2007-07-07: Posters, Affairs, and Figs


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Namir pays a visit to William and brings along a gift. As is tradition, it manages to backfire. Samantha is not seeing a Jewish doctor behind his back. Also, Fig Newtons are sexy, and William totally loves Daniel from Stargate: SG1.

Date It Happened: July 7th, 2007

Posters, Affairs, and Figs

Mount Sinai

The I.V. hooked up to William's arm is a wonderous thing, or at least the morphine it puts out is. At least, it's letting William stare at the T.V. where some Stargate rerun is on instead of being in too much pain from his leg, covered in bandages from about his knee down.

Today is the premiere of Transformers: a day Namir has been secretly counting down to in his head since the start of July. He bought tickets as soon as they went on sale and will be dragging Sam along for a night that will prove to be the fulfillment of nearly every boyhood fantasy ever. But he still hasn't forgotten his friend in the hospital either, and so several hours before the movie premiere, he's decided to stop by for a visit. In the grand tradition of hospital stays, he's brought a cheeky gift to lighten the mood. Namir knocks quietly before entering, grinning over at William. "Wow, they've got you bandaged up good." There's a rolled poster under his arm, still wrapped in cellophane.

William looks down at his leg with a blink. "Yeah. I think because there were a couple bullets. So more area." He states before he blinks again and looks over to Namir. "You came to visit me!" He says, cheerful at that. "I'm watching TV." Because Namir may have missed that fact. "Talking to people can be more fun. Although, I like Daniel." He says with an eye towards the SG1 episode.

"Really?" Namir glances toward the TV. "I don't really watch the show. I've seen a few episodes, though." He moves over to William's bedside and peers down at the wrapping around his leg. Yup, bandaged up good. "Of course I came to visit you. How have you been? Has Sam given you the 'don't get shot' lecture yet?"

William nods his head. "Yep! He's smart and he's make me laugh. Really cute too. Especially in the later episodes." Because Namir really needed to know that fact. "She, uh, I don't remember." William admits about the lecture. Obviously it sank in if he got one.

Yeah, Namir will just take his word for that. Daniel's not really his type, seeing as Namir prefers them without extra plumbing and such. Even though he's not terribly freaked out by William's sexuality, Namir is still getting used to the fact. Hearing such things from the man is just slightly startling, and he grins good-naturedly. "I, uh, wouldn't know." Ahem. Change of subject! "I brought you something." He extends the rolled-up poster toward William (because it is totally a shift in subject).

William looks over to Namir. "Oh yeah. You like women." He says this as if it's a rather strange thing. "Oh, a present." He reaches out for the poster, awkwardly trying to unroll it and see what it's of.

The poster is of a nondescript underwear model-type guy standing in his chonies against a beach backdrop. Typical pin-up sort of thing. Namir snorts softly at the remark about women and, once the poster is unrolled, he states, "I just thought you'd like something pretty to look at while you were holed up here. I didn't know you had Daniel to keep you company, though." And Daniel is superior because he moves and talks.

William looks to the poster before he breaks out laughing. "I like it. He's almost as good looking as the nurse. You have to meet him. Well, you wouldn't think he's cute, but he is. Maybe even as cute as Daniel." Because that is apparently the bar here. He looks to the poster. "Can we put it up in here?"

Namir raises both eyebrows a that, then glances toward the door as though the apparently cute male nurse will walk in at any moment. "Really? I should meet him. Sam's been seeing a good-looking Jewish doctor behind my back, you know." Little inside joke. "Maybe they'll let you, if you're going to be here for a long while. I should have gotten you a framed picture or something instead." Hindsight and all that. Drawing up a chair, he takes a seat. "So, how is the morphine treating you?"

William looks confused. "Why is she seeing a Jewish doctor? She's got you." Yeah, the whole joke part just went straight over his drugged head. "The morphine makes me fuzzy, but I don't mind. Should have brought blue tape. That stuff comes down so you could put it up and it wouldn't drag down the paint." Yes, that's a quick change of subject. He looks down to the poster again. "Did Sam help you pick this out?"

Wow, that joke fell flat. But Namir isn't ready to give it up yet. "That's what I said. But you know how these things can be: Muslims and Jews." He shakes his head with exaggerated disappointment, then grins at the last question. "Sort of. I figured you two might have similar tastes. I wonder if medical tape would accomplish the same thing."

William looks over to Namir and blinks. "I'm sorry. I thought she was nice." Yes, he's totally taking that as the two of them breaking up. "It might. I bet there's some somewhere around here. Got to be." He gives Namir another speculative look. "You don't like men at all? 'Cause if Sam found a Jewish doctor, I'm not Jewish." Yes, he's going to regret that comment when he's no longer drugged up.

And in from left field is the awkward comment that Namir has been secretly dreading ever since he found out William was gay. Caught like a deer in the headlights with his hand in the bedside table drawer in search of medical tape, he just stares in bewildered silence at the other man — well, silence if one doesn't include the Stargate: SG1 episode still playing on the TV. "Uh," is all he manages to splutter out. It's very intelligent.

Samantha strides on in during that moment of awkward silence. "God, William - one of the shift nurses told me you came in and - hi, pookie - I only just managed to free up some time. How the hell are you?" Right away she snags William's chart, because she's a nosy, nosy woman.

William looks over to Namir. "Well, I guess that's a no." He says before he turns to look at Samantha. He watches her for a moment before he asks flat out. "Why are you cheating on Namir?" There's not tact there. What he thinks is what's out his mouth at the moment.

Still frozen in time and space, Namir only manages to snap out of it when Sam walks in. Then he glances at her and succeeds in getting out a rushed and awkward, "Hello, habibati." To make things worse, William pops up with that question and the Muslim's head snaps around to gawk at the other man. What. "N— it— "

"Wha-at?!" Sam's indignation actually manages to generate the word into two syllables. Scowling, she tucks the chart under her arm and says flatly to William, "Bastard's having you on. I'm doing no such thing." She makes as if to smack Namir on the head with the chart. "Deceiving a poor, helpless, morphine'd up to his gills man, you - lowdown dirty deciever."

William looks between Sam and Namir with confusion written on his face. "You mean you're not seeing a Jewish doctor?" He turns to Namir. "Then why did you tell me she was?" Almost forgotten for the moment is the poster spread out across his lap on the bed, an underwear model type.

"I'm not seeing a Jewish any - ooh, who's that?" she cocks her head and peers at the underwear model. "Nice um, pecs."

Wh— ! Namir at least has the presence of mind to duck and cow beneath the threat of impending braining with a patient's chart. "It was a joke!" he defends, exasperated and bewildered. "I was joking!" That's it: Namir is not allowed to visit with patients on morphine ever, ever again. It's just too much hassle and he always somehow manages to get embarrassed. Then Sam is distracted by the poster, and the lawman straightens, clearing his throat. "It's William's," he states pointedly as he goes looking again for the medical tape.

William is distracted by the poster as well when Sam calls attention to it. I'm not sure who it is, but he's quite nice to look at isn't he?" William says. "Namir brought him for me. He's going to find some medical tape so we can put him up. I think it will brighten up the room quite a bit."

Samantha snickers. "I'm sure something can be arranged." she notes and eyes Namir. "You, on the other hand, are soooo in the doghouse."

"What? Me?" Namir has found medical tape and closes the drawer again. "It's not my fault he's on morphine and can't take a joke." Honestly. He reaches down to take the poster, then glances around the room. "Where do you want this?"

William glances around the room in contemplation before he points to the wall, under where the T.V. is mounted. It's where his bed faces, so somewhere he'll see a lot of. "Over there, please." He sates before he looks to Sam. "Don't be too mad at him. He got us off the subway." And then the scene changes on the T.V. and Will's attention is dragged that way for a moment. "Do you like SG1, Sam?"

Samantha admits, "I haven't seen it." She turns to peer at the screen. "The black guy and the little guy with the glasses are kind of hot, though." She bats her lashes at Namir.

Under Daniel. Right. Namir heads over toward the indicated spot, brushing up against Sam and giving her a quick peck on the cheek and a murmured "Ana behibek" along the way. William should recognize that: it means 'I love you' in Arabic. "You know what's really hot? Transformers." Which he has tickets for, and which Sam is going to see with him.

William looks up to the T.V. again. "T'leac is pretty good looking, but like Daniel, the guy with the glasses better. He's really cute." At least in Will's opinion. "Is Namir teaching you Arabic?" He asks Sam before he looks to Namir. "Transformers were good toys. Not hot though. Not like Daniel."

Samantha's cheek is smooth, she turns her head momentarily to brush her lips against his cheek before considering,"No, though that might be rather useful if I decide to do another session in Africa." Then she laughs. "Oh, I suspect they're a different kind of hot. You should have seen how Namir jumped up and down like he was a nine year old when I gave him an Transformers band-aid, once."

Namir snorts, grinning in a rather sheepish manner as he wrestles with the curled poster. "I did not." But he sure wanted to. "I was happy because I wasn't going to get diseases from taking a swim in the Hudson." Yeah. That's what it was. Absolutely. He manages to get the poster to sit straight and steps back to examine it critically before deciding it's sufficient. "There we go. What do you think?"

William looks over to the poster. "Looks good! Thank you Namir." He says before he looks over to Samantha. "Or so you can tell what Namir and I are saying about you when we talk in Arabic." Not that he'd ever consider such a thing. "Or when Namir tells you things. I love you is pretty easy, but he could say others." William babbles.

Samantha grins at William. "Sometimes I suspect him of reciting Arabic love poetry about carrying me off to a harem and eating figs from my navel, but then I realize he's just having himself a cough and I get back to reality."

Namir is just considering that the poster might be a little askew when he is yanked back to the conversation by such wonderfully vivid imagery. Well. Screw the crooked poster. He glances over at Sam with eyebrows lifted. "… well, if you're offering," he utters quite agreeably, smirking. "Though we can skip the harem part and just do it at home. I have Fig Newtons?" They have figs in them! "And I'd be happy to teach you Arabic. Then you can curse in two languages."

Samantha snorts. "I can already curse in several, thank you." She then grins. "He's getting ants in his pants, William. He wants to get in line for Transformers."

William blinks at that. «" Namir wants to eat figs out of your navel."» He says in Arabic. "Does it sound like that? Cause that's what it should sound like." He says before he looks over to Namir. "I like being able to curse in lots and lots of different langagues."

"Well, we won't get good seats if we don't get there early," reasons Namir. And that would be the biggest sin of the year. He laughs at William's statement, then responds in kind: "«And you want to eat figs out of Daniel's navel, hmm?»" It should sound exactly like that.

Samantha looks between the two of them. "Hey now, I don't need to listen to your un-translated locker room talk." She waggles a finger at them both, and slides William's chart back onto its rack.

William breaks out laughing at that. "See? That's why you need to learn Arabic." William says before he grins over to Namir. «"If only he were real, I'd say yes."» He adds before he smiles to them. "Come see me again. Watching Daniel can only take up so much of my time. And you've got to tell me if the Transformers movie is any good."

"I'm not sure you'd want us to translate. It's just general men-talk: women, boobs, comparing sizes." Yeah, Namir is really obviously joking. He heads back over to Sam and wraps an arm around her waist so as to pull her away. "I'll be back, Will, and I'll tell you all about it." It's going to be awesome!

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