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…Meryl likes to point! Don't cross her.

"Point For Emphasis"

Circus Trailer Roof

It takes a lot to really get to her. She's had a good deal of fun playing at the circus, taming little pink poodles named Fluffernutter and hanging out with her husband. But Meryl Winters misses her old life as much as someone who's never down on anything really can. Time has gone by; it's time to do something.

The circus is about a full day's ride by car from New York. They'll be there eventually, and then…? She doesn't know. The fact that they'll be rolling out tomorrow has her both excited and worried. Excited, because she truly considers New York to be home, and worried because she hasn't heard from her partner in… Well. Months.

Sitting atop her trailer in the cold, she's wrapped in a blanket, knees drawn up to her chest as she looks through the break in the clouds at the stars. It's dark enough here to be able to see them, which is something she'll actually miss. When they get home, they'll be lucky to see any stars, let alone the multitude Meryl can see now.

Wrapped in a blanket of his own, the poodle, Fluffernutter, is almost sound asleep, though he stirs once in awhile to move a little bit closer to Meryl. Jet black hair is pulled back into a thick ponytail, though it's not exactly neat. The wind is tossing loose strands around her face. When one inevitably finds its way into her mouth, she makes a "tthhbtthhbb!" sound, extracts one hand from the blanket, and tries to find the source so she can push it away.

"When I said you belonged in the circus, I really didn't mean it," a voice suddenly says from not very far away. Peter often had a way of sneaking up on even a well trained Company Agent, one who'd spent her whole life as she would remember with them and working for them. There's so many ways to avoid detection of normal senses, and this time he's hovering just a few feet away from the trailer, on level with the roof.

Dressed in dark colors and clothes, his coat has a tell tale sign of drying blood slick in some areas. He tried to wash it off as much as he could, but that he didn't get all of it. It's long and dark, not really the ones he would normally wear when working as a paramedic with her driving the ambulance. Evenw hen she wasn't supposed to be. "Mom didn't know where you were, but— here you are. Is Ben here too? Is everything okay?"

He hasn't heard from his partner in a long time either— but that's his own fault more than hers. He didn't remember he even had one until… a few hours ago. It took a while to find her, and just as long to fly out there.

Usually, it is very hard to sneak up on Meryl. Mostly because she can see in every direction at once! Okay, not really. That's what she'll tell people who ask, though, because it sounds sooooo much cooler to say than 'I spent my life training.'

That doesn't change the fact that Peter will find Basil the Beretta leveled on him about half a second after he chooses to speak. Where did she pull that from? It's a secret. Thankfully, unlike some agents, Meryl isn't the type to shoot first and ask questions later. While Fluffernutter barks, Meryl's eyes go wide, Basil is lowered, and she pushes herself to her feet.

First words after long absenses are always the most important. She looks… stunned. Annoyed? Perhaps a little angry. And also relieved. For someone with enough emotion to fill a stadium several times over, showing such a range all at the same time isn't difficult at all for Meryl. It's a long time before she finally speaks.

"…DONDE ESTABAS?!" Pause. "Or however th'ell you say it. I'm still learning! But when I figure out how to say 'Where were you' in past tense perfect in Spanish, oh, I am so going to tell you, Mister. And— " She stomps her foot, pointing angrily at him. "You know, if I wasnted to sound angrier, I should have learned German! That's your fault! Because— Because— You, just land so I can smack you. Don't make me come up there? I will!"

A look of concentration crosses her face. She's going to fly, dammit, and she's gonna do it now!

The gun was expected, which might be why Peter kept his hands clear of his body. Not getting shot is always a plus, but he liked making an entrance when it's possible. It helps that he finally feels confident in himself, again, even with other things to be confused and upset over. "I was in DC for a while, and then New York, I would have come earlier but— I wasn't quite… aware of everything that was going on. But I'm glad to see you haven't learned to fly, yet. Though I was ready to catch you if you did try." Really try.

Though he'd be a little worried about dropping her, even then. Not that she's big, she's just tall and has a tendancy to be all elbows.

"I already got hit by a bus today, so be gentle, okay?" he says as he hovers down to land on the roof of the trailer, glancing away from her (dangerous) as he looks at the small bundle. "Is that a poodle?" A pink one?

She really intended to hit him. Then again, between hits and hugs… Well, it's not much of a choice, is it? As soon as he looks at Fluffernutter, he'll find his arms full of Meryl, who wraps her arms around his neck and her lgs around his hips. She's definitely not shy.

Her chin rests on his shoulder. "D'you know 'ow worried I was??" she asks quietly, struggling to keep the tears out of her voice and failing. "D'you know what you put me through? I thought I lost you, too, Peter. And y'know, that's just unacceptable! So…" sniffle. "I should so totally be strangling you right now, and I could, too. But I'm not gonna, 'cuz I don't think killing you would really solve anything. I mean, it might be cathartic for a little while, but then you'd be dead and I guess I'd feel bad until you un-died— Did you say you got hit by a bus? Neat. Did you see a bright light? Was it God? I told Ben that God wears a sombrero, but he doesn't believe me." Still holding onto him, she quickly kisses his forehead, then looks over her shoulder. "That's Fluffernutter. He's my buddy."

It's a good thing he's strong. Peter pulls his arms around her and holds on, keeping his balance despite all the additional weight. "Good thing I can't stay dead," is all he says at first, keeping the hold on her and avoiding wobbling. He does need to take a balancing step back, though. "No, I didn't see anything. It just hurt— I probably won't see that until I'm really dying." Or so he hopes. It's the way he'd like to believe it.

"Hey … Fluffernutter," he adds on, looking around her as she smooches his forehead to the dog. It's a silly name, but he knows better than to say that to his partner. "I lost my memory for a while. That's why I didn't come looking for you until now. The Bus seemed to do something to help, and I think I met someone who helped too. But— you didn't answer, is Ben okay? The Government didn't get their hands on him, did they?"

Her head rests back on his shoulder, but at least she puts her feet down on the roof of the trailer for a little extra support. She can't even begin to describe how relieved she is that he's okay. Loss is something that Meryl's come to accept in her lifetime, but that doesn't mean she'll ever like it, or just get used to it. Every person who's gone has left an unforgettable mark. That she doesn't have to say goodbye to Peter is truly a blessing.

Sighing, she finally steps back and gives him some breathing room. Leaning down, she picks up the little poodle, who is very, very bright pink. "Well, next time you lose your memory, come find me first," she says, as if this will solve everything - nevermind that people without their memory can't remember anything. Meryl considers this for a while, and then shrugs, rolling her eyes. "What a world we live in, aye? Huh. Well, you n' me are gonna have to catch up on some lost time. We can be mighty! Save the world, yeah?"

Ben? Oh, yeah, Ben! "He's fine. They wouldn't touch him with me around. I'm scary."

"I'd have to remember you to come find you!" Peter says, with a bit of a laugh, as he backs up to straighten his coat. It's a good thing he didn't land on the edge of the roof, he might have just fallen right off. He's still a little on the disoriented side, readjusting to his abilities being back, to all his memories, and months of new ones. "The people in the government need to be stopped. They're taking things way too far— Beyond what is acceptable or right." In the past he'd tried to stand against the Company, but little did he know there could be something much worse.

"I can't stay forever— there's a lot I need to do now that my abilities are back. I need to heal Nathan, he's got amnesia too." Which he'd apparently gave him. Somehow. From the future. That's one set of memories that will continue to confuse him. They aren't technically his. And they're so fragmented it doesn't seem like they happened at all sometimes.

"I'm glad Ben's okay. Maybe now we can work together to protect those who would be captured by Alpha Protocol." He'd been trying to set them free when he got injured.

Aw, Meryl doesn't get to keep Peter all to herself?? That's too bad. The scowl she offers betrays that; they could have gone inside and made hot chocolate and told really awesome stories all night long! Like how Peter got his memory back from the giant evil busmonster and how he lost it in the first place. And she could tell him about how she kicked ass on her honeymoon and totally saved Ben's life! And—

There are other things that need doing. Now that her partner's okay, it's time to quit this circus and go home! Which means disappearing off the face of the planet, leaving Fluffernutter with his real owner, and never looking back. Sad, but so is the life of a Company agent. Meryl eventually nods. "All right, go. Ben and I'll be back in New York A-S-A-P. You do what you need to do. And Peter?" She aims a punch right at his gut. "Don't ever lose your memory again."

She points again for emphasis. Better listen.

"I have a house on Staten Island right now," Peter says, reaching into a pocket and pulling out a card he prepared before he flew out. Includes his fake name (Ethan Campbell) and his address and phone number and email. All of which is NOT under his own name. After all the government is after him. Again. But he knows where all that stashed cash came from. His future self must have done something to get a lot of cash in his other apartment. It's with that cash he paid for the house.

"I'm not a paramedic right now, but I have a part time job at a walk in free clinic, as a nurse. It's just temporary. You know me— If I'm not doing fifty things at once I feel lost." And since he has his powers back, now, he knows how to do many more things at once. But first…

Ow. He steps back again, and then floats away a few feet to rub his abused gut. "All right— all right," he says with a grunt after a minute. "I won't lose my memory again. I promise."

Meryl nods resolutely, taking the card. At least she can find him, now, which makes her ever so much more relieved. "Please, Peter," she makes that one last plea, 'cuz she really means it. "Now— " Waving her hand, Meryl turns to collect Fluffernutter. "Now get outta 'ere before I start cryin' again. Go! But you better come see me when Ben and I are home."

Time to go wake him up - if he's not already. They'll have to leave before morning.

"I didn't see any such thing," Peter says with a hint of a grin, denying that he'd seen any tears at all. Meryl doesn't cry! She's Meryl. Even if he's lying as he says it. Some lies are okay. "Nice to meet you… poodle." Who has a name that isn't Basil. "I miss your naming everything Basil right now." Cause the name has already slipped through his memory. Fluffysomething. "Let me know where I can contact you when the two of you get in. So I can tell mom," he adds, before he's flying straight up— and then vanishing from sight in front of the backdrop of stars.


<OOC> Meryl says, "End there I'm guessing?"
<OOC> Peter says, "Well, unless you can fly!"
<OOC> Meryl can.

Meryl flies after Peter. "SURPRISE :D"

Peter falls to his death in shock.

Meryl is sad.

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