2010-01-15: Pinky And The Brain



Date: January 14, 2010


Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Well, I think so, Brain, but I can't memorize a whole opera in Yiddish.

"Pinky And The Brain"

NYC - A Bus Stop

If there's anything that annoys Matt more than waiting aimlessly for something to happen, it's waiting impatiently for a specific thing to happen. Getting the family back together… a broken family in certain important ways, but maybe he'll get to pretend that things are normal and happy for a little while. But things can't be set up until tomorrow morning at the earliest. Well, he may as well go out and pick up a couple things he forgot the last time. He's just walking out of a convenience store near the motel, taking off a pair of sunglasses as the indoor lighting gives way to little more than a streetlamp here and there.

And outside of the convenience store Jo stands in her thigh-high three inch pointed heel black boots. A pink snakeskin-print mini skirt barely covers her butt (and her other incidentals) and her lacy black tank exposes her rather enhanced cleavage (thank you Wonder bra!). A red pleather coat falls midback to keep the girl warm. Her hair is teased into a thick mass of brown burls on the top of her head, and her makeup is plastered on her face in an almost unrecognizable way. Yes, Jo is dressed like a prostitute. It certainly beats the mime gig. "Heeeeey baby!!" she manages with a flirtatious grin. "Gonna take me home tonight?!" Her thoughts mirror her words: Come on, BABY. Let's leave this joint together. Make my dreams come true…

Sitting on a bench at the bus stop there's a familiar blonde head, when the prostie starts her schpeil in trying to hook up with the man coming out of the convenience store she just smirks and shakes her head. Then the jaunty tune of jingle bells begins to sound through the whistle of her chapstick'd lips. Her face is unrecognizable only because of the giant purple bruise on the side of her face. Courtesy of Mister Last Night. And boy what a night. The visions dancing in her head are those of a long haired Fabio look alike with almost cartoon proportions.

Of course Matt is listening tonight, you never know who might be working for the government after all. Case in point, this alleged hooker here, who for some reason is not thinking Come on, stupid, pay me and let's get it over with. It's only the distraction of Cody's battered appearance that keeps him from thinking about that too carefully, merely dismissing Jo with a muttered 'no thanks' before he changes direction and heads over toward the blonde. "Fight with the boyfriend?" he asks, while trying to figure out where he's seen her before.

"Come on, you know you want a date!" Jo calls after the police officer as she continues to chew her gum. Just need to get in the car with you tonight. She reaches down to her boot and unzips it to the calf. They must not be very comfortable… or something. Just need to get my… Where the hell is Teddy anyways?! Stupid kid. She reaches her hand down her thigh.

Giving Matt a surprised look, as though she didn't see him or notice him coming closer to her, she gives him a raised eyebrow and shrugs somewhat. "What makes you say that?" She asks innocently, then Max's face becomes predominant in her thoughts before she quickly recovers and begins to think about the Fabio look alike again. Fuck… Fuck… fuck…. The string of mental swears could mean anything, unfortunately in this case, it means she might ahve slipped up and given the face of one of her team members. "It was a customer, I work in a really dangerous field." Hot dog cart… hot dog cart… workin' at the hot dog stand… The little sing song travels through her brain.

He isn't sure what's going on yet, but it's clear enough to Matt that there's a serious disconnect between Cody's words and thoughts. It's the same way with a lot of people, but usually what they're keeping to themselves is at least understandable. Insults and annoyances that they don't feel like voicing out loud, that sort of thing. Jo's thoughts are less obviously a matter of concern, so he stays focused on the one that he's closer to.

"Yeah, a lot of places are dangerous these days," he offers. "I can see you home if you want, I got some time to kill tonight anyway." Will he come off as a stalker or a lecher? Well, he'll find out in a second.

"Uhhh…" Cody's good eye narrows at the man, a little suspiciously and she licks her lips slowly before she looks down at her watch. The bus will be here any second… is he serious? "The bus will be here any second now, I don't want you to go out of your way or anything." Slowly, she reaches into her jacket and pulls out a chocolate bar. Unwrapping it carefully, she takes a bite from it and closes her eyes as the euphoria of the candy wells through her mouth and then down her throat. Nothing like a little chocogasm to keep your mind of the more serious things.

That would be a yes, then. And the thing with the different faces— well, she might just be trying to block out the memory of the abusive boyfriend's face. Yeah, that seems to make the most sense. Matt checks the bus schedule… oh, great, his won't be here for another fifteen minutes, which probably means Miss November over there is gonna try to glom on to him some more. Well, at least it might take his mind off his ex for a few minutes…

When Cody talks about the bus, the prostitute zips up her boot, Teddy is good for something, After a few moments, the prostitute strolls up to the pair waiting for the bus with her hands held behind her back. "Heeeeey Sugar! You sure you don't want a date…?" She gets nice and close this time, sidling up to the cop as quickly as possible. She steps behind the cop and attempts to plunge the hypodermic needle she'd extracted from her boot into Matt's neck while using her handy-dandy taser (aptly named Teddy) to deliver the a shock to her victim.

Matt turns toward Jo and starts to answer. "Look, I'm flatt—" Oh, crap. C'mon, he already has marks on his neck from the Company's bag-and-tag, he doesn't need more! He backs up and dodges just far enough for the needle to miss, but the taser still hits squarely, causing him to double over.

Leave me alone! he projects toward her, but he can already hear his telepathic voice starting to break down into an incoherent static fuzz. Whether he's well and truly screwed now probably depends on whether Cody proves to be friend or foe.

Dizzily, the prostitute takes a step away from Matt, her grip almost lazily loosening on the needle. She staggers and takes another step backwards. The telepathic message did its part to get rid of the fake-prostitute. Or, at least, it pushes her momentarily from her target.

"Holy shit lady! What the fuck?!" Cody jumps up from her seat and back away from the two of them, discreetly taking a gun out of her jacket, the same one she pulled the candy bar from. Oh shit shit… shit shit shit… The gun is already fitted with a silencer, a precaution always taken by the woman when out in the field. Fwip Fwip Two darts land squarely on the man, one in the plush of his jacket collar, the other in his neck. This time? The woman proved a foe, whether or not he was conscious to see it or not… that is another matter. A black van slides very quickly up to the curb and four men clad in suits jump out and bag the man's head. "Someone grab Scott, I think he got her." Cody's calm voice sounds as she slowly twists the silencer off of the muzzle of her glock.

Matt is turned the wrong way to see who followed up on the assault, and by the time Cody pipes up the second time, he's already out. Any biting comments he might throw her way will have to wait until later.

And Jo is assured into the car by Agent Smith, still looking mildly confused. She's not touching Matt because psychically she knows not to. When Cody relays the story to her later, she probably won't even believe it.

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