2009-11-27: Pre-Flight Check



Date: November 27, 2009


Anticipating being mostly out-of-state for a couple weeks, George makes sure that Hallis will be taken care of in his absence.

"Pre-Flight Check"

Hallis's apartment, Greenwich Village

The clock is still ticking. George still has that plane to catch - the weather delay will only last so long, unless it gets extended, and Consequences Will Occur if he misses it - but he still has a couple hours before he needs to leave for the airport, even allowing for additional traffic delays along the way.

Which has brought him here.

With their immediate needs sated for a time, and with his eyes having had time to adjust to the dark, he lays on one side and peers over at Hallis. There are still some important questions to be resolved, once she's ready to talk again.

It's the afterglow, the cigarette time, but she's trying to cut down. Plus she doesn't like to smoke in her apartment, it makes everything stink. Rolling onto her back, she heaves a deep sigh and turns her head to look at George. The pillow obscures half of her face, so he is left to gaze at a Picasso-esque version of the small woman.

"How long are you going to be gone?" she questions, her voice barely a whisper in the darkness. Then she rolls onto her side to get a better look at him, propping her head up by cupping her cheek with one hand. "Because I'm going to miss you. A lot."

"Two, maybe three days," murmurs George, remaining where he is - but one hand does wander over to her side of the bed, finding her hip and resting there. "I'll call you when I can, but it might have to be while I'm on the road." He can't very well chuck aside family time, not unless the potential threat against him becomes clear and present, which thankfully it has yet to do.

"What about you— I know you'll be with your own family, but… you'll be okay? I guess you've got some others looking out for you." A glance toward the door, as he thinks of Andra, Sydney. Eric. People that he needs to know better if he's going to look out for her himself.

"Well, Andra will be here and her dog. But I don't think I can rely much on Sydney. I've been working with my group therapist more than I've seen her." Shrugging, Hallis doesn't seem to be as lost without the other woman as she originally thought she would be. "I think I might talk to Daddy and fire her. She doesn't really want to be my therapist anyway, I can tell. She's not the same as she was before. She's a lot quieter and she's … I don't know, just different."

The young woman scooches a little closer to him, causing the hand on her hip to fall behind her unless it follows along. "And seriously George? Three days? You'll be gone all weekend and then where? To Washington? I wish I could go with you, but I have my job now and I don't want to get fired from it." It's all she can talk about lately, the job she's had for less than a week. But it's a steady paycheck and it keeps her days occupied with something a little more than shopping and coffee.

With a sigh, George turns over onto his back, staring up at the ceiling. "I should have a day here when I get back, but after that, yeah. Now if you can talk Jaden into letting you go to Washington for your job…" The guy has a reputation for being kind of high-functioning crazy, and he's got plenty of money to throw around, so who knows how flexible he'll turn out to be.

"Why would you talk to your dad about Sydney?" he adds, after a short pause. "Is he paying for it, or is it just to get his advice? And… do you want me to talk with her for you?" They may be back on speaking terms, but with her involvement with Hallis's attacker still unknown, there are bound to be some stubborn complications left to untangle.

Giving George a curious glance, Hallis just shakes her head. "I doubt he would let me go all the way to Washington, unless I had to get something for him from there. Even then I'd probably be told to come right back." She rests her cheek against his shoulder and closes her eyes as she lays her arm across his chest. "He told me on my first day that he expected things quickly. I really want to do good work, and I think it'll give me a good reason to get up every morning… so I won't be so tempted to go partying every night."

Dropping that subject though, Hallis tilts her head to gaze up at his profile. "Grandmother told me that Daddy gave the center a lot of money if Sydney would keep me on. I don't think she would make something like that up, she's almost the only person in my life that's never lied to me. I don't think she'd start with something so … little." Licking her lips, she takes in a deep breath and holds it for a moment as she considers her next words very carefully. "At first I was pretty angry and sad… Then I thought, why do I need a therapist that doesn't care if I'm getting good care or not? Right?"

George scratches his head. "I wouldn't say she doesn't care… actually, she ought to care even more. Because your dad would work out a way to take the money back if she did a lousy job, right? If he's going to that much trouble for you, he'd want to make sure it actually worked."

"Then why is she being so strange?" Hallis quips, once again propping herself up so she can look over him with a faint smile. "Earlier before you came home, she barely even looked at me. But really, I don't care much, really George. I don't need someone that doesn't have my best interest at heart. I can find someone else and even if I can't, I can probably get a hobby or something, right?"

"Well, she was catching up with Eric, wasn't she? That might've been it, just keeping personal and professional lives separate?" It's a bit of a stretch, but it's the best guess George can come up with so far. "Let me talk with her later, see if I can figure out what's going on. If it's still not working out after that… then yeah, something else will come along soon enough." Lord knows Hallis has already met plenty of new people just this month alone.

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