2007-08-10: DF: Prepare To Fall


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Summary: The President says, "Jump," and you say…

Dark Future Date: August 10th, 2009

Prepare to Fall

Mariott Marquis - Rooftop

Everything seems to be taking place in New York City. As always. A small trip to see Jessica Sanders escalated into a stay of several days, though Logan has been a little back and forth between here and Washington. But things just keep happening to the point there the hotel he was staying at has half turned into his personal New York headquarters, which is where Aileen is once again summoned. No to the open offices or the suite, this time, but apparently? To the roof. Logan stands near the edge, glancing out around at the scarred Manhattan, and the spacious area is dotted with secret service keeping an eye on things. A helicopter passes by, but it's one of theirs. He wears a suit, and his right arm remains in a sling - his shirt on properly, his jacket half draped, but somehow still dignified.

One of the security nods when something is said to him through his comms device, and he moves to the stairwell door to allow the escorted Aileen into the area.

New York City. It's where everything happens. None of it good. Taking a deep breath, the doctor steps out onto the roof, glancing over towards the President himself. Somehow he always seemed to manage to look like the poster boy he was supposed to be, save for those few times.. those flickers of times when he got angry. Sure, Aileen had only seen it once, but once was more than enough for her.

"Mr. President?" Aileen offers, coming to a halt a few feet behind the man. "I hope I'm not interrupting your thoughts."

Flickers of anger seem almost impossible for the man waiting for Aileen. But these things can be deceiving. All the same, it's a serene setting, and he isn't lying in bed almost feverish. Instead, he's well put together, and composed. Painless, too, despite the presence of the sling. In other words, a far cry, for the time being. He turns partially towards her. "Nothing important, Dr. Kincade," he says, then gestures for her to join him. "I read your proposal, I was hoping to discuss it further."

Stepping closer, Aileen offers a nod, hands folded behind her back. "Of course, Mr. President. I tried to make it as complete as possible and as straight forward, so I hope it was satisfactory." There's a little smile. "Please.. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it."

He has his good hand resting casually on the ledge, turning now to face her once she's joined him. Around them, agents in suits seemingly pay absolutely no attention, and yet all the attention in the world. "My thoughts on it," Logan repeats, nodding once. "Most of them are questions. Such as, how did you imagine such a tool would be used, implemented?"

"Questions are fine, Mr. President." Aileen replies, glancing over for a moment as she thinks about her answer. "Well, there's a lot of possibilities. There's some sort of genetic component to the Evolution, but not everyone seems to have this. Hence why we have those who are Evolved and those who aren't. There's the possibility, however, that for some reason the change has just not occurred yet in these humans for whatever reason." She shrugs a little. "I just see that.. not everyone in our nation gets along. Some of it may be because of these differences. If we were able to remove some of these differences, it might pave a way for more peace within the nation. Obviously, it would have to be implimented carefully. We wouldn't want to give someone an ability if they're going to turn right around and cause problems for everyone, but I think if the project is done carefully, it can be a way to promote peace."

"Certainly a desirable outcome," Logan says, a little flatly. "You realise that you are at a disadvantage, doctor. You found the loopholes that keep you walking the streets, but…" A slight lift of a smile. "You've also caught the attention of the government. We don't really care too much about loopholes." He shakes his head, as if to entire dismiss this implication. "It's not surprising that a brilliant mind such as yours would come up with this solution in times like these. Tell me, is the reverse possible? Is evolution able to be suppressed?"

Was.. that a compliment? Aileen wasn't entirely sure what to think, but this had been what she was working on, and she'd been practically living and breathing it. Which meant, of course, that it was the easiest topic to talk about compared to anything else that might have been brought up. "Thank you, Mr. President." She murmurs before continuing. "That, on the other hand, would need a bit more research. Suppose this works and we can force humans to evolve. Then we have two different groups of evolved.. those who gained abilities naturally, those who did not. For those who gained abilities naturally, I'm not entirely sure of the possiblity. I'm not a geneticist, so I wouldn't exactly know how to go about altering something that's genetically coded in. However, the artifically created Evolved, it would likely be very possible. It would be a simple matter of creating an 'antidote', if you will, just by reverse-engineering the process used to create them in the first place. There would, theoretically, be a catch, however. Since the process would give humans an ability, like the Evolved currently have, the ability actually start to make permanent changes to the genetic code. Get far enough into that? You may not be able to revert the process. Again.. this is highly theoretical given the fact that we've not gotten far enough to test this."

"And I've never been one for theory," Logan says, with a faint chuckle. "History may call me many things, doctor, but they won't say I wasn't a man of action." He glances towards the nearest agent, who is folding a folder. At the glance, he steps forward to pass the documents to the President, before withdrawing. "Much like you, we had another brilliant mind in our midst," he says. A geneticist, however, named Dr. Suresh. Not the man who wrote that book, but his son. He was let go recently, but I wanted to present you with this." The folder is handed over. "A clinic, one put in place to test out Dr. Suresh's own theories. I think that, perhaps, you're further down the road of discovery than he ever was. It's essentially a holding facility for detained humans. Call it your own personal petri dish."

The doctor is easily caught up in the surge of glee that comes when someone is given something to further what it is they are passionate about. Her initial impression is excitement. "Oh, wow. That's.. that's an incredible asset, Mr. President." The excitement, however, is also caught as certain thoughts wander into the neurologist's mind. "I'm sure I'll put it to good use. I'm just not sure the project is quite to the level of being able to safely test on humans as of yet." Although it isn't directly said, the ethical question of human test subjects is present, barely beneath the surface as she looks over at the powerful man.

Logan knows the ethics behind it. Expected it to come up, even this indirectly. "You know the way my brother tried to find out if he could fly was by jumping off a building?" he says, now glancing out at the distance from their vantage point. "He dropped like a stone, the first time." So this isn't really a pep talk. "But I flew, and I caught him. Success is gained in unexpected ways, but you have to be prepared to leap. I want results."

There's a small nod of understanding. "I see." Aileen murmurs, a glance at the sky. It's always been a dream for human kind to fly, and while this was a risk, nothing would happen without risks. Even still, Aileen was careful. "I won't let you down, Mr. President. I'll see what I can do about preparations for the initial testing as soon as possible."

That's what we wanted to hear. Logan smiles once, in that usual detached way of his, and nods. "All the information you need is within that file," he says, now stepping away from the ledge. Security around him take that as a cue, and some begin to file out, while others wait to flank him. "Staff contact details, locations - all of which you'd do well to keep to yourself." He starts to move, allowing her time to flick through the file, perhaps, but before she can, he pauses to add: "Oh, and, something else I left for you underneath the documents. A consequence, though I ask that you not be alarmed. I think we see eye to eye in a way that Suresh and I couldn't quite manage to achieve. Have a good day, doctor." With that, the President leaves the rooftop, accompanied by apathetic security.

"Right, of course." Dr. Kincade murmurs, taking a glance through the papers. Indeed, it's an entire green light and more than she could have imagined, but there was that last bit. Glancing after the President as he leaves, she manages to flip to the back of the file without her hands shaking.

A photograph, right side down, slips a little when she opens the file. She might not recognise the President's handwriting, but scrawled onto the blank white is a small note, in quote marks, reading like this:

"This is madness." - Mohinder Suresh

And when the photo is turned to face her, an angled shot of Mohinder Suresh is there to greet her. He wears simple clothes, and he lies crumpled on the ground, very much a dead man. Bullet wounds decorate his chest, and there is nothing implied within this image. Nothing left to the imagination.

"Shit." The file is closed, quickly, and Dr. Aileen Kincade takes a moment to steady her breathing. "I knew this would be trouble."

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