2007-11-04: Pizza For Power


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Summary: When Niki returns from cleaning up her mess, she finds Peter and the boys playing a riveting game of Battleship. Battleship is abandoned, and soon there will be pizza. And while Peter is treating the boys, plus older woman to pizza, he's not technically doing it for free.

Date It Happened: November 4, 2007

Pizza For Power

Peter Petrelli's Apartment

A few hours alone with kids, and in the end of that run the three of them sit in the living area in separate chairs, playing a game of battleship. Which is traditionally only a two player game, so technically it's Peter versus the two boys. And things are not looking good for him at all. Down to a single ship, he's only managed to sink two of theirs. After a moment, he calls out coordinates, hoping to lay down a peg that isn't white on their half of the board for a change.

It's that last ship that's being elusive for Micah to find. Why couldn't it be Electronic Battleship? But Peter's callout make him frown. "Hit." He places a peg on his own ship to note the hit. My turn! "What do you think, Cam?" he asks, looking at all the spots on the board that they haven't hit yet.

Cam considers the board, absently scratching his shoulder about where, Micah at least would know, is at the very edge of the healing burn. His thoughts are all on the board, though. He points, "We haven't tried one here."

The scratch of metal on metal precedes Niki's borrowed key turning in the lock and the door to Peter's apartment opening slowly. She's slightly worse for the wear than earlier, which, given what she's been doing, isn't surprising; it should be surprising that she's as put-together as she is. Her hair has been pulled back into a ponytail away from her face since the hours before, but it's loosened, and blonde wisps frame her face. A heavy-looking purple messenger-style bag is slung over one shoulder; she holds the strap, as she leans against the dor to shut it. She looks… tired. World-weary.

Laying down a red peg on their half of the board, Peter doesn't quite smile, but he does look a little pleased — if also surprised. He can't see where Cam is pointing, but he glances down at his board, to his lone ship that remains intact— and then a key turns in the door not too far away, and a woman returns. "Looks like you're mom— Niki's back," he says, changing it to Niki after a moment, since she's only the mom of one of them. Standing up from his seat, he pulls the board top down a bit, and turns to walk over to her. The boys will find his lone ship happens to be in that very spot Cam was pointing at, should they choose to cheat and look. "Everything go okay?" he asks in a serious and concerned tone.

Micah was just about to call out the square where Cam suggested when they key is heard in the door. "That must be…" It's confirmed though before he finishes. "…Mom!" The game is momentarily forgotten as he starts to head towards and hug her. And he's not going to cheat. Nor does he even look at Peter's board as he passes.

Cam glances towards the other board, and definitely seems tempted, but changes his mind as Micah doesn't. He waves to Niki as Micah runs across the room, smiling, "Hi." He does stand up, but hangs back of course to let Micah greet Niki.

The sight of the boys playing a board game doesn't manage to bring a smile. There's a decidedly deadened quality to Niki's eyes. The quaint picture, if anything, makes her seem more distant. Before she can answer Peter, she's jostled lightly by Micah's hug; she lets the bag slide down her arm onto the floor and wraps an arm around her son, holding him tightly. "As okay as it could've," she tells Peter. Meaning it's done, at least. Meaning she hasn't been arrested yet. Meaning Monica didn't suddenly come home.

With the young boy rushing forward to hug his mother, Peter moves back a little, stepping to the side and putting his hand down on the desk near the laptop that still sits open. His own, not the one that the other boy brought over. "You're back now," he says, trying to sound reassuring, though it seems to be difficult for him at the same time. There's a flicker on the screen, the saver shuts down and web pages begin cycling up as if the computer decided to search for something all on it's own. Or did it?

Pulling back from his mom, Micah smiles brightly. "I'm glad you made it back ok." he says, letting go and taking a few steps back. Steps that bring him far enough to catch a glimpse of the computer doing it's thing. Did he….? Or….it can't be Cam. And he knows it's not his mom. Was it…? Nothing is said just yet. No sense accusing someone he hardly knows before he has concrete proof.

Cam looks up to Niki a moment, and asks, "Everything ok?" Yeah, he's seen her worn out before, but not quite like this. He doesn't notice what's happening to the computer yet, his attention on the people right now.

Niki is in no state of mind to notice the cycling of the webpages on the nearby computer as anything other than pictures on a screen, but she does, immediately, clue in to Micah's expression when he does. She just follows his steps away and holds his shoulder. "Everything's…" Swearing would better fit, what she says is, "Everything's fine." One day, maybe she'll actually mean it. "Oh, I brought you guys some stuff from home."

The webpages keep cycling. At first it looks like they're checking for police reports, but then that collapses in on itself and it shifts to breaking news stories— Peter doesn't really smile, still, but there's no reason to smile right now, except that she's safe and sound and back in the apartment again. "I should probably go out and get some groceries now that you're back. We'll be living off of crackers and canned food, otherwise." And as if on cue, suddenly webpages for online groceries start to come up.

Ok, now that's just not coincidence. "How are you doing that?" Micah asks, eyes now darting between Peter and the computer. Maybe, just maybe, there's another person with an ability like his. That would just be like….awesome. Slowly he starts for the laptop, everything else forgotten. If he gets close enough, he might be able to talk to it and find out who or how it is being controlled.

Cam blinks at Niki's words, "Oh, cool. Did you bring my pills?" He's not taking as powerful painkillers anymore as he used to, but still needs the occasional one. Then he looks to Micah and then the computer, blinking, asking Micah, "You're not doing that?"

"Yeah, they're in there along with some clothes." It's all been shoved in there with no order, obviously a fast job, if one were to peek, but she remembered the important things. Niki follows Micah and Cam's gaze over to the computer screen, realizing — belatedly, once they ask about it — what might be happening. If it's not Micah, then… she's bringing all sorts of things to Peter's doorstep today, isn't she. "Peter… your computer."

Almost as soon as attention is drawn to it, the search stops, leaving open a bunch of grocery store webpages, including delivery options. Peter blinks a few times, looking from the boys and older woman, to the screen and then pulling his hand back cautiously. "I— sorry." Online groceries. Why didn't he think of that while they were all stuck in quarantine? He looks rather bewildered, but the computer has stopped taking direct commands from him. Commands he didn't even realize he was giving. "That's— I sort of absorb the abilities of others. I didn't realize I was doing anything."

Micah blinks at the admission of power, as a grin slowly starts to creep onto his face. "Coooool." Near enough to the laptop, he holds his hand out towards it and closes his eyes for a moment. "It doesn't seem like you accessed anything restricted." Of course, he couldn't get a full reading of everything. "You should be ok. But you gotta be careful." Trust Micah. He knows.

Cam blinks, looking up to Peter, and asks, "You can?" His eyes are wide at the thought, suddenly excited, "Wow, like Rogue, but without knocking people out. Um.. have you frozen anything yet?"

"Yeah, me," Niki interjects, but it can't be too serious, since she actually manages a little grin. "He got mine, too, so I'm pretty sure he can knock people out." Which isn't what Cam meant, but it still applies, right? Niki moves to sink down into the nearest chair that looks remotely comfortable.

"Sort of. I don't need to touch them, though." Either Peter reads comics, or he at least saw the movie. "I'm glad I didn't access anything restricted," he adds, moving away a little though, just incase. He doubts he has the right type of security to avoid getting arrested if he accidently accesses the FBI databse, or something equally secure. "I froze her arm earlier, not… too badly, though." There's a cautious look at Niki, before he adds, "There's a couple ways I could knock people out, but it doesn't hurt you or anything if I get you're ability— I just sometimes have a difficult time controlling them." Two examples just today.

Listening to the explanation, Micah nods. That explains why he didn't remember feeling anything after noticing Peter had his power. "Kinda of like…" he pauses, trying to remember the commercial, "…a Shamwow! Except…you can do it from across a room." And yeah, the power can be tough to handle at first. "Yeah, try not to do too much at first. I could help you." If his mom approve, of course.

Cam blinks, and looks to Niki, "You're ok, right?" Then he blinks, "You got a power?" She didn't mention it the day he and Micah revealed their powers to each other. He looks up to Peter again then and says, "I can't do much more than frostbite… but I make lotsa ice, which makes stuff wet when it melts, so gotta be careful 'bout that." Then he quiets to let Micah help with the other new power.

Despite not looking particularly comfortable - she's still on edge, tired, nerve-wracked, a stomach-twisting combination - Niki does look like she could stay in this chair and never move. She answers Peter's cautious look with a weak smile, which she turns on Cam, reassuring. She gives her lips a faint twist at the end. That would be a yes to Cam's last question. "Guess that makes us all a little weird."

What's a Shamwow? There's a blink from the human power sponge, before he nods. "I guess so." Peter will take his words for that. Until he looks up what that happens to be. Looks like even in quarantine he missed out on infomercials. "Ice powers can be dangerous, but I'm glad I can't cause much more than frostbite." For some reason he's flexing his left hand quite a bit as he says that. "I wouldn't mind learning a few things, and you'll probably have a few hours tonight and tomorrow to teach me, but if I don't go out and get something for you guys to eat I won't be a very good host. Is there anything you want in particular, Niki?"

Yeah, TV. That's what a boy genius lives on when he's not doing homework or computer work. "So you got Cam's power too." Micah grins. "That's cool." Pun intended. He nods to Peter's statement about finding time to learn a few things. But then there's mention of dinner. "I vote pizza!" The delivery kind. Not the homemade kind. Though, his dad isn't here to burn the house down, so it might be okay.

Cam grins as Micah makes his 'vote', and says, "Yeah, me too! Um.. ya can take pain pills with that, right?" Just making sure. He then moves over to Niki and asks, seemingly out of the blue, "Are we in hiding, or will I be going to school tomorrow?"

Niki shakes her head as she lays it against the back of the chair. "All I want is a shower." And to go back in time to this afternoon. Maybe she can ask Peter to do that, too. "With pizza? Of course." She has to smile at Cam, but it's wiped a way one quick moment later by his question. "I'll take you both to school in the morning. We're not hiding, okay?" the tired mother figure says slowly. "We'll go home soon."

"The shower's right through there, in the bathroom," Peter says, gesturing through the opened french doors into the bedroom. Past a dresser with a sectioned mirror, there's a bathroom visible, door open. "I know a pizza place just down the street. I can go pick up something, and a few things to toss in the fridge so I can cook all of you breakfast tomorrow before you go to school." Pizza leftovers is not good breakfast make, in his mind. With that said, he moves toward the coat rack to grab his coat, with keys and wallet, and pulls it on. "What toppings?"

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