2007-02-27: Pizza With A Side Of Horn Rimmed Glasses


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Kitty, the babysitter


Noah delivers! Pizza, that is. In a mission to find Claire, Noah tries to enlist in the help of the old Company Walker System.

Date It Happened: February 27th, 2007

Pizza With a Side of Horn Rimmed Glasses

Mohinder's Apartment

With a New York Yankees cap on, a new windbreaker and his glasses removed, Noah doesn't exactly look himself. That's the idea. He's wearing jeans and a blank white t-shirt in favor of the usual attire. He deliberately does not look around as he arrives at the apartment door, a still warm pizza box with a still warm pizza in it, carried in his hands. He knocks with the back of his hand three times.

"I've got iiiit!" A tiny voice cries through the apartment and Molly goes tearing for the door. Being the good little New Yorker she's trying to be, she doesn't just fling open the door. You've got to be careful in this city! Especially when people may be after you. However, she's not tall enough to look through the peep hole to make sure it's safe, so she does the next best thing: yell through the door. "Who is it?"

"Pizza," Noah says with a slight roll of his eyes. Brilliant guys, let the one person in the apartment who can't see that it's him answer the door. He breathes in deeply and feels the weight of the gun under his jacket. At least the girl is there.

There's a pause on the other side as Molly puzzles that answer over. Turning around, she yells back to the babysitter, "Kitty, did you order pizza?" There's a muffled answer and then the girl turns back to the door with a frown. "I think you've got the wrong apartment! We didn't order anything! The guys across the hallway can't cook, they're probably the ones you want!" Well, mistakes happen. Convinced this ordeal is over, the blonde turns away from still shut and locked door to go back to her own devices.

"Molly, get Mohinder or Parkman," Noah says in a more quiet and urgent voice. Great. The child is asking the cat if it ordered pizza. "Molly, it's okay, you know me."

Molly stops midstep away from the door. Someone just said her name. Through the door. And he knows Matt and Mohinder, too. Slowly, she turns on her heel and stares at the knob, wondering what to do next. Creeping up, she puts her ear to the door. That doesn't really do much, so she cautiously creaks the door open slightly so she can peek through. The chain is still in place. "They're not here," she says through the sliver of open space, peering at the pizza delivery man. "You don't look like anyone I know."

Noah does glance around this time and kneels down, taking off his hat so his face is more visible. "Hey Molly," Noah says with a smile. A father of two, he's much better with children when he doesn't have a gun in their face. "It's Mr. Bennet." He reaches a hand inside his jacket. "I brought you something. Why don't you go tell Mohinder or Matt that I'm here?"

The hat removed and closer, Molly certainly /does/ remember who he is. And remembers the last time that she saw this man. Involuntarily, she takes a step backwards. Even with the smile and the niceties, she can't forget him pointing a gun at her, stopping only when Matt saved her. "What…what do you want?" Right on the heels of her scared question, a voice, decidedly feminine, calls out from the other room. "Molly, what are you doing?" That would be the babysitter.

"I'm not going to hurt you Molly," Noah says in a serious tone. "See?" he says, pulling out a teddy bear with an I Love New York navy blue t-shirt on it. Five dollars at most souvenir shops. "I used to bring my little girl a teddy bear every time I went on a trip." His eyes look past her when he hears a female voice and his hand goes back inside his jacket. "Molly, who's with you in there?" he asks in a low voice.

Molly stares at Noah, the distrust plain in her eyes. It's not so easy to build that back up after trying to kill her. Though the teddy bear does attract her attention, she's not sure why he's here or why he's offering it to her. Is it an apology bear? She stays silent when she's asked the question. Kitty - the babysitter - on the other hand, not hearing from the young girl walks into the room and surveys the situation. "Molly?" Striding over to the door, opens it a bit wider, to the see who it could be that Molly's staring sullenly at. "Yes? Can I help you?" she looks blankly at someone who, to her, is just a pizza delivery man. "I don't think we ordered anything."

Noah looks in confusion at the babysitter, and glances at a receipt that he liberates from his jacket. He reads out the address and apartment number. "ordered by an M. Parkman? Paid with credit card?" Noah looks at the woman helplessy and shrugs. That would be Kitty.

"Mr. Parkman paid for a pizza? That's nice of him." Kitty closes the door only long enough to undo the bolt and then open it fully. "No!" Molly rushes to Kitty's side, to try and stop her, but it's too late the door is open and there's nothing the little girl can do about that. "What's wrong? It's pizza! I bet it's veggie, just like you like." Now that the door is open, the girl stashes herself behind the babysitter's legs, only peeking out to watch Noah very closely. "Molly! What is /wrong/ with you?" She turns back to Noah with and rolls her eyes and a smile. "Don't mind her. Lemme get you a tip."

Good old plain cheese pizza, offensive to basically nobody. Noah nods with a grateful and somewhat subservient smile to Kitty the Babysitter, putting his hat back on his head once he's inside. He also puts his glasses on. Just might need them. "I have a little girl myself. Not so little these days, I guess. She's missing, at the moment," Noah says somberly, with a glance at Molly. Not exactly standard pizza delivery boy chatter, but he's in a rush.

Molly frowns as she watches Noah. When Kitty goes off to go search for a tip, the fifth grader stays rooted to her spot. It's not that she's not a little afraid of Noah, it's that she doesn't know where she could move. The man's speech stirs something, though. Missing family members. That's a subject that will always play at her heartstrings. "Your daughter's missing?" Molly asks in a hushed voice. The glance her way isn't missed at all. Finally, he's getting through to her.

Noah nods quickly, and starts to write something on the receipt he carries. "Molly I don't have a lot of time. I know why you're afraid and I'm sorry. Please believe me when I say I won't hurt you. The men who kept you in that building have done something with my daughter Claire, and I have to find her. Tell Mohinder or Matt as soon as you see them. If you want to help, call this number and help me find my daughter," Noah says. He folds up the receipt and quickly tucks it under a throw rug near the door. He straightens up and waits with his hands in his pockets.

In classic timing Kitty comes back with money just as Noah's finished putting the receipt under the rug. All the man gets out of her is an, "Okay." That might be an okay to helping, to telling Matt and Mohinder…to anything, really. She looks distressed and torn by the situation she's found herself in. "Here you go!" Kitty sing-songs, completely unaware of the little scene that played out while she had her back turned the the pair. She hands over the small wad of cash to Noah - it's a good tip, a little more than twenty percent. Kitty is not stingy. "Thanks so much! Sorry about the wait!"

"Thank you ma'am," Noah says with his brightest smile and a nod of his head, touching the brim of his hat. She may or may not notice he's wearing glasses that weren't there when she left. "Nice to meet you Molly," he says with a nod and smile to the little girl. There is a moment when Kitty isn't looking, that Noah's face loses the friendly expression as he seriously considers knocking her out and getting the answer now. Not knowing is killing him. "Enjoy," Noah says, all bright smiles again as he backs out and closes the door.

Kitty, totally oblivious to the fact that she could be unconscious right now, goes about setting up dinner plates and glasses, opening the pizza box. Molly, having watched Noah the whole time until he finally closes the door, sees the slip into anger on his face. It's that face that scares her; the one he wore that day in Kirby Plaza. Despite that face, a couple of moments after the door is closed, Molly pads over, reopens it and retrieves the receipt that Noah left under the mat. Keeping the door open, she watches the man in the horned rimmed glasses recede down the hallway for a moment before clutching the receipt and quickly shutting the door behind her.

Even though he just left the number with her seconds ago, Noah pulls out the cellphone he gave her the number to and checks that it is on and working. Nothing yet. On his way down the back stairs and out he puts the hat in a garbage can and turns his jacket inside out to a different color. Slouching and keeping his head down, Noah pushes his way outside to disappear into New York.

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