2007-07-21: Pizza And Cupid


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Summary: Brad has his first date with Andrea and reveals a little more about himself.

Date It Happened: July 21th, 2007

Pizza and Cupid

Famous Vito's Pizza

It is a nice afternoon and Famous Vito's Pizza does not have many customers today. Andrea is leaning against the wall near the door in a blue and yellow striped sundress along with some brown suede boots and her handbag on her shoulder. She is checking her phone and looking at the door every few seconds. She seems to be anxious. Her feet tap lightly on the floor and her hair is wavy and down to her shoulders today.

The sounds of footsteps racing along the sidewalk can be heard throughout the East Village as Brad tries his best to be punctual for his date. His heart continues to race as he grabs the door of the pizzeria, while all kinds of thoughts run through his head. He wonders if he is making a bad decision meeting with a woman that bares certain marks on her neck but does his best to push those thoughts to the back of his mind. He opens the door and sees Andrea standing there in a sundress and all of his negative thoughts disappear. He smiles as he walks up to her and gives her a hug, noticing that his attire is a bit more formal than anyone else is in the restaurant. "Hey there, beautiful," he says with a suave smile as he pushes a lock of her hair behind her ear, "You hungry?"

"Am I?" Andrea smiles up at Brad and nods her head. She starts to walk over to a table, "How’s work been," she winks at Brad and grabs his hand. Andrea is really letting her guard down around him, but she seems to like him a lot already. Her booted feet hardly make a noise on the floor.

Brad is happily guided to the table and flinches a little when he is asked about work, "Work is work, collating, copying, paper stuff," he says with a shrug. He pulls out Andrea's chair, making sure that she is seated before him and then takes off his jacket and slings it over the back of his chair before he sits down. He smiles at Andrea across the table, "So what sounds good?" he asks as he opens up the menu to look over the fare, "I'll do anything, but mushrooms or pineapple." He summons a waitress for the drink orders while the two of them go over the menu.

Andrea gaps at Brad, "How can you not love pineapples?!" she laughs and looks at the menu. "Ok, then why don't we go with pepperoni?" She cocks her head and grins at Brad. "How many relationships have you been in?" Leave it to Andrea to start the conversation of Exes. She moves her finger in a circular motion on the table surface.

Brad chuckles, "Well, pineapple kinda makes me stop breathing," he says with a grin, "Pepperoni sounds fine, never had any reaction to it." His smile fades away and is replaced by a dark red blush, "Umm, actually, I've only had one girlfriend," he replies, looking slightly embarrassed. He beckons the waitress back over to the table and orders a large pepperoni pizza and a side order of bread sticks, while trying to re-compose himself. "I was in college and things just didn't work out," he says, rolling his sleeves up so that he doesn't have to make immediate eye contact with Andrea. Once he has folded the cuffs of his sleeves up to his elbows he smiles nervously back at her, "What about you, how many relationships have you been in?" Honestly this isn't a question that a guy normally asks, mostly because they really don't want the answer, but Brad is a firm believer in turn about being fair play.

“Ah, I'm sorry to hear that. Well not really but you know what I mean," she sips her root beer that the waitress just brought to her and she looks at Brad, "Um well, I think it's been around to ten or so. Not all were really serious, but one" she winces a little as she thinks of her ex Tommy Hawker." The last one didn't end well" she says quietly and then tries to brighten back up. "Well what else has been going on? Anything interesting been happening?" Andrea is going to try her best to get away from the talk of previous relationships. Not knowing why she even went there.

Brad plunges his straw into his root beer as well and takes a drink before answering, "Nothing really interesting, the paper company is still the paper company, although I taught my fish how to stay," he chuckles. He is also relieved that the conversation has taken a drastic turn away from former exes. He swirls his straw in the fizzing drink and asks, "How about you? There has to be something interesting going on in your life." Just as he says that a young woman delivers a basket of bread sticks to the table and informs the two that there pizza will be out shortly. He smiles over at Drea and starts to rub her booted foot with his shiny black dress shoes.

"Well, if you can call this interesting and not weird. I woke up last week in Central Park, after missing for four days and now I have these mysterious marks on my neck and I have no memory of what happened during those last four days," Andrea admits and rubs Brad's foot back. Looks like this is becoming a regular thing for the two. She takes a bread stick and bites into it. Drea licks her lips and smiles sheepishly at Brad. Maybe she should have left that story for another time. Don't want to freak him out!

Brad does a spit take over his shoulder, creating a small puddle on the floor, when he hears her story about the park, his eyes dart back and forth as he tries to think of something to say, "Guess you shouldn't go out partying anymore." Nervous doesn't even begin to describe how he looks, the expression on his face is more like a deer caught in headlights. He can feel his heartbeat faster, not only has this woman been bagged and tagged but she has been wiped as well, and he wonders what kind of trouble he has gotten himself into. He quickly stuffs a bread stick in his mouth, so that if anything dumb were to come out it would be blocked. He slowly swallows and strains a smile back at Andrea, "So, umm, other than that, you've had a pretty normal week?” it doesn't really sound like he is asking as much as coaxing her into saying yes.

"I wasn't partying that's the thing. I was just going for a walk. Is everything ok Brad?" she notices the way that Brad is acting and an eyebrow raises. He isn't getting off that easy. "You seem a little nervous for some reason," Andrea leans forward and touches Brad's hand. Not in a hostile way. She has no reason to suspect Brad of anything, why would she? She doesn't remember a thing.

Brad shakes his head, "No, I'm fine," he stutters, placing his other hand over hers, at least he's fine until his superiors find out who he is on a date with. He recomposes and smiles at Andrea, "Maybe it was nothing," he says then smiles when the waitress drops off the pizza. Oh thank God, food, he thinks to himself before slapping a big greasy slice down on Andrea's plate, "It looks good," he says, picking off a piece of pepperoni before getting his own slice. He takes another drink to quench his dry mouth and then takes a bite, letting a rope of cheese stretch from his slice.

Andrea shakes her head but then decides to drop it as the pizza arrives. She takes a big bite of her slice and nods in agreement, "Good also," she smiles and looks to Brad, "This is only our second time meeting but, I think I am really starting to like you," she looks sheepish and nibbles more at her pizza.

Brad grins, "Well the feeling his mutual," he says as she starts to go back to the rousing game of footsie underneath the table. He must like this girl, after all he is risking everything he has to be with her not that she needs to know that. He tries to keep his mind from wandering to far away from the table, "So any luck in the job search?" he asks while wiping a spot of sauce off the corner of her mouth, recalling that she had mentioned that she was no longer a member of the temp agency. He figures it might be a sore subject, but anything is better than discussing the marks on her neck.

"Sadly no. I'm thinking of going on a hunt tomorrow for some jobs. I'll see what I can come up with. I'm glad that you feel the same way," Andrea says and sips her root beer and grins at Brad. "I'm not really worried about a job, until well, my money starts to run low," she laughs and runs a hand through her hair.

Brad nods, "Well I'm sure with your skills you'll be able to find something, quick," he says, "Besides most employers will take one look at your pretty face and hire you on the spot." Smooth. He takes another bite of his pizza and winks at Andrea right before he says, "Just don't settle on the first thing or you'll end up trapped in a paper company like me." He really doesn't like lying to her, but what choice does he really have, the truth could likely get them both locked up or even worse. He shakes his head, trying to escape all of the possibilities of things that could happen. His foot lightly presses down on hers and he chuckles, "Unless you want to be bored out of your skull on a daily basis."

"I'm sure they will hire me for my pretty face," she winks at Brad and then shakes her head very fast, "No boring for me please! I couldn't take working at a paper company. I think it would be /real/ boring," Andrea bites her pizza and rubs up Brad's leg with her foot, "No offense to you of course."

"It does get monotonous after awhile, I couldn't see you working there," he says with a suave tone in his voice as he feels Andrea's foot rub against his leg. His eyes almost seem to glow as he returns the favor and rubs his foot along her calf and feeds her a pepperoni from his piece. He can't tell if his heart is racing because a pretty woman is actually flirting back with him or if it is because he knows more than he really should. "So there aren't any crazy brothers or ex-boyfriends I have to worry about, is there?" he asks, half jokingly half not.

"Well, not a crazy ex just a persistent one. Tommy Hawker just still likes me, that's all. I don't talk to him that often so no worries", she eats the pepperoni and then rather seductively sucks on Brad's finger before letting go. Andrea winks and licks her lips. She enjoys flirting with Brad. He is a fun guy to be around. She doesn't sense that he is keeping anything from her. Poor Drea.

Poor Drea? Brad isn't a big fan of lying, but he is even less of a fan of execution or whatever punishment his bosses would dole out to him. "Well I think I can handle that," he says with a smile and a deep crimson blush as Andrea suckles on his finger. His Adam's apple jumps as he almost swallows his tongue, "Erm, well, hmm," he stumbles, then takes her hands into his with a sly smile, "I think this is the beginning of something good." His palms are slightly sweaty from embarrassment and arousal, but he tries his best to remain very Don Juan.

"I think this is a very good start of something great," she speaks quietly and winks at Brad. She eats another piece of pizza and looks at Brad, "I just haven't really had time for guys lately and now I do. So it is convenient that all this is happening now," Andrea pushes away her plate and looks at Brad.

Brad pushes his plate away as well and leans across the table and with a little hesitation he lifts up Andrea's hand and kisses it on her knuckles. He smiles back up at her and winks, "Well my job keeps me coming and going, but I figure if I don't try to make something happen, it never will." With a charming smile he bats his eyes slightly at her and remarks, "I'm glad I'm convenient," followed up with a light chuckle to indicate that he was only joking.

Andrea takes the moment to lean forward and kiss Brad. She likes the smell of him and grips his hand softly as she they kiss. Her eyes close and she is freakin' HEAVEN!

Brad's breathing patterns slow down as he feels Andrea's lips connect with his and his eyes lid halfway. His fingers entwine with hers as he feels her soft lips press against his, tasting the root beer and pizza that the both of them had eaten. But just as quickly as the kiss started, it ends, as Brad pulls his head back and smiles, "Maybe we should slow down a little." It isn't that he didn't enjoy the kiss, but the idea of Andrea getting hurt because of him runs through his head, of course he has a great story. "It's just, well, I don't, umm," he stutters building up his cover, "I've never really gotten much further than this with any girl," he says in an embarrassed whisper. Virginity, because the best lies are the ones that make you look like a fool. He looks up at Andrea with puppy dog eyes and red tinted cheeks, "I just don't want to screw it up."

"Don't worry about 'screwing' it up," Andrea smiles warmly at Brad. He is such a gentleman. "I can take it slow," she says and her voice is tinted now with a slight Canadian accent. She holds Brad's hand and licks her lips. That was kiss was good.

Brad flags down the waitress and hands her a credit card to take care of the check, then turns his attention back to Andrea, "Thanks," he says, still obviously embarrassed. When the waitress returns he signs his copy and slides it over to he side of the table. The kiss was good and the huge grin stretched across his face is a good indication of that along with the sweaty palms that he just rubbed across his slacks. "So is there anything else you want to do this evening or do you want to call it a night until next time?"

Andrea grins at Brad and as much as she wants to do the 'Thang' she must get up early in the morning to go job hunting. "Thanks for the meal and do you want to walk me home?" she stands and takes her handbag. She smiles again as she remembers the kiss the two just shared.

Brad nods and stands up before slinging his tailored jacket over his shoulder and walking around to Andrea's chair to help her up. "Of course I will, it would be wrong from me not to," he says with a look of pure delight across his face. He escorts the young woman to the door and opens it up for her, he may be a lot of things, but rude isn't one of them.

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