Ongoing Plotlines

This page is INCOMPLETE and getting put together! If you would like to contribute your own ongoing plotlines, feel free! A page will be put up for completed plotlines soon!

Ongoing Plotlines

Smoke and Mirrors
Summary : Logs involving the storyline of Logan. Some overlap with the Pinehearst plots, Niki's memory loss and others. (Some Logs Contain Season 3 Content)

Peter's List
Summary : All logs involving the List that Peter of 2012 gave to Kory and her attempts to locate people on the list.

2012 : A Dark Time
Summary : Logs involving the background of Peter of 2012's future.

Ashes to Ashes
Summary : Logs involving the mysterious death of a college girl reduced to ashes. (To Be Added)

Hiro's Quest
Summary : Logs involving Hiro, Ando and Rochelle's quest to retrieve Claire's regenerative blood from Pinehearst's hiding place that takes some unexpected twists and turns. (To Be Added)

Damage Control
Summary : (To Be Added)

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