2007-09-01: Playing Tag


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Summary: Tagging and talking with Mariska and Mohinder.

Date It Happened: September 1st, 2007

Playing Tag

Hartsdale, NY - Primatech - Hospital

With her devil's deal all but signed, sealed, and delivered, there's only one more thing that the Company requires of Mariska before she can leave their facility of her own accord — she needs to be tagged. It's for that reason that she's come to the hospital wing this afternoon. She's no longer clad in the drab Primatech pajamas but rather has been given a nice, respectably 'business casual' ensemble to wear - a white dress shirt and a dark jacket with a pair of matching trousers, even some modest, low-heeled and polished shoes. She seeks out the appointed exam room and waits without quite knowing what to expect…

Tagging doesn't normally require any special rooms or such. It can be done anytime, anywhere, but Mariska does need a workup and a start on a physical as a new 'employee'. Mohinder's time is needed in other areas, but he's volunteered and insisted to do this. He needs to talk to the woman anyway. He raps lightly at the door after Mariska's inside before opening it, "Miss Dmitryeva?"

Mariska's eyes dart up and over to the door, the tapping and somewhat familiar voice drawing her attention easily away from the floor. "Doctor Suresh," she says, sounding neither pleased, surprised, nor disappointed. He is a doctor, after all. It's not unusual that this might fall under his purview, in her mind.

A faint smile is offered to the woman, and the geneticist looks apologetic as he enters the room. Mohinder shuts the door behind him and with Mariska's chart in hand, he leans against the now closed door. "I owe you an apology Miss Dmitryeva. I should have been completely honest from the start… but there were orders to try and bring you in. I am sorry this is happening to you, but I am glad to hear that you will be with your daughter again."

Oh good. More apologies. Because, you know, Mariska just hasn't gotten enough of those in the last week or so. However, Mohinder earns himself something of a break if solely because he, unlike her estranged and perpetually tactless babydaddy, seems to genuinely understand what he's apologizing for. And he might even be sincere. "You should have," she agrees resolutely, saving her absolution for the next breath. "But, what has been done… is done. There is no changing the past." If only she knew. "We must go forward." How very zen. At least she's given to affecting a reciprocal smile, thin and faint but there none the less. She leaves the mention of her daughter alone and skips into casual niceties, perhaps all for the sake of practicing her English. "How are you?"

"I know, but I thought you would have simply of teleported away," Mohinder says as he sets Mariska's chart down on a table. "I am glad to see that you are choosing to cooperate. It's distressing when people fight back." Which just makes things harder all around. The geneticist is sincere, and he does make for a poor liar or sneak. "I am quite well, thank you for asking… and how are you feeling?" And he doesn't simply mean physically either. As he chats with Mariska, he withdraws a device from his labcoat pocket; it looks similar to a gun, but not.

There is something curiously ironic in the phrase 'choosing to cooperate' when used in reference to Mariska's concept to work for the Company. After all, what choice did she really have? But, given that she didn't opt to be 'the difficult kind' like the case-in-point down the hall, her cooperation came much more easily earned. "I am almost myself, I think." And to evidence this she lifts up her hands and turns them palms up and then over. Nothing happens. Though she harbors no particular fear of doctors or their mysterious instruments, the item that Suresh retrieves from his pocket does get a dubious look. "What is that?"

What choice indeed? Mariska might find that there are more like her in the Company that had little choice… oh there was a choice, but it wasn't much of one. In that, she's not alone. Mohinder smiles a little at her statement, "That's good to hear. No one expects you to simply bounce back immediately." The device in his hands has already been prepped for Mariska, but he doesn't approach her with it. Not yet. "I'm sure that Mr. Madson explained to you a few stipulations in regards to working with us, correct?"
Mariska's pointed chin bobs up and down to demonstrate the affirmative. She hadn't reckoned that one of those stipulations might entail her being shot (up?)… or maybe he's just going to pierce her ears.

This is where Mohinder hesitates on giving the truth. It's not a pretty one to be sure. It's an unfortunate necessity for Company purposes. "Part of the stipulations is that we can find you, anytime, anywhere that you are. For various reasons of course, in case you wind up in a tight spot, perhaps your ability has failed you. We need to know where to find you." He holds the device up as he walks over to Mariska, "This will allow us to locate you should we need to do so."

So, in essence, she's being lo-jacked. This… actually makes a fair amount of sense to Mariska, all things considered. She obediently holds out a hand, apparently expecting to be chipped beneath the knuckles, and then asks, "Does it hurt?"

"It does sting… a bit like a shot. The area of injection might feel sore for a day." Mohinder looks at the hand, then reaches out to lower it. "Do you have a preference for location? This does leave a mark." He is being considerate about this; it's the least he can do.

Okay… so… not on the hand, then. After a brief moment of pause, Mariska mulls this over and then has the presence of mind to ask, "What sort of mark?" This is an important piece of information when choosing a location to be branded, er— chipped, tagged, whatever.

"Two small lines next to each other. You might have noticed it on others with abilities in this building." Of course, it's usually in an inconspicuous place. Which Mohinder suggests, "It won't be a very large mark, so someplace you might want to have it hidden?"

Mariska hadn't noticed, no, but then again, that's apparently the point. She lapses back into mulling and after discarding her first few initial impulses to be tagged in hilarious and inappropriate places, she finally voices her choice while turning her head and using a hand to lift her dark hair off of her neck, "How about… here?" Interestingly, there already seems to be a little, red, curly-ended 'M' tattooed at the crux of where neck and shoulders meet, so she's probably intending for this mark to be situated above that.

That is the point… placing the mark usually on unsuspecting people where it isn't easily or immediately noticed. Mohinder nods to the request and after a brief inspection of the tattoo, he sees where he can use as the injection site. "Hold still please Miss Dmitryeva, this will sting for a few moments… in 3 2 1…” And *snick* with the isotope tracking device.

Insert joke about the Company being a pain in the neck here. (That one's never going to get old, is it?)

Much to Mariska's chagrin, Mohinder wasn't exaggerating about the stinging. Thankfully, she's developed a bit of a pain tolerance over the last thirty-some-odd years and it doesn't hurt worse than getting a tattoo done over bone and so she doesn't complain. Much. Alright, there's some wincing. But, that's it. "That's it?"

"That's it Miss Dmitryeva… and according to the other paperwork we have on you, you're in excellent health. We know what you can do, and you've had plenty of practice with your ability." Mohinder says as he puts away the tracking gun. "When do you get to visit with Sasha again? It's a shame I cannot take her out of the facility, I think she and my ward might appreciate each other's company." There could be dinner and a playdate involved!

There's a twinge of sadness stirred in to Mariska's thickly-accented voice when she's forced to reply, "I don't know." in regards to her next opportunity to see her little girl. Just thinking about the separation factor is enough to pull her under, drowning not waving. Before she slips too far beneath the surface, she claws for something positive and says, "Tell me about your ward."

Mohinder nods his head, his attention briefly diverted to Mariska's file, just to see if there's anything else he needs to address. He can't help but smile at thinking about Molly, "She's a delight. Her parents were murdered last year and the Company took her in. A friend and I have been named her guardians." He sort of leaves out the responsibility he feels as part of saving her life.

Rubbing a bit at the injection site on the back of her neck without quite realizing it, Mariska says, "Maybe I could meet her. One day." And then kidnap her and use her for leverage so that someone else might be able to understand what's she's been going through these last few years, er— I mean… bring her cookies and read her a story.
Kidnapping Molly would not be wise. Mohinder and Matt wouldn't hesitate to kill where their girl is concerned. "Perhaps. We're trying to get her back to as normal a life as she can have. She's had quite enough to contend with in just the past few months alone." Not seeing anything else on Mariska's chart that needs addressing, he closes up the file.

Mariska once again mimics the head-bobbing nod she'd issued earlier, affirmative and accepting. "Am I… free to go?" Perhaps already in anticipation of a 'yes', she takes a step toward the door but keeps her eyes on Mohinder… just in case there's a denial in the wings.

Mohinder smiles at Mariska, "I think we're done here. I believe you're now free to roam the building, security clearance depending?" He double-checks Mariska's information, just to make sure this is the case.

Before Mariska makes her exit on cue, she pauses at the door and says something (possibly) unexpected: "Thank you, Doctor Suresh, for…" For giving her drugged tea? For kidnapping her and locking her in a room? For orchestrating a heart-breaking reunion with a little girl that doesn't remember her own mummy and the big, gay bastard who helped make her? "…everything." Yeah. That ought to cover it.

Mohinder offers a restrained smile to Mariska, "You're welcome." He doesn't feel much like he should be thanked… beyond letting the woman know her child is alive and well, in one piece… perhaps her memory is Swiss cheese now.. But Mariska's mind should be eased somewhat about Sasha.

Stepping out of the room, Mariska proceeds down the hospital wing corridor. There’s just one more thing left to do…

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