2007-04-16: Pregnancy Issues


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Summary: Riya reveals something, and she gets a good cry in.

Date It Happened: April 16th, 2007

Pregnancy Issues

Sean & Riya's Flat

Unlocking the door to Sean's flat, Riya lets it stay open as she slowly and quietly slips out of her light jacket to hang it up and then turn towards the kitchen. Now, here's a surprise- the normal-doesn't-really-eat Riya is instead raiding the fridge as she pulls out bread and she slaps together a really big sandwhich. If Sean's paying attention, he can notice the fine trembling to her hands and the single tear rolling down her cheek

GAME: Sean has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

Sean enters the flat, and while he's surprised that Riya's immediately going to raid the fridge, he doesn't think much of it - except that he's also hungry and could go for a good sandiwch right about now as well. "So why did you need to come home and change, hon?"

"I didn't." Riya admits from where she's putting everything in the fridge, and as she stands up to gaze at Sean, she wipes the tearaway, leaving a streak of mascara on her face before she grips the sandwich very, very hard in her hands. She's still shaking however.

Sean finally notices Riya's condition, and his throat closes up. He clears it with a cough, then hugs her from behind. "What's wrong, hon?" he says quietly, nuzzling the back of her head. /Mmm, your hair smells good./

Riya closes her eyes and lets out a strangled sob. "I'm not pregnant." She admits, coughing, and crying both at the same time. "I - Sean - …" Her body continues to shake in his, strangled noises coming from her throat.

Sean blinks. /That's probably a good thing, all things considered…/ runs through his mind, but he's smart enough not to actually say it, and instead, he just comforts Riya as best he can.

GAME: Riya has rolled WILLPOWER + HONEST and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

Riya turns in Sean's arms to cry quietly into his chest. "I was… getting so used… to the idea…" She admits miserably, "That I wanted the baby…" She sniffles then looks up at Sean, hazel eyes swimming in tears. "I… I just …"

Sean leans down to kiss Riya gently on the forehead. "You really wanted the baby, huh…" he says, pensive. /Hmm…/

Riya's wiping tears from her eyes again as she amends his sentence. "Not at first, Sean. Aftera few weeks… yeah…"

Sean brings Riya to the couch and sits her down. "Well… should we try again?" he says, sitting down next to her, looking her in the eye.

Curling up her legs underneath her body, Riya bites her bottom lip, and looks up at Sean. "We can't." She mumbles quietly.

"Well…" He sighs, realizing how rashly he spoke again. "Yeah, might be better that way…" He kisses Riya again, gently, then says "You know, we really are going pretty fast…"

Leaning back into the couch, Riya grabs a pillow and hugs it tightly to her body after the kiss. "I know." She says softly, sniffling.

Sean follows suit, though without the pillow. "Still. I love you."

She can't stop crying for some reason, and Riya turns to bury her face into the couch, body shaking. "I love you too…" She says, voice muffled.

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