until after the young man moves back into the line before taking steps to move close enough to call out, "Cam." It's not a loud voice, but toned to carry far enough to be heard.

Cam, just sitting down, looks up as he hears his name, and blinks. He smiles, though, hopping to his feet again and making his way over to Peter. "Hey." When he sees the man's face, either his eyes or the scar, his smile falters and he blinks.

Once he's close enough, Peter tones his voice down so they don't interupt the kid's game, and also so he can speak in a more private manner. "I'm sure you've already been told about me by this point, so you know exactly who I am, so I'll skip those details for now. I came to pick you up because it's not safe for you to go home tonight. I've already taken Niki and Micah somewhere safe, and I was sent to get you too."

Blinking again, Cam glances towards the game and then back to Peter again. "Why, what happened? Someone track Micah back?" He says that as if not quite believing it possible, though worried. He says, "Just a sec." He runs to one of the other kids, says something, then waves to the rest as he grabs a backpack from off to the side and turns to run back to Peter.

There's a patient silence until the boy makes it back over. Peter nods his head and starts moving further away from the group expecting to be followed closely as he explains, "Not Micah. Niki— but the chances that you or Micah will be used to get to her, or could be found out through association are fairly high. It's better to be cautious than…" Than dead. Or powerless. Or… any number of things.

His backpack slung over one shoulder, Cam listens to the explanation and his eyes widen a little. "Is she ok?" He'll have other questions in a moment, but first and foremost, he has to make sure of that. He nods a little to the last comment, though, and says, "Yeah, for sure, don't wanna be caught." He's taking that part seriously.

"She's not one hundred percent, but she's in a safe place," Peter says, though the tension remains in his voice. He's taking what happened to her quite seriously. "I managed to get there in time before it got too bad." The consulation doesn't seem to even give him full relief, unfortunately. "How much do you know about what's going on?" he asks, as they continue to move away from the other children.

Cam looks relieved at that answer and nods a little, "Good. The safe place, is it somewhere totally unexpected? That's the safest way to hide, be somewhere they wouldn't even think of looking." To the last question and says, "Kory's talked to me, know I'm supposed to help somehow but not sure how. She said just to listen to word on the street, but so far I haven't heard anything about P… you know. Know Niki was undercover too, but guess if she got caught, that's over. And know Micah's helping with a lot of the stuff, for both Kory and Niki."

"It's the place I've been staying for the last month and no one's bothered me there," Peter admits, though it's not necessarily completely unexpected. "The only person who even knew I was staying there is currently… I'm not even sure where he is. Outside of time perhaps. But it should be secure for tonight. If I have any indication that it's not secure, we can move somewhere else all together. It's just the best I could manage at short notice. And no one knew about it until now." Only Hiro did. And he has no idea where Hiro is right now.

Cam blinks, "Outside of time? You *gotta* be talking about Hiro. And we can trust him, for sure." He's only met the man once, but he seems perfectly confident of that. He's probably read all te 9th Wonders issues, of course. "Will we still be going to school? I mean, they could still find us there, even if they don't know where we live." Seems he's thought this kind of thing through.

"I'll come up with something. I can persaude your teachers to give you at home work for the last few weeks to cover anything that you'd miss," Peter says, still walking instead of teleporting. There's a small pause. "You attend Brubaker, don't you?"

Cam nods quickly, thinking. A little quieter than before, he says, "I got an idea. Talk to Mr. Jones. He knows about my power. Tell him it's getting too hot for me, wearing the uniform is getting too much. 'Cause, it kinda really is anyway. He'll figure out some way to help. I already been to the hospital once this year 'cause I got too hot at school. That was 'cause the furnace was on too high, but still."

"Talking to Mr. Jones is a good idea," Peter says with a nod, before he reaches out and touching the boy's shoulder with one hand. Not only Lee, but he could also speak to Church. It's not quite the same, but he could give a head's up that Arthur might be poking around Brubaker at least. Even if he's been avoiding the man since he dropped false info. There's a glance around to make sure they're well out of sight. "Ready?"

Adjusting his pack on his shoulder, opposite the one Peter's touching, Cam nods quickly and grins, "Yep." He takes a quick glance around himself, and then waits. He seems to have figured out what Peter's planning to do, and looks excited about it.

The excitement might be short lived, because Peter slides his eyes shut and everything in the area disappears, replaced by something else. The temperature drops immediately to a climate controlled apartment building, instead of a park in spring. A safe place. Which also happens to be in the same building as most of the enemies that are working against Arthur. Good thing he doesn't have a little girl's ability to find anyone anywhere, right?

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