2010-02-18: Pillow Talk



Date: February 18, 2010


The truth comes out, in what some guys might think is the best way. After sex! Too bad it's kind of an ugly upsetting truth.

"Pillow Talk"

Taine's Apartment

Sheets ruffle as they finally find a way to detangle themselves. A hand reaches to the bedside table, feeling around for a moment before a light comes on. It's just a small lamp, dim and shaded. It's not as bright as the light already coming in the windows not too far away, but it allows for a little more visibility in the room. Falling back against the bed, Taine looks up at the ceiling, then over at the woman who had suddenly stopped in, grabbed him, and did things that usually only happen in soap operas…

Which for a guy who stars in soap operas, he knows what they're supposed to look like, it just doesn't happen often outside of his job!

"When you first came in, you looked angry. I'd wondered what I did wrong." Cause she can be volitle at times! "Now I'm wondering what I did right." And how he can do that again?

Erin didn't want to discuss what's been going on with her until after she felt a little better. Mostly because she doesn't want to end up giving Taine rabies or something. This was a circumstance of convenience, she tells herself. It had nothing at all to do with the fact that she's absolutely crazy about him.

"That accent is so cute," Erin says uncharacteristically - and unhelpfully - flipping over and resting her head on her arm. She peers over it at Taine.

After a moment of quiet admiration, her eyes glance away, expression becoming troubled, maybe defeated. Pained. "You know, sometimes it's hard to tell you things," she mutters. "I dunno how you'll react. I mean, the first time you found out… about what I can do… You kind of freaked out." Her eyes move toward the long scar on her arm. The ability's more trouble than it's worth sometimes.

"I'm not sure how people are supposed to react to that kind of revelation the first time," Taine says as he stays looking at her, still smiling from— the activities of moments past— and the comment on his accent. It is cute, and he knows it. But the conversation is turning serious and she's looking troubled, so it's lessened a bit.

"And also, you liked being mean to me at the time. I think our relationship has evolved a bit since then." Even if she's looking away, he reaches to toy with hair on her cheek with his free hand. They have changed a bit since they first met— at least with each other. Not so much with everything else.

"But from that preface I guess you have something to tell me and you're afraid I'll run out of the room screaming? Well— getting me naked probably was a good call. Despite popular belief, I don't like running around naked in public."

And he's in a good mood, too…

Yeah, Erin's pretty good at reading him now. She smiles, meeting his eyes. "Figured you couldn't run off, yeah." Sure, that wasn't the only reason, and she's only just thought of it now, but hey. It works.

She shouldn't tell a lot of people this, but given the fact that her sister just told her to keep the hell out of her life, her support net is really Taine and Tracy at the moment. The first is a fugitive, and the second really has no idea what's going on. "I… uh. Something happened, and I went to Janet for help." Erin probably would have told Taine about Janet at some point. "Really needed her to listen. She told me to stay out of her life. And, y'know, I've burned bridges before, but I was really trying to fix this one."

"Your sister, Janet?" One he's never met, but it's not as if she's met his family yet either. If Taine knew half of what was going on, he'd probably have dragged her off to Australia by now, screw their various jobs— not that Australia would be safe…

"Well, I know what it's like to have burned a bridge you didn't want to, and one you couldn't fix as easily. I'm sorry. But it doesn't mean you won't be able to fix it later. I managed to get you to give me the time of day again." It took a lot of effort to do that, too!

And hey, now he's getting more than the time of day!

"Nn-hn," Erin agrees. Truth be told, she's not so sure if this bridge can ever be repaired. She's never seen Janet like that; for the younger woman to get that angry… well. Erin is sure that the relationship is ruined now. Not only that, but the things Janet said - implying Erin wasn't a person and that her career choice was stupid - were hurtful.

"I guess I'm telling you this, 'cuz if you want to run away, you should prolly do it before you're in too deep. 'course, if you did, I'd hate you for it, but it's your call. I mean I… Like— I really… I care about you, and I don't want you to end up hurt 'cuz of me." This whole selfless repitoire of feelings that's been encroaching on Erin lately is disturbing to her. It's probably just that she doesn't want to lose what's hers. The rest of the world…

Well, she doesn't want the rest of the world to fail, either, really.

"The people who were after me on the set the night I broke my arm… They're called the Alpha Protocol."

"No middle ground at all with you sometimes," Taine says quietly, reaching up to run fingers through blond awesome hair. It lays well, even now, but it could probably use a comb instead of fingers. Use what you've got! "You kind of told me about some of that, but— I guess you know more now." He stays in bed, wrapped up in the sheets, making no move to escape or reach for pants. Or even move very far away.

With her, physical contact can be dangerous in many ways, but he keeps playing with her hair, then looking at her arm. "Okay. Alpha Protocol. That sounds like something out of a movie. They're these guys trying to hunt down people with abilities like yours." And Beth's too… Their abilities are both dangerous, and if he didn't know them better, he might agree with their attempts to make people safe… But— he does know them.

Erin's not much for snuggling, herself, but she doesn't mind the contact. Or, at least, she doesn't pull away from it, which means she probably isn't about to get angry or anything. "It does, doesn't it? These are the people who took Tracy, stuck her in a hot box, and pretty much tortured her 'til she got free." Did Taine know Tracy had an ability? He does now!

Erin sits up, keeping the blankets over her. It's not because she's being decent, really, it's just that she's getting cold now that the activity level has significantly decreased. "They're hunting people… Calling us terrorists, saying that we're dangerous. "I… found out…" She's not saying how just yet, "That there's this whole group who're taking people with some sort of power and they're using them as human weapons. Can you imagine what they could do if they caught me, Taine? All I'd have to do is get a half dozen people sick, and we could have a plague."

Weapons. Now it sounds like a made for tv syfy movie… Taine frowns visibly, not quite understanding some of the reasonings. "So the guys who are saying you're terrorists… do you think they're targetting you because of this group that's wanting to turn you into weapons?" He doesn't seem surprised to hear best buddy Tracy has an ability. Torture is bad, and it's ruining his good mood. That and everything else, really. "You could also cure a plague. But— Bloody hell. That gives a new meaning to biowarfare."

Human beings with abilities being used as weapons? Yeah, that would be biowarfare, he's pretty sure. Weapons of mass destruction. "Why aren't the Alpha Protocol guys going after whoever is wanting these people weapons? You'd think they'd see they're the real terrorists."

Erin shakes her head. "I don't know, really. It's just… Well, it's a … It's a long story. But I met one of their agents working to take things down from the inside, and she said.. She said it's the Alpha Protocol themselves who're doin' it. Who knows, though?" All Erin's concerned about is not being turned into a weapon. Erin chuckles a bit, though it lacks any humor. "All I heard was 'human weapons' really. And… that's about all I needed to hear." After a long pause, she adds, "Janet… Janet works for them. She's… She's part of that. I mean, I don't know if she really knows what's going on, but she treats the people that the AP hurts. I told her the truth - what I knew, anyway - and… That's when she told me to get out of her life."

Erin looks down at her hands, the sheet slipping off her shoulder a little. "It's not really 'these people.' This agent I talked to… She told me to be careful, 'cuz they'd really like to … Well, like I said, I'm dangerous."

"That sounds a little… counter productive," Taine says, not really understanding how a group of people could claim to be taking down terrorists while creating weapons of terror… Unless that's what they were originally trying to do in the first place, and how better to rile people up than to make them realize how dangerous they really are.

But it still doesn't make any sense to him, what little he's been told. "Your sister works for them? Really?" He scratches at his hair idly, before looking toward her bared shoulder. There's a moments pause, as if he's considering something other than the serious topic, but then he looks back at her face.

"And you're not entirely dangerous. You can fix what you do, too."

Erin smiles, though the expression doesn't reach her eyes. "Something tells me they don't want me for my ability to heal," she says. "I mean, yeah, I can and I have. Janet - I told her what I could do. I showed her… Killed her plant. All she cared about was the plant, though."

Her voice is quiet, shakey. Almost as if she wants to cry, but won't. "I asked Tracy to go talk to her. That didn't work." So now Erin has to worry about retaliation from her own sister. She always thought Jan was better than that. Really, she was the smart one… The one who would do everything with her life and be good at it. Erin wishes she would have told her sister how much she admired that, because maybe they wouldn't be in this predicament now if they had.

"There's… more."

"Maybe you should use the healing part of your ability for power demonstrations for new people…" Taine says quietly, though he won't admit he's a little relieved that it wasn't just him who had a bad reaction to finding out about people with abilities, particularly hers.

But with that being the response, he can understand why she prefaced the conversation how she did. It just happened again. And even worse. Tracy wasn't able to fix it. How long had this been going on? He doesn't ask, but he reaches over and touches her shoulder, brushing hair off of it as he does.

"What happened?"

"It's not as if everyone in the world is sick," Erin says. "I can't just cure someone who doesn't at least have a cold, or I would. At least it was a plant, and not her." She sounds a little grumpy, crossing her arms after tugging the sheet back over her shoulder. Sorry, Taine.

"I'm scared… They're going to really do something. You know, world breaking. I …"

She pauses. This is something she's not sure she wants to tell Taine, but if she doesn't have someone on her side, understanding this when she needs a shoulder, she really is going to go crazy.

"Tracy got a list of everyone involved. The ones who are taking people like me and locking them up. I— I acted on it." She pauses. "It wasn't the first time I… But the first time was an accident. I just— needed someone to know." It's a little cryptic, but she's sure he can figure it out.

No, not everyone in the world is sick! But… there's hospitals! Where it seems like everyone in the world is sick. Such a miracle would be difficult to do under the best of circumstances, but it would be easier to handle than 'hello, you have the flu' or 'look, i killed your plant!'. Though— death to plant is better than death to you. Certainly.

Taine takes a few moments to be silent, pulling his hand away from her as she draws the sheet back up. Okay, no touchy right now. But he doesn't pull away fully, or try to get off the bed. It doesn't seem to connect at first, though.

"She gave you a list of people involved?" Why wouldn't they go to the real good guys or something, if they were bad people involved? But— from the sound of it, that's not what they're planning on doing.

"Someone needs to know what? What exactly did you— " The first time was an accident. He trails off.

"Yeah. A list. So I could…" she says quietly. "So that I could be aware of who was out there doing this to people.


"I don't want to do this. But if I don't get to them first, then how many people are gonna die? I mean, like I said before. The could use my ability to kill millions. Maybe even billions."

Again, she hesitates before going on. This isn't something she intended to tell him; when Erin meets his eyes, her own are guilty. Worried. Pained. "The first time, I was trying to get away. I know exactly what I did to the girl. By the time I tried to fix it, they'd already shot me, 'n my power was just gone. I know she died. I saw the look on her face. She was terrified. I'll never forget it."

She mentioned a second time, though. "After you do it once… It's not… It wasn't as hard the second time. And I knew that this was one of the bastards that would sell me as a weapon if he got me. I broke into his house, and I…" Killed? Murdered? "Assassinated him. He won't be able to hurt anyone anymore."

This is one of those times that Taine really wishes he had a script writer. What does someone say to that, really? It wasn't an accident, she wasn't being attacked by anyone at the time. She broke into someone's house

And killed them.

As she might have expected, he pulls away a bit, physically, laying back on the bed and looking up at the ceiling. No move is made to get off the bed, or put clothes on, or storm out, but his hand no longer hovers nearby, and he isn't rolled on his side where he can face her, either.

It takes a few moments until he can find words, "Can't you … give then a disease that makes then harmless but not… I mean like there's diseases that make people blind, right? That make them unable to walk, or mute? You wouldn't…" he trails off. It doesn't look like she wants to kill them…

Erin lets him pull away. She doesn't give him an indignant or hurt look, she just continues staring at her hands. "It's a war, Taine. A just war." She's had a lot of time to think about this. "They started it, and if someone doesn't stop it, then a lot of people are going to die. I didn't sign up for it, but I'm in it. And there is no fucking way I'm going to let them hurt you, or Beth. Even Janet. I mean, she's being an ass right now, but she's family." And maybe Janet will thank Erin one day. Who knows? Erin's voice briefly takes on a note of determination when she adds, "I've thought about it, and I don't see how it's wrong. It's … hard to do. But if it means taking care of you, I'll do it." There's a pause, then, "I can't get away from this superhero crap, even when I'm not on set.

At least she thinks she's a hero, and not a villain.

At Taine's suggestion, Erin kind of freezes, eyes staring straight ahead. Why the hell didn't she think of that? She could have done that all along, and it would have been just as effective! "Yeah… yeah," she says. "I can." And if she makes another mistake - like she almost did with Cody Baker - it's easier to fix.

Still, she doesn't sound thrilled or excited about the prospect. "I wouldn't do this if there was another way. But me and Tracy, we are the heroes now. I know. It's stupid. If someone's not there on the front line, though… I don't even want to…"

"There are probably other ways to stop them, too," Taine says, though his voice sounds unusually cautious. He knows how dangerous his girlfriend is, and this is just another tick in the 'she could kill you if you piss her off' category. But he's not taking the chance to run away, so hopefully she takes that as a good sign. "I'm not saying you're right— or wrong either. I just don't think it's… You don't seem to think it's actually heroic, for one. You wouldn't be worried about me running out of the room if you did think it was heroic."

And in his mind, it doesn't seem to be. Which may not be a good mark in his category. "But I am glad you told me. But next time… maybe you should do something to make them not a threat… You know without actually killing them."

Though depending on how she does it, they could hold a grudge for the rest of their lives, too… It's like a soap opera plot. But then in a soap opera the person she killed might come back to haunt her…

Erin can pick up on Taine's trepidation. She was prepared for it. As volatile as she can be, she really has changed since she met Taine — for the better, she hopes. "I'm glad you're still here," she says quietly. "And … I would never do anything to hurt you." Well, she has, and probably will again, but this is the serious stuff. Like murder. "I care about the people around me, though, and that's… well, it's your fault, Taine. Not that that's a bad thing. But it could be one death to save thousands."

She'll try it his way. In fact, she nods. It'll take some doing, but she's sure she can come up with something. "Do you want me to go now?"

One death to save thousands? Taine doesn't know what to say to that, really. How can you really ever know if one death can save thousands? It could also destroy thousands… Which thousands are more important? It's a good thing she asks a question afterward, so he doesn't need to try to find something good to say in that. Bigger picture is never what Taine's been focused on. He's more personally focused than that—

Which becomes clear when he responds to her question and immediately reaches to tug on the sheet covering her. "Are you kidding? The only place I want you for a while is right here. Maybe in there too— " he motions his head toward the bathroom. "If you wanted to take a shower."

Is that all he thinks about these days? No, but it's nice to have it…

"In all seriousness… No, I don't want you to go anywhere."

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