2007-03-06: Plans About The Plans To Save Peter Petrelli


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Date It Happened: March 06, 2007

Summary: Immediately after the Avenger's Meeting, Eliana stops by Enlightenment Books to vent her frustrations with Cass. Cass, having been detained at the store, is grateful for the catch up. The two discuss organizational options and foolhardy heroes.

Plans about the Plans to Save Peter Petrelli

Enlightenment Books

After a meeting with so many people - so many powerful people - Eliana doesn't feel 100% safe going immediately home. As much as she'd like to talk to Sydney, compromising the groups unofficial home base isn't an option either, no matter how foolish the others might be acting. Instead, Eliana takes a detour to Enlightenment Books. She can only hope that Cass either hasn't closed up for the night or she's at least still there. On foot and dressed in jeans, a t-shirt under a button-up, her peacoat, and sneakers, Eliana stops outside the shop and peers in through a window. Hello? /Please/ be in.

The lights are still on in the bookstore and it looks like Cass is hurriedly closing things up. Tossing things over the counter, she's got her jacket half on, a scarf tied haphazardly around her neck and her cap stuffed into her pocket. Now she just needs to find her keys. Keys. Keys. Where in world could she have /put/ them? She's very very late to the 'avengers' meeting that was called by Hiro but it was near impossible to shove her last customer out the door until just a little while ago. Cursing as she trips over the leg of a chair, she finds her keys on the ground and snatches them up. Success! Now, off she goes. Dashing to the door, she throws it open only to find Eliana standing right outside. "Eliana! Hi!" She sounds surprised. And confused.

Eliana lets out a sigh of relief, and thankfully the walk here had calmed her down enough so that any gas she's expelling is minimal. "Cass," Eliana breathes, the ghost of a smile on her lips, but it's gone soon. There is serious business afoot. "They're all /fools/, Cass. They're /damned fools./"

The wind is, thankfully, blowing downwind from Cass, so she doesn't inhale any of the happy gas. "Did…dammit, I missed it, didn't I?" Upset, she unwraps her scarf from around her neck in a quick and jerky fashion. "There was this guy who wouldn't stop talking about the aliens who convinced him that rabbits were all vampires on earth to destroy us. He just /wouldn't/ leave." Still annoyed, she pushes the door open wider, especially when she hears what Eliana has to say. Looking up and down the street, moves to allow Eliana enough space to step past the doorway. "You better come in. That looks like a serious conversation face."

Thankful for the invitation, Eliana nods and steps in. As soon as the door is closed, she falls back gently against a bookshelf and sighs. "They're all rushing in like the goddamned calvary to save that politician's brother. Peter Petrelli. It's /idiotic,/ risking their lives like that when we have problems that put the entire /city/ at risk to deal with!"

Once Eliana is inside, Cass locks the door to belay any random windowshopper confused as to why the lights in the store are still on. "Come on, I'll make some tea." Something calming, as the woman looks like she needs it. It has the added bonus of hopefully keeping Cass from getting drugged up again, but the store owner doesn't know that. "Peter Petrelli? Who is that? Which candidate?" Cass is woefully behind on politics of any kind. "Petrelli does sound familiar though. What'd his brother run for? And what are we saving him from? And…why?" She's got a lot of questions, but then, she wasn't at the meeting so she's totally in the dark about all this.

"Congress, I think. I dunno. I didn't vote for him." Eliana lifts a hand to rub at her face, and she slowly sinks to sit on the floor, her other hand limp on the floor. "The Company's got him, and since he was apparently the reason for all the fireworks November, them having him is this horrible thing. But it's a /tornado/ in that painting, not a bomb. And unless he's got butterfingers and access to biotoxin, he's not our man for that either. Anyway, his brother is apparently one of Hiro's buddies, so he was going to help, and about …four or five others just jumped on board. I mean, /seriously./ Why would you volunteer your own life for someone you don't even know!? Heroes save their loved ones or innocent people. And there's almost always a sacrifice of one to save many. This…this just doesn't /work./" Eliana is going to have to rack her brain to fix the narrative in the moleskin - there's a fine line between innovative and insane.

"The Company?" Cass makes a puzzled face that doesn't go away throughout any of Eliana's explanation. Still confused. However, she's got her electric boiler going, two mugs ready and waiting with chamomile tea, and at least an inkling of what has made Eliana so upset. Even if she doesn't really understand the circumstances of it. "Well, I don't know about heroes, but I can understand why Hiro'd want to help his friend out. But I'm still not getting this. Why does he need saving? And what is this about a sacrifice? I'm sure you just went over this, but I'm really behind on all this avenger stuff. Just pretend like I don't know anything. Which is kind of convenient, because I don't. Other than a tornado is supposed to rip down Fifth Avenue or something and destroy us all."

Eliana closes her eyes for a moment and swallows. The beginning. Right. Alternatively, Eliana could toss Cass the moleskin in her coat pocket, but…no. Not yet. "We've got a quadruple threat. Sylar, who will cut open your head and take your brain; The Company, who snatch up people with abilities so they can do whatever it is they do; that tornado; and the biotoxin. This 'Peter' has been taken by the Company, and of course his brother wants to spring him, so he goes to his buddies. That makes sense. The rest of them jumping on board and volunteering to put their necks out? Not so much."

While Eliana makes herself clearer, Cass doesn't interrupt. Though while she's listening, she hears the water start to boil and goes to finish up their tea. Hot water poured over teabags, she comes back in with two mugs. One she puts on the floor next to Eliana. The other she keeps a hold on and sits down opposite the pink haired woman, leaning up against the parallel bookshelf. "There's….a guy who cuts open heads?" That's…well, that's disturbing, really, there's no other way to put it. "A Company who takes people? And…what's this biotoxin?" She sighs and settles herself a little more comfortably on the wooden floor. "Well, I understand the desire to help. I assume this rescuing the Petrelli kid from a faceless Company is going to be dangerous?"

Eliana nods to all of it. "Some vial. And yeah. Very dangerous. They all want to be Big Damned Heroes and they're going to get themselves all /killed./" Eliana picks up her mug and blows on it before she picks up the teabag to help it steep. "They're /idiots./"

Cass frowns. The mug is hot and she can't keep it in her hands very long without them starting to feel the heat. Taking a quick moment to blow on it, she rests it on the floor by her hip. "Are they sure he's in danger by being there? I mean, what does this Company /do/ anyway? Why do they snatch people?" She's not so quick to make her judgement yet. She wants to get all the information she can before labeling people and plans as idiotic.

Eliana sets her mug down as well and rubs at her forehead again. "They hold people against their will. I don't know. Experiments. Help people control their abilities, then get them to work for them. They were behind the bomb, I guess. And they're powerful. So even having the law on our side wouldn't do anything. Think corporate terrorism, or something like that."

Cass hmms while she mulls this all over. Glancing over in Eliana's direction, she gives her an apologetic smile. "Sorry, I keep asking you all these questions and you're frustrated. I'm just trying to figure out what's going on." Realizing that she still has her jacket on, she starts pulling herself out of it and uses the time to think some more. "So, the only way to get people out of there who don't want to be there is by pulling some break out? It seems like a noble idea…but a little foolhardy if they're as powerful as you're saying. And if they're holding him there against his will…aren't they going to want him back if we take him?"

Eliana chuckles once, and soon a dark sort of laugh is rumbling from her. "You know, I just bet you're right about that. Yeah, it's stupid to try to get him, even if Sylar has been nabbed by the police. We still have doom hanging over our collective heads - we don't have /time/ to go break out everyone The Company has locked away, no matter how noble it is. Whose to say they won't still be there after we've stopped this tornado and this plague, if that's what it is? And yeah, if they've got him now, I doubt they'd like to lose him."

Cass thinks that one over. "Well, I don't think it's mutually exclusive. It's possible that some people can help rescue while others keep working on the end of the world thing. Maybe the reason some of those people are being held by the Company is because they know something. If they were in charge of the bombing, they may be in charge of this, too, right?" Cass is just thinking aloud here. Bouncing her ideas off of Eliana. This is the first time she's really gotten a chance to talk about them with anyone. "How many people are we talking about here? Not to rescue, but on our side. I don't even know."

Eliana narrows her eyes in thought, then takes a small sip of tea. "If what showed up was any indication, a lot. A little less than ten. Still, they're sure to have a ton more than that. They're a /Company./" Companies are always big. "And I don't know. I mean, they didn't really talk about splitting into teams. As nice as Hiro is, he's terribly unorganized."

Cass remembers her tea once she sees Eliana sipping from hers. Looking on one side, then the other, she locates her mug and takes a sip of her own. "Well, that's something at least. I guess a lot of them had abilities? Is that what we're calling them? Superpowers? Abilities? I'm not sure. Is there a politically correct term for this?" That's a little bit of a joke to try and lighten the mood. "Anyway, I'm sure being able to do things people like me can't is a huge advantage. And it sounds like our little band of merry men and women needs a secretary. Or a personal assistant. Or an event planner."

Eliana narrows her eyes some, then shakes her head. Her own writings aren't accurate to real life. It's fiction, and all fiction has some factual basis. "That'd mean a paper trail for people to find. We can't have that." But Eliana focuses her eyes on Cass, unaware until now that the woman was Evolved. "You have one, huh?"

Cass blinks, realizing that she might have said something wrong. "Me? Oh, no. I don't think so at least. I haven't really exhibited anything out of the ordinary other than the ability to walk into sign posts at an alarming rate. Or the ability to seem to fall into strange situations seemingly by just walking down the street. I wonder if that's in my genes." The woman grins and shrugs her shoulders. "Well, what I meant was, I'm not good at fighting, I'm not good at rescuing, but I'm pretty sure I can help organize people and set up meeting times." She pauses. "What about you?" She means about powers, not about organizing.

Eliana narrows her eyes. "Wouldn't matter if I did," she half-lies, looking away for a moment before she looks down into her tea, taking another sip. "You're right - we're not cut out for fighting. So maybe if you had a way of keeping whatever you wrote down safe. Or if we had a code or something. Mendez did it with painting, so it was cryptic, but humans are visual creatures by nature. I dunno. I'm tired." Eliana sets her mug down again and smiles weakly. "Thanks for the tea, Cass. And for letting me get all of that off my chest."

Cass watches Eliana, but doesn't prod her for information about if she has a power or not. It's a personal choice to tell others about it and it's none of her business until Eliana makes it par to fher business. "Hm. I think I might be able to come up with something. And me having the store is convenient. People come by here all the time. Nothing suspicious about it." Smiling, the store owner stands up and offers a hand to the other woman to help her up as well. "Any time. There's not a lot of people I can really talk about this stuff with."

Eliana nods as she takes Cass' hand to help her up. "I feel the same way. Take care, alright?" Eliana lets herself out then, ducking her head as she plunges her hands into her pockets and heads home.

"You too," Cass replies, then quietly picks up the tea mugs to put in the back and gather her things in a less hurried manner. She's got a lot to think about on her commute home.

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