2007-10-20: Plus One


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Summary: Niki and Micah, having welcomed Cam into their home, show their hospitality by offering their help.

Date It Happened: October 20th, 2007

Plus One

Sanders-Dawson-Hawkins Residence

Queens, New York City

It's Monday afternoon, after school… a little while after school, actually, since Cam goes to school on the East Side, which is a bit of a ride from Queens. He comes in the door, careful of his injured arm but stepping quickly enough to show that he did remember to take his painkillers during the day.

Micah, of course, goes to school somewhat closer and arrived home just a bit before Cam did. And what better way to relax after school then with a cool frothy glass of milk and some Oreo cookies. Sugar central! He'd conveniently left the front door open for when Cam arrived. As he munches, a copy of 9th Wonder is open on the table beside the snack.

It's a quiet scene all around that the houseguest walks into. Niki is curled up at the end of the couch, her back to the arm of it, bare feet up on the cushions and a small, shiny laptop balancing somewhat precariously on her bent knees (conveniently away from the direction of the kitchen and thus Micah). Obviously not intending to go anywhere today, she's in what counts as pyjamas, grey shorts and a tanktop and a long pink sweater thrown over it all since it's getting cold out. When she hears the door open again, she tilts her head back to see Cam, all smiles. "Hey! How was school? I could have driven you, you know. It's so far away."

Cam smiles back and says, "Thanks, that woulda been good. Didn't know how much it cost to get that far! I had enough, though," he adds. Then, after saying a quick, "Hi Micah," too, he answers Niki, "It was ok. I had to sit out gym 'cause of my arm, doing dodgeball and the teacher thought it might get hit. But science and civics was fun." Then he adds to Micah, "Wish they still made that one," indicating the comic.

"Hi Cam!" Micah grins, nodding in agreement. "Yeah, I know. I miss it a lot." The chair squeaks on the floor just a bit as Micah pushes back from the table. "Want some cookies and milk?" Cupboard not far away, Micah's already headed that way for a glass. "I don't think mom will object." Or at least she hadn't objected yet to his own venture into the land of stuffed cookie goodness.

"Well, good," Niki replies to Cam, still smiling even as she regards him carefully, as if double-checking to make sure he's actually okay, arm and otherwise. As for the cookies… she just smirks at Micah and, after tapping a few buttons on her keyboard, shuts the laptop screen. "It's only fair that you share, but don't go too crazy before supper."

Cam grins to Micah and says, "Yeah! Please." He indeed looks fine, if maybe just a touch tired. He looks back to Niki and nods quickly, "I won't. I can always eat." He takes a seat by where Micah was sitting.

"I'm on it!" He's juuuuust tall enough to reach the cabinet and pulls out a second glass. Off to the fridge, for the milk. "She always worries like that." Micah jokes, setting the glass on the table next to the half empty bag of Oreos. Yeah, mom might kill him for that.

Niki makes her way into the kitchen as well, wandering past the kids at the table. Was that bag of cookies full before? Was she that distracted that she missed Micah apparently inhaling half of them? Whoops. She catches the fridge door just before it closes. "Cam, I have to ask," she says while she grabs a bottle of water from the fridge. "That school you go to…" A curious and concerned look - more the latter than the former - settles on the boy as she swings the fridge door shut with a hip. "I looked into it… it's not a public school. It's like Micah's." That is, it comes at a price. "How are you registered?"

Cam grins and nods to Micah. He looks back to Niki then at the question, shrugging a little (and wincing a bit as he does). "Ow.. um.. yeah, they came to me in the shelter. A bunch of us, but I think I'm the only one who took it. Think it's some kinda publicity thing, helping the charity cases or whatever. I just took it so I could get net access and find my mom and dad. Didn't think it'd be fun. Well, some classes aren't, like math, but…" He shrugs a bit, this time just with his good shoulder.

Micah is intrigued at this new development. He'd always assumed Cam went to a public school. So of course, he raises his brow and looks between his mom and Cam during the conversation. Hard to talk with a glass of milk stuck to your mouth. Then there's mention of Cam's parents. "Oh yeah! Later we can get on my computer and see if I can help you locate whatever I can about your parents."

"Oh, wow, that's really amazing," Niki answers, seeming sincerely impressed - heartened, even. "Well," she lays a hand on Micah's shoulder as she says to Cam, beaming, "Maybe Micah can help you with your math." She pulls out a chair and sits down, ever so slightly unsteady as she does so, but just ignore that. At the table with the kids, Niki's presence isn't a looming one. She's a cool mom, right? She looks between the two of them with some mild apprehension at Micah's suggestion, but says nothing — which basically counts as condoning it, just not without some hesitation. She just opens her bottle of water and takes a slow drink.

Cam says to Micah, belatedly, "Thanks." He takes a sip of his milk and then at the offer he brightens, "Oh, yeah! That'd be great. Can you find something without using their names? Like from a picture? 'Cause they wouldn't be using their real names." Then, after a pause, he adds quickly, "'Cause if they disappeared like that, they had to be hiding from someone." Cam can be an excellent liar, not that they know this, but this one's so off-the-cuff that it's obvious… well, not a lie exactly, but he knows who they'd be hiding from. He tries to cover it by answering Niki, "Um, that'd be cool. Dunno if I'd do any good even with help. It's hard."

"Yeah, I can help you with your math homework." Micah agrees, turning his head upward and giving a wide grin to his mom. Thanks for volunteering him. Not that he minds. Math is fun! Ooooo….so Cam's question seems more of a challenge to Micah. "Umm…yeah. Shouldn't be that hard. We can scan the picture in with my scanner. Maybe cross reference it through a few places I know." Of course, it's not like he needs his mom's approval. He'd do it anyways to help a friend.

As Niki listens to the boys, a furrows work their way into her brow. She waits until Micah's given his highly illegal sounding input, prompting a glance before she gives hers. "…Hiding from someone," she picks out and repeats Cam's recent evasive words with a more questioning tone than his. She sets the bottle on the table gently, raising an eyebrow at their guest with well-meaning concern. "Do you know who they might be hiding from, Cam?"

Cam grins to Micah, and says, "Thanks." He digs into his pocket, pulling out a picture. It shows a nine-year-old or so Cam with a stern man that looks a lot like him, and a slightly-overweight woman wearing glasses. He looks back up to Niki, biting his lip as she asks that. He shakes his head a bit and says, "I dunno." A better lie, but his earlier one makes it obvious.

"Nice picture." At least Micah's polite, right? Another glance towards his mom and he manages to catch the furrows. "Don't worry mom. I won't get into any trouble." And by trouble he means he won't leave any traces. The remaining milk in his glass is downed, and the glass is returned to the table. The exchange between Cam and Niki is heard, but not addressed as Micah already has a train of thought building steam in his head. "I'll go get the computer booted up."


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