Pitter Patter


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Summary: When writing an angsty scene, remember to kill yourself laughing OOCly.

Date It Happened: August 20th, 2008

Pitter Patter

Random IC Room Somewhere

<OOC> Nathan says, "Oh Jack. :("
<OOC> Jack says, "I know. :("
<OOC> Cyprus says, "Pitter patter go the hearts of teen girl slashficcers across the nation."
<OOC> Jack cackles.
<OOC> Nathan says, "Oh if only."
<OOC> Jack says, "Oh God."
<OOC> Jack says, "I just had a terrifying thought."
<OOC> Nathan says, "…yeah?"
<OOC> Cyprus says, "Oh, you know this would be rewritten by slashficcers as some horrible love triangle!"
<OOC> Jack says, "I wonder if anyone from here has written that on their off-aksjdfhkjwe"
<OOC> Jack says, "WHAT HE SAID."
<OOC> Nathan /cackles/.
<OOC> Nathan says, "I'd feel /honoured/, damnit."
<OOC> Jack says, "Depends on who's writing it."
<OOC> Jack smirks.
<OOC> Nathan says, "……"
<OOC> Cyprus says, "Logan / Cyprus vs. Jack / Nathan."
<OOC> Nathan cackles.
<OOC> Jack is a pitcher, not a catcher.
<OOC> Nathan says, "/Hey/."
<OOC> Jack dying.
<OOC> Nathan tops.
<OOC> Cyprus says, "Come on, Nathan and Jack are OTP."
<OOC> Nathan says, "Wait, height rule."
<OOC> Jack says, "What, you mean like reverse cowgirl?"
<OOC> Nathan says, "Fuckin' height rule."
<OOC> Nathan goes back to POSING OKAY.
<OOC> Cyprus says, "Raza Jaffrey is 6' even."
<OOC> Jack says, "I'm just. Man. The thing is, Cyprus, the facemorphing thing where you take two pictures and combine them to see what a baby would look like?"
<OOC> Jack says, "Nate and I make beautiful mankids."
<OOC> Nathan /dies/.
<OOC> Nathan says, "So does Lach and me."
<OOC> Nathan says, "Jessica and I? NO. OH GOD NO."
<OOC> Jack says, "Oh Jesus, I know. That thing belonged on the cover of the Enquirer."
<OOC> Cyprus fears the Logan & Cyprus manbaby.
<OOC> Nathan is meant to be writing a highly emotional scene.
<OOC> Jack giggles.
<OOC> Cyprus says, "To make the teenaged girl slashficcers hearts go pitter patter."
<OOC> Nathan JKGYYU&C$^D*
<OOC> Jack /dying/.
<OOC> Nathan just LAUGHS AND LAUGHS. Okay goddamn, gonna get a drink to reboot myself.
<OOC> Jack says, "The great thing is, when Nate does that, he's actually spazzing out."
<OOC> Nathan says, "I /hate you/."
<OOC> Nathan says, "YES"
<OOC> Cyprus can just picture the line 'Dammit, Jack! I need you!' getting thrown in there. And the girls faint.
<OOC> Jack weeps.
<OOC> Jack just weeps.
<IC-Radio> The last song fades, crossing into: "Tell Her About It" by Billy Joel
<OOC> Cyprus says, "Sing it, Billy."
<OOC> Nathan SOB.
<OOC> Nathan says, "Yeah you can forget a pose for about five more minutes, need to deal with this laughing fit."
<OOC> Cyprus quiets so Nathan can actually write his pose so we can finish this scene and he can SLEEP. It's bloody 7:30 AM.
Nathan smooches Jack??!!?!??!!
<OOC> Nathan says, "there"
<OOC> Nathan says, "work with it"
<IC-Radio> Jack calls up IC Radio. "Hello? Yeah. Long time listener, first time caller. I want to request a song for my… friend. Mariah Carey's 'Boy (I Need You).' Yeah, thanks. This one goes out to you, Nathan."
<OOC> Nathan writes forpo345nb4gyoeasgfcofd
<OOC> Nathan falls off chair.
<OOC> Jack dying so dead dying.
<DF-Saints> Dark Angel Elena says, "……………"
<DF-Saints> Dark Angel Elena says, "……"
<DF-Saints> Naet <3 Cup Nathan JHYRFY&I%E$%&YU
<DF-Saints> Dark Angel Elena says, "LOL"
<DF-Saints> Dark Angel Elena says, "WHAT."
<DF-Saints> Julian weeps!
<DF-Saints> Naet <3 Cup Nathan O*&(VBO^*%^*$D#XF
<DF-Saints> Julian just. fucking. loses it.
<OOC> Cyprus needs… air…
<DF-Saints> Dark Angel Elena says, "WHAT A THING TO LOG INTO"
<DF-Saints> Dark Angel Elena says, "What am I missing???"
<DF-Saints> Naet <3 Cup Nathan shrieklaughter. OMG JACK.
<DF-Saints> Naet <3 Cup Nathan says, "RAMPANT SLASH"
<DF-Saints> Julian says, "ILU NATE DOGG"
<DF-Saints> Naet <3 Cup Nathan says, "ILU2 MAN"
<DF-Saints> Julian says, "I NEED U"
<DF-Saints> Dark Angel Elena says, "I. I. I."
<DF-Saints> Dark Angel Elena quits :(
<OOC> Nathan takes shaky breaths, writes pose.

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