Pop-lock and Phase It


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Summary: This is given it's own page because Adrenaline and Nathan still hurt themselves laughing upon every reread. Enjoy.

Pop-lock and Phase It

The OOC Lounge

You say, "Sandra's hardcore, man."
D.L. says, "She's pretty hot."
D.L. says, "Hook a brotha' up."
Noah says, "You couldn't handle it."
D.L. says, "Damn. I feel you, dogg. 1."
D.L. says, "S'all good, playah. Many of fine honays out there."
D.L. says, "I can wait 'til Claire's 18. No dizoubt."
Noah says, "…"
Noah says, "I have a better idea."
D.L. says, "Word up?"
Noah says, "I'll have my boy cancel out your powers when you're halfway through a wall cause I'm curious as to what will happen."
D.L. says, "Yo, I'm down for that. Let's get this pizarty started on the suicide tip."
You say, "….."
Noah says, "what is wrong wiht you"
You say, "Noah, he's too crazy."
D.L. says, "Holla' back, youngin'!"
D.L. says, "WOOP WOOP!"
You say, "Spotlit. Oh my God."
D.L. says, "Do my Noahs run this mother trucka'! HEEEELLLLL YEAH! Do Big Bob run this mother trucka'! HEEEEELLLL YEAH!"
D.L. says, "Break it down, foo'!"
D.L. spins on his head.
You say, "I…what."
Noah says, "If you incorporate phasing into break dancing I will eradicate you."
D.L. says, "Pumps in a bump!"
Heidi says, "Night, guys"
D.L. says, "OH SNAP! Good idea!"
D.L. pop-lock and phase it! Pop-lock and phase it!
D.L. says, "Crank Dat Phasin' Boy!"
Noah says, "I said I'd do it."
Noah killed D.L.!
Noah says, "…it didn't affect him!"
Noah says, "Run."
D.L. pulls a Jeebs, "Gah! Do you know how much that stings?!" Grows another head.
Noah says, "Throw the dog at him and run!"
D.L. says, "Where my doggs at?! GRRRRRRRRR! ARF ARF!"
D.L. will now be played by DMX.
Noah says, "Why won't you die!"
D.L. holds up a Mentos pack.
D.L. *ping*
Gwen RUNS.
Adrenaline says, "I can't believe D.L. just referenced Men In Black."

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