2007-06-24: Poetry And Park Benches


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Summary: When a Mechanic and a DJ meet in the park? It's not madness - it's /philosophy/.

Date It Happened: June 24th, 2007

Poetry and Park Benches

9:30, Central Park East.

This is the wooded section of the park, bisected by jogging trails, horse paths, and boulder and tree; it's that part of the park that wise people don't just randomly saunter through after dark. Good thing, then, that a few unwise remain - couples, enjoying the cooler air of the evening and the streetlights that keep the trails (mostly) lit move with murmer through this admittedly romantic section of park, while the occasional dog-walker takes care of necessary business with a canine companion. There are a few loners, but most are passing through, of course, on their way to the city proper or home after a long day at work.

On a bench near an intersection of walking trail and horse path is one young lady that isn't going anywhere, curled up on the battered green metal with a backpack at her side and her knit 'purse bag' on the other, looking a bit disheveled and wearing clothes that could probably use a wash, about now. She doesn't look derelict - just rough around the edges.. and she's got her nose in a book, trying to read it in the sulfurous light of an aging orange streetlamp on this corner. "English Romantic Verse", it says. A collection of poems usually stuck in college courses.

Kitty walks slowly down a pathway and is just enjoying the night and fresh air she is getting after a long day of working on Lania. She stops as she sees McAlister and looks at her backpack and purse and thinks that the woman is on the street, "Hello there, what are you reading?". She sat on the bench but not to close to the young woman, not wanting to scare her.

Ali doesn't really look up - "Burns - I shouldn't. Robbie Burns really is one of those things most people shouldn't indulge in. Kinda like drinking wine - a little goes a long way, and then when you're into it for half the bottle you realize that maybe you should have stopped earlier. I can't help but picture this guy, you know? Six feet tall, kilt, red hair, beard, rich, claymore. Barely understandable. Cute. Rowr."

She shifts, slightly, on the bench, not seeming even /nervous./ More.. vaguely friendly, if distracted. "I like him more than Tennyson or Shelley - they're kinda pretentious. Probably better for you, though."

Kitty leans back into the bench and looks at Ali, "Your calling me pretenious?". She runs a hand through her hair, she snickers and places her shoulder bag gently on the bench by her side.

"Huh?" Ali looks up, then, blinking, quick to say - "no. I mean." A grin. "No. I don't even /know/ you." She peers, then rummages book around to offer a hand. "Ali. Alyssa, but Ali." Her alto's warm and wry - distinctive.

Kitty grins and takes the hand to shake it, "I'm Kitty, or Kit". Her hand drops and she takes in the night's sky and the stars overhead, "What are you doing out here all alone?". She rubs her gloved hands together and stuffs them in her pockets.

"Sitting. Reading poetry." It's light and airy, not intended to be mean, coming with a wry smile. Ali just adds, "My life's gotten strange lately. Really strange. Maybe I'm just running away, maybe not. But right now? I'm on a bench in Central Park. It worked out that way - and I dunno where I"m going to end up after that."

Some animals can be heard as Kitty tilts her head and smiles faintly while looking at Ali, "It's a dangerous place sometimes…not knowing where are you going next. I try to anticipate my next move at times so I won't unprepared".

"I used to." Ali nods, once. "But you know? Lately, the more I do? The more I end up going somewhere else entirely." The woman takes a deep breath, letting out a long sigh as she folds the book in her lap, looking up.. but the smile, for all that it's wry, is still there. "You know, my parents are Catholic? I'm /supposed/ to be. I don't think I've ever really believed in it."

Kitty nods and tucks one leg under her and she sits on it, "My mother wanted me to be the next big CEO of her multi-million dollar company but…I don't believe in it. She was so mad when I told her I was going to be a bookseller, writer, or mechanic and that I didn't want to live up to her legacy because of the negative things that came out of it".

Ali leans over to nudge at the other woman - abruptly laughing. "You turned down a cushy job and a million-dollar paycheck? I woulda caved. I know it. Sheesh." She shakes her head. "That's pretty brave, you know. picking your own way. Me? Pop's a machinist - he'd probably have killed me if I /wanted/ to do his job."

Kitty gasps and she closes her eyes, anyone that knows of Kitty's power would know she was having a vision, but it might look as if she is just taking a deep breath and closing her eyes to think. She opens her eyes in a moment or two after and smiles at Ali, "I'm sure wherever you end up in the future that you will inspire many people when you get there," she then tucks both legs under her and leans back into the bench.

Ali… has the /oddest/ reaction to that. She laughs. It's almost helpless, that laughter, and definitely amused.. though it verges on the hysterical. "Yeah? You have no idea.." She hugs her bag to her. "Seriously. But thanks. Uh. I guess. Whatever. I'm not so sure I /have/ a future. That sort of ends up depending on the D… other people, right now, ya know?"

Kitty chuckles and nods her head, "Just follow your path Ali and you will see. Just remember what I said because I tend to be right about these things". Kitty looks up at the sky, smiling. "So what do you do? For work I mean?", Kitty plays with her gloves as she asks the question.

"I sort of.. well, there's a bar in Brooklyn? I'm tending bar there a couple of days a week." Ali seems reluctant, there. "That's about it, right now. It wasn't /supposed/ to be it, but, hey, you do what ya can, right?" A faint shrug. "I'm probably gonna have to quit, though. I've been sort of avoiding talking to the boss, you know?' A pause. "Why am I telling you this?" Amused, more than anything.

Kitty shrugs and looks confused for the first time since meeting Ali, "I don't know why you are, but I guess we're having one of those moments when two people meet and they just click all of a sudden". She smiles, "Why quit? Bartending sounds like a fun job", Kitty taps her fingers on the bench.

"Imagine you got everything you wanted. Right there. Money, cool car.. whatever." Ali looks down at her book, turning it over in her fingers. "Let's say you could have it all. Everything. All you had to do was tell a lie - a pretty big one. Would you? How big would the lie be before you just couldn't?"

"That my friend, is something that you have to decide for yourself. Just remember that with every lie you tell, you have to tell another and then it makes it really hard to keep the lie up," Kitty looks at Ali's clothes and appearance and she shakes her head softly, "Look, I don't want to offend you or anything, but it doesn't seem like you have a place to stay. I have room if you need it", she smiles softly and hopes that she didn't make Ali angry.

Ali offers a sunny smile - no trace of deception there. "Nah. I have a place. Don't worry about it, right?" A slight shrug. "I /really/ need to do laundry, though. I'm sort of behind - " She pauses. "Me? I don't like lying." And then? She moves to stand, wincing a bit, as though sore. "And you know? I should probably get to it before I end up getting rooted to that bench or something."

Kitty nods and smiles, "Ok, well it was nice to meet you and maybe we will each other again soon", she writes her number down on a piece of paper and hands it to Ali. "If you ever want to talk or anything", Kitty smiles and gets up as well to leave.

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