2007-03-24: Plan B


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Summary: Sylar and Kellie make some last-minute preparations before their big night. Later, the three musketeers receive an unexpected guest at the front door, unaware that Sylar is lurking nearby.

Warning: There's some moderate violence in this scene, particularly the first half. It's what happens when two psychopaths get together, really. DEAL WITH IT.

Date It Happened: March 24, 2007

Chapter Three: Destiny - Plan B

Prologue: Sylar's Stolen Apartment, Midtown

With the sun having just slipped behind the horizon, twilight has finally settled on the city of New York. People are heading home, kids are going inside, and night is swiftly and surely taking over the city. In a little apartment over in Midtown West, one person is welcoming the night. Sylar. It's just about time to go kidnap a certain little girl, and Sylar is ready. Very ready. "Kellie," he calls out to the apartment, checking the ammo clip for his gun and sliding it into the grip, using the palm of his hand to smack it into place.

Emerging from the washroom when her name is called, Kellie rights her shirt, smoothing down the hem until it sits nicely over the waistband of her skirt. She's dressed in an outfit about as little like kidnapping clothing as it could possibly be, with her hair curled nicely and her makeup done. She looks painfully normal, considering their intentions for the evening. "So. How do I look?" she quips jokingly, holding her hands out to either side. "Like a stealthy kidnapper?"

Compared to Sylar's outfit of black jeans, a black tanktop, and a black shirt to go over that, when he sees Kellie's outfit, he almost has to do a double-take. ".. Really," the killer says, taking his gun and sliding it into the back of his jeans, pulling his jacket down over it so its concealed. "What do you plan on doing? Walk up to them, smile sweetly, and just ask for the girl?" Sylar shakes his head, letting out a deep breath, and thinks for a moment. "No— no. You're going to have to do something that will make them let you in the moment they see you."

Rolling her eyes melodramatically at Sylar's disbelief, Kellie drops her hands to her sides, heaving a sigh of frustration. "Obviously," she snaps with a scowl, disappointed that he even imagined to take her seriously. "You really aren't any fun, Gabriel. Still…" She tilts her head to one side, watching him with a lazy smirk, winding a curl around her finger as she approaches him. "What did you have in mind?"

"We're not here to have fun," Sylar responds, double-checking that his weapon is in his jeans, and that he has everything he needs. He then moves to the door, looking out the peephole, before turning back to Kellie. He crosses his arms, looking at her, and takes a moment to think. ".. Yes," he says, a slow smile spreading across his face as something that dawns on him, "I think that will work perfectly, as a matter of fact." He takes a few steps forward, uncrossing his arms, and approaches Kellie with that same smile on his face. "I'm going to have to hit you. A lot."

"I was hoping you'd say that." …really? That's what Kellie thinks of Sylar's plan? "Gosh, Gabriel, I really hope you can hit me hard enough," she chirps in a feigned kind of concern, her eyes wide and blinking. "I mean, it's got to look believable, doesn't it? Are you sure your touch isn't a little too light?" Is she trying to have him kill her before they even get out the door? Circling around him in a slow arc, Kellie adopts a mischievous smile, watching him out of the corner of her eye. "Come on, then, Sylar. Hit me."

"Oh?" the killer says, focused completely on Kellie. He doesn't say anything after that and just listens to Kellie as she speaks, becoming increasingly irate with the woman as she circles him. He finally snaps when she says to hit him, and he does. He raises his arm, and while she's circling around, plants his elbow right into her nose. "Is that hard enough for you?" he snaps at her, turning around on the spot and raising his arm again, bringing the back of his hand down across her face. Hard.

The second hit is enough to knock her to the floor, and Kellie lands on her knees, hands splayed on the floor beneath her. She remains this way for a few seconds, breathing heavily, her face obscured by her dark hair as it tumbles over her shoulders. Slowly, she turns her head to look back up to Sylar, a wicked grin on her face despite the blood flowing freely from her nose. "I barely felt a thing," she chimes back, her voice lyrical and mocking. "Is that all you've got, Gabriel?"

After the second hit, Sylar pauses, taking his time to deliver the next one. After all, he might not need to deliver anymore… but that doesn't seem to be the case. Sylar closes his eyes, tensing his neck and turning his head sideways as Kellie mocks him. He takes another deep breath, and his eyes snap open, his head turning quickly to make eye contact with her. The look on his face? Murderous. He brings his leg back, bent at the knee, and then swings his foot forward, kicking her straight in the upper chest, near her neck.

Once more, the force of the blow sends her reeling backwards, and Kellie finds herself partway across the floor of the living room. Her smirk never fades, even when a deep red mark blossoms over her chest where Sylar kicked her, certain to become a considerable bruise later. Slowly, she rises to her feet, leaning against the wall for support. She tips her head back, barely a hair out of place despite the abuse she's suffered from her partner in crime. "That's better," she purrs, her breathing somewhat laboured now from the blow to the chest. It could be worse. "Think it's enough, or do I still look too put-together for the good doctor?"

Sylar can't help but smirk himself when Kellie goes reeling backwards, and he follows her across the living rom, taking his time so she's able to stand up. "Oh, /that's/ better?" he says to Kellie, reaching an arm out towards her. Once he's close enough, he grabs her shirt, and jerks her forward— ripping her shirt in the process. "Not enough," he says, and he raises his arm one, final time. He brings it down, suddenly, directly across her face again, after which he lets go of her shirt. If she remains standing, all the more power to her. If she falls, he's most certainly not helping her up.

As it turns out, Kellie does not require Sylar's aid in standing up, though the final strike does knock her back to the floor again with a sickening thud as her arms break her fall. Her shirt is blood-stained and torn, and she runs her hands through her hair several times to help muss it up a little more. "Perfect," she decides, harboring no resentment for Sylar, even if he's responsible for the bruises marking her body and her broken nose. "Let's go." She grips the edge of the sofa to pull herself up to her feet, resisting the urge to try and stem the bleeding from her nose as she makes her way across the apartment, towards the front door.

Mohinder Suresh's Apartment, Brooklyn

The evening is wearing on and the normal sounds of domesticity flood from the apartment of the three Ms - Matt, Molly and Mohinder. The three have just finished dinner and now it's time for cleaning up and getting ready for the evening. Like the good little girl that she is, she's stacking up plates and carrying them over to the sink so that she can help wash them. As this is a messy job, she's donned her apron again - cute bunnies abound! - in hopes that it will soak up any soapy water or bits of food left behind on the plates. The sink is slowly filling with warm water and Molly grabs a step stool so that she's tall enough to not have to stretch in order to scrub.

Mohinder cooked, which means Matt is on dish-duty with the ever-so-helpful Molly. He stands with his back to the counter, leaning against it slightly as he holds a dishtowel. He's drying tonight. "So," he says with a short cough to clear his throat. "How was school today?" Time to check in, girly.

'They gave me more responsibility today,' Mohinder thinks for Matt's benefit. Oh the joys of living with a telepath and the sneaky sharing of information without disturbing Molly. He busies himself with finishing the clearing of the table to help cover the silence. "Didn't you have a science test too?," he calls out, even as his mind wanders back to the file Bob handed him.

Disrupting this moment of sweet little domestic bliss is a strangled cry of pain and fear, muffled by the walls, followed closely by a hollow thud against the front door. It isn't at all like a knock, in that it comes once and is entirely too loud to have been someone's fist. The way the door shakes in its frame might suggest that someone had fallen against it. For a few seconds, there is total silence from the other side of the door, though if someone were to listen closely, they might hear a quiet sobbing coming from the other side.

Finally, there comes a loud rapping at the door, followed by a childish and frightened voice that haltingly calls through the door, "H-help me! Please, oh— god, please help me!"

Plunging her hands right into the water, Molly fishes around and grabs a fistful of silverware. Sponge in one hand dripping soapy bubbles back into the sink, she starts to scrub away at the dirty forks and knives. "It was gooood," Molly hems a little. Her teacher caught her sleeping at her desk again, but she's hoping that she hasn't told Matt /or/ Mohinder about that yet. Turning her head to answer Mohinder, she calls out. "Uh-huuh. I think I aced it!" she says proudly. The thud and the rapping on the door startles Molly and the slick silverware slips right out of her fingers and into the sink with a crash. As both Matt and Mohinder are here, she lets them go answer the door as it's really their job to deal with crying girl voices.

As a sort of courtesy for his roommates, Matt normally keeps the 'volume' of the thoughts around him low when he's at home. It's not too low that thoughts spoken intentionally loud enough, such as those sneaky anti-Molly conversations, can't get through. But before Matt has a chance to respond to either Molly or Mohinder, there's someone 'at' the door. Matt drops the towel onto the counter and reaches for his pistol, stashed in front of a line of books on a shelf, and stops beside the door in classic police-trained fashion. But he doesn't speak. The volume is all the way up now, and Matt is listening. What's going on out there?

Anything else Mohinder was going to say or contribute is cut off by the scream and thud out in the hall. This building is usually quiet, except for the scuffles caused by /his/ 'visitors'. "Molly, go to your room, stay there!" he instructs as he rushes into his office to claim the gun Bob gave him earlier in the day. Here's to hoping that it may not be necessary. He's a little slower than Matt, having to go farther for his own weapon.. and he's not trained for this sort of thing. He looks questioningly at Matt, resisting the urge to throw the door open.

On the opposite side of the door, there is only the sound of the girl's crying, her fervent knocking continuing despite her cries having turned into sobs. Should someone look through the peephole, what they'll find on the other side of the door is a young woman in her mid-twenties who is the very picture of abuse: her hair is a mess, her clothing torn. She's bleeding quite freely from the nose, her expressive blue eyes red and tearful. She's casting frantic looks down the hallway every few seconds. Her knocking begins anew, and she calls out again, "Pleeease, help me! Oh, god! Please!"

Standing on her step stool, hands still all soapy and wet, Molly gapes as both Mohinder and Matt go scrambling for guns. Scrambling back down to the floor, she edges back toward her room as she's told. She frowns as she does, though, as she can still her pleading and crying. It's worse than actually seeing her. "She needs /help/!" she tells her two dads with a bit of scolding in her tone. Right at the doorway, she decides something and twirls around, not making that final step that means she's totally obeyed them. "You can't just leave her out there!"

But Mohinder had given Molly what amounted to an order. Matt snaps his head to the girl, his face strangely stern. (Molly, go to your room and stay there,) he projects to her. Even if it is just a battered girl, there's no reason why Molly should see her. Apparently thinking that the firm mental command will be enough, Matt nods to Mohinder, mouthing the word, 'open.' His grip on his gun tightens. Just in case. Kneecaps aren't vital.

"Molly.. we're going to help her, go to your room. Please." Mohinder urges, throwing a please in there for good measure. He grips his gun in one hand and nods to Matt and opens the door with the other. "What's going on miss?" he asks now that he gets an eyeful of Kellie's current state and is genuinely concerned for her welfare.

"Oh, thank god, thank you," Kellie exhales quickly as she shoves past Mohinder and slams the door shut behind her, pressing her back against it and slanting her head back. She's breathing heavily, all but sinking down onto the floor once she's inside. More injuries are apparent, now that she can be seen directly; the torn sleeve of her shirt makes a mostly-healed gash visible, the scar nasty enough to suggest that she should have seen a doctor, but didn't. There are bruises down each arm, mostly new. It's about this time that she realizes that both Mohinder and Matt are carrying guns, and she lets out a yelp of surprise, scrambling across the floor to get away from them, too, with a frantic look on her face. "He's going to find me. W-we have to call the police. Oh, god, I think I can hear him coming. He's going to find me and that'll be it."

The entire time this charade has been going on, someone's been watching. Just down the hallway, in a nearby apartment. The door is cracked open ever so slightly, and if one were to look close enough, they could see a single brown eye staring through it, watching every movement Kellie makes. The person watches until she's finally inside the apartment and the door slams shut behind her, at which a smile slowly creeps across the person's face. Good.

The reprimand from both Matt and Mohinder sets Molly into Stubborn Molly. Though she's young and they're trying to protect her, she wants to make sure they're not going to hurt this poor girl. The projected thought into her head, though, makes the young girl turn around without thinking and make those few steps it takes to go into the bedroom. That's until Molly realizes what she's doing and shakes herself out of it. ~ No fair! Don't do that! ~ she projects angrily and loudly at Matt before she turns around and stubbornly moves to the door frame again. The crying and pleading girl gets all of her sympathy and she goes so far as to move even further back into the main room. "Stop it! She's scared!" she cries at them. She's not about to run in the direct line of gunfire, but she's going to plead for her safety. "They won't hurt you. Who's going to find you? What happened?"

There is a name in the woman's head, and Matt might have lost it if he weren't listening, or perhaps even wanting to hear it. But there it is. He snaps his head once more to Molly, and there is a new fervor in his eyes. The threat of Sylar outweighs even any apology his expression might have otherwise carried. But a second later he's got his back to the little girl so that he can face the door and move away from it. (It's him,) he tries to project to both Mohinder and Molly, though doing two people at once is a new trick. 'Him' can only be one person. (Molly, find him. Please, I know you don't like to, but we have to know where he is. For everyone's safety.) Thank goodness she disobeyed! "I'm a detective," he says to Kellie, doing his best to keep his voice calm. "Do you know your attackers name?" If she says it, it can go on the record.

Mohinder looks from Kellie to Matt and is alarmed that the stranger has shoved her way in. He flips the gun's safety on and pockets the weapon. "Alright, one thing at a time miss.. Who is chasing you?" He looks up from Kellie to Matt as if questioning any need to call for backup. "Matt here is a police officer and I'm a doctor.. try to calm down and I can look at your injuries." It's not specified that he's not a medical doctor, but he can at least tend to minor wounds.. "Molly!" Mohinder looks at the girl, clearly not pleased she's gotten stubborn. Instead of chastising further, he was about to ask her to fetch the first aid kit when he looks momentarily confused, as if getting a sudden headache at Matt's new trick.

By now, Kellie has tucked herself safely away beneath a table, cowering in the furthest corner from the door. The tears are still falling freely from her eyes, and her nose has yet to stop bleeding, her shirt now stained. "H-he's my ex-boyfriend," she explains, ducking her head and brushing away her tears, which only results in her hands becoming bloodied, too. She cries out at that, and rubs her hands down on her jeans. "I t-told him it was over and he wouldn't… oh, god, I think he's going to kill me." None of which answers his question about the attacker's name.

As the commotion in the apartment continues, the figure in the nearby apartment slowly opens the dor, peeking his head out into the hall. It's, of course, none other than Sylar himself. Assured that there's no one nearby to see him, he steps full out into the hall, closing the door of the apartment behind him. He creeps along the wall, his back close to it, and he slowly sneaks up on Suresh and Parkman's apartment. A gun is held in his right hand, but the sword is nowhere to be found. He nears the apartment at this point, and he visibly tenses, sneaking closer and closer with an ear turned towards the door, listening for anything inside.

Now that she's already disobeyed, Molly decides that it's easier to just keep doing so. The poor woman is crying and wiping tears off with bloodied hands. How can Molly not go over and comfort her? It's impossible and since people are putting weapons away, she takes the opportunity to run over to try and calm her down. The mental command from Matt startles her and makes her shake a little, but this is important and it's for her family's safety. Underneath the table, she closes her eyes and focuses on Sylar. It terrifies her and it's hard to concentrate because of all the things that are going around her. But, finally, after long moments, she pinpoints him. And it's a place that she knows intimately, since it's their hallway. "He's here!" she gasps in a terrified sob, not remembering to speak telepathically.

There certainly isn't something right about Kellie's claim, and for a moment, Matt is kicking himself over leaping to conclusions. How many Gabriels can there /be/ in a city the size of New York? But there is only one Sylar, and Molly found him. And he's here. Shit. Matt steels himself and grips the gun again. "You're not a very good liar, miss," he hisses as he moves to take his position beside the door again, "and if /he's/ your boyfriend…God help you."

Mohinder possesses no abilities, and is somewhat gullible to those needing assistance. So Kellie's act? He's buying it while depending on Matt to tell him differently. Crouching at the table under which Kellie and Molly are hiding, he tries to coax both out. Molly, to get her away from the stranger and Kellie so that he can see to her wounds. "What? Who's here?" he throws a confused yet wary look at the two under the table. When Matt speaks, Suresh's eyes narrow and he makes a grab for Molly. He's not going to take a timeout to play 20 questions. Something's not right here, and Molly's safety is his priority.

"Sylar is."

Several things happen all at once, beginning with a sudden flare of light as the table (under which Kellie and Molly are both hidden) bursts into flame. It's thrown up from one end, toppling over to one side, the fire crackling loudly as it spreads across the table top. This is merely a distraction, however, because where the table once stood…

…Kellie now rises to her feet, one hand clamped down tightly over Molly's mouth to keep the girl from screaming. Not that it matters; the fire alarms are sure to sound soon, and after that, it won't matter just how loud the little girl can yell. There won't be anyone to hear her.

"I can't be that bad a liar," Kellie purrs as she yanks Molly back, away from Mohinder, her free hand toying with a ball of flame dancing in the air above her palm. It's a threat, though somewhat passive. "You did let me in, after all."

It's a good thing for Kellie that she puts a hand right over Molly's mouth because when things start to catch fire she wants to scream. When Mohinder reaches for her, she tries to reach for him, but she's effectively pinned. Immediately she attempts to struggle out of this terrifying grasp making muffled cries.

It's all Matt can do not to squeeze off a shot at Kellie once he flicks a finger across the switch to expose the spot of red paint and lifts his gun to point the barrel at her. He'd walk for it, too. But there's another threat outside the apartment. (Mohinder,) Matt projects with a squint, (Mohinder /shoot/ her. But don't hit Molly.) It's better for him to wait by the door, knowing the Sylar is on the other side.

Mohinder throws his hands up to protect his face as the table bursts into flame. "Molly!" he calls out, panic in his voice. The gun he pocketed earlier? Is brought back out, safety off and aimed at the woman. "You must be Kellie. I've heard and read a bit about you." Then he thinks for Matt's benefit, 'This woman is as insane as Sylar.' The only thing that's keeping him from pulling the trigger on Kellie, is that she's got Molly and he's not going to take a chance. Not on the girl's life. "Let her go. We can talk about what it is that you want." Matt's instructions to shoot? Totally ignored.

"Oh, I don't think that's the way this is going to work, darling," Kellie croons in response to Mohinder, maneuvering the girl to better shield herself from any potential bullets. There are two guns, after all, both of which are trained on her. Since Matt went ahead and named himself a detective, she's angling herself in such a way that she's better protected from his shot than Mohinder's. Besides, the latter looks a bit twitchy with the gun. "Shoot, and I will set this little girl on fire so fast, you won't have time to even spit on her before she's dead. What I want is right here, boys, and I'm willing to kill you both if that's what I need to do to get out of here." The flame above her hand twists in over itself, never growing beyond the softball-sized ball, casting an eerie orange light over the woman's battered face.

Molly lets out muffled squeaking sounds as she struggles with Kellie in an attempt to get free. As soon as Kellie threatens to set her on fire, she struggles even more fervently and even starts to cry. Even though she can't speak, she can think still. And as terrified as she is she sends out her frightened thoughts to Matt. ~ Don't let her set me on fire, Matt! Help me! ~

"Everyone just needs to stay calm." But even Matt's voice is a little shaky. That's his little girl in the arms of a maniac. (It'll be okay, Molly,) he projects in an effort to reassure Molly. "The sooner you tell us what you want Kellie, the sooner everyone can go back to living their lives. So you put down the girl, and we'll lower our guns, and you can tell us what it is you came here for." The list? Molly? Matt'd hand over five copies of the former before he let this woman touch another hair on Molly's head.

"Let her go," Mohinder repeats, a heated look to his expression. He tries to ignore the fire that's been started as he wars with himself on his fear for Molly and his anger at Kellie. Based on what he's read in Kellie's file, he has no doubt that she will do as she says. The gun in Suresh's hand, the safety is flipped back on and he puts the weapon back in his pocket. Holding both hands up, empty, palms out, he tries to rationalize with the flaming psychopath. "No one is going to shoot you. Just let Molly go. What is it that you want?" Damn, if only he weren't so easy to manipulate where Molly's concerned.

"You're only making this harder, girly." Dragging the girl with her, the imbalanced pyro traverses the wall, slinking carefully towards the door - and more in Mohinder's direction, since she's decided, perhaps wrongly, that he is less of a threat than the other. "I already have what I want," she replies, each step taken with great care not to expose herself to either gun. The girl is proving to be a very effective meat shield. The hand around Molly's mouth flares with heat, briefly, then calms again. Just so that the girl knows how very real this threat is. "I played your game," she chirps, dividing her attention between both Mohinder and Matt. "I told you what I want. Does that mean you're going to let me walk out of here?" She snorts loudly, derisively. "Please. There's an easy way to do this."

Molly squeals and instinctively struggles a bit more when the hand around her mouth gets hot. It burns and it hurts. Tears streaking down her face, she stops struggling for the most part because she doesn't want that to happen again. Eyes wide, they focus on Mohinder and then on Matt, unable to think of anything to project other than the endless stream of 'help' and scattered scared thoughts.

If she shoots Kellie, that would almost definitely be the end of Molly. And Sylar is outside. Sylar has /minions/ now. "You haven't really given us much of a choice, now have you?" Matt says with an audible unease in his voice. "Mohinder," he says without taking his eyes or his aim off the pyromaniac. Emphasis on the maniac. "Can you think of a better deal? Something that these two might like more than Molly?"

That is not what Mohinder wanted to hear. His eyes widen and he shouts, "NO! You're not taking her anywhere! What do you want with her?" Mohinder, less of a threat? As Kellie moves, so does he, trying to keep himself as a sort of human shield between her and the door. "Whatever it is, surely you can accomplish that here. Without taking Molly anywhere." His gaze flickers between Molly and the psychopath holding her. Somehow the flaming table just doesn't seem to register. It's a little low on the priority list at the moment. Aaand then Matt's thinking quite possibly along the lines Mohinder is. The geneticist speaks up again, "What is it that you want with her?" So he's being a little redundant, fear for Molly's safety is sort of making him repeat himself.

Clucking her tongue in an admonishing fashion, Kellie fixes Mohinder with an incredulous look, arching an eyebrow at the question. "Now, now, doctor," she chimes, her voice melodic and child-like. Did he say he was a doctor? "If I tell you that, it takes the mystery out of the whole kidnapping thing!" She draws the ball of flame nearer to Molly's face, just close enough that the girl can feel the heat on her skin. "There isn't a thing in this apartment that I want more than I want this little girl. I can't speak for Gabriel. You would have to ask him yourself."

"Then why don't we ask him before we do anything rash, hm?" There's just a hint of snark in Matt's tone, and with Mohinder trying to stay between Kellie in the door, Matt feels confident in turning so that he can open it and keep his gun aimed in an attempt to fix Sylar in his sights. His finger puts a little more pressure on the trigger, as if anticipating shots to accompany the opening of the door.

"Take me with her," Mohinder says at once. He slowly withdraws his gun, sets it on the floor and kicks it aside. There. He's unarmed. "You can have added leverage with me.. as for Sylar.. I am sure I know what he wants, and it's not here. He can have it, when you're through with Molly and she's let go.. Without being harmed." As if he's in a position to negotiate. Although, in his head, Suresh's request does sound reasonable.

At Mohinder's sudden offer, Kellie is only taken aback for a moment, and she whistles loudly enough that anyone in the hallway ought to be able to hear her. "Sylar, dear, our good friend the doctor here is offering us a very interesting proposition!" When her foot is near enough to the gun, she steps down on it and flings it behind her, just in case Molly or Mohinder was about to get any bright ideas. "I think you should come listen to this!" Lowering her voice again, Kellie flicks a glance to Mohinder and explains, "Not a choice I can make all on my own, honey."

The entire time all of this has been going on, Sylar has been listening. Waiting. Wondering. Wanting. Wanting to go in there and end the lives of the girl's surrogate parents, and take her all for himself. He could make good use of someone with that ability. Especially someone so small, so precious, so.. weak. It seems he'll finally have a chance to do something.

When the door begins to open, Sylar immediately steps to the left, raising the gun in front of him and pointing it straight at the door as it opens. From this angle, Matt wouldn't be able to see him. Not that it matters all that much, because when Sylar responds to Kellie, he betrays his hidden position. "What's that?" he calls out, loudly enough for all in the apartment to hear, "a proposition?"

Opening the door onto an empty hallway is disconcerting, but Sylar's voice soon clues Matt into where he is. He moves to the opposite side, so that he can lift his gun (which he does) and point it in that direction. Mexican Stand-off, anyone? But Mohinder gave up his gun, and himself…which probably is better than giving up the list. "So long as they aren't harmed," Matt reiterates before he projects to Mohinder. (Pack a bag for Molly. Make sure you take your phone. As soon as you leave, I'll get whoever is closest to tail you.) "You wouldn't let her leave without a change of clothes though?" (Or her atlas?) The last question isn't verbalized, but projected gently into Sylar's head in a voice no bigger than a whisper.

'Matt, if I go with them, I can make sure they don't harm Molly. I will need you to warn Bob, contact Hiro and Peter if you can.' Mohinder may be silent, but he is thinking loud and listening to Matt. 'I have my phone in my pocket, packing a bag for Molly, that's iffy.' Somewhat. "Hello Sylar," it's not so much a greeting as it is an acknowledgement of the monster's presence. To which he does not turn his attention. Suresh's gaze is locked on Kellie and his ward. "You want the cure, am I correct in this assumption? If you want it, I'm to go with Kellie and Molly. The girl is not to be harmed."

Without any ability to read thoughts, Kellie is unaware of any scheming going on behind the scenes, which is really very unfortunate for her, otherwise she might know to tell them to empty their pockets and leave their phones behind. "I make no promises if she steps too close to the fire, boys," she purrs as the ball of flame nears Molly again, though it doesn't get nearly as close this time as it did before. Raising her voice to carry to Matt, she adds, "The girl doesn't need a change of clothes. We're leaving. Now."

Molly cringes when the ball of flames gets close to her face. By now she's stopped crying, but there are still streaks there. The sound of Sylar's voice renews her struggling all that much more. She does /not/ want to go with them. Even with Mohinder accompanying them.

Sylar stays exactly where he is, his eyes glued to the doorframe, the gun held out in front of him. He's trying to listen to everyone all at once, but Matt's voice in his head takes precedence, and he responds to that first. "No. She comes with us, now. Don't worry, I'll make sure she's taken care of." What exactly 'taken care of' means when coming from Sylar is anyone's guess. "Hello, doctor," the killer responds to Suresh, smiling slightly even if Mohinder can't see it. "You're coming along, you say? Well. That certainly makes it easier, doesn't it, Kellie?" His demeanor suddenly changes, and his tone becomes much more serious. "As the woman said. We're leaving. /Now./ I can't promise you she won't do anything to Molly. Of course, I wouldn't promise you even if I could."

Mohinder doesn't want to turn his back on Kellie, but he does so grudgingly. He tries to give the girl a reassuring look before throwing Matt the same as he turns to walk out of the apartment first. Oh how he would love to say something insulting about Sylar's tastes in partners, and vice versa to Kellie.. but the temptation is squelched seeing as Kellie is still holding onto Molly. "Then it's up to you to see that Molly is not harmed," he says to Sylar as he exits the apartment, flashing the monster of a man a rather dark look. "She's harmed, you don't get your cure." Of course, without the cure, Sylar doesn't stand a chance against Kellie. That's something to worry about later though. 'Don't forget Matt, contact Bob, you know how, same with Hiro and Peter,' is given as his parting thought to Molly's co-dad.

This went better than anticipated. As Mohinder leaves the apartment first, there's a wicked smirk on Kellie's face, her grip on the little girl becoming tighter now. "You might want to put out the fire in your apartment, Detective," she croons, motioning with her head to the table, still aflame. By now it's likely spread, of course. Careful not to open herself up for a shot from Matt, as she can't be sure he wouldn't make a last-ditch effort to be a hero here, Kellie follows Mohinder out of the apartment, backing into the hallway with Molly in tow. As soon as her foot takes the final step out of the apartment, she slams her hand into the doorframe, the wood catching quickly. "Let's go. Molly, sweetheart, say so much as a word and I'll kill you and your daddy here." She uncovers the girl's mouth, only to have the newly-freed hand snatch one of Molly's hands into her own, keeping a tight grip. It's a little less likely to draw attention. Then again, Kellie's clothing is torn and her face is all beaten in. Rough night.

Because it's like admitting defeat, Matt's heart sinks when he bends his elbow to lift his gun. He takes his eyes off the door frame where he and Sylar were having their strange little stare-down and focuses them on Kellie, Molly, and Mohinder, moving away from the door. He'll watch them go, put out the fire, and as soon as he deems it safe, he'll call the department and try to get them tailed. Then call Lieutenant Holcome. At home if he needs to. And then… then Damaris. Peter was with her in the hospital, right? Maybe the little scamp got his number.

As soon as Kellie lets go of her mouth, Molly's first instinct /is/ to scream. But, of course, the threat is all that she really needs to keep herself from doing it. The grip on her arm is tight and hurts, she winces and tugs a bit on it to see if she has any wiggle room whatsoever. She doesn't. Angrily, she rubs the tear streaks off of her cheek and glares at these captors who have taken her and Mohinder hostage.

Sylar continues to wait, having no idea Matt has lifted his gun and is letting the two of them go. He stays as tense as ever, and when Mohinder exits, he comes dangerously close to pulling the trigger. Fortunately, he manages to let off when he sees the doctor is unarmed. Then comes Kellie. And then… Molly. "Well, hello," he says, lowering his gun and smiling at Molly. He waves the gun a bit back and forth, just like the last time they were together, and he cants his head to one side. "Did you miss me?" he asks of the girl, taking a step forward towards the three. "Don't worry, you can tell me all about it once we're in a safer place." The killer nods at Molly, and then looks over to Kellie, jerking his head slightly towards the exit. "It's time to go."

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