2008-03-08: Plastic Jewelry


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Summary: Jamie and Sophie do some catching up.

Date It Happened: March 8th, 2008

Plastic Jewelry

Lucky Joe's Diner

It is an early spring day in New York, late afternoon. The day is a little chilly, more windbreaker weather than tank tops, but lots of people are out enjoying the day, and people have to eat. So the diner is pretty busy. Lots of clinking glasses and the low murmur of conversation. Sophie is seated at a booth, her choice, alone with a cup of coffee and a book.

Jamie comes wandering into the diner on her own. Which, even with her now having a more attentive parent-type, isn't that unusual to see. She starts to make her way for the counter, but on spotting Sophie quickly changes course to her booth, "Hi!"

Sophie looks up from her book, then breaks into a smile, a cheerful one. "Oh, hey there. How've you been? Meeting Ali here, or did you want to sit down?" nodding to the seat across from her.

Jamie shakes her head with a smile as she hops into the seat indicated, "Nope! Ali's still sleeping, or was when I came home from school. But I was hungry."

Sophie ohhhs, 'Well, this place does have good food.' she indicates a menu. 'I was thinking of getting something too. They had chicken and dumplings on special, which sounds pretty good.' she chuckles, 'Though I'll have to hit the gym after eating it.'

Jamie giggles, "Should be in a gym every day anyway." Then, though, she asks, "What're dumplings?" She digs into a pocket and says, "Dunno if I have enough for that anyway. Don't get as much money anymore."

Sophie chuckles, "Well, I think I can spot you enough for some. Its good food. And a glass of milk too." as she looks for the waitress.

Jamie smiles at that, "Thanks!" Then she rests her hands on the table, pulling up one sleeve to show Sophie the plastic bead bracelet she's wearing, "See what I made?"

Sophie takes a peek. She smiles, "Hey, that's pretty nice. Was it from a kit, or did you buy the stuff separately?"

Jamie nods quickly and says, "Ali got me a Jewelry Design Studio at FAO this weekend. Got me a couple other things too." She seems quite happy with her work, colour and the fact she made it herself more important than the cheap materials.

Sophie nods as she says, "Sounds like a great hobby." she smiles at the thought, "And you can wear what you make, give it as gifts.. sounds like a lot of fun."

Jamie nods emphatically, smiling as she sits back again, "Yep! Want me to make you something?" Then she adds, "For me, think I'm gonna make a necklace next."

Sophie thinks at that and nods. "I would love something you make." she smiles. "I could use a little more color in my wardrobe." she notes, looking at her mostly black and grey outfit. "Got any ideas?"

Jamie considers, looking over Sophie. "Want a necklace too maybe? Or a bracelet? I dunno." Then, after a moment more, says, "Yeah, a bracelet. Maybe two, one for each hand?"

Sophie looks at her hands, then nods, "Well.. to fit over these?" indicating the gloves, "I think I'd like that."

Jamie nods quickly and says, "I can, yep! Um… might need to figure out how long to make it and stuff first." She reaches out for Sophie's hand, and asks, "How come ya wear those gloves, anyway?"

Sophie says, "Hmm.. you already know what I can do, right? Well, it happens when I touch other people." as she holds out her hand for you to hold. "Skin to skin. This just prevents me from doing it on accident."

Jamie blinks, "Oh… wow. So anybody who touches you starts acting crazy?" She asks this curiously, not at all bothered by the prospect. "That's gotta suck."

Sophie pauses, blinking. "Oh.. I guess that would be the way it looks." she murmurs, "Its not quite that. Its kinda hard to explain. I can.. well.." her voice is kept low for this one, "I can see other people's memories. And sometimes, people who touch me? They start to live through those memories too."

Jamie blinks at that, eyes widening, "Wow, really? That's great! You're a… well, guess ya can't tell fortunes, but it's still cool!" She then smiles and says, "You can see my memories whenever ya want, I don't mind."

Sophie smiles at that. "Well, thank you. I don't, well, I've only a few times, and I still feel like I'm peeking in someone's diary or something.'

Jamie oyhs, and nods quickly, "Guess it kinda would be. But I don't got a diary. Only secrets I got you know. Well, mostly." She shrugs with a smile.

Sophie nods and she smiles, "Ok, I'll remember that, if I want to kind of practice, when I know its totally safe." she agrees. Then she looks up as the waitress brings steaming bowls of the dumplings, and two glasses of milk. "I think I'm starving now." she laughs, "Smells so good."

Jamie looks up to the food as it arrives and smiles, "Yeah!" Once it's been delivered, she starts to eat immediately, hungrily, though not rushing it too much.

Sophie digs in herself, then says, "So, what else have you been up to, anyway?"

Jamie answers, as she eats, "I went to see Jane with Ali, she's gonna help get my dad outta jail. And she's gonna give me music lessons too! Can't wait, dunno what's she's gonna teach me yet."

Sophie says, looking impressed. "That's pretty good, then. Both things. You mean you don't know what instrument you'll be learning?"

Jamie nods quickly, "She only said she'd teach me just as we were leaving, didn't get to tell me what I could learn. But I dunno any instruments, really. I just know how to sing."

Sophie says, 'Singing is pretty good. But I always thought it'd be cool to learn piano or guitar or something. Maybe something you can sing along with?' she says, thoughtfully. 'This Jane, she's a music teacher, or a lawyer?'

Jamie giggles and answers, "Both, I guess. She seemed really good at law stuff. Told us everything we had to do… I gotta get a dress," she adds, wrinkling her nose.

Sophie chuckles and says, "Well, yeah. It looks better in the court, and you'll be more likely to win. Can you do the sort of sad puppy dog eyes thing?" she asks.

Jamie giggles and says, "'Course I can! How do ya think I got Joe to do stuff for me so much?" She grins and hurries to finish up the last of her meal.

Sophie breaks into a laugh. "Good. Save it for the right moment, and it can't hurt." she winks at you. "Hey, I used that my share too, being the only girl."

Jamie grins at that and says, "Really? Cool." She finishes off her milk, wiping her face, and then says, "Thanks for paying for that, it was great! I gotta go, 'fore Ali worries 'bout me."

Sophie nods, 'Well, you be good.' she says, 'It was great seeing you again. I'm holding you to making those bracelets. I can't wait!' she finishes herself, paying for the meal.

Jamie nods quickly with a smile, and says, "I will!" She then waves and hurries out the door, running once she's outside.

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