2007-07-30: Planning And Snuggles


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Summary: Claudine reveals Peter's plan to Orion and they start planning out the strike. After a bit of cuteness and cuddling, she has more bad news about a possible traitor. They then decide to pay Felix a visit, as he's a known double agent.

Dark Future Date:July 30th, 2009

Planning and Snuggles

Orion and Claudine's Hidey Hole - The Underground

Back in their little hidden chamber, a small rumbling can be heard..no…felt. It was a rather interesting afternoon, having spoken with Kitty about a few things on her mind, definitely related to a certain discussion yesterday, but something else is bothering her now. The sooper seekrit mission and the fact that there's a traitor in the midst.

Claudine steps into the chamber,sighing a little as she runs her fingers through her hair. She's gone barefoot this whole time, allowing her to travel faster as she surfs the waves of earth that she can create, and so now, she's tired, fatigued, and a little cranky. "Honey..I'm home!" she calls out, not quite sure if he's around, but she immediately goes to their little kitchen area, looking for some cookies. Those always make her feel better anyway.

Orion is just past the kitchen area in what he has claimed as his own personal workout space. There are fresh sweat stains on the mat he uses for situps and pushups, so he's been doing those recently, but at the moment he is leaned up against the wall. More directly, Orion has his belly leaned against the wall and he is doing a hand-stand of some sort, pushing himself up and lowering himself down. Poor man's benchpress?

"Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine-EEEEEEE! What are you doing home so soon?! I'm not done with my latest scheme with Ethel!"
Long distance to Jane: Claudine nodnods!

Mmmm. Hot and sweaty. Sexay. Claudine grins wryly, waggling her brows as she takes in her beau's muscular form and giggles impishly. "Well, you might not be done with Ethel, but we have some scheming and planning to do hun.." she says matter of factly, as she puls out some beef jerky and rips off a piece.

She chews for a bit, still taking him in, she's now a bit more lecherous than she use to be afterall, and swallows so she can talk again. "Peter came by while I was taking a nap in one of the other chambers. He's given us a mission, and it's sooper seekrit.." she explains, waiting to see his reaction.

"Oh? Did he bring vegetables?"

Vegetables? Really. Orion has been such a health nut since he started his latest oddball training regimen. At least this time he hasn't tried to drag Claudine into the almost obscenely rigorous training and careful nutrition. Granger keeps sweating as he continues his slow arm squat thrust-like exercise. Slowly his head lifts, craning a bit to fix his eyes on Claudine.

"So what does he need us to do?"

Her brows quirk at the rather strange question and she shakes her head, letting out an impish giggle as she continues to watch him workout. Mmm, muscley workouts. "The usual, mayhem and destruction, two things we're good at, but this time, it seems to be on a much grander scale, and I'm going to need the help of an especially hot metal man to protect me while I work my mojo.." she says matter of factly before pulling out some carrot sticks, tossing him the bag.

Because of the precarious position of his head, Orion doesn't really see the carrot stick bag until it's almost too late. Granger lurches forward mid-inverted arm thrust and tucks into a very sloppy forward roll. Audibly, if softly, most of his spine makes a crackly noise before he comes out of the roll. The bag is in his hands, but he's balanced precariously on his shins and knees, half-way pitched forward and half-way to toppling backward and over his ankles.


The sound of the crackly sound makes her eyes widen, seeming to be a bit alarmed as she rushes on over to see if he's okay. "You okay hun?" Claudine asks curiously as she cants her head to the side while looking him over once more, chewing on her bottom lip before flopping onto her bottom as she looks over him.

"Railways..the gubmint. He wants us to destroy them to weaken the regime."

"I should be fine. I think I just popped every kink in my spine out though… So I might not need to see that black market chiropractor."

Orion drops backward, landing on his butt as he fixes his gaze on Claudine. The tall man pulls out a carrot stick and starts noisily munching on it, a pleased smile on his face. Nothing quite like a carrot stick. He listens curiously, tilting his head to one side.

"The Acela Express Amtrak route.." she starts softly while reaching forward to grab a carrot stick so she can munch on some as well. Her stomach is slightly grumbly after a long day with not much time for rest.

"It's a railway line that runs through New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and finally Washington D.C. itself. It's government sanctioned now,transporting their people around to do Herr Petrelli's fascist bidding or humans on their way to internment camps. It seems that Peter has finally grown some major cajones and wants the line destroyed. He wants to do it, visible to Nathan's forces in D.C. and he wants us to take care of the rest..chunk by chunk."

"I see. We will need some rather large munitions to keep forces at bay," replies Orion.

He clearly already has his ideal payload selected inside of his head. Most likely, inside of his head, Orion looks like Sylvester Stallone (Rambo) and Arnold Schwartzenegger (Predator) at the same time and wielding much the same sort of ultra-heavy weapons payload. Claudine can just tell from the goofy smile on his face.

"How do you want to proceed with it?"

"Oh bah. Let's stay in the here and now before you drift off into one of your violent killy mckillerson fantasies!"

Claudine snickers a little and grabs yet another carrot stick as she lays down on the mat, rolling onto her side so she can face him. She motions him towards the edge of the mat where there's just bareground and she lifts her hand up, swirling a little until what seems to be a map starts forming. The entire east coast is formed, as she starts sculpting the ground just in front of them to the shape of the map she was shown by Peter not too long ago, down to the actual railline, even raising it up a bit to give an extra effect.

"Okay, so this is what he showed me. I figure we can take out various chunks of it slowly and discretely. He doesnt want the rail to be rebuilt, and I think he's doing a scorched earth policy, but let's not screw over future generations."

Orion moves over to the edge of the mat, crouching down beside Claudine to watch. All the while he munches on carrot sticks, head tilted slightly to one side as he listens and observes. This is Claudine's show, as far as Orion is concerned, his only job is to protect her.

With a flicker of her fingers, she starts sectioning off various parts of the railway system, showing how big her range is, which is quite considerable even if the map is on scale.

"I can affect up to this much land at one time. However, for me to shift this many tons of earth, I'm going to need time to one, attune myself with the land since I'm doing something that the Company docs thought I could do, but never had a real need for me to do. However, I want your opinion. Should we start doing this when Peter makes his move, or slightly before? I can always cause small accidents, but I think Petrelli wants to make a big deal out of it in Washington."

"We are but a single team. Two people, Claudine. Peter Petrelli has his reasons for D.C. and those are his to carry out. Our mission is simply to sow the seeds of chaos along this track. I would vote for smaller incidents. Disconnected, difficult to follow damnations laden upon the service route."

Orion extends his index finger, its tip covering in metal to form a wicked claw of steel. He marks X's at random in various little chunks of the railway system. Each X is in a different place, he may well be going in his planned chronological order, but they are terribly disjointed. The first section is in New York, but the next one is nearly in D.C. itself, then a pair of Xs on either side of Philadelphia, then other little X's scattered along the train's route in no particular order, no particular pattern.

She looks down at the map and the Xs that are marked out seemingly in a random fashion. Claudine purses her lips for a few moments as she cants her head to the side, beaming brightly the entire time. She then leans in and steals a kiss on his cheek, quite impressed with his plan.

"That works out! We'll have to do those on our own and travel, but Peter was wanting to teleport us to one of the sights for massive destruction in coordination with his own attack. They really cant truly rebuild if we continue doing little strikes afterwards. You are so smart! See, this is why I had you become my boyfriend.."

She waggles her brows after that. Surely, it's another reason on top of his muscleyness.

Granger smiles at Claudine and shrugs a little bit. He runs a hand over the Fillipina's cheek, running a few claw-tipped fingers through her hair before the metal starts to seep back into his flesh.

"I see your plan. Flatter me into babies."

Orion winks, smiling playfully as he kisses Claudine on the cheek.

Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red, giggling impishly as she lets out a soft and content sigh as she feels his fingers run through her hair. At the kiss, she leans against him, nuzzling her nose softly against his cheek before kissing him softly.

"But I thought you liked the baby making part.."

Claudine waggles her brows as she bumps against him playfully.

"I like the first phase of the baby-making process. I'm not so sure I'm up to handling a terrakinetic baby incubator though… Even if you are the most gorgeous, intelligent woman I'm ever going to know."

Orion smiles and leans his head against Claudine's shoulders, apparently having forgotten his carrot sticks for the moment. Instead he just savors the alone time, nestled up against the Fillipina.

"It's the terrakinator!"

Ever since she got to say 'Follow me if you want to live', Claudine's been slightly annoying as she likes to bring up that particular moment over and over again. However, the snuggling is much better than bringing up stories and she lets out a content sigh, as she tries to roll him over onto his back onto the mat. He's taught her a few moves and well..she'd rather just be on topof him for now. Even if he is a bit sweaty.

"You're right, me being more hormonal than usual would probably mess up the tectonic plates just a weee bit. But I still like the first phase of the baby-making process too.."

Orion rolls over with Claudine, ending up on his back, although in a slightly odd position. For some reason his hips are on their sides, but his back is flat against the mat. After a few moments, he straightens himself out and wraps his arms around Claudine, holding her close.

Claudine looks fondly upon him, smiling the entire time. She scooches a little, giving him time to adjust before laying on top of him once more as she starts letting her fingers softly caress his sides through his sweat soaked shirt. "So now we have a plan? What do we do next?" she aks softly while rubbing hernose against his in a little eskimo kiss.

Orion returns the eskimo kiss, smiling up at her. His hands gently stroke over her shoulders and back, absently teasing at her hair for a few moments here and there. The tall man shrugs a little bit, "We could go looking for the ordnance I'll need to keep you safe… But it's been a long day for both of us, I think. Maybe we should just call it a night?"

She rests her chin on his chest as she continues to look up towards him, beaming the entire time. "We have a good bit of time to prepare. It didnt sound like Peter was going to actually go through with his plan that soon. So..calling it a night does sound good. We could sunggle..and maybe do phase one? ya know..for practice.." she says with a wry waggle of her brows, giggling impishly the entire time. Goodness how the years have turned her into a lech. But only for him.

Quietly, Orion gathers up Claudine's hair with one hand. He smiles at her, laughing softly at her brow-waggling while he smoothes her hair out along and across her back. For the moment the tall man seems more than content with just snuggling and enjoying Claudine's presence.

"Snuggling sounds good, love."

"I like snuggling. Snuggling is always fun, but you think we can cuddle too?"

Yes, she's just being silly for now, kissing his chest softly through his shirt before wrapping her arms around his massive frame in the end. She takes a deep breath, happy to just lay on top of him on the mat, smiling goofily the entire time. For now, all thoughts of mayhem and destruction fade away from her mind, just happy to be with the one she loves. Awww.

Orion laughs softly at Claudine, his hands stroking over her head and back, fingers gliding through her silky black hair. He smiles warmly at her, leaning forward and tucking his head a bit so he can plant a soft kiss on the Fillipina's forehead before he leans back flat on the mat again.

Claudine is lost in thought for a few moments, just breathing slowly and deeply as she lays on top of him. Then, something dawns on her. Something she forgot to mention and hrmms fora few moments, resting her chin on his chest once more. It's totally going to kill the mood, but hey, it has to be said.

"There's a traitor in Peter's crew. We should be careful with who we interact with.."

"Peter Petrelli does have trouble picking friends," remarks Orion. He sighs softly, staring at Claudine for a while. The tall man doesn't say a word, doesn't move save to breathe or to blink, his eyes fixed on her own. Slowly one of his hands moves to cup Dine's cheek and lightly stroke over it. "Does he want us to weed out this mole?"

"He didnt say it explicitly, but maybe there's a reason why he mentioned it to me. Who knows? I think he has an idea as to who it might be, but maybe we should pay a visit to Agent Felix once more. I know he's a double agent, but which side is he really loyal to?" Claudine's gaze doesnt move from Orion's and she leans in for a soft kiss, letting it linger for a few moments as she gives him another squeezy hug.

Orion returns the squeezey hug, but with just one of his arms. His other arm is busy supporting the hand caressing Claudine's cheek. He smiles at her while the kiss lingers, eyes still fixated on her own.

"I think that would be an excellent idea… This time, however, could we not do it in a government facility?"

The kiss lingers for a good while, and she even parts her lips slightly, letting her tongue brush up against his own, just to show him how she really feels. Sadly, she breaks the kiss, sighing softly in the end.

"I would prefer that it not be in a government facility. They remind me too much of Primatech.."

With that, Claudine shudders for a bit as she hrmms. "So shall we find him? We do know where he works.."

"I suppose we should," replies Orion. He seems lazy about it, almost uncharacteristically so, but then again his shirt is soaked in sweat from what was presumably an afternoon of exercise in the tunnels. Perhaps he's just tired. Granger slowly worms his way away from Claudine and the earthen map beside his exercise mat. "Just let me get in a shower and some clean clothes."

Clean, identical looking clothing.

Quick, call wardrobe so we can do another take! That's a costuming gaffe in the making!

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