2009-10-29: Prison Break!



Guest Starring:

Buddy and a lot of ghosts. Wait. Ghosts?

Date: October 29, 2009


Remember all those movies (and, occasionally, a television series) in where a person gets wrongfully imprisoned and there is a smooth and diabolical plan hatched to break out said wrongfully imprisoned person from a high security facility? All the clever plans, the daring moves, the high tension and drama? This… is definitely NOT one of those movies. Join Darkwing Dork and his cohorts Feathers Galore and Launchpad McQuack in their efforts to break out GizmoDuck in this exciting, faux-Disney special!

"Prison Break!"

Otisville Correctional Facility (It is haunted. It also used to be a Sanatorium)

Otisville, NY

The night is pitch black here, save for the lights that harshly illuminate the vast, rocky and rough terrain that makes up the prison grounds. The building itself is old, imposing, and unwelcoming.

Once upon a time, it was a sanatorium.

Prison guards mounted on horses mosey along the length of the tall, wirey fence that surrounds it.

Inside, a heavyset man in the uniform of the interior prison guards puts his dusty boots up on the desk in front of the entrance to the prisoners' wing. A plastic Jack-O'-Lantern by hit boot rattles. He shoves a hand in and takes a generous helping of candy corn and tiny candy bars. It's a quiet night.

…So far.

"Rounds done, Donnie?" he asks the younger guard wandering in from the cell block without looking up.

"Yeah, all quiet." He rests a hand on his belt and double-takes. "Oh crap, my key ring musta fell off. Guess I'm goin' back in. Save me some candy, Jimmy."

She is taking absolutely no chances this time. Clad in the black, fitted jumpsuit that Gene had given her the night he was taken, Elena also has a gas mask on just in case to obscure her features. She glances down at herself and her impromptu utility belt that houses several objects. A can of mace (which wasn't hard to procure when a pretty girl bats her lashes and claims that the city is full of hooligans out to mug her), a tazer, courtesy of Gene's Pile of Stuff that she has taken temporary custody of, and a Louiseville Slugger, a gift from one of Jaden's many dittos that had a fondness for brunettes and sports. Not like she truly needed weapons, but this is just in case.

She quietly adjusts her bluetooth earpiece to keep in touch with the rest of her crew, hunkered down in the dark thanks to Eric, and eyeing their perimeter. Schematics for the sanitorium had been procured thanks to Eric's resourcefulness - he and Jaden would've had to review them, one to pinpoint Gene's location (or at least figure out which cellblock he was being held), and one to kill the power and the alarms. Their window is limited. Another ditto is in standby for the getaway vehicle.

They are as ready as they'll ever be. The rest is up to God.

She groans inwardly as she transmits quietly. She knows the utility of code names. She does. But why? WHY do the boys always insist on giving her the dorkiest codenames ever?!

"Feathers Galore to DD. I'm in position. Do you copy? You and Launchpad ready to go?"

Because Eric is totally Launchpad.

Unaware that destiny is coming to him, Everyone's Favorite Paranoid Prisoner is currently seated on his bed as he reads Count of Monte Cristo, calmly flipping through the pages. He turns a couple of pages as he uses the light of the hallway to read considering it is late and he is supposed to be sleeping. Or making someone his b. One of the two.

"Should have gone with Gadget," Eric's voice comes over the bandwitch on the heels of Elena's voice. Quiet as well, but one can almost hear that smile. "We could have been Chip and Dale, and the package could be Monty."

Ah yes. Cartoons. Its what we all grew up on. Dressed in a black padded jumpsuit himself with an all enclosed biker's helment the young man just shakes his head slightly as he flexes his gloved hands. On one hip is a three-shot taser and a pair of extra clips for it. On his right is a colapsable nightstick.

"Alright, I can get us to the wall and then we'll get into the cellblock after the lights go out." He adds as he looks towards his partner in crime before reaching out for Jaden's shoulder. "You ready for this DD?" He asks with a flash of a grin hidden behind his helmet.

Draped in deep and enriching purple, is the man known as Jaden Cain. However, at this particular moment, he is not the simple rich billionaire software company mogul that he's known as. Oh no. At this moment, he has become something else. Something more penetrating. Something to strike fear in the hearts of evil doers all across this fair nation. Something that… oh well. It doesn't really matter too much. What matters is that he's, well, he's here and ready for action.

"Okay, first of all guys, it's DW. Don't you remember the themesong? When there's trouble you call DW." Comes through the blueteeth to make sure both of his partners are hearing the statement. He's not upset or anything, but he just has to make sure they get the phrasing right. Being an expert on cartoon lore… that's a side effect. Alas.

But then he's looking from the hand on his shoulder and then back towards the prison. His cape falls around him, shadowing his body and he even reaches up to pull down the brim of his fedora, narrowing his eyes behind the purple mask that marks him as the hero of the night. The dork that darkly dawns.

"Come on, Launchpad."

Wait for it…
Wait for it…
Keep waiting for it…
Still waiting for it…
Continuing to wai— OH JUST SAY IT ALREADY!!

"Let's. Get. Dangerous."

"DW, DW, alright we got it!" Eric replies with a flash of a grin thats heard in his voice before he shakes his head. Come on Eric. Get into character. Can't screw up the DW thing again. He just puts his hand lightly on Jaden's shoulder…

…sorry…DW's shoulder…

And then without a sound they both sink into the shadows. Stepping out again in a dark section between spotlights on the outside of the wall. Past the lines of riding horses and in a nice patch of shadow and darkness that makes them very difficult to pick out…

Who knew purple could be hard to see?

"This is Launchpad, /DW/ and I are in position."

A horse trots by several feet away on its way to the fence some distance out. The chestnut stallion tosses its head and rolls its eyes anxiously in the direction of Jaden and Eric as it passes, but its rider doesn't see anything amiss.

Meanwhile, in Gene's cell block…

Aside from the footsteps of Donnie, the clean-cut nightshift prison guard approaching down the way, it's still quiet, until it very suddenly isn't. A clamour sounds outside of his cell — a whole volley of clamours, in fact, doors opening, slamming, rattling, jingling.

This town is suspected to be haunted, after all.

Grunts and shouts start to erupt. Hoots, hollers. Across the hall, the lump that appears to be a sleeping Boyd "Buddy" Santino doesn't move on the bottom bunk, while Torres, the toothbrush stealer, grabs the bars and shakes, glaring at something.

That something would be no less than five prisoners making a break for it.

The alarm sounds, ringing ear-piercingly through the building and penetrating the walls.

The door to Gene's cell opens with a slow creak. The only person nearby who should be able to do that is Donnie, and he appears only now — and promptly trips and falls on his face, out cold. The door shuts again. A cold, clammy hand clamps over his mouth. "Shhhhhhhhhhhhh….." says a disembodied voice.

There's something to be said for Elena, Eric and Jaden's timing. Are they drawn to the chaos or is it the other way around?

Sadly, Elena has heard that this town was haunted. Thankfully, her mostly scientific background has kept her from actually appreciating that finer point. Her hairs ARE standing up at the back of her neck, however, when the aged sanitorium is suddenly alive with the horrific sounds of an alarm ringing. There was, simply, no way. Did they trip the alarms already?

Still crouched at the perimeter, Elena starts to move. "Feathers to DW and Launchpad, what the hell just happened?!" Calm. Calm. Calm. Eric can drag them out easy if the operation was FUBARed and they'd have to try again another day but having Eric or Jaden captured at the moment was unacceptable. "I'm hightailing to the rally point. Launchpad, if things get hairy, grab DW and come get me."

The act of opening the door gets Gene's attention. "I'm /reading/," he states as he places his bookmark in his book. As he shuts the book and looks up, he finds that there is a fallen guard. "What the he-HMMMM!" He doesn't get to finish his statement or even (directly) fight. His hand goes to his sheets though, pulling out a good old fashioned shiv which he attempts to hit under his hand.


For now, Gene has no idea who this is or what is happening. He looks down and sees… Seemingly nothing going on. Is this Peter? Maybe another Evolved his friends know. Acting now may be a bad call, but if that hand wanders down below the belt, he's stabbing.

"There's nothing to worry about, Feathers. I've got everything completely and utterly under control. After all, I'm Darkwing Dork." DW doesn't particularly seem to be worried about anything that may be going on within the walls of this prison. He's never really been the type to be too scared of possible hauntings, unless of course there were no Scooby Snacks involved. But that was before One Year Later. Now, Jaden Cain is a lean, mean, crime fighting machine. Kind of.

"I've studied the arts of Judo! Kung Fu! Chi Kan Wing! And a variety of other lesser known practices that make me an incredible fighting weapon of the utmost potential! There's nothing that I can't handle! Nothing at all!" DW pulls out his Gas Gun, holding it up and ready for action. "Come on. With that alarm sounding, there's bound to be some kind of press release. And I sure could use the exposure!" And then he's shoving at Launchpad first. What? Sidekicks are always sent first. Safer.

Meanwhile, inside the GET IN THE Van, Gayden is gripping the wheel. There's the occasional glance around, but he's pretty good with the waiting and watching. He glances at his sparkly watch and then reaches up to tug at the pink scarf around his neck. Which matches the pink mask he's wearing over his eyes. He sighs, before reaching down to flip the volume on the radio. And he immediately starts to bop his head around to the song that comes from the speakers… could help because he turns the volume up.

Song: 7 Things - Miley Cyrus.

"It wasn't us Feathers," Eric protests after that first moment of shock. "We didn't trip anything…must be something going on inside. Just stick to the plan and lets see if we can use the distraction." One hand reaches down to pull the taser out of his belt and check it for a moment, flipping it active so small arcs of blue flicker between the metal tines. "Yeah…" He adds as he checks the non-leathal weapon. "Do you /also/ know the ancient Scottish Martial Art of Fook Yu?"

Then he's getting shoved forwards. "I'm going! I'm going!" He grumbles back over his shoulder. "Wouldn't want you to miss your face time." He adds before he grabs the Darkwing Dork once more on the arm and steps /into/ the wall.

Poof! Dissipear!

Only to step out of the shadows in a old maintenance closet close to where Gene and HIS NEW FRIEND are…more than big enough for two. But with brooms jutting up at odd angles.
Like. One jabbing Eric in the back.

"Ow." He deadpans.

Then he's reaching with the handle, extending his powers out so Jaden can see in the dark of the closet.

"…my aim is off." Pause. "Not a /word/ dammit." He mutters into the radio as he gropes for the door.

"What in God's green land?" Jim at the desk swings his boots onto the floor as the alarm sounds. The Jack-O'-Lantern falls to the floor, spilling its candy.

In the cell block, chaos reigns. Security is everywhere, but so are escaping convicts.

An indignant grunt sounds in Gene's cell. The pointed edge his something, and feels, and sounds, like it stabbed something, but there's nothing there. The cold vice around his face disappears.
Once more, the cell door opens and closes, locking, while other prisoners tear free down the halls. They're almost coordinated together, taking down the guards together, as if this was planned.

Scratching sounds claw at the wall just outside Gene's cell, next to the maintenance closet. Anyone passing by will see words written in shaky print. The medium: blood.


The slick red liquid has dribbled down the wall a ways, smearing into the shakier ending:


There's a sniff in each of their comms. A girly sniff. "Launchpad, that was racist and I don't think I don't have room for that kind of talk in my operation." Pause. Beat. "….it was pretty funny though, dude. I can't wait to tell that to the Dogmaster."

As Launchpad crashes into the closet doorway per his codename, with DW in tow, Elena's gaze sweeps over the chaos going on inside, silhouettes of bodies moving quickly to quell the mass of bodies that are trying to escape. Now was her chance, especially with security so preoccupied.

Vaulting over the rails and towards the vacated entrance, the young Gomez female breaks through, and starts running towards the direction of Gene's cellblock. She keeps to the shadows, taking advantage of the chaos to slip on through and do her best to rendezvous with the rest of her people.

The hand went lower, Gene stabbed instinctively… Getting up off of the bed and to the door, he puts his hands to the bars. He reads the writings and to the genius, it becomes all too clear… Or at least he can take a heck of a educated guess. "Buddy!? I'm sorry, I didn't know, you need to give a guy warnings if you are trying to save instead of violate!"

Sighing, Gene drops his shiv in despair, his head sliding against the bars as he lowers himself to his knees. "A crazy as crap inmate tries to get me out and I muck it up." His head lowered, he grabs a bar and tries to rattle it. "Buddy, please! I didn't know, just get me out and I'll make it up to you!!" he roars out, attempting a desperate plea.

No answer. Not from any inmates, crazy or not.

Buddy, if he was ever here and not sleeping through the madness, has left the building. That, or the prankster ghost has stopped haunting the cell block.

"You hear that boys and girls? Racism is Wrong. Unless it's funny."

Of course, DW's Moral of the Night is interrupted by the constant bopping of broomsticks onto his head. "Ow! Ow! Ow ow ow! OW!" Pause. "LAUNCHPAD!"

The yell isn't there long enough to do much damage as the foot of Darkwing Dork swings up to kick open the door of the Maintenance Closet.


"… ow. That's gonna' leave a mark."

DW takes a moment to realize he was kicking it the wrong way and reaches out, turns the knob and pulls open the door. "Aha. There we are. Much better."

Cut To: The Chaotic Cellblock.

*PSSSSSSHHHHHH!* The cloud of purple smoke shows up with all the splendor and glory that comes with this historical entrance of awesome. "I am the terror that flaps in the night!" Uh oh. "I am the unusually late cable guy that promises to be at your home between 8 and 5!" Oh Lord.

He's going to say it. He's really going to say it.


He said it.

As the smoke disappears, Darkwing Dork can be seen standing on top of some random trash can that has been knocked over in the craziness of what's happening. Immediately, he frowns. "Hey! Hey! Excuse me! I'm TRYING to make a dramatically appropriate entrance over here! I mean, seriously, how am I ever going to strike fear in the hearts of criminals everywhere IF YOU DON'T PAY ATTENTION!" Darkwing is not paying attention himself, which is why the irony of the random tackle from one of the many security guards!

"Urk! Ow! Hey hey! Hellooooo! I'm one of the good guys!" Struggle. Wrestle. Struggle. "LAUNCHPA-AH-AH-AH-AH-AAAAAAAD!"


Eric has to say it. He just has too. Its a requirement when he says the codename like that.
Then of course Jaden is busting out with the crazy entrence and the distraction into the midst of an already crazy cellblock. "…um…DW…there really /are/ criminals everywhere you know. Not sure if that is the best of idea…"

And then he's tackled.

"…s…" Sigh. "Comming DW!" He adds as he steps out of a closet and snatches up a broom as he goes. He turns to crack the offending guard over the head with the item of clenliness. To get his attention and get him off of Jaden, then he follows that one up with a stun-gun to the chest. "…yeah. This was subtle. I don't think we even /need/ the power to go out…" He mutters to himself as he starts towards Gene's cell.

"Come on DW!"

Gene's cellblock.

Elena presses herself flat against a wall as more guards run past her to get to the prison break that's currently going on, before snagging the security door handle before it slams back shut. Jerking it open further, she turns and runs inside, skidding past different hallways and corridors and heading towards where Gene is said to be held. She can see a flash of darkness, a flash of purple, and…


Jaden. Never before has she been so happy to see something distinctly his. She twists around, to run towards that direction, peering into the cells and trying to find their target.

"Gene!" she calls down the hall. "Which one are you in?!" Might as well go for the direct approach.

There is a loooong pause as he hears the sounds of struggle. Fighting here, maybe some gunfire there… And then, is that the sound of cartoon references. Never before did Disney Afternoon signel such hope. While he could give warnings about how people shouldn't be here:

1. They wouldn't listen.
2. It's already too late if they are in the building.
C. He wants to be saved.

Waving a hand through the bars, Gene merely gives a cry of "OVER HERE!" at Elena's yell.

"The power out? I knew I forgot something…"

Elsewhere, Caveman Jaden is holding his bluetooth receiver to his ear. "Okay dokay!" And then he yanks down on the huge power switch next to him.


"Okay dokay!" And the switch is shoved back up.


Darkwing Dork is getting himself back to his feet and dusting himself off when everything seems to be returning back to chaotic normalcy. He snatches his hat off the ground and swings it around to dust it off before yanking it back down on his head. "There. That's better." And by this time he has seen that Launchpad has started without him.

"Here. Let me handle this, LP." And DW kind of does this weird flip jump thingy to plant himself in front of Launchpad. It's actually pretty cool, considering that before Jaden could barely stand on two feet. But maybe he /did/ take some lessons. Or seventy. "You see, I, Darkwing Dork, have been heavily trained in the art of deductive reasoning. I can sniff out a clue a mile away. I can spot the slightest mole or leak in the system. I have ways of deducing the location of our captured cohort!

Then Gene is waving and yelling. Darkwing frowns and facepalms.

"Or that could work."

"…I shouldn't have mentioned the lights…" Eric replies as he just stands there shaking his head as the floods flicker on, then off, then on again. "Stop with the strobe!" He calls out towards the lights up above, then he's suddenly brought right up short by SUDDENLY JADEN.

"…woah. You have been practicing…"

Screaching to a hault though he nearly stumbles into DW as he pulls up short and and tries to get a word in around Jaden's sudden exposition.

"But…he's…" Point. "…right…I mean…"

Then Gene is yelling and Eric just sighs. "Thats what I was TRYING to tell you!" He calls at the Dork of the Night as he steps towards Gene's cage. "…alright. Everyone here?" He asks as he looks around from where he stands infront of the cage.

"I can SEE that, Launchpad! Don't just stand there! Get him out!" DW continues to call the shots even though he hasn't really been calling any of the shots around this particular time period. He's just very good at pretending or not noticing that he's not really in charge. It's something that he's become accustomed to in his inability to actually run EvoSoft in a way that doesn't get him into the press every other week. But whatever.

"Nevermind. I'll do it." DW shoves his Gas Gun back into its holster, while coming out with a ring of keys. He looks over to Launchpad, whom he's quite sure is going to be looking at him weirdly and automatically explains, "I made a copy." And then he's focused on using the keys to see if he can't— oh look. The bars are ever so unlocked now. DW swings open the door and turns around to bow to whomever is paying attention. "And that, ladies and gents, is how you hero. Any questions? Comments? Concerns? Undeniable Attempts at Flawless Praise?"

"…I trained you well, young geekawan," Gene replies to Jaden as he makes his way out of the cell. "I might actually give you stuff that explodes for this." Gene looks around, frowning as he realizes that this is an Federal prison. "We need to haul our butts out of here. When a widespread break reaches the FBI and the Federal Marshals… They might be already on their way!"

There is a short pause before he suddenly grabs Eric by the shirt. There may or maynot be some shaking involved from the slightly unbalanced Geek God. "YOU SAID I WAS PARANOID ALL THOSE YEARS! 'THE GOVERNMENT ISN'T OUT TO GET YOU, GENE', 'I'M SURE THEY AREN'T TRACKING YOUR EVERY MOVEMENT AND PLOTTING TO GET YOU'. I WASN'T PARANOID, JUST WELL INFORMED!"

"I have a better idea than lockpicks or keys," Eric says as he steps up with teh bar with a shake of his head. "…and it really /was/ a good preformance." He adds towards Jaden with a laugh in his voice before he reaches out and takes Elena's hand and sets it on his shoulder. Then one hand goes to Jaden's shoulder, and the other on Gene's hand. "…and awwwwaaaayyy we gyak!"

…there went his cool exit…

Gene grabs him and he's suddenly all kinds of deer in the headlights as he gets yelled at in the middle of the Prison. "ACK! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! DAMMIT GYRO LET ME GO SO I CAN GET US OUT OF HERE! You were right YOU WERE RIIIIIIGHT!"

Yes. Gyro. Was there any doubt?

As he gets leg go though he grumbles and grabs the other two once again. Alright. Now. "Away we gooooooo!"

With that he concentrates and a pillar of shadows leaps up from the ground and encloses all four of them, and leaves nothing but an empty cell and an empty hallway behind…

…only to reappear outside of the prison and the crazed guards and escapees, in a copse of trees somewhere near the get-a-way van.

…and promptly stumbles over a fallen log to land on his face.


"…I'm never being Launchpad AGAIN."

Hoofbeats are one of the first noises they'll hear. The mounted guards trot about the periphery of the prison, manning (and horsing, as it were) the fence, between the building and the copse of trees with Gayden's van. They're all dark browns, bays, chestnuts. Around the time the codenamed heroes emerge from the facility, something gets the large animals spooked. The three horses in sight start to trot, agitated, toward them, as if they're being chased. Maybe they are: a wail fills the air.

One of the guards is suddenly dragged off the last horse by an unseen force. He thuds to the ground. The horse begins to prance about in circles, rearing up and whinnying with an ghoulish baring of teeth, its breath visible in the air. When its hooves dig back into the earth, it takes off after its comrade horses. One by one, the two other guards are shoves off their saddles as the seemingly free horse gallops past them.

All three horses run past the fence. "YEEEAAAHHHH BABY!!" shouts that disembodied, ghostly voice. It's not so disembodied after all, coming from… the… horses? "Ow, my freakin' kidney."

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