2010-01-19: Power Corrupts (Phantasm)



Posting Date: January 19, 2010


… it also occasionally disembowels.

"Power Corrupts"

An Old Apartment

The apartment is about what one can expect with the world in the state it's in. Cracks line the walls, not necessarily created naturally, and those that are deep enough have been used as make-shift crannies. Trash overflows from most of them, old dirty clothes combined with pizza boxes and torn propaganda. It's dirty, and only the fluorescent kitchen light seems to be flickering on at all dependably, but at least it's still standing. And it isn't missing any walls. Which is more than can be said for some of its neighbors. Anyone living here is probably not doing it legally, or for very long.

In the center of this scenic living room stands Alyssa, her wavy brown hair cropped close to head almost in mock military-fashion. She's wearing long sleeves, and fingerless gloves, on arms that she stretches out in front of her towards a long-since broken television screen. "Mmmmmm," she hums, voice thrumming with pleasure, "I can feel it right. I can feel the way… everything wants to come to me… like a fuckin' orbit." The room vibrates with her telekinetic exploration of it, objects wiggling as if with the same eagerness she feels.

On the couch sits a young man with dirty blond hair, his mouth tucked into a thin firm line. He clenches his knees and looks generally unhappy with how things are playing out. But besides glance with frustration between the two women, he remains apart from the situation. It's like they've forgotten he's there anyway.

"Snap it to you!" the other woman calls out with a chuckle. Like Alyssa, her hair is cut short in a boyish type of style. If you looked at the two women, you might think they were twins. Dex takes her hand and throws it out towards a few magazines lying on the floor, she levitates herself and then goes into a sitting position, making the magazines swirl around her.

Dressed in a pair of tight dark grey jeans, a black tank top and boots. She looks pretty scary with her knife in it's boot sheath. "Ooh don't like it?" she teases Alyssa's boyfriend and sticks her tongue out at the man.

"Get on over here, TV!" Alyssa giggles in some kind of cowboy lilt and the broken piece of equipment obliges at the woman's typical breakneck speed. Only this time, it tenderly slows before hitting the evolved. With another giggle, she begins to point at various bits and things about the room, leading them all in a line like she's an animated Merlin about to pack up. "Snap!" She repeats, throwing the word over her shoulder at the other two, "I like that one! I never really knew what word to use for it before. Mmmmmhmhmhmhm. It's getting stronger!"

Reese, meanwhile, holds his own in his broken army jacket and his arms crossed. Eyeing Dex, he only chuckles for her tongue and then quickly looks back at Alyssa and her new star-system of odds and ends. "… I don't think you should be overdoing it, Aly… remember before…"

"There is no overdoing!" Dex cackles and she levitates higher off the ground and lifts the couch, which Reese is sitting on. "Come on.. don't you think it's a little hot.. all this power?" Dex runs her hands up her sides and then over her body, she floats over to Alyssa and places a hand on the woman's shoulder. "Let's throw it out the window." She says softly to the other woman and she laughs loudly as she watches Reese. "Ya think he'll find that sexy?" she tilts her head and winks at Reese. "You sure know how to pick em." She tells her friend, partner in crime.

When Dex talks of throwing the T.V out of the building. She levitates a lamp and then a few more objects, almost everything in the room is levitating and the room is buzzing with the women's energy. Their power.

Power, power, power!

Reese heaves himself off the couch as soon as it begins to lift; he's dating a telekinetic, he knows how this goes. The only real sign of agitation is the sparkle of electricity near his fists but he twists his hand, closing the fingers tighter, and it vanishes.

For her part, Alyssa doesn't seem to be even quite aware of what's going on in the room. As Dex floats by, she leans into the touch, rising off the floor slightly herself. "I don't want to throooooow it," she comments lightly, eyes half closed, "I want it to come to me. I want everything to come to me… it wants to. I know it wants to. I can feel that it wants to… I am so fucking connected right now you don't even know." The longer they've been partners, the stronger her zoning out has become. It's like Dex feeds into what makes Alyssa's ability speak to her. Amps everything up— brings it to life. She is the world right now.

The buzzing is only getting stronger. Now the room begins to shake with anticipation. Something knocks against the outside wall in the eagerness to join the party inside. Alyssa rolls her shoulders sensually; she's humming again and everything's humming with her. Even her insides feel like they want to squash closer, everything in oneness…

"You feel it?" she says to Alyssa with a purr and then she's closing her eyes and casting her net of telekinesis out there, joining in with Alyssa, she gets close to her fellow telekinetic and grabs her hand, further amping their power up.

It's like a drug, Dex throws her head back and closes her eyes. Lost in the energy moving around them. Her head lolls to the side as she lets her ability take over, when her eyes snap open. They are the pitch black that they become when she uses her ability a lot. "Make it all come here.." she says softly.

Clearly, Alyssa feels it. Her fingers instantly lock around Dex's, joining them not only physically but with the raging wind that the force of their combined power has created. Just beyond that wall where she stares, things are picking up. As she casts out and thinks of all the pieces of the world outside their apartment, they rise to the occasion. Cars in the street, the glass from surviving windows, the trash can down the block — anything and everything answers the two women's siren call of the mind. Even the static of the air seems to respond, crackling with energy. Behind them, the sparks of blue fire seem to get pulled out of Reese's own hands without his control, firing off towards the floating two and surrounding them like a misplaced halo.

Alyssa's gaze drifts to her companion, though she hardly seems to see her. She can just see everything she's made up of. She can see it. She wants it. Her lips spread wide in that desire; she giggles at the black of Dex's eyes even as her own seem hazed over just by her own fanatic living daydreams. "All of it…" she moans along.

There is one thing she loves more than all these objects, even more. Turning both of them in the air, Alyssa turns to face her boyfriend, Reese, who stands stock-still in a form of shock. He can feel the tenseness of the room, and he's trying to rein in his own ability at the same time. But Alyssa brings her hands up, maybe Dex's too if they're yet stuck together, and opens her arms to her love. Breathlessly— "Baby… come here."

Reese seems to have no choice but to oblige, though at first there seems to be no change. His face just tightens, in frustration and then in growing pain. His skin seems to stretch extra tight across his bones. His veins pop up in distress.

That's when Reese explodes. Surreal at first, it's only his skeleton that punches out from the rest of him, hovering in perfect shape in the air. Then, neatly placed floating organs gush forward, heralding a burst of blood that smacks the girls, the room— tiny individual splatters join orbit of hovering. This leaves only an empty skin. All of it juts forward and then flops onto the floor in a disjointed, inhuman jumble.

Blood drips off Alyssa's eyelashes as she blinks absently, uncomprehendingly. "… Baby?"

Dex's eyes roll as she feels the objects rising to meet them on their level. Her free hand lifts and the sink turns on but the water just flies up towards the ceiling and it swirls around in the kitchen.

She grins and laughs out loud as Alyssa raises her hand along with her own. "Come on Reese." She says at the same time and then she's splattered with his blood and she blinks a few times before she looks over towards Alyssa, her mouth shaped in a bit of a O.

There's a twitch at Alyssa's lip. Just the slightest accomplishment that there's even anything going on in her head. The things about the room lag slightly, dipping in height, and even she floats slightly closer to the floor. For a long moment, her eyes sweep across the mass of what used to be a human body as if categorizing each piece without really telling what it is.

Then, she glances over at Dex and that twitch becomes half a smile. Then it becomes a full smile. It wavers and then holds into place before she erupts into an eerily optimistic, dismissing laugh. "Silly!" She claims, "Where did he go? He knows I don't like it when he runs off like that… I worry, you know… I love him quite a bit. Hmmmm… I can always feel him…." And she rolls her head to the side and the energy picks right back up where she left off — things flying, air crackling. She digs herself even deeper into the psychic sensation even as one her hand creeps up Dex's arm, leaving little fingerprints in the blood smeared there as she clings to the other.

Dex laughs as well, though she does look at Alyssa closely. "That's him, dear. I think we just killed him." she says, her eyes still pitch black as the objects swirl around the pair. "That's his intestines right there see." She pokes something like along string.

'Maybe we should clean it up, or leave." Dex is offering to be sensible, something she never does at all. At all. The woman looks outside as a piece of paper lifts along with a few more objects outside of the window. "So strong.." she breathes softly.

A very not delicate snort escapes Alyssa. "Of course we didn't," she insists, despite the evidence of which is spread all over, not to mention that the contents of his veins are rosying of her complexion. She looks down, though, where Dex indicates. "Huh. I've never seen intestines before… seems kind of a waste to just let them sit around on the floor like that. People like intestines. Having them, I mean." Her eyes jump back to her companion's. "Generally, I feel people enjoy their intestines."

There's absolutely nothing sensible here. Except that the longer she hesitates and is faced with the other woman's bluntness, the more she begins to falter again. A wisp of hopefulness appears at the last, though. "Ooo ooo. Is it me? Am I strong?"

"People, love having their intestines. But.. yes you are strong and together we are very very strong." She tells the other woman as she slowly floats a little towards the floor. "Too strong in some people's minds, but to hell with them. We'll kill em." She chuckles and looks at a piece of Reese's skin.. it has hair attached to it. "His hair was so nice.. I never got to seduce him." she sighs.. "Oh well, on to the next one." She says and ruffles her hair as she stares around at the objects in the air.

"We'll kill 'em," Alyssa echoes mirthfully, as if this is all a giant joke — a code for something more playful and less violent. She also hovers towards the floor, carefully trying to edge her peek-toed shoes around splatters of fatty muscle and what might be the femur bone. One misstep, though, and there's a distinctive squish, off-white matter oozing around her big toe. Well, there goes an eyeball… hope nobody needed that later. The young woman only frowns slightly, the expression creating patterns in the red on her face, before she evens out again.

"Don't be silly," she offers as an aside to Dex. "If you seduced my boyfriend, I'd have to kill you." A peal of laughter, it trails off into giggles that are becoming typical of her. With two light steps buoyed by her power, she throws her thin arms around Dex's shoulders and aims her lips at the other's cheeks. "On to the next one!" She repeats, as challenge, before a boost of telekinesis sports her into the air sideways. Obligingly, the wall erupts, sending rubble cascading — not down to the street — but up and around Alyssa as she capers out into the world. Carefree.

"Good thing I didn't then!" she says and then she's following after Alyssa. Shooting past her and winking at the other girl. "You know.. the humans may be coming after us now." She points out with a yawn as she turns her back down to the street and looks up towards the night sky.

The water from the apartment flows out from the apartment and into the open air, the glass on the windows shatter as the woman rises into the air. Then she's looking as more of the objects are swept out of the apartment and into the air with the girls, is that.. yes the other eyeball.

Some of the electricity from Reese's ability lingers about Alyssa's feet as she air-hops. Perhaps it's this that she feels when she closes her eyes and searches about for his heartbeat. "That is so limited," she tells Dex sourly, "I know some humans that are totally not after me." Even as sirens begin in the distance — and not the hot, womanly kind. The emergency service kind. Someone hasn't taken kindly to the sight of the apartment coming apart, even in this dinky part of town. Alyssa turns towards the noise thoughtfully. "My baby was really good at infiltrating human groups when we ran our makeshift underground railroad… maybe he's with them!"

She sweeps in that direction, calling objects from every side to her unconsciously as she goes. The way she overturns cars and takes off what remains of ceilings bodes of what might happen to these emergency responders when they are being searched for the mysteriously vanished Reese…

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