Portia Marie Maddox
Portrayed By Demi Lovato
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 17th, 1993
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases Tia
Place of Birth Laurel, Mississippi, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Student, Singer, Musician
Known Relatives Desiree (mother), Lance (father), Parker (brother)
Significant Other Randall Kirkwood
Known Abilities Invisibility
First Appearance Screaming With My Mouth Shut

Daughter of Desirée Russo, Portia Maddox has some big dreams, and she's determined to conquer them. Sweet, sophisticated, and fashionable, she's dedicated a lot of her time into making something of herself.


Portia Marie Maddox and her brother, Parker Maddox were born in Laurel, Mississippi to Desirée Ginger Russo and Lance Maddox. Portia was a quiet baby, but still a curious one, which happened to be a dangerous combination which most likely resulted in quite a few mishaps even before the age of five. The two babies were inseparable, however, and each relied on the other for whatever they lacked in their own weaknesses.

From an early age, Portia was watching things. She was a perceptive child and caught on quickly to the idea of when to talk and when to stay silent, and when to watch. As she grew up, she began to become keenly aware of the fact that her mother was struggling. Her dad had always been the more practical one with the fancy job, but Portia was always aware of how her mother struggled, jumping from job to job. Her favorite childhood memories were of when her mother would sing to her. Her mother was always her idol, and she thought, despite everything that went on, that her mother was extremely talented and could go places.

Sweet, sensitive, and naive, Portia relied on Parker as her support. She always took things personally and for the most part struggled when she was younger, especially with being picked on. With her parents divorce, as happens with a lot of kids, she secretly blamed it on herself. Somehow, she concluded, if she had been a better daughter, if she had been more impressive, more amazing, then maybe things would have worked and her parents wouldn't want to split. Portia was smart and held things together, building up an outer layer of 'tough girl'. She acted like she took things just fine and quickly threw herself into exploring her talents as a way of trying to prove herself.

When she was thirteen, she and Parker went off to France on a foreign exchange program. Going through puberty in France was a very interesting experience for Portia, but she quickly realized she could make good use of her new, more mature look to get what she wanted. The exchange program had a wonderful affect on her as well, and allowed her to experiment more with music. Thanks to her mother's early influence, she threw herself into music as soon as she realized she had some talent in the area. She wrote a few songs and learned to play the guitar as well as the piano, skills which she had started during her early childhood but never had as much of an interest in till now. Not to mention the exchange had an excellent music program.

Having watched her mother struggle with her dreams, Portia was determined to be an inspiration to her mother and prove her worth, certain that it would make all of their lives easier and bring their family closer. Gathering what little she had, Portia, without even telling Parker, in a very reckless move caught a flight to New York City. She had put no real thought behind it other than that she would head there, go to a recording studio and make it big. She had no idea at all exactly what she was getting into. Reuniting with her mother, she spent her time working on both her music and her schooling, while balancing her new interesting family dynamic thanks to Desireé's new fiancé and his family. Despite balancing that, she's managed to keep her eye on the prize.

Through hard work, studying, and practice, Portia managed to land one of the best opportunities she could—acceptance into Julliard's pre-college program. Studying classical guitar (and piano, to a lesser extent), she's still got dreams of going far and is stopping at nothing to get there.


September, 2009:


  • "What boys? I'm invisible, remember?" - Portia to Kitty when asked about how things were going with boys in her life.


  • Portia speaks French fluently.
  • She is able to fade easily from perfect English, to a French accent, or a Mississippi accent.
  • Portia attended a young musicians program at Julliard while in high school, and she has just started full-on classes at Julliard. She is focusing on vocals and guitar, as well as some piano.
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