2008-02-02: Pointless Torture


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Summary: Following Angela's orders, Candice oversees the release of Kitty. But not before she has a little fun with the pretty little student first.

Date It Happened: February 2nd, 2008 (I guess?)

Pointless Torture

Company HQ: Level 3

Being kept in a cell.. /sucks/. Big time and Kitty and is currently lying on the floor with her feet propped up on the wall. She stares at the ceiling and doesn't blink. She feels.. weird. Especially without her ability. Dressed in the usual Company 'guest' attire. Kitty is just trying to think of a way to get out of the cell.

Is it getting hot in here? Perhaps the heat just kicked on. Still, Kitty might feel a tad bit uncomfortable. She may even hear the creak and groan of a heavy door opening at the end of the hall, where the agents pass to and from every now and again. It creaks; it groans, it is opened for a moment. There are shouts, masculine shouts, deep and echoing off of the concrete walls of each cell. But then the door slams shut, cutting off all sounds with a loud, resounding crash of thunder that makes the glass of each cell quake. "Hey…" THere's a soft, masculine whisper from the wall. "Hey…is someone there? What was that?"

"Huh?" Kitty says as she does notice the heat increase and she hears all the noise outside. "Who is that?" Kitty asks and gets into a sitting position and then to a standing one. "Hello?"
From the next cell over there is a slight shuffle, like a body shifting on the floor into a sitting position. "You heard me! Keep your voice down." Whomever it is, the voice is hard to distinguish from it's hushed, rough, whispered tone. "Who are you? Do you know what's happening outside? What all that noise is?"

"No idea what is going on outside." Kitty says somewhat more softly and she peers at the door leading out of her cell. "I don't know what it is.. maybe some of the agents are coming to visit?" Kit is at a loss as to what the noise was and what is going on. "I'm Kitty, who are you?"

The voice raises to a higher octave, and if Kitty is trying to have a mental picture of this fellow in her head, the tone of his voice is a direct result of his eyes going wide. "Kitty? My god, I-" Whatever the man is going to whisper to the brunette is cut off by another opening of the creaky door, followed by it's slam. It seems the temperature rises about 20 degrees in a few seconds, almost as though Kitty just walked in from a cold blizzard. Booted footfalls can be heard, and are soon combatted with the sight of a busty latina trooper, hands on her belt. She must be an agent. "Whatever you're doing." She says in a slightly accented tone. "Stop it now, Kitty. Stop it or you'll go down with the rest of us."

"I- what?" Kitty asks and fans herself, "I have no clue to what you are talking about." She says with a blink. "I can't do whatever is going on.. my ability is much different." That's assuming this is the product of an ability. Kitty looks at the agent and shakes her head.

The Latino woman steps forward, becoming more threatening - at least, that look in her eyes. "No, this is you. There's more to you that you don't understand, but I don't have time to explain. You have to stop this, now, or this whole place is going to burn." The latino's mouth opens to scold Kitty again, but the holster on her belt suddenly bursts into spontaneous flames. Or are they really spontaneous? It's hot enough in here to cause a steady beat of perspiration. Even hotter than that, getting hotter by the second. The woman quickly removes her belt and throws it aside, watching it burn.

"Fuck." Kitty says and backs away, "No it isn't me! I know it isn't!" When the belt burst into flames Kitty's eyes grow wide and she backs away even more. "What the hell?" Kitty's forehead drips with sweat as she looks from side to side. No escape, what the hell is happening!

A fist connects angrily with the glass. "Stop this, Kitty, you're the only one who can!" The woman demands, running over to the belt to quickly remove her gun before the holster and leather strap are scortched into nothing. Waves of heat are bouncing off the concrete walls, floor and ceiling of the third level. "Stop it, Kitty, or everyone in here will die!" The woman shouts, banging a fist on the glass again.

She /really/ feels the heat now. "I don't know what you are talking about!" Kitty says and shakes her head. Her back is drenched in sweat and her hair is becoming matted to her head. "You're wrong! I can't do this!" Kitty says and she closes her eyes and falls to the ground, rocking back and forth. The heat is not helping her.

"To hell with you!" The Latino shouts, turning and storming for the door. She doesn't get very close, however, for as soon as the door is torn open, the woman is blasted back by a furnace of flames that lick into the room, curling along the walls an ceiling. Concrete or not, there is no way out. Screams can be heard, loud and clear, and along with the furnace comes in a man - at least it might be a man from the sound of the screams - it's impossible to tell as he's black and burning. Black as in crispy, well done. He's dead already, but he doesn't even know it. His flaming form goes streaking past Kitty's window, past the latino on her tush in the middle of the room, trailing behind him the scent of burnt flesh and the cries of agony.

A scream escapes Kitty and she shakes her head over and over as the first thing she sees when she opens her eyes is the flaming man. The young woman hops to her feet and tries to kick her door open, anything to get out and away. Her eyes dart wildly around.

The latino woman is crawling to her feet after being stationary. She kicks the class. "Kitty! You will stop this or I will make you stop! You're too valuable to kill! This is you doing this, it has to be you to stop it!" Her eyes are wide and dark, yet hateful - almost as fiery as the flames themselves that are begining to crawl through the room. The heat is stifling, almost unbearable as the latino's jacket catches on fire. She yells, cussing in spanish, jumping back to pull it off and throw it aside.

"I- I don't know how!" Kitty closes her eyes and tries to concentrate on putting the flames out. She hopes this work, she doesn't have control over fire she thought! Kitty tries to calm her breathing and she doesn't open her eyes for a few moments. If nothing else, Kitty is more calm from what she is doing.

Until she opens her eyes, she's likely more calm. That's when she'll see it, and the sight of it will ignite - no pun intended - the feel of it. The flames, licking around her hands, burning up the sleeves of her clothes. The smell of her skin scorching and the little hairs there burning and wrinkling up in to dust. Her hands - they're on fire.

Flames.. hot.. wait.. is she on fire?! Kitty's eyes snap open and she howls in pain. "Argh!!" Kitty can see her flesh burning and turning black. The pain is so bad that Kitty only sees white before she is falling to the ground in a heap. Sobbing.

But it's not over yet, because what is physical pain when not coupled with emotional? The door in the cell beside Kitty's is yanked open. The Latino drags out a man, whose hands are bound. Tears stream down his face. He is stoic, unmoving, really, as the Latino positions him in front of the window. "Kitty, you will stop! Now!" The man is easily recognizable to Kitty. Luke Sanchez. It's always nice when Candice reads up on someone before she meets them, really it is.

"DAD!" Kitty yells and she fights through the pain so that she can make it too the window, she bangs on the glass to try and reach her father. "Let me out! Fuck you! Let me out now!" tears stream down Kitty's face and she bangs against the glass. Her eyes are full of fury and anguish. How can this be. "He has nothing to do with this.. YOU BITCH!" Kitty screams at the woman and she looks at her father with fear and sadness. "Dad.."

"We kept him to keep you in line, Kitty, and now that's what you're doing. He'll die anyway if you don't stop this - we all will. You're the only one who can save him." The man is still, tears running down his cheeks, eyes staring over the burning girl on the other side of the glass - his little Kitty. Stepping back, the Latino woman lifts her gun, pointing it at Luke's head. "Now stop, Kitty!"

The look of her strong willed father crying breaks Kitty inside. "Sorry.." she says softly, the pain from the flames as they creep up her arms is unbearable. Kitty sinks to the floor and her eyes begin to roll into her head. "N-NO!" She yells and thrashes out.

"Focus, Kitty! Focus on me!" The latino shouts, but by then it is too late. The flames have caught to Luke, and are climbing along his clothes. He stands there, screaming, burning alive while the Latino woman seems to have sunk back in the background, behind the flames and smoking flesh - the smell alone is enough to make most people sick. "Save him, Kitty! You have to try!"

"I.. can't.." Kitty jerks and tries to get control, she is trying with every fiber of her being but nothing is helping. Kit is helpless.. powerless..

BANG It only takes one shot through the back of Luke's head. What Kitty sees will be like nothing else before: the man who raised her will be no more, the face that she loved is now splattered against the glass, shards of bone and brain dripping smoothly down the wall. His body falls first to the knees and then off to the side, hand upturned in an awkward angle as he rests, limp and something no longer human, on the concrete. Blood spreads like a disease. And there is the Latino, standing with her gun, a few tendrils of smoke curling out of the barrel. Through all the blood and burning flesh, there is the distinct taste of sulfer in the air.

There is nothing that can be said for what just happened. In Kitty's mind. The woman tips her head back and screams a piercing scream. The scream echoes all of Kitty's pain and the weight of all of this has quite literally driven Kitty insane. The scream continues on.. and on.. she would scream forever if she could.

But she doesn't have to. It feels like the fire is sucked away, almost as if someone opened a large window and every ounce of heat drained out. It's actually a bit cold except for, you know, half of Kitty's arms being burned and scalded. The floors, the walls, everything seems to be smoking and smoldering … including Luke's body. The Latino, breathing heavy, takes a step foreward, peering into the cell. "See, Kitty. I knew you could do it."

The scream stops and Kitty blinks and looks to the latino woman. Nothing is said.. nothing can be said. Kitty is shattered.

And then there is a flash of a black man, leaning over Kitty. An evil, feminine laugh can be heard echoing off the walls. Then she will remember nothing, it will all be black to her. Thus is the final night of a stay with The Company.

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