2010-05-12: Practically



Date: May 12, 2010


There's a serious discussion. Serious-ish.


Cain Tower

It's a warm evening in New York City. Janet had spent the day applying on jobs and hitting the pavement so to speak. Yup, she'd rather apply in person than online because of her 'winning smile'. She has just a little bounce in her step until she reaches Cain tower; it's a building she's become pretty familiar with over the last little while. She pushes the button, "Jaden~" she virtually sings. Heck yeah, she's in a good mood. She's in a good mood most days. "Hey — it's Janet… just thought I'd pop by for a visit~"


"What are you wearing?"

The voice that comes out of the speaker is full of that classically playful tone that belongs to none other than Jaden Cain. He is, after all, being the mack daddy that he always is trying to make sure he remains in control of all the females that he has underneath his arm. Jaden Cain, Pimp.

Upstairs, Jaden Cain is sitting at his desk and peering at the security cameras. He has to make sure she's not going to lie to get herself upstairs quicker.

Janet glances down at her clothes and then smiles mischievously. She stares at the speaker trying to be as selective with her words as possible — an unusual thing for her. Again, she pushes a smile rife with mischief. "Right now I'm wearing a black pencil skirt, a white blouse, and a black blazer." Beat. "But in short order I could be wearing a lot less…" she shrugs. "…but if you're not going to let me up, I'll just have to head home and undress myself…" Of course, this is when an old lady walks by and shoots Janet a rather evil look. Janet just shrugs.

Jaden's eyes are going wider than wide as Janet decides that she's going to head back to her own place and get undressed. That's totally not a good idea. Before he even knows that he's doing it, his hand is slapping the button and the door downstairs is unlocking, whilst he's sliding himself across the floor and over to the elevator to run his hands through his hair. He's ready! He looks, decent enough.

The door unlocks and Janet catches it while issuing the old lady the most innocent smile she can paste on her lips. With another shrug, she shakes her head and steps up to the elevator after sliding the jacket off her shoulders. After pushing the button for the elevator she steps into it and turns to face the doors. She smoothes her hair as the elevator travels up to the appropriate floor and opens with a ding into Jaden's apartment. "Jaaaaaaden~" she sings again as she enters the apartment and steps out. "Hiiiii~" she grins broadly "Sorry for dropping in… was just in the area— " kind of. Sort of. Her smile fades some. Cue the nervous rambling over nothing, "I wasn't interrupting anything important I hope, just like I said in the neighbourhood and thought I'd pop in and see how you are and what you're doing— "

Jaden's standing there, looking as if he was trying to put on his jacket. Which, well, he kind of got busted doing when the elevator doors opened up. He just throws on a smile. "I was actually getting dressed to come and get you." It could be a lie, but Jaden's smile is always capable of making him seem very genuine. He is, after all, so cute. "But, I refuse to answer anymore questions before you get your cute ass over here and kiss me. I'm practically your boyfriend! I think I deserve a little lip love!" Oh Jaden. May your perverted ways serve you well!

Less optimistic women might not buy that line; Janet does. "You were?" she smiles equally cutely, dimples included, as she steps over to him, and wraps her arms around his neck and presses her lips against his. But the kiss only lasts a moment, before she's quirking an eyebrow, "Wait. Practically?" And there it is. The inevitable relationship discussion. Inevitable.

"Yes. I was. But you ruined the surprise. For that I think you should lose an article of clothing." Jaden smirks a bit, shrugging himself into his jacket even more. "Of my choice." It seems like Jaden would like to talk more about her stripping out of her clothes than he would like to talk about inevitable relationshipness. Which is why he doesn't even really answer her, but instead leans in to give her a returning and distractionary kiss to keep her occupied and not remembering the practically! It worked for Superman!

"Nah-ah. This one is my choice; I'll lose the shoes," she challenges with a sly smile and a quirked eyebrow. The implication? If Jaden plays his cards right maybe he'll get to choose the next one. Janet lifts a single pointer finger over Jaden's lips. Ooo. Kiss dodged. The good news is she's still smiling. "Woooooooow, you're sneaky!" Good news is she's still smiling. "So… practically?"

Girls. Why do they have so much power over him? It's not fair! Jaden is about to frown, but then he notices the smile still on Janet's face and he just kind of tilts his head. "Yes. Practically." Jaden shrugs just a little bit, before looking down at the floor with some kind of sheepish smirk (is that even possible?!) creeping onto his lips. "I say practically because… it's not fair for me to just assume you want exclusivity. I mean, you're… amazing." Jaden ends up toeing at the floor even, to add to this craziness he's speaking. "Sooooo. Instead of us making rules and making this all complicated… I figured we should just do what we're doing and keep having fun." He lets out a breath he didn't know he was holding, finally having said his thoughts. Aloud.

Janet hmmms, as her grin twitches into something more skeptical. After a few moments she considers this answer. "So.. this is all for me?" Her eyes attempt to meet his. "Well what do you want then? To just have fun without any boundaries or sense of— " she cuts herself off. Her eyebrows furrow as the smile fades just a little more, oh dear, the inner workings of a woman's mind really are dangerous.

Jaden can practically smell the skepticism and he's already straightening up and planting his hands on the girl's shoulders. He's trying to make sure that everything goes according to the plan that he doesn't have. He plants his face into a very serious and very genuine stare. "Look at my face." Jaden doesn't even dare blink. "I want you, Janet. I care so much about you, it's not even funny. We have everything in common. What I want, is for us to be together whenever and however we want to be together. But…" Here comes the catch? "… I don't want to push you or rush you into anything. Likewise, I don't want to push or rush myself into anything. You and I? We're awesome together. I feel that. I hope you feel it too." Finally, a blink. But his stare is right back on heavy when his eyes open back up. "I don't want to do anything that could possibly mess up what we have. Relationships are complicated. Very much so. And I would dive head first into those complications if that's what you want. With no regrets and no turning back." He nods to affirm his point. "I just don't want complications to interrupt the pure awesome that we embody when we're together."

Janet feels the weight of the stare as her own hazel eyes stare back not blinking through the entire speech. Her eyes widen a little. Her lips curl upwards again, the skepticism fading from her expressions. "Maybe…" she blinks and studies her own feet now. "…maybe that's a good thing. I mean… seeing where it takes us maybe that's a good thing maybe I … I like you a lot and I mean a lot a lot— " She takes a deep breath and attempts to stop rambling as always when she gets nervous. "I— I don't want to push or rush you either it's just… I'm not… I've never… " For once in her life Janet is at a loss for words. "I'm… not the kind of gal who dates multiple people at once." Beat. "Scratch that. I don't date very often. And I'm not even kidding. My last date before you was when I was a med student. I've been out of school for… awhile…" she shrugs.

"And how are things now, exactly?" Janet's lips quirk upwards— before she fights them pushing her smile into more of a smirk although she tries hard to frown. "Sorry— " now she chuckles "— I was trying to be coy, but I have a very expressive face so it doesn't work very well, it's a disease no matter what I do, what I'm thinking is written all over my face." She sedates the smile back to a smirk and clears her throat as she straightens her blouse and attempts to be all-business. "And what exactly do you need me to do for you, Mister Cain?" She tilts her head as she presses her lips into a neutral thin line, but her eyes gleam with mischief.

Jaden just kind of lets the coyness fail fade away because he's too busy looking like he's thinking all sorts of thoughts that he shouldn't be thinking. He grins to himself and then to her, his eyebrows raising. "I need you to be in my bed and out of those clothes by the time I get back from the kitchen… with the Superman Ice Cream." Oh. Oh my. He just. Oh my.

"I thought you liked that part— the undressing part…" Janet's cheeks flush, but she beams, "I like Superman Ice Cream… " She leans forward to plant another kiss on Jaden's lips. With a broad grin she virtually skips towards the bedroom. "Don't take too long, I undress freakishly fast…"

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