2007-10-08: Post-Fight Introductions


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Summary: Sharon and Niki clean up and talk after their battle with Mandy at the now-trashed Walgreens.

Date It Happened: October 8th, 2007

Post-Fight Introductions

Sandwich Shop Near the Trashed Walgreens

"I'm sorry, I didn't even catch your name."

The bathroom of the sandwich shop down the street from the ransacked Walgreens is little more than a cramped corner room with a few stalls, decked out in drab tan paint and cream-coloured linoleum. Niki stands in front of one of two sinks, turning on the tap's hot water. Her purse sits on the counter, left there moments ago. A grey wool blanket is draped over her shoulders and wrapped loosely around her, a gift from the police - more to hide the red spray of blood staining the front of her inconveniently white tanktop and seeping into her jeans. All the way down to her feet, boots, she's covered in it. Flecks of blood still mar her face, although some has since been smeared. Safe to say the trip into the bathroom was a quick one, so as not to horrify anyone else.

Sharon had to make sure Kitty was going to see someone about that face, so she was around long enough to spot Niki head into that building. Trusting that Kitty would get medical attention, Sharon decided it would be a good decision to make sure that the stranger was still in one piece, as she looked pretty beat up. Sharon comes into the bathroom. She's got a couple bruises on her leg from the shelf crashed onto her, but is otherwise mostly alright. "Hey. You still in one piece?" she asks the older woman. She isn't moving in any sort of threatening way, not intending to get into anymore fights today, and she's hoping that Niki doesn't freak out on her.

No freaking out. There's something dejectedly routine about the way Niki pushes the sleeve of her sweater up washes stray blood away, scrubbing up a slender forearm with soap, and the way she wipes it from her face with a paper towel, dabbing it, making sure she gets it all. "I'm okay," she says, smiling vaguely at the stranger in the mirror - Sharon, that is. "Are you all right? And that other girl-her face…"

"Bruises to the back of my legs, but they'll be gone in a couple days. I probably got the least injured of anyone," Sharon tells the woman. "She's going to get medical attention, or that was my understanding. I know which way to put a bandaid, but she's going to need a bit more than that". Hopefully Peter, if Kitty is able to get in touch with him. "Thanks for the help with the shelf," she adds, running some water to splash her face lightly with, just trying to refresh herself a little.

"Me, too. Bruises, that is. That shelf came down pretty hard." It was also pretty heavy, to the average person, but she doesn't mention that, exactly. Instead, Niki simply says, "And no problem." She turns off the faucet and looks down at her clothing as she dries off her hands; there's really no hiding the fact that she's covered in blood, and so she tosses the paper towel wraps the blanket around her more tightly. It can't quite cover the uneasy folding of her arms in a sort of self-hug.

"We really need to get you something to wear home," Sharon says after a moment of scrubbing her hands. And Sharon knows just how heavy that was, having tried to push it away herself. Particularly so she doesn't scare her son, though unlike Kitty, Sharon is not voicing that little bit of information. "So. Acidic attackers". A glance to Niki. "Not the usual type of thief in a drug store".

Niki gives a wry smirk as she glances down again, at the drab blanket the stained clothes hide. It's short-lived. On Sharon's keen observation of how unusual the store robbery was, she turns around, leaning against the counter. "…Yeah," she agrees dully, glancing sidelong. "I guess not."

"You don't seem that surprised," Sharon says, turning to look at the woman. Of course, neither does Sharon, not after the events of the last month or so have occured. "I don't think that woman is the type to forget a grudge". The memory of that dream flashes in Sharon's mind as she speaks.

"I'm just…" The floor seems to be an interesting point or not; it doesn't take a whole lot of sharp perception to see that Niki is staring at nothing, not the tiles. She looks up after a moment and manages a small smile for Sharon. "In shock." Not a complete lie. "Yeah, something tells me she's the type to remember grudges," she murmurs lowly, glancing off to the side.

Uh-huh. Right. Sharon just sort of nods to the woman. No, she's not fully buying what Niki is offering with the obvious staring into nothing. "Hopefully, if either of us runs into her again, our luck will be similar. Can't help but think there was a bit of luck or fate involved there. You ever see her before?" Sharon asks. "Kind of like to know who I should be on the lookout for".

"Never," Niki answers with a subtle shake of her head; her blonde hair sways, but it's mostly caught up in the folds of the blanket around her shoulders. There's a moment's hesitation - she opens her mouth to speak, stops, and regards Sharon with a bit of curiosity. "…have you? Your friend, it was like… I dunno, like she knew who I was."

"She knows a lot of people; more than I can keep up with," Sharon admits. Those who have visions tend to be like that. "And I haven't met the woman before, no. Though she seemed familiar, like out of a dream or something, you know?" She gives a light shrug to that.

"Well, I don't know her. I mean, I mighta seen her before, it's a big city…" But… dream? Niki gives Sharon a wary look, on the verge of voicing the connection she's making in her head, but she doesn't out with it. "More like a nightmare."

"Waking nightmare is more like it," Sharon says. She tilts her head slightly. "You were already aware of people like her, weren't you?" Sharon asks Niki. It seems reasonable to ask, particularly given the look she's giving Sharon. Also, Sharon hates having to bush beat around this stuff. It's not natural for the normally direct woman.

"Who, psycho criminals?" Aware? Sometimes she turn into one. Niki's ever-so-slightly sarcastic tone of voice does suggest that she knows what Sharon meant. She wraps her arms more tightly about herself under the blanket, looking at the wall opposite Sharon, instead of meeting the other woman's gaze. "Yeah."

"Do you believe in visions? Seeing the future?" Sharon asks. "Not like the tarot stuff, but people seeing that sort of thing," the woman explains. Ugh. She wasn't planning on going down this road, but she can't just leave the woman and not let her know.

The door to the restroom starts to swing open - but seeing it in action, Niki steps across the short distance and urges it shut with the palm of her hand. "I'm sorry, it's full up!" she denies the would-be visitor as politely and apologetically as one can while shutting a door in someone's face. It's not exactly the kind of conversation she wants anyone to overhear. With one hand still planted on the door, the blonde's attention snaps back to Sharon. "Depends who's having the visions," she says flatly.

"Look, what I'm trying to do is make sure you're warned, even if you can rip a bus sign out of the pavement at will. I think that woman has it in for you, or will in the future. Myself, the woman who was with us…there seems to be some sort of connection," Sharon tells her. "Might sound crazy, but I'd rather we avoid going down the path that it showed those who witnessed it".

Okay, now she's really sure. There's a noticeable change in Niki's features, going from wary to… still wary, but with the added bonus of realization. "No, it's not crazy," she says more gently - even though she seems to want to amend that statement as soon as it's out of her mouth, reconsidering. "You were part of that whole dream of the future thing," she ventures.

"One of the others has already told you about it then," Sharon says. And she's relieved that she doesn't have to tell her about the horrible fate. "I was hoping to try and avert any sort of fight, but the woman seemed pretty set on her course of action," Sharon tells her. "Name's Sharon," she adds. Introductions are good. And it obviously wasn't Sharon or Kitty who told her, so that narrows the choices down.

What a strange way to meet someone - after a gruesome robbery-and-murder of a drugstore, in the bathroom of a restaurant. "Niki," she says in turn, managing a hint of a friendly smile. "I should get home." The faster the better, especially with Kitty's words of 'get to your son!' are still fresh in her memory. She moves to take her purse from the counter; it disappears under the makeshift, oversized cloak of a blanket.

"Yeah. Same here". Not like she's going to say it was nice to meet her…you just don't say that after a horrible muder/theft incident, now do you? "I think the poor woman out there is probably burst by now". And, unless stopped, Sharon will head on out.

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